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Picture(s) of the Day – for Kradam Fans

May 14, 2009 2 comments

Inquiring minds (of Kradam fans) want to know – what’s up with Kris’ blue-nail polished thumb? I’m pretty sure it had chipped away already (from the homecoming package), so he obviously re-touched it for tonight.

* note that Kris has nail polish on only his right thumb and Adam has nail polish on all his fingernails except his right thumb. It must be a new (fifth grade) BFF sign or something. (In that case, kudos to Kris for stepping outside his comfort zone?)

ETA : Supposedly, it’s Kris’ way of showing he is BFFs with Adam – duh – it’s cute how 5th grade it is though … you know … the part about carrying pieces of each other around (from


It's the same shade as Adam's so Kris has obviously been borrowing Adam's


See? They're even comparing their thumbs!


See? No nail polish on right thumb

quote from explaining the nail polish after the jump:
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American Idol Top 3 Homecoming Videos

May 14, 2009 Leave a comment

I’m a huge fan of the homecoming videos – just conjures up visions of puppies and babies and balloons and Christmas morning all rolled up into one …

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Adam Lambert’s AI Homecoming Video“, posted with vodpod

Kris and Danny’s videos after the jump:
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(Spoiler) KRADAM for the Finale!

May 14, 2009 Leave a comment

Whoa! America finally put the GO on Gokey! Amazing! Gokey is gonna go on to have a spectacular career in the gospel music market (aside from the six-figures he’s earning for the tour), so I’m not feeling too sorry for him right now …

Now, this is gonna be a competition next week …

ETA : Kris won the coin toss, so Adam is opening the show next Tues! (source: People)

Kudos to Kris Allen – from cannon fodder to actual contender 🙂 And to be perfectly honest, I think things just went topsy-turvy in the Idolverse – it’s now Kris Allen’s crown to lose – those Christian Gokey votes have to go someplace, right, and they sure aren’t going to the fey glittery unicorn prince …

To celebrate, here’s Adam Lambert and Kris Allen on TV Guide magazine … American Idol can still have their (fake) Angel vs Devil / Red States vs Blue States finale afterall …

Click on thumbnail to expand (thanks to claysscgirl from IDF for the scan):

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