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Found a New Bargain – ‘Livespeakr Ultra-Portable Speaker for iPod/iPhone’ (at 50% OFF!)

December 12, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’d been racking my brains thinking of a gift for my brother, and then I found this great accessory for his iPhone over on Amazon. At only $39.99 (50% OFF – until Dec 19, 2009 only!), the ‘Livespeakr Ultra-Portable Speaker System for iPod/iPhone‘ seems to be a total bargain too – although I’ll keep that a secret from my bro. He should love its portability – the specs indicate that it’s compact and lightweight, so would fit handily in his ‘man-bag’ or overnight carrier 😉

Here’s the Product Description:

Livespeakr is an ultra-portable, multi-functional speaker system that allows you to enjoy up to 16 hours of ultimate sound quality on-the-go. Small enough to fit in your back pocket, Livespeakr boasts a unique “super” cradle to fit most iPods.

Premium custom speakers prove that amazing sound can come in a small package.
Speakers expand, contract, and rotate to work with both portrait and landscape orientations.
Advanced audio technology shields against radio frequency/GSM interference.
Powered by a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that lasts up to 16 hours; AC/USB charger included.
Sleek retractable aluminum stand on the back provides multiple viewing angles.
Rubberized feet prevent the unit from sliding and keep it stable.
Low-profile design allows the Livespeakr to be taken anywhere–it can even fit in your pocket!
RF Shielding lets you enjoy your Livespeakr without interference from electronic devices.

I’ve checked out the reviews, and most are raving – so I’m thinking this is a no-brainer for me. I’m thinking I’ll buy an extra for my own iTouch too. Apparently, most people report that for such tiny speakers, the sound kicks ass (indoors). Of course, given the (relatively cheap) price, I doubt that the sound would be top-of-the-line amazing … like I’m sure the bass wouldn’t be all that … I mean I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t consider it at full price ($79.99), but $39.99 sure is tempting – that’s going to be like buy-one-take-two deal (if I order one for myself also).

So, anyway, just sharing this find with the rest of cyberspace. Check it out on Amazon, and take note that the $39.99 price is only until December 19.

P.S. I actually found another portable speaker that’s even cheaper – the GoGroove AudioFlip Portable Music Docking System – which is on sale at 56% OFF until Dec 20 (at $34.99), but the reviews aren’t as good and to be honest, it looks butt-ugly… yeah, I’m shallow… I’m still leaning toward Livespeakr.

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