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Adam Lambert burns it up …

March 18, 2009 2 comments

Okay, this interpretation of Ring of Fire by American Idol contestant Adam Lambert is totally a million light-years out of the galaxy as far as the country genre is (and maybe Johnny Cash is rolling over in his grave) … and yes, it sounds like Adam kinda ripped it off Dilana’s version from Rock Star (but he sings it a thousand times better).

But Adam’s performance is still totally freakin’ trippin’ AWESOMENESS (and I don’t care if that isn’t a real word). I just wish that he brought out the glitter and the belly dancer outfit to complete this performance. And there should’ve been half-naked dancers undulating suggestively behind him.

VOTE for Adam tonight! He at least brings the INTERESTING into idol. ha ha

What can I say – Adam Lambert makes me wish I were male and gay 😉

ETA: Here’s Adam being fierce pre-idol! Now, those back-up dancers were needed tonight!

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