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Finally Bought Noise Canceling Headphones (@ 75% OFF!)

November 21, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

So, I’d been putting the Bose Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones on my wish list year in and year out, but somehow, no one ever wanted to shell out $ 500 to get it for me… I have a real fear that I’ll eventually blow my eardrums out from amping up the volume on my iPod, so, I finally decided to buy one myself… but unfortunately, I’m broke as hell, so I knew that Bose was completely off my bank account’s price range.

Well, whataya know, Amazon goes and offers the Skullcandy Proletariat Noise Canceling Headphones at 75% off ($24.99 instead of the original price of $99.95). I looked it over, and the reviews weren’t too bad, and dude – $24.99!!! That’s like, I don’t know, a T-shirt or something. I bit.

So, what do I think after using it? Well, it does what it’s supposed to do – it cancels noise out. I’m not sure about the physics of it … but this is how Amazon describes it:

Noise canceling technology works by electronically producing sound waves opposite to the ambient sound outside your headphones. Canceling noise allows you to hear your music at lower volumes. NC headphones are ideal for use in noisy offices and during travel.

Number one, I’m happy with the noise cancelling feature since I’m now able to freakin’ put the volume down to a level my GP is happy with. And just a note, it’s not like you’ll be sensory deprived when you put it on, if you turn the music off, you will hear muffled ambient sounds. Music on, it’s just the music you’ll hear.

Number two, it’s very portable. It weighs next to nothing and folds down nicely and I have no problem bringing it with me when I go out. Fits in nicely inside my bag.

Number three, the fit is not that bad. It’s not uncomfortable; I wore it for a couple of hours, and my ears/head aren’t deformed at any rate.

Number four, there is no way the sound quality measures up to Bose. I know, since I’ve pretty much stalked the Bose shop and know the difference. Skullcandy doesn’t handle bass well, but then, neither does the iPod earbuds that come with it. So, if the iPod earbuds never bothered you in terms of sound quality, this one won’t either. People gifted with better eardrums may find it wanting though.

So, if you’re an el-cheapo like me, check this out. Skullcandy SC-NC Proletariat Noise Canceling Headphones is currently on sale at Amazon for $24.99 ($74.96 savings), but note that this 75% discount will only last until Nov 30, 2009.

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