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American Idols Live! Tour – Prudential Center (Newark, NJ) Night 2

It’s DAY TWENTY-FIVE of the American Idols Season 8 Live! Tour at the Prudential Center (Newark, NJ). I’m gathering all the articles/reviews/videos/interviews here. All tweets are left behind in this post. For a round-up of Tour/Album news for Adam and Kris, click here.

Fair warning : I only care about Adam/Kris/Allison…

Check back – once they are up, All PERFORMANCE VIDEOS (Adam/Kris/Allison) will be on PAGE 2. The Rest of the Top 10 will be on PAGE 3.


Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta Answer Your Questions by Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna

Adam, I would love to hear more about the soundtrack. When will we find out?
Adam: I still can’t say anything. It’s definitely happening, but it’s not my call to be the one making the announcement. Sorry!
How are the new albums coming along? What’s the latest?
Adam: We’re kind of looking at everything and kind of hanging on to as much as we can and choosing from there. If we’re feeling a song, we’ll record it. If we’re not feeling it, we don’t. We’re going to powerhouse it after the tour is over as far as getting songs recorded and writing some new material. We’ve made a nice big dent in the process, but I think the majority of it will be done afterward.
Allison: I’ve been going through material on tour. My favorite person to work with is Kevin Rudolf because his energy is great, and he’s just a great guy and has already done so much.
Adam, is your album gonna have songs like “Whole Lotta Love,” “Cryin’,” “One” and “Born to be Wild”?
Adam: I don’t think that’s actually really going to happen. I think the record needs to be new material. I do know we recorded some [of the live material from tour] that will be available on iTunes as a special offer.
Adam and Allison, do you bounce ideas off each other for your albums?
Allison: We definitely do bounce ideas off each other. We’re showing each other tracks we have like, “Hey I got this new track. What do you think?”
How do you manage to keep your voice from getting hoarse after such intense performances almost every single night?
Adam: It’s definitely a learning experience in trying to learn to pace yourself. I found out that I can’t do all the super, superhigh notes every night, or else they won’t be there the next night. I’m just trying to learn to pick and choose my moments to really wail.
Allison: I just really hold back on some shows. Having four shows in a row, that’s not fun. You want to do your best at the show, but it’s really hard when you want to have a good show the next day. So on some days I need to not belt it out as much as I would so I can save my voice for other shows. Some nights I hold back, and other nights I belt it out. Last day of three or four days in a row I belt it out.

Adam Lambert’s “Sexy” November Debut Stocked With Surprises

The American Idols Live tour is in full swing, but Adam Lambert still has one eye on his debut album, due in November via AI’s 19 Recordings through a licensing deal with RCA … he stayed tight-lipped about any possible song names, lyrics or the album title — “Nope, can’t tell you yet — it’s all a surprise,” he says — but stressed that assembling the album quickly is only adding to its intensity.
“We did a surprising amount of work before the tour started, we had about a month,” he says. “I got a lot of co-writing done, some great initial vocal material recorded, and just general collaborations with different producers.” His list of collaborators has grown to include OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder (Kelly Clarkson, Beyoncé), along with Lady Gaga producer RedOne, Linda Perry, Greg Wells and Sam Sparro. His only promises: “a lot of surprises” and “it’s going to feel really sexy.”
After after a month on the road with the Idols tour, Lambert says he has definitely learned a few things that’ll come in handy down the line. “When you dance and move around it creates a different reaction from the audience — they love it,” he says. “And getting a sense of interaction with them, I love that. It’s like a trial run, a test audience for things to come. I would love to do a live show with dancers and fashion and scenic elements — definitely bring my love of the theater to a concert-style performance.”

Not-so-glamorous life of an Idol star on tour by BRUCE DEMARA

“It is a bit tiring but it’s definitely worth it. Any time I feel a little bit tired when I get onto the stage for my set, I’m immediately charged up by the audiences,” Lambert said. “The audiences have been so positive and passionate about what we do and they definitely make you forget about being tired when you get out there,” he added.
“There’s 11 of us on one bus and the bus is not that large so it’s definitely close quarters. It’s a good thing that we all get along as well as we do,” Lambert said. “It’s a lot of work but … we’re all goofy together, we make each other laugh. The food is not great, I’ll be honest with you … but you live with it.” Down time is virtually non-existent, though Lambert got to spend four hours recently in the tony Washington, D.C. suburb of Georgetown, wearing dark glasses and a trucker hat to retain his anonymity. “This is the first time I’ve gone from city to city, like, daily. So it’s definitely learning experience and it’s a kind of initiation for all of us for the rest of our careers, I think,” Lambert said.
Like Season 8 winner Kris Allen, Lambert is in fact on a project of his own, an as-yet untitled album set for release in November. When the Idol tour ends on Sept. 15, he’s got about four weeks to “really hit it hard and finish it all up.”

The Top 10! Cover Tunes! Flying Bras! By JON CARAMANICA

This year’s “American Idols Live!” tour, which features the Top 10 performers of Season 8 on Fox, could have easily passed for an Adam Lambert concert with nine supporting acts. Mr. Lambert, perhaps the most currently visible openly gay American musician, received a thunderous reception from the audience, far louder than that for anyone else … He didn’t even have to use his superhuman voice, largely keeping it in check during his set, which inspired flying jockstraps and, yes, bras too. Wearing a distressed-leather ensemble, he instead concentrated on poses, every moment camera-ready: sinuous on Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love,” pensive during “Mad World” (the Gary Jules version). During a medley of David Bowie songs he showed some skin, wearing a vest over a bare chest, and turned glam king, purring the lyrics, lost in a dance reverie. Mr. Lambert has traveled almost the whole distance from overrehearsed and hammy to effortless and charming. And he’s learned that vocally, less can be more: where his singing often felt gratuitously indulgent on the show, here he employed restraint, and effectively so.
Allison Iraheta, this season’s most impressive female contestant, was appealingly messy, sounding but not looking far beyond her 17 years.
After Mr. Lambert’s master class, the meek and limited Mr. Allen could do little but act as a palate cleanser, sending fans into the night with a few benign tunes: an edgeless version of Bill Withers’s “Ain’t No Sunshine,” a scattered “Bright Lights” by Matchbox Twenty and a “Hey Jude” that would barely score change on a subway platform. Last month Mr. Allen dropped from his set “No Boundaries,” the widely maligned “Idol” victory song. But while it was insipid, it was also Mr. Allen’s first single, the concert’s only original number and its only literal reminder that there is life beyond “Idol.” He replaced it with the Killers’ “All These Things That I’ve Done,” a tough and flamboyant song that he guilelessly massaged the lumps out of. Frankly, it begged for Mr. Lambert’s firm touch.

‘Idols’ show moves from awkward to admirable By Linda Holmes

Allison Iraheta hits a snag right away. She sings Pink’s “So What,” with a wind machine to blow on her hair. All that means is that she can’t move. So it isn’t until she is cut loose for Janis Joplin’s “Cry Baby” that it happens. That you realize that she’s actually very, very good, and suddenly does not belong here, or perhaps “here” does not belong with her. For all the jokes and the Ford Fusion commercials, she has innate artistry, and unlike the first-half lineup, effortlessly owns the stage and the crowd.
Since “Idol,” Adam Lambert has released the hounds. His theater-inspired style, where every song is sung by a different character, has been amplified across every dimension. Sure, on television, he sang “I’ll give you every inch of my love” when he covered Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love,” but live, he accompanies it with a hip twitch and an illustrative hand slap, in case you are wondering where on a human being you might locate inches of love. What was once dirty subtext is now dirty text. It’s unambiguously delightful. Lambert tries on so many different personalities that it would seem positively unfaithful to enjoy all of them — and there is still too much screaming and affectation to make everything work — but there is energy to burn, with leftover energy to power motorcycles and blast statues out of blocks of raw marble. His act is sometimes profoundly silly, but then, so was David Bowie’s. (In case the comparison is not clear enough for you, he closes with a Bowie medley.)
And finally: Kris Allen. Coming after a presentation as spectacular (in “spectacle” sense) as Lambert’s, it would be easy for the actual winner to fall pancake-flat, but he doesn’t. Instead, the grandiosity of the Lambert set makes the relative intimacy of the Allen set work better. They’re so different that they don’t suffer from comparisons. No, Kris Allen can’t sing “Fashion” while stroking his own face with polished nails, but Adam Lambert couldn’t sit at a piano and pull off Allen’s affecting “Ain’t No Sunshine.” Kris Allen, for all that he seems like a safe, slow-pitch alternative to the Adam Lambert knuckleball, is a solid musician and an amiable, charismatic performer. He moves easily on stage, with a sort of coffeehouse friendliness that doesn’t shake rafters, but has its own appealing warmth. Guys like this may not get on the cover of Rolling Stone as easily as Adam Lambert, but guys like this sell records.

‘American Idols Live’ tour review: Kradison rules, but Matt Giraud impresses, too! by Michael Slezak

… highlighted the way the teenage rocker took the audience from zero to roaring after only a few raucous (and beautifully sung) bars of Pink’s “So What” (performed with guitar in hand and wind in her hair) … a soul-searing rendition of “Cry Baby,” and then following it up with an equally crowd-pleasing “Barracuda”? … she was back a short while later, during Adam’s set, for a reprise of their duet of “Slow Ride.” As iconic as the performance was during season 8’s Rock Week, the live version was even more chill-inducing, as Adam and Allison stalked the stage (and wrangled discarded bras) with the polish and poise of seasoned vets, not a couple of kids who less than a year ago were performing respectively in a touring production of Wicked and as a headliner at L.A.’s La Curacao department store.
Oh, and on the subject of Adam (not to mention memorable Rock Week performances), let me just say that freed from the watchful eyes of Fox’s five-second delay, his “Whole Lotta Love” was even more scandalous in Newark. I couldn’t help but chuckle watching Adam commit multiple misdemeanors against the mic stand as the first in a series of ladies’ undergarments began their awkward trajectory toward the stage. And did he really thrust his hand lasciviously down his waistband as he snarled the line “way down inside”? You’d best believe it! But in spite of/because of the overt sexuality (choose your side), the performance was one of the best of the evening. By comparison, Adam’s take on Muse’s “Starlight” was lacking in rip-roaring energy, and felt more like a weird detour into thinly disguised musical theater, before things got back on track with a vocally effortless, hauntingly interpreted “Mad World,” that suffered only from the slightly canned sound coming from the band. Adam finished things off with a mashup of Bowie’s “Life on Mars,” “Fame,” and (a sped-up rendition of) “Let’s Dance.” Now I’ve got to admit, I’m not usually a fan of a medley, but the first two tracks in particular were such perfect fits for Idol’s glam-rock master, I’m hoping he’ll consider a cover of one of ‘em for his upcoming debut album. (An a hat tip to Adam for ripping off his jacket and revealing his bare arms during “Fame,” the better to reignite the screaming masses as he neared the finish line.) Who’d have thunk an Idol alumni would be voted most likely to keep Bowie’s outré performing style alive and resonating over the next decade? Seriously, Mr. Lambert has forever changed the notion of what it means to stand in front of Randy, (not) Paula, Kara, and Simon and ask for a golden ticket to Hollywood.
… Kris’ gorgeous rendition of “Heartless.” Anyone who thought Kris’ Idol success with that song owed more to the novelty of hearing Kanye West stripped to his acoustic bones than to the eventual Idol champ’s actual vocal should take note that the number remains as fresh and delicious as a home-grown tomato. And perhaps just as impressive: Kris was more than up to the task of tackling The Killers’ “All These Things That I’ve Done,” which hopefully means the good folks at Jive won’t try to shackle him in the bland A.C. dungeon (which, sadly, he did to himself during a forgettable cover of Matchbox 20’s “Bright Lights”). Kris’ other two songs — a reprise of “Ain’t No Sunshine” and a new cover of “Hey Jude” — proved he’s got a knack for reinvigorating old-school jams in a way that speaks to everyone from screaming tweens to middle-aged dads (many of whom were on their feet and singing along during the latter track). Interestingly, Kris kept himself separated from the band by a screen throughout “Heartless,” “All the Things,” and the first half of “Ain’t No Sunshine,” giving his performance the intimacy of a soft summer breeze in comparison to the Category 5 bombast of Hurricanes Adam and Allison.

Adam Lambert: The ultimate interview, Part Three by Fred Bronson

Could you ever have imagined while auditioning with “Bohemian Rhapsody” that a few months later you’d be on stage singing lead vocals with Queen?
Weird. It’s weird full circle stuff all around. It’s thrilling, but it almost loses its impact in a funny way, like, “Oh, of course I’m onstage with Queen.” What the hell’s going on? “Of course, KISS.” I can’t believe it. This can sound very pretentious if taken the wrong way but I almost feel like I’ve been preparing for this my whole life. I do feel this is what I’m supposed to be doing and I have a fatalistic view on life that things happen for a reason. I feel like everything that’s led up to this point has prepared me for this. It’s the whole “Slumdog Millionaire” thing, where it’s like his whole life like leads up to that moment and the only way he gets through that moment is because of all of his experiences. I went to see “Slumdog” as this was all happening and I was just in tears because I was so touched by the concept of that movie. And I wouldn’t have done what I did on the show had it not been for what I’ve gone through and my experiences in my life and what age I’m at. I wouldn’t have been that confident. I would have been second guessing myself. I would have been really busy people-pleasing as opposed to just doing what I do. It was meant to be now.

‘American Idols Live!’ review: Uneven like its TV counterpart by Martin Tsai – wow, bitter much for being forced to watch the show?

… Sporting a studded denim tuxedo jacket with studded black gloves and a matching studded belt, Lambert looked like the missing link between Perez Hilton and Kelly Osbourne. While his set nodded at glam-rock legend David Bowie, Lambert ultimately came off like he was doing a stage adaptation of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.”
… Allen was certainly impressive, accompanying himself on guitar or piano with every song. The five-number set was starting to convince you that the right person won. His Coldplay-esque cover of the Beatles’ “Hey Jude” was certainly inspired until he messed up.

‘Idol’ contestants sound off on Paula Abdul’s departure by Martin Tsai

The sudden announcement came less than three months following the finale of the top-rated show’s eighth season, and only one month after the finalists embarked on the arena tour. Their handler at Saturday’s “Idol’s Live!” Tour in Newark requested all reporters to not make the interviews entirely about Abdul. Still, the Idols seemed just as shocked as everyone else.

Teen Choice Awards winners

Choice TV Male Reality/Variety Star: Adam Lambert, “American Idol.”
Choice Music Breakout Artist: David Archuleta.
Choice Music Love Song: David Archuleta, “Crush.”
Choice Music Tour: Demi Lovato and David Archuleta


Fan taken photos put together in a vid

Kris Allen – It’s On with Alexa Chung Part 1

Kris Allen – It’s On with Alexa Chung Part 2

Season 8 Top 10 – Nasdaq Closing Bell

Adam Lambert Talks “Sexy” Debut Album (RollingStone)
Vodpod videos no longer available.

GMA All Access – Catching Up With the Idols (Adam/Kris/David Cook)

Kris with fans

Allison with fans


Check out this Flickr gallery. And this fan recap + epic fan recap #2 that has embedded photos plus bonus info on the Elle shoot.

Biggest Iphone in the world. on Twitpic @adamlambert doing MAJOR at our photo shoot today. What a star! on Twitpic Unf Adam on Twitpic
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