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American Idols Live! Tour – Fedex Forum (Memphis, TN)

It’s DAY FIFTEEN of the American Idols Season 8 Live! Tour at the Fedex Forum (Memphis, TN). I’m gathering all the articles/reviews/videos/interviews here. All tweets are left behind in this post. For a round-up of Tour/Album news for Adam and Kris, click here.

Fair warning : I only care about Adam/Kris/Allison…

Check back – once they are up, All PERFORMANCE VIDEOS (Adam/Kris/Allison) will be on PAGE 2. The Rest of the Top 10 will be on PAGE 3.

** Wow, Memphis is sooo LAME. Where are the videos… Meanwhile, there’s a TON of new media from Little Rock, AR. Don’t miss them- click here!


Kris Allen interview to promote “Idols Live” at Gwinnett Arena July 31 by Rodney Ho, some excerpts…

Q: So far, reviews have been good for the tour so far. Have you had time to read any of them? A: I just read some stuff last night. I figured it there’s a place to read reviews, it’d be the L.A. show. It was all good. Everybody got good reviews.
Q: You’ve done eight shows so far. How’s it been going so far? A: It’s been going good, man. We’re getting used to it. We’re able to relax a little bit and have fun with it.
Q: Is it intimidating to follow [runner-up] Adam [Lambert] and his big rock show? A: It’s not intimidating. Like on the show, we’re completely different artists.
Q: I know you and Adam are good friends but there has been some tension among your fans. A: Maybe there has been some. There have been some run ins. But for the most part, they get along.
Q: You sang the coronation song “No Boundaries” the first few dates but have switched to a Killers song. [“All These Things I’ve Done”] What happened? A: It was a collective thing with the producers. After the first show, the director came up and said he felt like the energy took kind of a downfall [when he sang “No Boundaries”] We needed to pick things up so we switched out that tune. So far, it’s been going amazingly well.
Q: What can we expect from your album? A: It will be a pop-rock mix. I don’t know if it’s a particular genre. It’s going to be something hopefully people will be a little surprised, a good surprise.

American Idol 2009 Tour hits Memphis – Adam Lambert wins screaming contest by Kelly Keltner

… The madness was only intensified anytime the jumbotrons … displayed the image of Adam Lambert. With each and every flash of his face, screams erupted throughout the crowd.
Allison Iraheta was first after the break and the crowd was instantly on their feet. While I think that Pink’s “So What” probably wasn’t the best fit for her, once she ditched the guitar and mic stand, she was more in her element and worked the stage as a performer should.
… as soon as the graphics appeared on the jumbo-trons indicating Adam’s arrival, the noise in the arena swelled to deafening roar. Adam’s set was less Billboard Pop 100 and more the cuts you’d find on the mp3 players of slightly more discerning music fans and wannabe hipsters … He appropriately grinded across the stage, working the screaming crowd like a master puppeteer…
America’s top pop Idol, Kris Allen, closed out the countdown with some Otis Redding, Matchbox 20 and The Beatles. And while his set was enjoyable and all words to “Hey Jude” vocalized by the crowd in time with his own, I kept waiting for those other two rockers, Allison and Adam, to come back and appropriately close the show with a bang.

American Idols Stop in Memphis (With Video)

Fan favorite Adam Lambert now knows what it takes to make it through a 50 city tour. Lambert says, “You just have to take care of yourself and get your sleep and rest your voice when you can.” But Lambert says even today when he steps on the stage the thought of a stadium filled with fans is an awe inspiring thing. Lambert says, “It’s that feeling that rush you get that exchange between you and the audience there’s nothing like it.”

Adam Lambert Musical Available On New DVD – Someone on Canada’s Rock Star Weekly must be an Adam fan…

Echo Bridge Entertainment has re-issued the 2006 Val Kilmer/Adam Lambert show The Ten Commandments: The Musical on DVD. A multi-million dollar theatrical production that flopped back in 2004, the DVD release has been getting plenty of attention because of its inclusion of American Idol finalist Adam Lambert.

‘American Idols Live!’ concert proves viewers’ votes correct By Christopher Blank

… Anoop Desai (6), Matt Giraud (5), Allison Iraheta (4), and Danny Gokey (3) each had one or two numbers that stuck out, but none, it seemed, with the interesting rearrangements that got them points for artistry on the television show.
As to the great national debate over who should have won “American Idol” this year — Adam Lambert or Kris Allen — the stadium tour settles it. I concede to the masses. Adam gets my props for glam-rocking the house with a David Bowie medley. He’s the best showman, for sure, in a Judas Priest-meets-Liberace studded leather jacket with tails. But at some point, his shrieking becomes self-indulgent and irritating. Adam Lambert is all about Adam Lambert.
The wholesome Arkansas boy, Kris Allen, playing guitar and piano, earnestly covering songs by The Killers, Bill Withers, Matchbox 20 and The Beatles, brought something for everyone, of every age. No wonder he won. He plays for the true “American Idol” demographic.

‘American Idol”s Top 10 at Graceland

Lil Rounds, who is from Memphis, had fun showing winner Kris Allen and runner-up Adam Lambert how to get their Memphis mojo flowing by trying on sunglasses like the ones Elvis wore.
“The aura that he had … the energy that he had, people just wanted a piece of him,” Kris says. “Not that I am saying I want that, but he always did stuff that people were like, whoa are you serious. Elvis was incredible.

Idol Tour Hits Memphis (with Video)

Among those performing tonight was Memphis’ own Lil Rounds, who couldn’t wait for the hometown reception. Also performing were Arkansas’ native and winner Kris Allen and fan favorite Adam Lambert.


If you go to – there’s a new video there of the idols!
ETA: Cool – someone ripped it to YouTube

MyFox NY Idol Tour Coverage – the male host was so rude!

Dish Of Salt: ‘American Idol’ Finalists Answer Fan Questions (July 24, 2009) – I didn’t know this existed.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Outtakes from that Filipino Channel interview with Kris & other idols

ET Extra – Idols in Graceland

ADAM LAMBERT and CHAD PITT backstage @ IDOLS LIVE (he also has interviews with Scott, Megan, Lil, Matt & Danny at this YT channel)

Adam Lil and Kris on Xirus XM (while in Graceland) (Download as MP3)

ET Idols at Graceland-Memphis


Check out this photobucket gallery for photos! Another photobucket gallery! This ONTD post and this post have some embedded photos too. Facebook gallery with tons of photos!
* Here’s a gallery of the photos from the idols’ visit to Graceland
** Check out this ONTD post for photos of the idols that Daniel Allen (Kris bro) took! LOL

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