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Ink is so yesterday!

February 28, 2009 Leave a comment

How amazing is technology? Now, there is such a thing as inkless technology.

ZINK™ stands for Zero Ink™ and may signal a future where ink cartridges may become obsolete – in other words – SO YESTERDAY.

To quote:

At the heart of the ZINK Technology is the patented ZINK Paper, an advanced composite material with cyan, yellow, and magenta dye crystals embedded inside, and a protective polymer overcoat layer outside. The crystals are colorless before printing, so ZINK Paper looks like regular white photo paper. Heat from a ZINK-enabled device activates the crystals, forming all the colors of the rainbow. The printing process is now radically simple. Just add ZINK Paper™.

Isn’t that just freakin’ cool?

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