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American Idols Live! Tour – Arena at Harbor Yard (Bridgeport, CT)

September 11, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments


Kris Allen talking during Intermission (credit twinkje)

Kris apologizes for being too sick to perform (credit jtank89)

Barracuda (credit tag097)

* partial video here

Cry Baby (credit tag097)

Cry Baby Partial (credit xSarah47)

* another partial video here and here

Whole Lotta Love (credit rycanshortie)

* partial video here

Whole Lotta Love & Starlight (credit tag097)

Starlight (credit lucyhenley)

* another version here; partial video here

Starlight (credit sytycdlove)

Mad World (credit rycanshortie)

* another version here; partial videos here and here

Mad World (credit tag097)

* another version here (with good audio) and here

Slow Ride (credit tag097)

* partial videos are here and here

Slow Ride (credit sytycdlove)

Bowie Medley (credit tag097)

* another version here

Life On Mars & Fame Partial (credit EllenAbbey)

Fame (credit rycanshortie)

Let’s Dance (credit Drakefan)

Don’t Stop Believing (credit sytycdlove)

Don’t Stop Believing (credit tag097)

* Ending only video here

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  1. 2t2tag
    September 13, 2009 at 6:53 am

    pay attention people. that’s what i call 110%. adam is a consummate performer and artist. i believe that his work ethic, bottom line, and artistry will always shine through and we, his fans, will always be the grateful recipients of his talent and goodwill.

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