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FREE iTunes Download – ‘Winter White’ by A Fine Frenzy

December 24, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

The iTunes Discovery Download of the week is ‘Winter White‘ by A Fine Frenzy! Click here to download for FREE!

Song Description:

Our Discovery Download puts the focus on a different genre each week, offering a free track we think is worth your attention.

Like most Christmas albums, A Fine Frenzy’s ‘Oh Blue Christmas EP‘ was recorded in the summertime. ‘It was sticky hot outside, but the songs did really put us in a Christmas mood,’ says A Fine Frenzy mastermind Alison Sudol. Her original ‘Winter White’ would actually sound good any time of the year, with its infectious handclaps, airy-toned guitars, and xylophone-sounding accents. But the determination expressed in her lyrics definitely convey a pre-resolutions end-of-the-year spirit.

* Just wanted to say I downloaded the album ‘Oh Blue Christmas EP‘ from iTunes and it’s a really good Christmas album – it’s very quirky and definitely non-traditional. It works even if it’s not Christmas, I think. Alison Sudol has a very ‘interesting’ style of singing, but I dig her vocals so much. Check out the track ‘Wish You Well‘ – it’s my fave! There’s like almost an Eastern / Chinese influence to its sound – I dunno, but it’s very very cool. Like drinking from this very fresh ice-cold spring after hiking for 4 hours … that cool 😉

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