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American Idol Runners-up on Access Hollywood

May 23, 2009 3 comments

Watching Larry King Live had me wondering if this bunch really were friends since things seemed so awkward during that interview (except for when it was only Kris and Adam). But judging from these Access Hollywood vids of the idol runners-up who are not the top 2, it seems that they are friends. So what do I know?

Highlights (for me):

  • Danny claims that Adam offered to paint his fingernail & mentions Kris’ nail polish (Allison also mentions Kris’ nail-polished thumb) – I was waiting for them to elaborate but no one did
  • Michael claims that some producers, etc wore a guitar pick or painted one fingernail black to support Kris/Adam – how cool is that?
  • Anoop is really funny (and cool) – and I think he and Megan should date 😉

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KRADAM Moms Share the Love

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The KRADAM bromance is real, people! And it looks like the Kradam moms are sharing in the love.

From: Adam Lambert’s Mom: “He’s Still a Winner”

ml: Have you spent time with the other “Idol” moms? Was there ever a sense of competition or rivalry?

Leila: I didn’t get to know many of the “Idol” moms except for Kris’s mom. I can’t even remember when we started becoming friends, but we both knew our kids were very talented and very different in their styles. Even though it was a competition, they were so different. The ability to have someone who’s going through the exact same thing you’re going through (and it goes for Kris and Adam, as well as the Allens and us) was so great. We just kept saying, “Whatever happens, it’s all going to be great and right for them.” Having that bond and bouncing off each other like that really helped us all. We took a limo to the show together Tuesday. We all had dinner together last night. The Allens, myself, my son. It was my birthday yesterday and we wanted the Allens to be there. We told stories of our sons from when they were little and we have so much in common, it’s mind-boggling. We will be friends for a very long time. You do want your kid to win, but just like in the theater, your kid is a shining star, but you can’t make that happen without everyone else around them. I feel this connection with everyone else and never felt a competitive edge. It sounds crazy, but it’s because we have a friendship. Maybe if we were different — if we were more to ourselves and standoffish, maybe we would have had that competitive feeling. But we are open as people and it’s refreshing. I was so genuinely happy for the Allens when Kris won. We went right over and I gave Kim the biggest hug. We stood there hugging and looking onstage at our kids. It changes competition when you have that kind of support.

From: Kris Allen’s Mom: “I Was Sick to My Stomach”

ml: Have you spent time with the other “Idol” moms? Was there ever a sense of competition or rivalry?

Kim: It has been the most amazing experience in that respect. No, if there was, I was never aware of it. There were a few moms I got really close to. Allison’s mom is precious and I spent some time with her family. Last night, I spent Leila Lambert’s birthday with her at her birthday party. We will have a friendship forever because we watched our kids go through the same thing. I am very aware of mom rivalry and I have seen it because my other son did competitive cheerleading and it’s like pageant moms gone wild! It’s sad because it doesn’t help our kids out at all. With this, maybe because our kids are older and we’re not talking about 12-year-olds, it was easy and we all felt the same. I couldn’t have been happier with the experience I had with all the “Idol” moms. Leila and I have lots of things in common. We both have two boys, one was in “Idol” and the other has a whole different personality, and we spent the same amount of hours in labor. If the competition ended Wednesday after Kris and Adam sang, “We Are the Champions,” I would have been good. They are both winners.

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American Idol : Collection of Post-Finale (and Beyond) Print/Web Media

May 23, 2009 3 comments

ETA : I removed all the stalkerazzi posts and moved them to this link. They were littering this page up.

This got buried in a previous post and I kept on having to look for the post again and again so I’m moving it to a new post … Plus, there’s a barrage of new print media since Adam and Kris recently had their press conference. Fair warning – it’s Adam-centric since I’m more of an Adam fan really.

Keep checking back as I update this post as new stuff come in.

A collection of video media is in this post. The collection of video media for Kris and Adam’s NY blitz is here.


Co-winners in my mind

Article links follow:

OK! Magazine on Adam (Scan)
Kris Allen: The ultimate interview, Part Four by Fred Bronson

And now you’re working on your first album for a major label. What is your vision for this debut release?
I think the vision that I have for the first album is so hard to put into words. I know that it’s going to be music that people like and something that is hopefully different than maybe people have heard in a while or maybe ever. I hope that it’s something that grabs people lyrically-wise, subject matter and even musically as well, but something that’s different from what people are doing right now.
Are you writing songs for the album?
I pushed for that. I wanted to be part of the writing process. I don’t know if I can. There’s so much going on right now with the tour and all that. But yeah, we’ve done a lot of co-writing sessions and it’s been an experience because you learn from people who have been writing songs for a long time.
Are you happy with how it’s going so far?
The first session I had went well, but the song didn’t end up as something I wanted to do on the album. I was intimidated, so I didn’t put my two cents in as much as I should have, and then the next one went really well and I got more comfortable. Same thing with the song though. Closer to what I wanted, but not completely there. And then I was with somebody yesterday and it was weird, but it went really well and I think it’s getting there. I really do. I’m excited.

Kris Allen: The ultimate interview, Part Three by Fred Bronson

You earned a reputation on “American Idol” for taking well-known songs and making them your own. Is that something you’ve always done? Yes. When you play in bars and you have to play for three hours, you have to play songs people know. I never wanted to just play a song that people know. I wanted people to think, “That’s a cool way to sing that song” or “That’s a cool way to play that song,” and so it’s always been a part of what I do as a performer.
We briefly touched on “Ain’t No Sunshine,” but tell me more about performing that Bill Withers hit. I played the guitar and then the week after I didn’t and then [the week we sang Top Downloads], I wondered, “What if I played the piano?” I hadn’t been playing the piano that long and so I couldn’t decide. “Maybe I shouldn’t. Maybe I should.” I had a hard time picking a song that week and I started playing it and Adam walked in the room and said, “That sounds really cool with the chord structure,” so he encouraged me to do that song and a couple of my friends did, too. I wanted to make it different and I wanted to make people actually feel like what the song is about, because it’s so gripping. I wanted to make it more contemporary as well, so I had a vision in my head and I ran with it. That’s one of my favorites for sure.
Let’s talk about one of your best performances. For the “contestant’s choice” on the top three show, you sang “Heartless,” the Kanye West hit that has also been recorded by the Fray. We could choose anything that week and I asked myself, “What do I want to do?” I was listening to the record and I thought, “What if I did this song?” A couple of my friends said, “That would be really cool.”
Were you listening to Kanye’s album? I was listening to Kanye’s version. I like that whole CD. I think it’s great. I asked a couple of people, because Adam and I would always run ideas by each other, and I asked him, “What if I did ‘Heartless’ by Kanye?” and he said, “I think it would be genius.” That gave me the confidence to run with it. And seriously, once I got into it, it was one of the easiest things that I’ve done. I just played it my way and sang it my way.

Kris Allen: The ultimate interview, Part Two by Fred Bronson

We’ve all seen your audition, where Simon questions your confidence.
I felt like I did really well and then Simon said something about my confidence. I remember him asking me, “Are you the best singer in the world?” and I thought, “Are you serious?” So I said, “No, I’m not the best singer in the world.” Who would say that? If you say that you’re the best singer in the world, you’re probably not the best singer in the world. So that was the way it started off and it was weird. Paula walked up to me after I sang and whispered to my face that I was great and then there was this banter between the judges. Kara said, “OK, we have to stop this and figure out if he’s going to Hollywood.” She asked Randy, “What do you think?” He sat there for what seemed like forever and said, “I don’t know, man. I’m on the fence.” I think he said he was on the fences with the horses because we were at the Kentucky Derby. And then he said, “Yes.” And Simon said, “Yes.” After all the [stuff about] confidence, he said yes quickly and Paula said yes, so Kara was like, “You’re going to Hollywood!”

Kris Allen: The ultimate interview, Part 1 by Fred Bronson

Were you playing local gigs while you were in college? I played my first concert during my sophomore year. We were opening a small bar in the middle of downtown Conway, and a lot of people came out and filled the place, but that was the only night the place was open. We opened and closed it the same night.
I’m thinking that wasn’t your fault …? I don’t know if it was our fault. It was actually a really good night and everyone said so. That’s when I got the encouragement to keep going and started playing at other places. I made an EP with a couple songs on it in this guy’s house and the sound of the CD was horrible. The production was not very good, and my songs seriously were not the best. It was a learning experience. You write songs and you figure out what’s good and bad. But I started playing at places and it got better and better and better and I started playing at bigger places and I ended up making a better CD with 10 songs on it.
If you can believe your Wikipedia entry, there were only 600 copies printed. I have no idea. That’s probably not right. I wish. We did like 10 or 11 shows for that CD. It didn’t sell a major amount. I’m throwing them at people now, but more than anything, I go back and listen to the songs, and I ask myself, “What was I thinking?”
Did you write all of the songs on that album? They were all written by me.
What was your goal when you left college? I dropped out in the middle of the third year, and that’s when I released the full-length CD. I was hoping things would happen from that. You know, hopefully I can do this thing. People were behind me, which was really nice. I also had a full-time job.
Where were you employed? I was selling stuff at a sporting goods store, Hibbett Sports, and it was a great place for the time that I was there. I worked almost 40 hours a week and did the music thing at night.
Playing clubs and bars? Yes, and a lot of practice and writing and going out to bars and playing on different nights.
Are there a lot of clubs to play in Conway? There’s one place, but it was for younger punk bands. It wasn’t the venue for me so I would go to Little Rock, which is like 30 minutes down the road. I would go to Fayetteville, which is a little farther away. Every once in a while, I would do weddings by myself because people asked me. I’m not very good at saying no.

Adam Lambert: The ultimate interview, Part Four by Fred Bronson

In the final segment of this four-part interview, the Season Eight runner-up discusses his “American Idol” experience. Part One of this interview can be read here. Part Two can be read here. Part Three can be read here.
So while you were on “Idol,” you were reading what people were writing about you. Did it affect you? I’m pretty objective, pretty resilient to that kind of thing. I didn’t take it personally. I try to take it as research, like how people were responding to it, and I felt the same way about the judges. They had objective opinions and everybody has one. Listen to their comment and if it’s a good critique, take it. Make notes. Fix it if you agree, and if not, just keep doing your thing.
It’s not about them and what they think. It’s about that I get to be on TV in front of millions of people and I get to sing. It’s about the opportunity and the experience and it’s not about “Did the judges like it?” I didn’t want to be too concerned with that, and by having a sense of humor about it, it made me more OK.
Looking back at the season as a whole, what do you know now that you didn’t know before you were on “Idol”? I learned a lot by watching myself back. Like, less is more. I don’t have to do quite as much every time, because when I watched some of the first performances, “Satisfaction,” “Black or White,” they get a little manic and that was because I was excited and had all this adrenaline. By getting used to working on the soundstage and getting comfortable and not being as nervous, I learned what works and what doesn’t.
And now you’re recording your debut album. What is your vision for your first record? I want to do pop-rock electronic, like dance rock. I want it to be rock and roll, a nod to all the ’60s and ’70s rock that I love, the classic and the glam rock, but with a very current, futuristic sensibility for dance floors. I want people to have fun. I don’t want to sound like I have this social cause, but I think that music in the ’70s was so cool because it was about partying. It was about bringing people together and celebrating and not about all this dark sad [stuff]. I want to bring back the fun stuff. I want to bring people together and get them to dance and smile and feel sexy and celebrate our similarities, not our differences.

Adam Lambert: The ultimate interview, Part Three by Fred Bronson

Could you ever have imagined while auditioning with “Bohemian Rhapsody” that a few months later you’d be on stage singing lead vocals with Queen?
Weird. It’s weird full circle stuff all around. It’s thrilling, but it almost loses its impact in a funny way, like, “Oh, of course I’m onstage with Queen.” What the hell’s going on? “Of course, KISS.” I can’t believe it. This can sound very pretentious if taken the wrong way but I almost feel like I’ve been preparing for this my whole life. I do feel this is what I’m supposed to be doing and I have a fatalistic view on life that things happen for a reason. I feel like everything that’s led up to this point has prepared me for this. It’s the whole “Slumdog Millionaire” thing, where it’s like his whole life like leads up to that moment and the only way he gets through that moment is because of all of his experiences. I went to see “Slumdog” as this was all happening and I was just in tears because I was so touched by the concept of that movie. And I wouldn’t have done what I did on the show had it not been for what I’ve gone through and my experiences in my life and what age I’m at. I wouldn’t have been that confident. I would have been second guessing myself. I would have been really busy people-pleasing as opposed to just doing what I do. It was meant to be now.

Adam Lambert: The ultimate interview, Part Two by Fred Bronson
In Part Two of this four-part interview with Adam Lambert, the “Idol” runner-up discusses his early experiences in show business and the experience of hanging out with Val Kilmer when they appeared in “The Ten Commandments” together. Part One of the interview can be read here. – Another amazing interview… looking forward to the next one
Who did you play in “The Ten Commandments”?

Joshua. Everything was copacetic by the end, but in the beginning, I was doing all this promotion for them to get interest built for the show and singing the song everywhere. I was on the Chabad Telethon and I was in love with being a rock star and I was going to rehearsal with nail polish on and eyeliner from the night before, and the director came up to me and said, “Could you take all that off?” and I asked, “Why?” He told me, “The producers are a little uncomfortable with it. They don’t really get it,” and I said, “But we’re not in costume yet. Why does it matter?” He said, “They feel like you’re supposed to be the leader of the Hebrew army by the end of this and they’re really uncomfortable with the way it looks.” And I told him, “This is theater. This is a pop musical. What … is your problem?”
So I faced more opposition, like I did on the cruise ship. It was that same type of thing repeating itself where I felt like they just didn’t believe in me, which was really hard for me. I found out later they had been seeing other people trying to replace me. When the show opened, I was one of the only people that got good reviews, so it was the best victory ever. You were worried about my nail polish and I’m getting better reviews than [others], so that was a big moment for me.
It was interesting hanging out with Val Kilmer because he took a liking to me and a couple other people and we would always go and eat together and we would go hang out at his house and he just really wanted to have a group of friends during this experience. I’ve lost touch with him, but he’s very cool. Eccentric but cool, and it was interesting being in the shadows with him in public. It was my first taste of what it must be like to be a celebrity and have people want your autograph and having people take pictures of you. It was a good eye opener for me, what it must be like to be a celebrity and to be famous.

Adam Lambert: The ultimate interview, Part One by Fred Bronson – it’s a very good read, part one is about his early musical influences. I’m looking forward to the rest!

At this point, did you know what you wanted to do with your life?
I wanted to perform. Even in high school, I was saying, “I want to be on Broadway. I want to go do theater.” So I had this dream that I was going to go to New York and do Broadway and go to college first. My grades weren’t ever amazing because I was so distracted with all the outside activities that I never really cared enough. I was like, “Eh, I don’t want to do my homework. I don’t want to study for the test.” I just got by. I was a B student and so I didn’t have good enough grades to get into the good schools for theater. I wanted to go to NYU. I wanted to go to Cincinnati. I applied to them and I didn’t get into any of them. I did get into California State Fullerton.
Were you a drama major?
I went into the school as a musical theater major because they had a BFA program for musical theater and right as classes began, I had started rehearsals for “Grease” at Moonlight and it was my first time playing a part. I was Doody and I was so excited that I got to sing my own song and that I was going to be in the show and featured and I was so distracted that I didn’t go to class at all. And so by the fifth week, I didn’t really want to go to school. The show had closed and I wanted to learn on the job. I thought I could get more jobs, and it was kind of wishful thinking. It was a little idealistic. Youth, you know, but I thought, “How can I be in school anymore?” The last 18 years of my life, I’ve been learning and I want to live and I want to go and be in the real world. And I had sat through a couple classes and I thought, “I’m not going to learn anything here. They’re saying stuff that I already know.” I was being a little bit ridiculous, and I learned the hard way that it doesn’t really work that way. I left school and my dad said, “I’m not paying your bills. You’ve got to get a job.” So I got a job working at Macy’s in Orange County at the Main Place mall right near Fullerton. I was doing retail and I stayed there for about six months and then I moved to North Hollywood. I had a couple friends that had moved up. I hung out with them and I was miserable. I couldn’t find a job. I couldn’t work. I was fat. I was a little lonely, and then I got my first job, which was on a cruise ship. I was 19.

Well, I guess someone had to do it – a fan scanned the AI Tour Program and you can view all the scans from this link.
Allison Iraheta: “I Was Already Crying When They Said ‘And The Winner Is…’”
What is Allison’s album going to be like?

Kris: Allison’s album is going to be like Allison. I feel like she’s got that rock feel, that voice. She sounds like a rock chick and I freaking love it. If I don’t hear that out of you I’m going to be so mad. Allison: OK, alright.

Adam’s essay for MJ – Michael Jackson Remembered: Adam Lambert on Icon’s Imagination

For the Idol finale, we were rehearsing at his space in Burbank and so were the Michael Jackson dancers. And I happen to know their choreographer, and he pulled me over into the rehearsal space and I watched a number. They were rehearsing “Jam,” and it looked incredible. The dancers were amazing. I was really excited for Michael: I thought, good, he’s got a chance to do a comeback. I was told he was really interested in meeting me and I’m really disappointed that we never made it happen.

Adam is on the cover of the July/Aug edition of Out Looks (Canada’s GBLT magazine). You can download a copy of the magazine here
The Allen family is featured in Inviting Arkansas – entire magazine is online – feature story on Kris starts on page 20
Idol of ours – Kris is on the cover – thought this part was interesting…

Bezet met Season 7 contestant Jason Castro at the finale results show, and he gained priceless advice from someone who had been through the ups and downs of American Idol.
“Castro was one person I wanted to meet because he seemed to have the same temperament as Kris,” Bezet said. “I wanted to know what I could do for Kris after it’s all said and done, so I asked Castro what he would have wanted to hear from his friends after his American Idol experience was over.
“He told me to make sure that we stay involved in Kris’ life. He said he didn’t have a lot of friends and support after the show was over.”

Idols Live Tour descends on Portland, OR

One of the group told of the particularly impressive depths to which she had gone to get to see her Idols. If she didn’t seem so nice, shy and non-terrifying, her tale might be a bit more, well, terrifying. As it is, perhaps it can serve as a cautionary tale to Idol security. This young woman admitted in our conversation that she is staying at the same hotel as the Idols. When asked how that happened, she nods and says that it took a lot of work. “Some of the them haven’t been too careful,” she says. Apparently since they had been in town, one of the Idols linked on twitter to a video he’d made of a few of them hanging out in one of their hotel rooms. The industrious young fan studied the design elements present in the video – the wallpaper, the room furnishings, and went to various Portland hotel websites, studying pictures of their room until she found a match. After which she promptly checked in.

More on Danny Gokey’s Nashville visit – Thought this was interesting…

When Danny Gokey was in Nashville this past Tuesday, he met not only with Sony Nashville but with Word Entertainment. But Danny has yet to make a decision about his recording career. “Basically, they were preliminary talks — where we could go and what we could do.”
The meeting with Word put Danny in touch with Mark Bright. He’s Word’s president and CEO … The only problem — Bright runs a Christian record label. “I told him, ‘I don’t want to be signed to a Christian label, because I don’t want to exclude anyone,'” Danny says…
Wherever Danny lands, his first CD likely will consist of largely outside material, since Danny has chosen to dedicate time to his Sophia’s Heart Foundation and leave most of the songwriting to the professionals. “I’m not fully there yet in my writing skills. There’s a level of writing that just are hits. I’m not there yet.
“I want to be a hit. This ain’t about the money. I know I can make more money writing, but it’s not about that yet. That’ll come. I’m looking for longevity. I’m looking to get my foot all the way through the door.”

American Idol Record Deals: What’s Up With the Others?
Answer : Not much, except that Danny is dropping BIG HINTS that he’ll be signed
‘American Idol’s’ Matt Giraud Originally Thought Anoop Was “Nerdy” – totally HILARIOUS interview

Anoop, what was your first impression of Matt?
Anoop: The first time I can remember Matt was during Hollywood week when he sang “Georgia on my Mind” and I was like, “shit.” (laughs) He went, like, two people before me. I was dead last and I just remember thinking “man, that guy can blow.” And then just being in awe as the competition went on about how skilled he is vocally and how much fun he is to hang out with, too. And then I stole his iPod cord by accident once.
Matt, what about your first impression of Anoop?
Matt: (To Anoop) You were wearing khaki shirts for “My Prerogative” the first time, right? And a UNC shirt? I was like, who is this nerdy kid up here tearing the house down? He was dressed like he was about to go to class or something! But I was out of my seat and he was just killing it up there. I couldn’t believe it because he didn’t look like someone who could sing like that. But you know what, he killed it. I remember going, this boy can rock! I ended up getting to know him, and he’s really funny and really cool. He’s got more swag than he thinks.

Don’t stop believing: 10 Idols get ready to roll to 50 cities

The three-hour concert will be split between songs from the Fox series and material picked for the tour.
A four-song medley will spotlight Michael Sarver, Lil Rounds, Megan Joy, Matt Giraud, Scott MacIntyre and Anoop Desai. “There are some duets in it, there’s a group number, there are a couple of solo spots, but each of those Idols is featured,” says tour producer/director Raj Kapoor.
Also planned: a group performance of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing.
The set boasts a 42-by-18-foot video-screen backdrop, as well as four smaller screens, each receiving separate signals. “We’ve created custom videos for each one of them,” Kapoor says. “Whichever Idol you like, you get to see them in their own light, with their own vibe.”
The Idols who play instruments will get the chance to use them. “Scott plays piano, Matt plays piano — we even have a dueling piano section with both of them.” Kapoor says.
Producers hired JaQuel Knight, who choreographed songs for Beyoncé’s and Britney Spears’ tours, to work with Idols who wanted coaching.

Adam Lambert & Kris Allen: They Want to Record Together!

For the next three months or so, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen will be spending a lot of time with each other crisscrossing the country on the American Idol tour.
It’s no wonder that the two say we shouldn’t be surprised if, in the end, they decide to record a song together.

‘American Idol’ finalists get ready to hit the road

The American Idols Live Tour opens July 5 in Portland before heading south to Los Angeles on July 16 and Ontario a day later. As preparations for the 50-city started to wrap up last week, the Idol singers open their Burbank rehearsal studio to a handful of reporters for a speed-dating-style round of interviews.
Rotating around the room in pairs, the Idol singers talked about where they’ve been – the whirlwind, life-changing months on the TV show – and where they hope they’re headed now that the Idol kiss has been bestowed upon them. A few even offered a sneak peek at what they’ll sing on tour, though others decided to keep that a secret for now.

I Love You, Man (as a Friend)

WELCOME to the flip side of homophobia.
“I’m flattered, and I think it’s hilarious,” Kris Allen told recently, responding to the news that his former roommate and runner-up on “American Idol,” Adam Lambert, had a crush on him.
Mr. Lambert, who favors black eyeliner and leather pants, had told Rolling Stone that Mr. Allen, an aw-shucks Christian from Arkansas, was “the one guy that I found attractive in the whole group on the show — nice, nonchalant, pretty and totally my type — except that he has a wife.”
This all went down in the same interview in which Mr. Lambert finally confirmed the long-simmering rumor that, yep, he’s gay.
Mr. Allen’s cool, self-assured response to being the object of his gay roommate’s affection doesn’t exactly qualify him as a civil rights hero, not at a time when straight men march against Proposition 8 in California and the most anticipated gay-themed film of the year, “Brüno,” is coming from a straight (if highly waxed) comedian.
But do give him credit for overcoming one of the most common deal-killers in friendships between straight and gay men: the awkward crush.

Kris Allen & Adam Lambert Talk Michael Jackson

The first album Allen ever owned was Jackson’s Dangerous from 1991…
“He was the most influential musical person that I had in my life,” Allen said. “On the artist side of things, everything that he did was just so right.” He continued, “Every album that he did, it hit you in a way that just made you feel good. It made you feel him and feel his music. He was a genius, a complete genius.”
Lambert remembered listening to 1982’s Thriller.
“His voice was just one of a kind,” he said. “No one else sounds like him. Furthermore, the visual stuff he brought to the table was so groundbreaking and edgy and ahead of its time, in a way. There wasn’t anyone else really going out there like that.” Lambert added that the King of Pop broke barriers. “He defied sexuality and race in a way that no one else has,” he said. “He wasn’t openly masculine or feminine. He was kind of somewhere in the middle in this androgynous space and at some point he was like, ‘Black or white, it doesn’t matter.’ There were a lot of things he straddled the line of, and I think that was really cool.”

Iraheta signs deal with Jive Records

Iraheta, of Downey, has already recorded two songs for the album as she prepares for a nationwide tour this summer. Between tour dates she will be flown back to Los Angeles to record more music, family members said.
“I think I’m still in shock that this is happening – getting to record my first album and this whole awesome experience is a dream come true,” Iraheta said.

Kris Allen: Adam Lambert Isn’t ‘Stealing My Thunder’

American Idol Kris Allen has had a totally different post- Idol experience than runner-up Adam Lambert, managing to stay out of the limelight and off the cover of Rolling Stone.
Allen insists he has nothing but love for Lambert, but he’d rather focus on his music and finally get a shot at married life with childhood sweetheart, Katy.

HiFi being hypocritical – New Adam Lambert Single, ‘Want’ to be Released on iTunes on Tuesday, June 23
Adam Lambert’s New (Old) Release “Want”: Love It or Hate It?
19 Recordings/RCA Records Team Up to Release ‘American Idol Season 8’ Compilation To Be Sold Exclusively at Walmart
`Idol’ rat pack: 10 finalists prepare for tour
Adam Lambert is on Twitter, spokesperson confirms
Adam Lambert Pre-‘Idol’ Debut Album Due This Summer

It looks like Adam Lambert’s debut album may not be released on 19 Recordings/RCA after all. Sources confirm to that an album’s worth of tracks Lambert co-wrote and recorded before “Idol” will be released in the summer by Hi Fi Recordings and Wilshire Records. Entitled “On With The Show,” the album is slated for release in the summer, months before Lambert’s debut on 19/RCA is expected to drop.
When pressed for more information on the terms of Lambert’s non-exclusive agreement with Wilshire Records and whether or not the singer will see any compensation from the album, Hecker responded, “I don’t really want to talk about the nuts and bolts of the business deal…but I can tell you that Adam will share in the success.”

Adam Lambert Doesn’t ‘Want’ To Be Tied To Summer Album

“The work I did back then in no way reflects the music I am currently in the studio working on,” Adam’s statement continued. “I’m thrilled to be working with some of today’s hottest songwriters and producers and can’t wait for people to hear what my music really sounds like.”

Allison Iraheta: Planning For New Album?

Do you get to hang out with the other guys like Adam and Kris?
Yeah we’ve met up and has dinners and just hung out. There’s not a lot of time for that especially during the show so we would literally see each other for a couple of minutes and that’s it. We would always be just rehearsing and doing our own thing. But now that we’re done and going on tour we’re going to be going out and having fun just hanging out.

Adam Lambert, Kris Allen Team With Top Hitmakers For Debut Albums

Meanwhile, Lambert’s recent revelation of the straight boy crush he has on his former “Idol” roommate has left Allen unfazed.
“He was so funny,” Allen says. “He texted me that day, like, ‘I’m so embarrassed.’ I’m like, ‘No, are you serious? Don’t be embarassed. I think that’s hiliarious.’ My wife, she’s so funny. She was like, ‘Tell Adam I have a crush on HIM.’ “

Michael Slezak doing some wishful thinking – I’m adding my own wishing to the mix! – Adam Lambert and Madonna: Please work together now. Thanks.
‘Idol’ Top 10 Live Chats: Kris Allen

Was there anyone you didn’t get along with on Idol?
Kris Allen: No, we all got along, seriously. And I like everyone, so I had a great time with everyone. I think we’re all pretty good friends, which makes me really excited about the tour.
kris did adam really paint ur nails black?
Kris Allen: Haha… yes he did. Not all of them, just the thumb. We were just kind of joking backstage one day. He was painting his and I said, Adam paint mine, and I was just joking but he was, like, OK. I’m up for anything and that just became a statement. It was funny. There was one point where I had one thumb and he took one of his thumbs off.
Do you have a twitter account?
Kris Allen: Hahahaha… that’s hilarious. I don’t know why Twitter is the devil. I have not seen evidence of Twitter being the devil, but, no, I do not have a Twitter. So if there are people saying they’re me, it is not me.

Here’s the scan of Adam on People Magazine’s ‘Best Bachelors’ – click on thumbnail to expand – Why didn’t they shoot a new picture of him (like David last year???)

Adam Lambert surprised to be a ‘hot bachelor’ AND Adam Lambert On Being A ‘Hottest Bachelor’ & His Potential Guyliner Line – This was the most interesting part for me … Adam the businessman coming out. Do a clothing line, too, Adam!

When O’Dell asked if he ever thought about doing a clothing line, Lambert revealed there is actually a cosmetic product he may have an interest in.
“Maybe (an) eyeliner, nail polish combo line,” Adam said. “It will be very livable. You can put it on and it will stay for the whole week.”

‘Idol’ Top 10 Live Chats: Adam Lambert

Are you therealglambert on Twitter?
Adam Lambert: It is TheRealGlambert… that is me… Finally I got a Twitter!

Idol’s parents visit Jacksonville – article on Kris 🙂
American Idol Love: Kris Allen Talks Katy, Adam Lambert Comes Out

One other interesting note from the item from the celebrity magazine, blonde wife Katy (show with Kris in the picture above), plans to pursue acting.

Hmm – Q&A with American Idol’s Adam Lambert (on Oprah.Com! And it’s very recent!)

SS: Let’s talk about that album. It’s coming out in the fall, right?
AL: Yes, that’s what I’ve been working on. We started right away with meetings about the sound and the vibe. They asked me, “Do you know of any producers that you would really want to work with?” and I have short list of producers, and fortunately we connected with all the ones I wanted to connect with. We started writing, and I’ve been able to co-write on a handful of tracks and there’s more to come.
SS: Nice. Okay, back to business. You have the American Idol tour coming up. Excited?
AL: I’m super excited. I just left rehearsal a few minutes ago. A little sneak preview: We’re doing a David Bowie medley as a closing part of my set. It’s so fresh. Three different songs. We’re kind of adding very modern touches to them so that they feel relevant, like 2009 interpretations of Bowie. I think people are really going to enjoy that. I’m excited. I’m singing [“Slow Ride”], the duet with Allison on the tour every night. She is awesome, and I love sharing the stage with her. I’m excited to connect with the audiences that didn’t get to come see the show live. There’s something lost in translation between you and the audiences at home through the camera. I’m glad we were able to connect how we did, but nothing compares to how it is live. Live is a whole different world.

Oprah.Com has a hub for the AI contestants (Meet the American Idols) – think they’re in the process of adding interviews…
From Parade Magazine – pretty good Q&A – Adam Lambert: ‘This Whole Experience Is Liberating’

On comments made by Perez Hilton about keeping his sexuality unconfirmed.
“I heard a little bit about it. I think he might have a crush on me. That’s what it feels like…I don’t have a crush on him!”
Rumors that he’s working with Lady Gaga’s producer, RedOne.
“I can say that is true. We have been writing the past couple days and I think we’re going to come out with some amazing tunes. I’m going to have my own sound but I do love Lady Gaga. I’m a huge fan.”

CKX’s 19 Entertainment Announces Signing of American Idol Superstars to Record Contracts – I think this means that Danny is NOT getting signed.

“Our American Idol Season 8 finalists were an exceptionally strong group, and we are very excited to have signed such talented performers as Kris Allen, Adam Lambert and Alison Iraheta,” says Simon Fuller, Creator and Executive Producer of American Idol and Founder and CEO of 19 Entertainment Limited. “We look forward to contributing to and sharing in the continued growth of these incredible singers on their debut albums.”

More info for Adam’s album! – Adam Lambert Goes Gaga for Debut Album

Living up to his American Idol reputation, and nickname, Glambert has sought out the musical services of hit-making producer RedOne, the man behind Lady Gaga’s two biggest hits and the person frequently credited—aside from the teacup-loving singer herself—with the recent resurgence of glam rock.

And speaking of the devil “Red One” himself… Going Gaga: RedOne riding a hot streak, working with Usher, Adam Lambert

“I want to go rock — David Bowie and Queen, but make it more easy for people to get,” the producer said of his vision for Lambert. “It has to be rock, but with an interesting dance angle to it, you know? You’ll like it.”
“You know what I like about him? He’s fresh,” said RedOne. “You can go almost whatever direction with him. People know him from being on ‘American Idol,’ singing other people’s songs, but you can take him in a new direction, and this will be the first time you hear Adam Lambert with his signature. My goal is to get his signature out from him to the world.”

‘Idol’ runner-up Lambert to play Hamilton – In Canada, they are using Adam to promote the TOUR!
Inside ‘American Idol’ – thought this was interesting in the BTS look at the Top 3 homecoming preparation for Adam Lambert (and also shows what misers American Idol is – seriously – they make millions in ad dollars every show and they couldn’t scrape out cash for the homecoming???)
Allison Iraheta signs to 19/Jive
Thought this was interesting, they were gonna sign her no matter what->

“Allison was an absolute stand-out this season,” stated RCA/JIVE Label Group’s Chairman and CEO Barry Weiss. “Her bluesy, powerful voice, spunky attitude, and edgy star power immediately captivated us and it didn’t matter where she ranked on Idol, we knew we wanted her to join our amazing crop of young talent at Jive.”

More twitter update on Kris: He’s writing with Claude Kelly

In the studio with the American Idol, Kris Allen.this guy is effin awesome!

Kris Allen on loving Jacko, learning the viola, and being a heartthrob
Exclusive: ‘American Idol’ alum Allison Iraheta officially signed to 19/Jive
Adam Lambert – 19 Recordings Has Signed the American Idol Season 8 Runner-Up and Has Licensed to RCA Records – official press release AND he’s been added to the RCA website
American Idol’s Adam Lambert signs to 19

“To find a talent as exceptional as Adam Lambert is a rare and special event,” says Simon Fuller, Creator and Executive Producer of American Idol and Founder & CEO of 19 Entertainment. “I am thrilled that American Idol was the platform for the world to discover this brilliant young man. He is unique and unforgettable and a certain star of tomorrow.”
“There are no longer any rules in terms of where the world’s next superstars may come from,” says Barry Weiss, Chairman & CEO RCA/JIVE Label Group. “We are thrilled to be getting involved with Adam Lambert as we all at RCA Records believe he is one of those rare, future global stars”.
“I’m thrilled that we’ve come to a creative and collaborative partnership and look forward to developing a really exciting album,” says Lambert. “We are 100% on the same page and are all anxiously awaiting the start of the recordings. It’s going to be ridiculous! Get Ready!!!”

Kris Allen – 19 Recordings Has Signed the American Idol Season 8 Winner and Has Licensed to Jive Records
Awww – Kris officially approves of LamBry! – Kris Allen Calls Adam Lambert & Drake LaBry a ‘Cool Combination’ – cue Kradam hearts breaking …

“I think he’s happier that he can be himself and it’s nice,” Allen says of Lambert, 27, stepping out with his friend Drake LaBry. “Adam is who he is and he’s not afraid. I support him in whatever he does.”
Allen, back in Los Angeles Sunday to sing the national anthem at game 2 of the Lakers-Magic NBA championship series, says that he has met LaBry, and, “he’s a really nice guy.”
Allen calls Lambert and LaBry’s friendship a “cool combination,” because they’re so different. “Drake’s from Louisiana and Adam is from L.A.,” he says. “But they click well and they’re really nice together.”

Kris Allen officially signed to 19/Jive

“As exciting as the last few months have been, I’m really looking forward to what is next,” Allen said in a release. “I’m very grateful to be working with Simon Fuller and his team at 19 Entertainment, along with Barry Weiss and Jive Records on my debut album. Everyone’s been asking me what it’s going to sound like. It will be very similar to what you heard from me on the show — definitely in the pop/rock genre. I can’t wait to get started!”

I love this essay some blogger made about Kris and Adam – WE GET TO CARRY EACH OTHER
This is cute! What’s inside Adam’s make-up bag? (Scan from OK Magazine courtesy of claysscgirl), click on thumbnail to expand:

Have I mentioned how much Rolling Stone loves Adam? This article is about the Tony nominations, but they couldn’t resist adding Adam’s name (and photo) to the mix – lol

“Should Win: Hair. It’s great, and Adam Lambert flew in to see it. And Adam Lambert is hot right right now.”

Looks like Kris is co-writing songs for his album (yay, they’re giving him the Cook treatment!) based on this tweet from David Hodges

“Steven and I wrote with kris Allen today. Good times.”

If you got Kris Allen’s iTunes Winner’s Pass, you would’ve also received this very boy-bandy autographed picture – lol – click on thumbnail to expand:

‘American Idol’ Kris Allen to sing national anthem at Lakers game Sunday – I hope he does well, David Cook was pretty rattled singing it last year
Does This Look Like the Face of A Diva? – Michelle Collins defends our glittery alien prince from planet fierce
Top 49 Most Influential Men (2008 Edition)
Young Hollywood Awards! Full List of Winners! – Have no idea why Adam is ‘Young Hollywood Artist of the Year’ though – is this a legit thing???
– ETA : Okay, it’s supposedly a “cool’ event. Anyway, Adam will be accepting the award from Kara DioGuardi (!) and will be giving a speech. I hope that someone from the cool audience won’t be too cool to get some video. More info from this link.
American Idol’s Adam Lambert’s ties to figure skating – watch video of skater Nicholas LaRoche dancing to Adam’s I Just Love You cover here, and download file from this link (thanks to madamimadam from IDF for the cap). Blue*Rose from IDF also ripped the mp3.

Kris Allen’s high school music teacher is proud of Kris – great background stuff on the young Kris
Adam’s Run – quotes from Eber Lambert (Adam’s dad)
How Danny Gokey Became the Year’s Most Polarizing “American Idol” (After Adam Lambert) – I’m only including this because of the Adam part where Gokey gives faint praise…
Billboard non-reviews of Kris Allen’s No Boundaries and also of Adam Lambert’s No Boundaries (summary – they hate the song – does not matter which versions – but Adam sings the hell out of it)
Lambert Dreams of Judas on Broadway
19 Entertainment’s Orchestrated Reveal of Adam Lambert’s Sexuality
The Top Story: Adam Lambert in the spotlight
Adam Lambert: North County friends, mentors say homegrown ‘Idol’ worked diligently to reach stardom
Kris Allen on side-mouth singing, lip-synching, and calling Danny a ‘jerk’ – one of Kris’ most frank interviews!
American Idols dominate weekly sales charts
‘Idol’ Allen duets with Huckabee
The Adam Lambert Interview That Will Change Your Life – this is hilarious! Kradam is mentioned and Adam wants to read the fanfics.
Adam Lambert Dishes on His Dream Duet – thought it was interesting how Adam says re: getting the Led Zeppelin song cleared:

“…we finally tried toward the end and it was great because the people who were members of Led Zeppelin, their kids were fans. That kind of helped out and worked out in my favor, I think.”

Fans Brave The Elements To See Kris Allen, Adam Lambert On ‘Today’ Show’ – Jim Cantiello is into the Kradam too! check out this quote from the article:

“While Kris warmed up, Adam stopped signing autographs, so he could watch (and groove). Kris clearly made googly eyes back at Adam (“in the godly way,” as Danny Gokey might say). Later, while Adam crooned “Mad World,” Kris strummed his guitar and sang along backstage.
Team Kradam for the win!”

American Idol’s Kris Allen Chows Down with OK!
Adam Lambert on His Sexuality: ‘Keep Speculating’
Idols Inundate Hot 100, But ‘Glee’ Gloats With Top Debut
5 Things You Didn’t Know About Idol Winner Kris Allen
Adam Lambert Ponders Album: ‘Current… Futuristic… Really Fresh… Sexy… Dance-y’
On the Charts: Eminem’s “Relapse” Rules, Lambert Beats Allen – Kris sold more singles, Adam sold more albums – both win!
Unlocking Adam Lambert’s Internet Secrets (as in who says Adam isn’t an OUT GAY MAN?)
“American Idol” Winner Kris Allen on Rocking Softly, Covering Dylan
Idol Winner Visiting Disney Friday
Adam Lambert keen on Queen, but won’t rock only
“American Idol” ’s Adam Lambert on Sexing Up Johnny Cash and Getting on His Soapbox
Allen and Lambert iTunes Hits May Be a Predictor of Future Success
American Idol winner on a cloud: ‘I’m doing the thing I love the most’
What Kind Of Post-‘Idol’ Career Will Kris Allen Have?
Kris Allen: I Almost Quit American Idol
Kris Allen reflects on ‘Idol’ upset win
Lambert looks to future after second-place finish
Exit interview: ‘American Idol’ winner Kris Allen
Exit interview: ‘American Idol’ runner-up Adam Lambert
‘American Idol’ Champion Kris Allen Praises Runner-Up Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert’s Mom: “He’s Still a Winner”
Kris Allen’s Mom: “I Was Sick to My Stomach”
Kris Allen Just Wants Respect After Winning ‘American Idol’
‘American Idol’ Runner-Up Adam Lambert ‘Thrilled’ About The Future
Kris Allen Still Thinks Adam Lambert Deserved To Win ‘American Idol’
Adam Lambert Never Felt ‘Stifled’ By ‘American Idol’
Adam and Kris media call: On musical theater and, uh, chest hair
Kris Allen Still Thinks Adam Lambert Deserved “American Idol” Crown
Adam Lambert Talks “American Idol” Finale, Sexuality, Katy Perry
American Idol Kris Allen: ‘I want man chest hair’
Adam Lambert: A ‘beautiful idea’ to be the reincarnation of Elvis
Exclusive: Queen’s Brian May Addresses Adam Lambert Rumors
Ellen Offers Adam Lambert Makeup Tips
Press Release : Kris Allen & Adam Lambert Dominate iTunes Charts With Record-Breaking 26 Singles and 29 Music Videos
Adam Lambert: Fashion Trailblazer
Adam Lambert’s Rock Star Offer
What Kind Of Post-‘Idol’ Career Will Adam Lambert Have?
Kris Allen Reassures Adam Lambert Fans: ‘He’s Gonna Be A Megastar’
Adam Lambert On Rumors: ‘Blogs Have A Lot Of Opinions, Don’t They?’
American Idol’s Runner-Up Adam Lambert: “It Felt So Good”
Adam Lambert after the ‘American Idol’ finale: ‘I’m really happy for Kris’
Adam: Proud to Be Runner-Up
Kris Allen talks Queen, Adam Lambert, and, oh yeah, winning ‘American Idol’
American Idol’s Kris Allen: Looking Forward to Married Life Again
Saving link for posterity – ‘American Idol’: A Retrospective’ By Ken Tucker (because Ken hates AI and I never thought I’d read something like this from him)

NOT post-finale, but I wanted to save the link for posterity – ‘American Idol’ roundtable talks’
NOT post-finale, but I wanted to save the link for posterity – Behind the ‘Idol’ curtain: 3 finalists, 3 days, zero rest
Backstage with the top seven; giddiness reigns at the first ever ‘save dinner’

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Congratulations to Kris Allen – #1 on iTunes!

May 23, 2009 Leave a comment

Why am I so impressed? Because the single is craptastic BUT people are still buying it! Gotta love American Idol … It really pays off to be the champ, seeing as he has three songs in the top 10 right now.

Gotta say though that I’m so happy that Mad World is still SELLING after so many weeks 🙂

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