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Download “Incredible Abs” for free (Exercise TV)

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“This is not your typical ab workout. One look at Cindy’s abs will get you motivated to give her routine a try. Target your obliques (sides), rectus abdominus (center), transverse (lower) abs, plus all the tiny, supporting muscles with this 20 minute belly zapper. Freshen up your usual ab routine with Cindy’s standing abdominal moves that target your abs in several different directions.”

20 Minute Workout; Trainer Cindy Whitmarsh; Body Parts Worked: Abs, Core

Instructions for downloading follows:
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Adam Lambert pwns Simon Cowell + Papa Adam!

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Adam’s a smark cookie 🙂 He totally pwn’ed Cowell – ha ha

“Did he mean it as an insult?”

Watch embedded video:

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Susan Boyle Interview on Scottish TV

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thanks to cochranes for uploading the YT clip

From the transcript:

What made you go in for this, because you’re a shy person. What made you push yourself forward for this?

Basically I wanted to fulfil a wish to my mother, I wanted to do something with my life. Not only that but I think I had a bit more to offer.

What did you do with your singing previously?

Basically in the choir, I’ve been in school productions, karaoke – you name it I was on it.

Lovely lady, don’t you guys think? She’s still reeling from all the attention after her audition.

ETA: She’s been on a media blitz! More interview clips after the jump:
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