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KRADAM Moms Share the Love


The KRADAM bromance is real, people! And it looks like the Kradam moms are sharing in the love.

From: Adam Lambert’s Mom: “He’s Still a Winner”

ml: Have you spent time with the other “Idol” moms? Was there ever a sense of competition or rivalry?

Leila: I didn’t get to know many of the “Idol” moms except for Kris’s mom. I can’t even remember when we started becoming friends, but we both knew our kids were very talented and very different in their styles. Even though it was a competition, they were so different. The ability to have someone who’s going through the exact same thing you’re going through (and it goes for Kris and Adam, as well as the Allens and us) was so great. We just kept saying, “Whatever happens, it’s all going to be great and right for them.” Having that bond and bouncing off each other like that really helped us all. We took a limo to the show together Tuesday. We all had dinner together last night. The Allens, myself, my son. It was my birthday yesterday and we wanted the Allens to be there. We told stories of our sons from when they were little and we have so much in common, it’s mind-boggling. We will be friends for a very long time. You do want your kid to win, but just like in the theater, your kid is a shining star, but you can’t make that happen without everyone else around them. I feel this connection with everyone else and never felt a competitive edge. It sounds crazy, but it’s because we have a friendship. Maybe if we were different — if we were more to ourselves and standoffish, maybe we would have had that competitive feeling. But we are open as people and it’s refreshing. I was so genuinely happy for the Allens when Kris won. We went right over and I gave Kim the biggest hug. We stood there hugging and looking onstage at our kids. It changes competition when you have that kind of support.

From: Kris Allen’s Mom: “I Was Sick to My Stomach”

ml: Have you spent time with the other “Idol” moms? Was there ever a sense of competition or rivalry?

Kim: It has been the most amazing experience in that respect. No, if there was, I was never aware of it. There were a few moms I got really close to. Allison’s mom is precious and I spent some time with her family. Last night, I spent Leila Lambert’s birthday with her at her birthday party. We will have a friendship forever because we watched our kids go through the same thing. I am very aware of mom rivalry and I have seen it because my other son did competitive cheerleading and it’s like pageant moms gone wild! It’s sad because it doesn’t help our kids out at all. With this, maybe because our kids are older and we’re not talking about 12-year-olds, it was easy and we all felt the same. I couldn’t have been happier with the experience I had with all the “Idol” moms. Leila and I have lots of things in common. We both have two boys, one was in “Idol” and the other has a whole different personality, and we spent the same amount of hours in labor. If the competition ended Wednesday after Kris and Adam sang, “We Are the Champions,” I would have been good. They are both winners.

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