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Adam Lambert’s Sorta New/Old Summer Album

Yeah, that slightly pixelated picture really is the iTunes album art

This is the recently unearthed recording “Want” (also known as “December” by Dublin Jones before Wilshire Records yanked it from their site – shady, right?), listen here …

ETA : It seems like there is a fan boycott on buying the single (seriously, read the reviews over at iTunes), but you can download the embedded mp3 from this link or from this mirror link if you want. ETA 2: link for iTunes in comment section, thanks to a friend.

Okay, all the following articles were cluttering up that nice post I had for all updates on Adam/Kris’ album and AI tour. So, I’m reorganizing and transferring all the relevant posts here, and will update accordingly.

Articles/ Reviews/ Press Releases about this follows:

Adam Lambert’s New CD, Concert Photos and Song Samples

Although the music style is vastly different from the Adam Lambert we heard on American Idol, Adam’s early recordings will be released sometime this summer whether he likes it or not.
Demo recordings or early versions of songs are sometime better left alone. In Adam’s case, judging from the first single Want, his voice is on the money and the song isn’t half bad – it’s just not the rockin’ Adam the world fell in love with on America Idol.
Chek out some Exclusive Photos of the Vancouver American Idols Concert and listen to the singles Want from the new CD and No Boundaries. Check back on Thursday for more unreleased Adam Lambert Concert Shots.

Adam Lambert Fires Back at Hi Fi Recordings – the recording contract Hi-Fi is referring to? Didn’t Adam mention that Citizen Vein was about to get signed before but things fell through? I am sooo steamed at Hi-Fi – I hope that no fan of Adam buys that album, or any album from HiFi EVER

Hi Fi responded to Adam’s statement this morning, saying, “As we’ve already outlined, releasing this music was always the plan. That plan was changed by 19 Recordings after Adam won America over with his extraordinary talent. It’s a shame that his management/record company choose to disavow their client’s work and discredit him as a songwriter. As an independent company whose role it is to help put this out, we at Hi Fi think this is an absolute slap in the face to Wilshire Records. That small indie music company, run by an experienced music producer, Malcolm Welsford, thrives on finding, nurturing and championing new talent, and now they find themselves at a tremendous potential loss. Adam’s songwriting partner, Monte Pittman now finds himself at a tremendous potential loss. Via the press, in the words of the musician they dedicated so much time and money to, they are being told that their work with Adam should never see the light of day.”
Hi Fi’s statement continues: “We apologize for what has become a tiresome tit for tat, particularly on a day that we mourn the loss of a truly original, game-changing entertainer, but unfortunately, each statement released in Adam’s name contains a different story. We remain steadfast in our assertion that we seek only to share the music Adam wrote, according to plan, so his fans know the depth of his talent and see that he will be handsomely rewarded for his work.”
Hi Fi claims that it has a signed recording contract with Adam dated Feb. 12, 2008. The label has already made one of the CD’s tracks, “Want,” available on iTunes.

Adam Lambert Details His Big Crush On Kris Allen (On Air with Ryan)

Adam recently learned that someone released some tracks he recorded back in 2005. He was “shocked” and told Ryan, “all I have to say is that they’re not done, they’re ideas, and someone took them and decided to turn them into a finished product without my input.”

Adam makes his feelings for Hi-Fi very clear in this interview with Ryan Seacrest – HiFi stuff is 8 minutes in…

Adam Lambert “Disappointed” Over “Rough Draft” Songs’ Release – and of course slimy Hi-Fi responds yet again – I really wish that Monte Pittman would say something!

Hi Fi countered yet again this morning, with a new statement that claims “releasing this music was always the plan” and slams Lambert’s relationship with 19 Entertainment. “It’s a shame that his management/record company choose to disavow their clients work and discredit him as a songwriter,” the statement reads. “[Wilshire Records], run by an experienced music producer, Malcolm Welsford, thrives on finding, nurturing and championing new talent and now they find themselves at a tremendous potential loss. Adam’s songwriting parter, Monte Pittman now finds himself at a tremendous potential loss.”

Adam Lambert … responds to Hi Fi statements

“Last Friday I was surprised to find out that songs I recorded back in 2005 were being released. Since then I discovered the entire track listing, revealed online today. I was shocked to learn that songwriting demos of songs that I co-wrote and recorded over the past few years may be released in an album. Like a rough draft that a writer does before finishing a book, I did not intend my work on these demos to be heard by the public. I was unaware that anyone intended to release these recordings until I heard about it in the press, and I’m very disappointed by this entire situation.”

Looks like the media was advised not to ask Adam about HiFi, a series of tweets from Laura Saltman (Dish of Salt)

we were politely asked not to bring this up this morning in interviews.
The point was made to me that the more media reports on it the more HiFi gets attn and Adam doesnt want that
I heart Adam !

A little defense of Adam from Contact Music

Meanwhile, it would appear that TMZ itself has been caught up in its own rush to judgment over the claim by American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert that he wrote none of the songs on a pre- Idol album due to be released this summer. “That just isn’t true,” TMZ said in an article today, citing what it said was an “internal memo” from Lambert’s record company “which clearly lists Lambert as the co-writer on nine of the 11 tracks on the album.” However, the memo, reproduced on the site, “clearly lists” only “publishing splits.” It is a common practice in the music industry for performers — and sometimes record producers and even agents and managers — to share publishing royalties with songwriters. Even song writing credits are often fudged, as is well known in the case of the Beatles tunes credited to “John Lennon and Paul McCartney” that were written individually by one or the other.

Adam Lambert reportedly co-wrote leaked pre-‘Idol’ tracks, meanwhile, obtained a document it claims shows Lambert co-wrote tracks from his Willshire Records sessions with Monte Pittman, a guitarist for Madonna, and others.

TMZ : Lambert’s Old Label — We Got It in Writing! – I hate how TMZ is spinning it like Adam was lying, but his statement was about “Want” which he (thankfully) had no hand in writing.
TMZ got hold of a June 23 HiFi memo that lists the song list for the new/old album – there’s a bunch of the songs that was all over YT – Kiss & Tell, The Circle, Crawl Through Fire, 15 Min of Fame (prob Pop Goes the Camera) etc.
So, what it looks to me is that HI-Fi changed tactics due to fan backlash / just finalized the album, given that if they had planned to release these stuff initially, why didn’t they start with the good songs? Not that dreck called “Want”. Because fans already knew of these songs and they were planning to palm off “Want” as really, really, new? I think they’ve now decided to sit on the demo songs, and instead release the Citizen Vein songs so they can say that Adam wrote the thing …
This is so stupid & poor PR of Hi-Fi, if they had started off saying to fans – here, we’ve got a bunch of those old songs of Adam that you love so much, we’ve remastered them, here they are for sale – there would’ve been no hard feelings! As it is, looks like I’m very interested in getting a copy of that new/old album now (but still pretty pissed off at HiFi)!

Another review of “Want” from Boston Herald By Jed Gottlieb / Review (Single) Grade B-

… but “Want” is not bad. Both lyrically and melodically, the tune is Beatles-lite. Something approximating a mash-up of the Fab Four’s “All You Need is Love” and Clay Aiken’s “Solitaire,” “Want” is driven by a synth-y organ, gentle percussion and Lambert’s angelic-yet-angsty vocals.
Nothing brilliant, but nothing an “Idol” contender should be ashamed off – unless 19 Entertainment is telling you to be ashamed for image purposes.
Take-home message: If you’re a Lambert fanatic, head to iTunes to sample the track. No need to wait for 19 Entertainment to release the silver medalist’s “official” debut. This quick fix will sate your Adam addiction.

I don’t know if this means anything, but on Prefixmag, the release date of this new/old album is in Dec?

Adam Lambert
On With the Show
Release Date: December 29, 2009
Label: Hi Fi Recordings/Wilshire Records

Here’s a little analysis on the situation – Pre-Idol Adam Lambert album faces no legal troubles

How could this hurt Adam Lambert’s future release via RCA/19 this fall?
As any reality show watcher can tell you, a contender’s brand is ever-evolving throughout a season. Lambert — who is loved for his flamboyance, dramatic style and powerful fashion — has a brand to build upon. A brand from which RCA/19 hope to capitalize, in the form of their own singles and album releases. An unauthorized version of that Adam Lambert brand — such as previous recording — may derail, rush or stall the label’s effort to promote the Adam Lambert they signed. Sales of a pre-Idol Lambert may confuse fans; a mediocre release may turn fans off.

Indie Label Defends Releasing Adam Lambert’s Pre-Idol Recordings
Hmm – looks like Adam’s Citizen Vein songs may be included in the new/old album??? – Adam Lambert’s new album challenges “Idol” producer

Before he became a household name, the flamboyant singer spent three years recording songs for Los Angeles-based Wilshire Records. The label has joined forces with Hi Fi Recordings to release the 11-track album “On With the Show” this summer. An exact release date will be announced shortly.
The first single, “Want,” went on sale at digital music retailer iTunes on Tuesday. Lambert co-wrote nine of the songs, working mostly with Madonna’s guitarist, Monte Pittman.
“American Idol” producer 19 Entertainment issued a brief, businesslike statement attributed to Lambert in which he is quoted as saying, “The work I did back then in no way reflects the music I am currently in the studio working on.”
“It doesn’t surprise us, but it doesn’t make us feel good,” Hi Fi Chairman and CEO John Hecker told Reuters on Tuesday. “For some reason it’s scaring Goliath, and I don’t know why.”
He said Lambert attended a post-production session last month, as “American Idol” reached its climax, and that the singer was “blown away” by what he heard.
Hecker denied some fans’ assertions that Lambert was being ripped off, saying the singer stands to make “a ton of money” through a royalties arrangement commensurate with deals for major artists. Lambert will not only receive songwriting royalties, but he also co-owns the copyrights with Wilshire, Hecker said.
But wait, there’s more. Hecker said the recording sessions yielded enough material for a second album, which will also see the light of day eventually

“Want” gets reviewed – It’s the season to separate kids and their cash by JONATHAN TAKIFF (Philadelphia Daily News)

THAT LAMBERT SINGLE: iTunes is your place today to score the (semi) “new” single from “American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert called “Want” (B-). It’s from a soon-coming album called “On With the Show,” a project made before his run to glory, and music he’s now kinda disavowing.
The releasing label, Hi-Fi Records (home to “A.I.” runner-up Melinda Doolittle, Smashmouth, Todd Rundgren, Dionne Warwick and Donnie and Marie Osmond), says Lambert was integrally involved in the project, co-writing eight tracks. But a statement from the singer intimates he was there basically as a hired gun, a needy performer lured in to make some preliminary demos and hear how he’d sound in a professional studio.
Oh, and some of the material on this “new” album dates back to 2005. Whatever.
His performance on “Want” proves the point that he could sing the phone book. It’s a cloying, dull-witted variation on a John Lennon all-you-need-is-love piano ballad, but the guy sells the hell out of it. Lambert’s officially sanctioned debut for 19 Records is expected out sometime in the fall.

Comment from Eber Lambert (Adam’s dad) about the new/old album – took this quote from mjsbigblog’s onherthize comment

“The real irony on those pre-Idol recordings ( the ones that arent the rough Citizen Vein demos… which I kind of like. Monte rocks!) is that a couple of the songs actually had potential but the songwriter/producers squelched Adam’s inputs on changes to the vocal phrasing and vocal arrangement, directing him to sing them straight and very restrained. They obviously intended to shop the songs not Adam. So they came out pretty schmaltzy adult contemporary and VERY un-Adam. I remember he was excited about getting paid for working in the studio but pretty frustrated about how those songs came out.
This was before Wicked. A paying gig was huge.”

HiFi being hypocritical – New Adam Lambert Single, ‘Want’ to be Released on iTunes on Tuesday, June 23
Adam Lambert’s New (Old) Release “Want”: Love It or Hate It?
Adam Lambert Says ‘Want’ Is Nothing Like His New Music

Neither Lambert, RCA nor 19 Entertainment plan on attempting to block the release of On With the Show, though in a post on his Twitter account Saturday, Lambert reiterated that he “can’t wait” for fans to hear his new music.

Adam remembers he’s on twitter now:

“…can’t wait for people to hear what my music really sounds like.”

Adam Lambert’s statement on the old/new songs:

“Back in 2005 when I was a struggling artist, I was hired as a studio singer to lend my vocals to tracks written by someone else. I was broke at the time and this was my chance to make a few bucks, so I jumped at the opportunity to record for my first time in a professional studio. The work I did back then in no way reflects the music I am currently in the studio working on. I’m thrilled to be working with some of today’s hottest songwriters and producers and can’t wait for people to hear what my music really sounds like.”

** Adam should take heart – Christina Aguilera had the same problem back in 2001 – Early Christina Aguilera Recordings Hitting Stores In August
More details – weird – claiming that Adam listened to the tracks in May this year and liked them .. Adam Lambert Pre-‘Idol’ Debut Album Due This Summer

Lambert’s first single, “Want,” is streaming now on the Hi Fi Recordings official website, and according to the company’s CEO John Hecker, the rest of the tracks will sound similar. “The music’s amazing,” says Hecker. “There are some uptempo [songs], there’s some that rock a little more, and there are some songs on the same tip as “Want. It’s a real album that’s coming out, not just a conglomerate of a bunch of songs. This is all original material — as a matter of fact, Adam wrote a lot of it.”
According to Hi Fi, Lambert co-wrote the material that will appear on the album and even made a trip to the Wilshire Records studio in Los Angeles as recently as May 2009 to hear it. “He was in the Wilshire Records studio right before the finale actually, and he was blown away by the material.”
Hi Fi Recordings did not notify 19 Entertainment about its intent to release Lambert’s debut album before announcing the news on Friday afternoon. “I bet they know now,” Hecker says.
Adam Lambert’s “Want” was produced by L.A. based New Zealand expat Malcolm Welsford, a principal at Wilshire Records, and features additional production by Mark Endert, who has produced or co-produced several Hot 100 hits including Maroon5’s “Makes Me Wonder,” Vertical Horizon’s “Everything You Want” and “I Don’t Want To Be” by Gavin DeGraw. Endert declined to comment, while his manager at Nettwerk, Alia Fahlborg, admitted that they knew it would be controversial. “He’s very proud of the work he did,” she said.

Adam Lambert Pre-‘Idol’ Debut Album Due This Summer

It looks like Adam Lambert’s debut album may not be released on 19 Recordings/RCA after all. Sources confirm to that an album’s worth of tracks Lambert co-wrote and recorded before “Idol” will be released in the summer by Hi Fi Recordings and Wilshire Records. Entitled “On With The Show,” the album is slated for release in the summer, months before Lambert’s debut on 19/RCA is expected to drop.
When pressed for more information on the terms of Lambert’s non-exclusive agreement with Wilshire Records and whether or not the singer will see any compensation from the album, Hecker responded, “I don’t really want to talk about the nuts and bolts of the business deal…but I can tell you that Adam will share in the success.”

Adam Lambert Doesn’t ‘Want’ To Be Tied To Summer Album

“The work I did back then in no way reflects the music I am currently in the studio working on,” Adam’s statement continued. “I’m thrilled to be working with some of today’s hottest songwriters and producers and can’t wait for people to hear what my music really sounds like.”

And in more news about the album that is NOT Adam’s RCA debut album … Album with Adam Lambert tunes expected this summer – Hecker should just admit he wants to make a fast buck instead of all that crap about “helping” Adam.

Songs from the “American Idol” runner-up will be released this summer by Hi Fi Recordings and Wilshire Records, beginning with the single “Want.”John Hecker, CEO of Hi Fi Recordings, said the tracks were recorded in 2007 and 2008 before Lambert’s rise on the popular Fox singing competition. The album will be titled “On with the Show.”
“We were presented with a business opportunity,” said Hecker. “We accepted because Wilshire Records had a long working relationship with Adam, and it resulted in excellent music that they had the rights to. The music has an audience, and it deserves to be heard. I think it’s great music. At the end of the day, from my perspective, we’re really helping Adam.”

19 Entertainment will release a full statement soon – Adam Lambert’s New Single ‘Want’ Isn’t Quite New
Album with Adam Lambert tunes expected this summer

An album featuring Adam Lambert is coming out sooner than expected. Songs from the “American Idol” runner-up will be released this summer by Hi Fi Recordings and Wilshire Records, beginning with the single “Want.” John Hecker, CEO of Hi Fi Recordings, said the tracks were recorded in 2007 and 2008 before Lambert’s rise on the popular Fox singing competition. The album will be titled “On with the Show.”

Adam Lambert’s Early Recordings Unearthed for New Album

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    As I said before (and others also agree) if Hi-Fi recordings intentions are to “help” Adam, why the H— don’t they wait for Adam’s NEW album with RCA to be released & then follow up with their ON WITH THE SHOW album in AGREEMENT WITH Adam & RCA instead of AGAINST their wishes. It would make more sense to do it that way & Adam could have a say in what HE thinks WAS his best work AT THAT TIME. Apparently, what Adam’s Dad says makes more sense since Hi-Fi never consulted Adam about this early release. DEFINITELY SMELL A “RAT”

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