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Download Barenaked Ladies Concert for FREE : Only until March 27th

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The Barenaked Ladies (minus Steven Page) recently held a concert at Universal Studios, Orlando, March 7th. AND they are releasing the concert for FREE until Marth 27th. Snap this offer up by clicking here.

“Well, Ladies Fans, here it is.

The board tape from our first show as a 4 Piece band, live from Universal Studios, Orlando, March 7th at the 2009 Mardi Gras celebrations. Yes, we were excited. Yes, we were nervous – definitely more excited than nervous though which propelled the energy level to heights normally associated with 90’s era BNL, not to mention the good vibes from the 14,000 or so of you that showed up to kick off the new era.

-Tyler Stewart, March 11/09.”

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Sims 2 Machinima : The Chase

March 22, 2009 Leave a comment

I have no idea how FreshPrinceCreations created this video – but it is very good – love the cars! Check out his other creations on his YouTube Channel.

“The Chase is a great action packed movie! Speeding cars and more!

The storyline is that throughout the generations, many car brands have been in the lead. It’s Audi time now and in the future. This cool movie basically goes through 4 generations of cars from the 70’s to present days. You’ll get to see the evolution of the car in this short movie.”


Free songs from Grand Theft Auto IV

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“To celebrate the release of Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned, the first episode of Grant Theft Auto IV downloadable content on Xbox LIVE®, Rockstar Games is offering three free songs off the newly launched Grant Theft Auto IV soundtrack on iTunes.

To download your free content on iTunes:
Download iTunes for Mac or Windows, free of charge at
Open iTunes and click iTunes Store.
Click Redeem under Quick Links.
Enter the code above. Your download will start immediately. Enjoy.”

The free tracks are:

1. Vagabond – Greenskeepers
2. The Chase Is On – Skyzoo
3. Jailbail – Drive by Audio

Click here to get the free songs!

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