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Adam Lambert sings “Feeling Good” (Muse Cover)

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Holy-batman-entrance indeed! Honestly, everyone did great tonight – I think Rat Pack Night is going down as one of my favorites. What was up with Simon seriously depimping Allison and Kris though? Is he just scaring their fans to vote/vote/vote? Everyone wants to win Simon! I really hand it to all five – not a one has thrown in the towel – they’re all giving it their best. I’m not exactly sure why they all want to win so badly – but it speaks well of everyone that they’ve ALL come out to sing it tonight. 🙂

Oh, and yeah, I loved Adam’s performance best – definitely worth the wait! But BOO! to American Idol for cheating us out of the second song. Seriously, that was fucked up, producers.

For those who want the mp3, visit rickey.org – he also has everyone elses performances up 🙂

Here’s the muse version for comparison:

ETA: Next week is Rock and Roll – really hope that Allison survives …

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  1. Juliet
    April 29, 2009 at 12:33 pm

    Nice blog, I visit it regularly nowlol..hey I agree with you about Simon playing the Devil’s advocate with Allison I totally was outraged with his critique because it was like he was playing psychic rather than just focusing on her performances but then again I did vote more for her this time…she did awesome I voted for like an hour for Adam and her they need to still be in the competition for rock week…I checked dial idol and Adam was in second place, they had Danny in the #1 slot, wtf? He sang well but Adam’s performance overall was much better, the music was too loud for Danny’s performance…Allison was in third place right after Adam so she should be safe…Matt was last so he might be going home, although I think he sang better than Chris but w/e…and I totally agree that American Idol fucked over the fans by not having them sing two songs…hopefully next week they will.

    • April 29, 2009 at 12:45 pm

      Thanks for the compliment!
      I don’t check dialidol anymore … I think the AI producers broke it.
      Oh, they better give them 2 songs to sing next week or the fans will complain to hell and high water. Honestly, I feel really cheated out this season – last year – we had all those semi-final songs that we could download plus the whole 2 or 3 songs per night. Why couldn’t they just cut out the judge’s mike if they spoke too much – then they could’ve squeezed 10 sing in one hour (like before).

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