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Jorge Nuñez is Eliminated from American Idol

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So we have our first two eliminees from American Idol. At least that twist wasn’t as bad as I imagined. But the producers should do their math – if the judges only have veto power until top 5, then they couldn’t have saved those AI contestants they quoted, ie. Daughtry. A quick search in Wikipedia told me that he got eliminated top 4 anyway…

Anyway, it’s good bye Jorge, who took it like a man. Puerto Rico, where were you? Hawaii managed to save two of their own for endless weeks, and you could not save Jorge for just one week?

I hope Jorge goes on to a singing career back in Puerto Rico (Hey, J Lo and Marc Anthony know who he is now!) or maybe he can go back to Law School and be a singing lawyer? Anyway, I wish him luck – he was sincere when he sang, had a better singing voice than the safe ones (I’m looking at you Anoop, Kris and Michael) and seemed to be a good guy.

As for the other eliminee, I never thought Jasmine deserved to be there anyway. Should’ve been Jessie.

Oh well.

One thing I liked about tonight though, Kelly Clarkson was rocking it! And I’m glad that they’re bringing back previous contestants each result night 🙂 Good call, producers, for that one!

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