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FREE Children’s Book by Campfire McSquash

May 7, 2009 Leave a comment

About the book:

“When a young boy misplaces his imagination, he discovers how much he truly misses it.

Perhaps purple space monkeys stole it; or a squishy octopus holds his imagination captive in its clamshell jail?!

Hmmm, maybe the boy never really lost his imagination to begin with. What do you think?”

Click here for the FREE download.

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Looks like Adam Lambert is having his homecoming in San Diego

May 7, 2009 Leave a comment

… instead of LA. Makes sense – the AI homecoming is all about going back to the roots and all that heartwarming good stuff.

ETA: A slideshow of Adam’s high school year book photos seen in the YT video below (but better quality) can be seen at this link. I’ve also embedded it here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "Adam Lambert High School Photos", posted with vodpod

Love the quote from his yearbook:

“Who knows what I’ll be doing in the future? I’m pretty convinced that I’ll be doing something in the arts, since that is what has pre-occupied my every waking moment for the last four years, or at least those I have been awake for. Speaking of which, I plan to get more sleep and get a job that does not require me to be awake at too early of an hour.”

From SDNN:

“Judy Shuta, administrative assistant to the principal knew him when Lambert performed in high school musicals, including “Big River” and “The Secret Garden.” She recalled his talent, while flipping through old yearbooks that showed Lambert’s photos.”

(care of SanDiegoNewsNetwork)

Read more…

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Someone Please Sign the Red-headed Rocker Girl

May 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Sigh ... My dream F2 is no more ...

That was the sound of hearts breaking  … Sorry, Allison, apparently too many people were too busy saving Kris …

Damn, Danny is Teflon, y’all …

And to the people in charge of A.I. (i.e. Bruce Gowers), you so suck …. Case in point …


Not! Danny's people - have to LOL at Neil Lambert's scowl though ...

(screencap by

ETA: Adding even more lameness … what’s this I hear about the TOP 3 only singing two songs each? WTF???? I so wanted to listen to Gokey crap over three songs …

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