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Adam Lambert on 20/20 (Collection of Media)

What a week for Lambert AND Lambert fans! Total sugar rush – unfortunately, we may be in for media drought during tour rehearsals… Although, I do love the tour spoilers of “Starlight” by Muse and David Bowie’s “Fame”.

Adam Lambert’s Interview – download VOB file here (thanks to IDF) OR the mp4 file from here (still thanks to IDF) OR as a wmv file (IDF).


Neil Lambert’s Interview

Lambert on Wild Rolling Stone Shoot – 20/20 Webcast

Promo Pre-Show

TV Guide – Popsquire (Talk Show) Discussion

Adam Lambert: ‘I’m Gay,’ ‘I’m Bi-Curious’

Lambert said he wasn’t “robbed.”
“I think being a sore loser just sucks. I think that’s tacky,” he said. “We’re two very different types of artists, and I don’t see how people can say one is better. I love listening to Kris sing and watch him play. And I think that he enjoys watching me do my thing.”
In fact, Lambert admits to thinking his competitor, Allen, is hot.
“He’s a good-looking guy,” he said. “I think that a lot of people out there who watch the show can agree with me.”

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