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Picture of the Day – KRADAM : Little Blue Thumb is No More … + Press Conference Updates

… But they’re now coordinating silver shoes! and button down shirts! 🙂


At their press conference at the Nokia (tonight)

(picture from Dana Sargent, Fox 24 News Anchor)

Details from the press conference + Song spoilers follow …

ETA: Here’s an article on the press conference : `Idol’ finalists: Focus on the singing

“American Idol” finalists Kris Allen and Adam Lambert don’t want to get personal.

The singers told a throng of media gathered Monday outside the Nokia Theatre, where the duo will duke it out during the show’s two-night finale on Tuesday and Wednesday, that they hope viewers will base their votes for the next “Idol” on performance alone.

ETA 2: Here’s another take on the press conference from E Online.

How do you size each other up?
Adam: We’re just very different types of artists. And at this point, it’s not about out-singing each other. It’s not like a direct competition; it’s about both of us staying really true to what we do.
Kris: For me, I’m not going to go out there and out-sing Adam. We are two totally different artists. I do my thing and he does his thing. And, it’s whoever America votes for.

Like I’ve said, I am so happy that we ended up with these two 🙂

ETA 3: According to Kendis of Fox 5 News San Diego (Watch the video!) – the reprise songs are 1) Mad World (Adam) and 2) Falling Slowly > Heartless (Kris) … Hmmmm …. Really really really hate that they are forced to reprise songs!

Don’t you guys agree that we have been so cheated out of songs this season? I swear, last year, I had a ton more songs from Jason Castro who left at Top 4!

ETA 4 : I love how the little blue thumb is now mentioned in the LAT Idol Tracker’s article (it’s by Adam Fantard Ann Powers) American Idol’s’ bigger message

“In this complicated climate, one painted thumbnail means a lot. Allen began decorating one of his black — one of Lambert’s favorite colors — late in the season, apparently to dispel rumors that the pair, who were roommates in the show-sponsored mansion where the finalists reside, were feuding. Lambert reportedly later removed the paint from one of his thumbs in his own gesture of support.”

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