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FREE E-book Download – ‘MetaGame’ by Sam Landstrom

October 19, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Update : For those who own an Amazon Kindle, Amazon is now offering a FREE download of ‘MetaGame’ by Sam Landstrom too! Click here to download and save yourself $2.99.

Author Sam Landstrom is giving away his novel for FREE on his website. It’s DRM-free and is available in different formats – ePub, PDF, Mobi and HTML. All he asks is that if you like it, please just leave a review or recommend it to your friends. Seems to be a pretty good deal to me! Plus, reading the book synopsis, seems to be pretty interesting plot!

Message from Sam Landstrom:

I’m giving you, dear reader, my novel MetaGame for FREE. I capitalized the word “FREE” because it truly is. There is no cost to you monetarily or otherwise, no DRM protection, and no piracy guilt. Please Do share the book with your friends. My objective is for this book to get read because it took me a looong time to write and IMO as well as the majority of my reviews, it’s pretty kick-ass.

Book Description:

Life is a game, literally. Winners earn immortality, while losers are condemned to aging and death. D_Light, a gifted player, knows this all too well and he-s willing to do anything to win-even kill. It is no wonder then that when given the chance to enter a MetaGame-an exclusive, high-stakes, anything goes contest-he-s quick to jump at the opportunity. The MetaGame starts out well enough for D_Light, the first quest being to hunt down a dangerous fugitive, but through his own ambition, the tables turn and D_Light finds himself the renegade. Now, D_Light pits himself against his world to find the truth behind -The Game- and must decide between winning it and saving what-s left of his humanity.

This 122,000 word (~400 page) novel blends emerging political and cultural trends, such as gaming culture, globalization, and the ever-increasing hegemony of corporations, with technological trends, such as genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. Emerging from this stew is an original world for you to explore through the point of view of its many “players”.

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