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On-Air with Ryan Seacrest – Kris Allen and Adam Lambert

Ryan’s been busy interviewing everybody from Idol on his radio show On-Air with Ryan Seacrest. Why is everyone so chipper so early in the morning?


I'm going to miss the Kradam huggles the most!

With Adam Lambert

– He’s a born diplomat and yes, Adam, we’re so glad you stayed true to yourself
– Ryan’s really interested in Adam’s hair dye and eyelashes
– Cute story about Adam’s boot for the all white outfit
– Kradam! (he says really really nice things about Kris)
– The parental unit

With Kris Allen (with wife Katy in tow)

– Reaction to his win (Kradam! Kradam! Again and again!)
– His Idol Journey, Record
– Katy is a Ryan Fan!
– Private Q: Kids? Newlyweds! Katy sounds really sweet

With Simon Cowell

– The right winner? but not best singer (Simon never mentions Adam but you know he’s thinking of him)
– WTF? Ryan ranks Kris in the “middle” among Idol winners, above Reuben & Taylor Hicks (I hope that Kris outsells the other Idol winners just for that!)
– God-awful song – Simon calls it! Ryan admits it doesn’t fit dudes (but studiously avoid mentioning the song writers)
– Simon’s a good ex-boyfriend

More interviews after the jump

With Randy Jackson

– Kris had confidence issues
– Hates the coronation song too!
– Loves Adam – thinks it’s better that Adam is the runner-up
– Bikini Girl – score one for Randy!
– Talks contracts, other judges

With Kara DioGuardi

– Bikini Girl! Stripping for charity! She’s actually a good sport …
– Winner’s single! She’s defending it … I stopped listening
– Two winners! Loves both of them
– Ryan likes Adam – he keeps on asking about how Adam can be guided in his career …

With Miles Siggins

– Ryan going on about Adam’s Kiss outfit
– Wardrobe story – Adam’s (of course!) – it’s hilarious!

With David Cook

– Not surprised by Kris win
– Tries not to pick b/w Adam and Kris (but I think he’s a Kris guy)
– The past year
– Permanent (totally agree – great performance) and his brother

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  1. May 22, 2009 at 3:19 am

    Good interview but How did this happen people? I thought Adam had this in the bag….Oh….my heart hurts!

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