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Adam Lambert – On the Record with Fuse (Preview Video)

January 8, 2010 1 comment

Fuse just posted this longer preview of Adam Lambert’s interview with them. How is he always so articulate? If only I had 1/10th of that….

We can catch Adam’s full interview (Adam Lambert: On the Record with FUSE) on Monday, Jan. 11 at 8 p.m./7 p.m. Central on Fuse TV!

Update : I’ve added a bunch of other preview videos from the Fuse interview! Looks like it’s a pretty in-depth interview running for 30 minutes.


(Video from Fuse TVDirect Link)

(Video from AdamOfficial)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "Adam Lambert on Fuse – More Preview", posted with vodpod

(Video from NY Post)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "More Adam Lambert on Fuse (Preview)", posted with vodpod

(Video from zap2it)


P.S. Here’s a cool interview that Adam did with a HongKong magazine!

Do you have a plan to visit Hong Kong?
Adam: One of the things about this album is that we really wanted it to be an international album, and I think it will be really cool to go to Hong Kong. I can’t wait to come out there.

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Kris Allen at the Consumers Electronics Show (Las Vegas) and Allison Iraheta at Radio Disney

January 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta have been busy today. Gotta get their names out there!

Kris performed at the Sony Booth at the Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas. He didn’t have his band with him, just his friend Cale, so the performances were acoustic. His set-list included Man In The Mirror, Before We Come Undone, Heartless, Falling Slowly, Chasing Pavements (Adele cover).

Meanwhile, Jive seems to be starting up on Allison’s promo (’bout time!) with Allison doing an interview plus some live performances (with guitarist David Immerman) for Radio Disney.

Once again, thanks to all the fans who share their videos! (ajfcast, jspepper, alliholics, TH2007TH, ljrivera13) Bookmark this post since I’ll be updating with more video as they appear!



Chasing Pavements (MP3 DL Link)

Man In The Mirror (Partial)

Falling Slowly / With Or Without You Mash-up



Acoustic medly of Friday I’ll Be Over U and Just Like You

Interview with Radio Disney


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Stalkerazzi on the Job – Adam Lambert (and a bit of Kris Allen & Allison Iraheta) Part 4

January 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Opening up a new post that’s just all about Articles/ Tweets/ Media links or rumor-mongering/ private life/ stalkerazzi or whatever will not warrant an actual post since the old one got too long … The previous Stalkerazzi Post Part Three is found here. Just bookmark this post since I’ll be updating this as tidbits come up!

Adam attended his friend’s show, and were caught by the paps as they went to the Soho House in Los Angeles on Sunday – see the pap photos!

Love this! The stars of ‘Stars on Ice’ dancing to Adam’s strut!

Whoa, really interesting extra photo from Adam’s Details photoshoot! (nsfw)
LOL adam lambert, icu staring at the model's crotch. on Twitpic
Adam is one of the 2010 Time 100!

Here’s a sneak peek at the BTS of Adam’s photoshoot for Papermag Beautiful people edition!

Thought this was cool – Adam and Orianthi together! September 18 gig

This week’s album sales figures are out (via Idolchatter) … and seriously, Jive needs to release a new single for Kris stat! His album just slipped off the BB200… we only have numbers for Adam who remains steady… good thing the singles are still selling…

Adam Lambert, For Your Entertainment (8,000, +6 percent, 578,000)
Adam Lambert, Whataya Want From Me (54,000, +7 percent, 756,000)
Kris Allen, Live Like We’re Dying (46,000, +2 percent, 1.2 million)

Canada rocks even more! From Sony Music Canada:

WDYWFM is double platinum and FYE is platinum in Canada

New Zealand rocks! FYE the single just went gold!

Kris being a good world citizen and doing his bit for Rwanda (Tom’s Shoes) – via Facebook

Check out Adam as one of the ‘Beautiful People’ of PaperMag!

Adam’s interview with ICRT (Taiwanese Radio)

Hey, there’s an American Idol Magazine and we have scans! via ontd_ai

Here’s a new LA Times interview with Kris! Kris Allen has dinner, gets groovy with ‘Dream’ cast – here’s jsut one of the Q’s:

Are there any practical jokes within the band?
Yes! I was staying in a hotel in Buffalo this one time and right next to the bed was a hot tub. It was the weirdest thing, right there in the bedroom. So I’m sitting watching the game or something and one of the guitar players, he puts the bubbles on and gets in, and we called in the band one-by-one. We’re like, “Hey man, how’s it going?” and you don’t really notice the tub at first, then this guy looks over and freaks out because there’s [someone] sitting in the tub naked as can be.

Kris’ interview with KISS 108 FM Matty inthe Morning (Boston)

TV Guide has the ‘Idol Stars Where Are They Now’ vids up on YouTube!

Ouch, this week’s sales numbers are out. Pretty bad for the albums. Singles are steady.

Adam Lambert, For Your Entertainment (8,000, -10 percent, 569,000/75,000 digital total)
Adam Lambert, Whataya Want From Me (51,000, -5 percent, 702,000 total)
Kris Allen, Kris Allen (3,000, -18 percent, 286,000/56,000 digital total)
Kris Allen, Live Like We’re Dying (45,000, -15 percent, 1.154 million)

This is hilarious! Sue Sylvester (Glee) delivers a rant about ‘sneaky gays’ – Adam is included!

Adam on Hot Magazine and Kris & Adam on 8 Days Magazine (Singapore) – check out the scans via the Singapore Glamberts
Oooh, HQ caps from Adam’s FYE Deluxe album DVD!

@adamlambert For Your Entertainment Deluxe Album's DVD snapshots on Twitpic @adamlambert For Your Entertainment Deluxe Album's DVD snapshots on Twitpic @adamlambert For Your Entertainment Deluxe Album's DVD snapshots on Twitpic
@adamlambert For Your Entertainment Deluxe Album's DVD snapshots on Twitpic @adamlambert For Your Entertainment Deluxe Album's DVD snapshots on Twitpic @adamlambert For Your Entertainment Deluxe Album's DVD snapshots on Twitpic
@adamlambert For Your Entertainment Deluxe Album's DVD snapshots on Twitpic @adamlambert For Your Entertainment Deluxe Album's DVD snapshots on Twitpic @adamlambert For Your Entertainment Deluxe Album's DVD snapshots on Twitpic
@adamlambert For Your Entertainment Deluxe Album's DVD snapshots on Twitpic @adamlambert For Your Entertainment Deluxe Album's DVD snapshots on Twitpic

Adam on ‘The Reporter’ (Estonian TV)

Kris’ friends need to learn that while it’s up to them if they want to be homophobic douches in their private lives, they shouldn’t be proud to post it on the internet. It reflects badly on Kris that this homophobic racist guy is his best friend & they hang out all the time

Kris Allen’s photos at the 94.1 KTFM concert via facebook

Woody’s Acoustic Lunch series kicked off 2010 with fantastic performances by OneRepublic and “American Idol” season 8 winner, Kris Allen. Both bands were great. They loved the crowd and it was fun.

Macleans (Canadian magazine)

‘Born to Entertain’ – Adam Lambert in Finnish paper “Metro”
Born to Entertain - Adam Lambert in Finnish paper "Metro" today on Twitpic
LLWD is officially a Billboard Top Ten Hit!!!

CHART BEAT BITS: As this season of “American Idol” reduces its field of contestants to 11, last year’s champ achieves a first on the Pop Songs chart. Rising 11-10 with “Live Like We’re Dying,” Kris Allen becomes the show’s first male winner to enter the tally’s top 10. He joins previous champs Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Jordin Sparks in reaching the chart’s top tier.

Kris at the airport photos!

Here’s Kris being friendly with the TMZ guy – lol at his casual mention of Adam’s bulge!

Kris and Katy played host to their friends in LA! And the pals blogged about it – click here to check out some pics!
Lucky Swedish peeps will have an Adam performance! Wonder if he’ll have at least Monte & LP with him? (from Sony Music Sweden)

Wednesday, March 31 Adam Lambert makes his first promotional visit to Stockholm, where he meets journalists from all Nordic countries. During the evening March 31 makes Adam Lambert, an intimate performance at Berns and Search with a friend to win tickets to this exclusive showcase. Be one of the first to see Adam Lambert LIVE in Sweden!

Looks like Adam has a gig at the UK in April 24 (that’s the date of the game that’s referenced)

LeytonB won’t be going to see Burnley V Liverpool……@adamlambert is at G-A-Y!!!! Amaze!

Adam’s FYE on the UK’s Freshly Squeezed:

Weekly sales figures from IdolChatter -> not very good… except for the singles!

Adam Lambert, For Your Entertainment (9,000, -22 percent, 561,000/1,000 digital, -50 percent, 74,000 digital total)
Adam Lambert, Whataya Want From Me (54,000, no change, 651,000 total)
Kris Allen, Kris Allen (4,000, -40 percent, 283,000/1,000 digital, -63 percent, 56,000 digital total)
Kris Allen, Live Like We’re Dying (53,000, -8 percent, 1.110 million)

Channel 4 UK on Adam

Check out Adam’s Australia photos on AdamOfficial!

Adam Lambert was recently in Australia to promote his debut album For Your Entertainment and he took tons of photos while he was ‘down under’. Check out these fun photos of Adam with some friends!

Adam going to Sweden! Adam Lambert in the process of penetration in Sweden (Sony Music)

Wednesday, March 31 Adam Lambert makes his first promotional visit to Stockholm when he hits the media from all Nordic countries.

New Adam Interview w/ NRK1

Adam’s debut of FYE on Uk’s Freshly Squeezed! DL Link here!
More good news! Adam’s FYE is certified gold in New Zealand!

Wow, Canada loves Adam! FYE album just turned platinum!!!

Sony_Music He is now certified platinum in Canada! We’ll add an announcement on the site today

TV Where are they Now clip on Adam! Watch here (Right click, save)

Ha ha – Megan uploaded another pic of the idol boys – now, Kris does look hot but Anoop and Matt look ridiculous, sorry. Is Adam eating something? or just open-mouthed in shock at how hot Kris is? {wink}
Maybe the best picture of the boys I have on Twitpic
HOT Magazine’s spread on Kris Allen! (via ontd_ai)

Hot photo of Adam looking like a vampire on Japan RS!
Pic of Adam from Rolling Stone!! on Twitpic
Ha ha – Adam’s codpiece gets a bullseye from EW!

Season 8 Where Are They Now? Adam Lambert (USA Today)

Lambert came out on the cover of Rolling Stone after his Idol run, but that didn’t prepare him for the AMA backlash. “I didn’t realize how ignorant people were about stuff like that and how hateful and negative they can be in response to that kind of imagery,” he says. “It was sad because it was tongue in cheek and over the top and not meant to be taken seriously.”
Yet looking back, he says, the incident has become “part of my learning experience. I’m more aware now of the public consciousness and how it’s so divided when it comes to matters of sexuality.”
Hearing fans’ reactions to his album, on the other hand, has been more enjoyable. The album went No. 3 and has sold 553,000 copies to date.

This is very cool! Meet Adam’s band! (via AdamOfficial)

Adam Lambert’s All-Time Favorite Tracks (Nightline Playlist)

Here, Lambert talks about some of the music that belongs in his personal dream jukebox, and why.
“Like a greatest hits Bob Marley, like ‘Exodus’ or one of them. I remember distinctly being out in the summer by the pool during, like, middle school and high school, and my parents would, like, blend up some margaritas or have some beer or something, and chips and salsa, and Bob Marley, and just floating out in the pool. That’s, like, a distinct memory. So now if I’m in vacation mode, I have to listen to Bob Marley.”

adamlambertJP is a good twitter account to check out for all things Adam in Japan! Posting twitvids of Adam on tv talking about FYE!,

Adam Lambert: Simon Cowell didn’t appear to me during acid trip (Metro UK) -> is this going to be another gate?

If people are lacking purpose in life would you advise them to take LSD?
Sure, it’s one method of finding yourself. My trip led me to some epiphanies about who I was as a performer, what I wanted to do and how I needed to create my own opportunities. When I got home, I started writing music with other people and went to the Idol audition. The vision was about finding opportunities. I wasn’t sitting in the desert in rave-wear thinking about Simon Cowell when I was on acid.

Oh, wait, Uplugged is actually live! Watch HERE! Starts with Mad Wrold and the rest follow.
Aw – Adam unplugged is delayed…

michcoll Unplugged will go live on tomorrow morning + full report + Adam inty. I’m so sorry! Tmrw is a go. Click here

More Adam to look forward to!

19News Check out @adamlambert on @nightline this Friday, Match 12th, talking about the music he grew up with and what he’s listening to now! In the 2nd episode of “IF I CAN DREAM” @ificandream, watch the cast meet @adamlambert, @krisallen,&@allisoniraheta for the 1st time in NYC. (Watch on HULU). YT version with just the AI bits below.

This is cool! Japanese Morning Show “Sukkiri” introduced Adam Lambert as The Next Big Star!! (1:39)

Adam Lambert: For Your Entertainment (Planet Radio City)

Lambert says that his third single, ‘If I Had You’, is more honest than his others and sends out his only message, that of joy. He says, “I think it’s got a great message. It does sound a bit cliché but I love promoting love and acceptance and I think the song definitely gets that across. In the pop market we’re so sex-saturated and a lot of the big artists are popular because they’re “so fierce!” and badass. I love that and get a kick out of that – people like GaGa and Beyoncé especially – but that’s the ground I was trying to cover with ‘For Your Entertainment’. The thing about ‘If I Had You’ is that it reflects what I’m really about, which is joy.”

Nice Adam page on Sony Music Singapore!

Sales figures from Idol Chatter!

Adam Lambert, For Your Entertainment (11,000, +4 percent, 553,000)
Kris Allen, Kris Allen (6,000, =10 percent, 278,000)
Kris Allen, Live Like We’re Dying (57,000, -10 percent, 1.057 million total)
Adam Lambert, Whataya Want From Me (54,000, -7 percent, 597,000)
Kris Allen, Let It Be (Live) (40,000, -14 percent, 86,000)

It’s cool that Adam had time to socialize with new people after Mardi Gras in Sydney: from the samesame forum

Tim D – Adam is great. He came over to my house on Sunday arvo after his MG performance, and we had dinner after a private gig he did on Monday night.
He’s actually an amazingly cool guy with some great stories about Gaga, Katy Perry, Pink etc, and hopefully he’ll be back very soon for a proper tour.

For Your Entertainment – Adam Lambert (WeHo News)

Joshua Miller: What can we expect from you on your promo tour?
Adam Lambert: Well first off, expect sickening wardrobe and eye makeup! Let’s dance!

Some tweets from Adam’s interview with the Circle (Melbourne TV show)

TinaLuvsLambt Adam Lambert on The Circle now!! He looks amazing!!!!! word Adam has learnt in Australia… PASH!!! They just asked him about the photo’s of him during idol… Interview on The Circle over…. US they did not ask him about the AMA perform… No it was just a short interview… he is leaving this afternoon for Singapore… 😦 hopefully won’t be long till tour, he has said he just loves it in Australia and wants to come back. LOL.. he did, women where wearing eyeliner in honour of Adam and said they could talk to him for ever…
bridgeymah He looked great. Spikey emo. Leather jacket. Floppy sweater. Pants w zippers. Boots. Racoon belt tail. Like glam god dropped … Into a powder room. Very sweet was in and out on tight schedule so no M&G..he didn’t sing just an interview

Here’s Adam’s Flaunt Magazine spread without the text to distract you from the pretty!

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic Share photos on twitter with Twitpic Share photos on twitter with Twitpic
Share photos on twitter with Twitpic Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Final HDD prediction is in! Adam hanging in there! And wow, Gokey did really well!

48 47 ADAM LAMBERT 19/RCA/RMG 11,258 -2%

So many peeps wondering why Tommy isn’t in Oz -well accrdg to Zac, just wasn’t in budget!

justcallmehorse Everybody B nice 2 @TommyJoeRatliff. He dnt get 2 go 2 sunny OZ, it wasn’t in the budget

Yes, we have scans of Attitude Magazine’s article on Adam!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Adam’s show reel to introduce him to the UK – Click HERE! (Right-save-click)

Apparently, this video plays when you go to Adam’s Myspace in Japan!

Wow – Adam’s not on the cover, but his name is, plus it’s a 6 page spread and interview that Attitude magazine (April issue) has on him! Hope we get scans from the UK fans! Check out the cover! It’s hot!
Share photos on twitter with Twitpic
HQ scans of Adam’s Flaunt magazine spread – See the photos in HQ that you can magnify to infinity on the Flaunt website!)

Hmmm, check out this post by a fan on AdamOfficial – not liking that Adam’s Unplugged won’t be aired on TV in full? So what was up with those press reports about reviving Unplugged?

I called VH1 just moments ago and ended up talking to a woman named Jamie Frost in the communications dept. I asked her WHEN the Ungplugged session would be airing. She didn’t know the answer either, so she went to the press dept. at VH1 while I was on hold and came back to me with the following info:
The Unplugged series is not aired on TV, it will be posted online ONLY. On Wed. morning during the regular video programming, ONE SONG from Adam’s Unplugged session will be aired on VH1 on TV.
For the full session, look for it be posted online. We can watch it at once it’s been posted.
Anyone who wants to verify this info. can go to the to find contact info. The woman I spoke with was extremely nice and went in search of an answer for me even tho’ she could have just said she didn’t know. I assume the press folks for VH1 would know what’s what.

This radio guy had said that Adam will be singing in an industry showcase tonight in Sydney, could it be what Adam’s friend Leo is referring to? Yup, confirmed! Whoo – Adam sure is workin’ it hard this promo trip!

Leo Moctezuma No recording tonight… So headed to see @adamlambert sing at Marble Bar Now. Fun times! Its like the never ending weekend. Lol. Love it! :p – Marble Bar Sydney. @adamlambert u were amazing. Now let’s drink. Meet u at the bar after the meet n greet photo
samesame We’re at an Adam Lambert showcase in Sydney tonight and he’s on fire.
Byroncooke At the @adamlambert showcase….they are serving “Lambertinis” >>>> In an inner city Sydney bar watching @adamlambert ….covering Tears For Fears “Mad World” >>
katie_spain #adamlambert just did the most amazing intimate showcase in Sydney… Heading back to @Novafm to upload the pics
Smallzy Adam lambert is on the radio with us in 5 mins. Listen at choose nova 969 if your overseas!
womansdayweb American Idol star Adam Lambert brings a taste of the USA to Sydney town tonight with a private singing showcase
NovaFM Pics from #adamlambert ‘s Sony showcase in Sydney tonight Amazing! There will be video… we have special video from his acoustic at Nova to come too. You will LOVE them, promise. 😉
EmilyButler @adamlambert, stripped-back acoustic at the Marble Bar. What a superstar. With many amazing studded jackets.
ETA – taken from captions from the photos on Nova’s site – “Adam Lambert performed four songs to a lucky Sydney crowd at Sony’s showcase at the intimate Marble Bar. We even got a rendition of “Mad World”. What a talented, sparkly guy. Come back soon Lambo. When Adam Lambert’s Sydney acoustic showcase finished he urged the crowd to get stuck into some “Glamtinis”. Adam Lambert’s Sydney acoustic showcase included the song written by Justin Hawkins (of The Darkenss). “Music Again” was a hit all round. Adam Lambert’s Sydney acoustic showcase. Glambert indeed. He performed four songs, one of which was new single “Whataya Want From Me”.”

Kris (with Katy) and Allison enjoying Elton John’s oscar party!

Love these guys! Chatting at dinner with @krisallen and @alli... on Twitpic

Yes, someone capped that Channel V KL Concert by Kris! Download HERE!

Fox Japan interviews with Adam and Kris!

For Kris fans in Asia who have Channel V, they are going to air Kris’ Malaysian concert Sunday night! Dang – I hope someone rips the whole concert for download!

Adam on Japanese MTV Top 30 (2:15 FYE MV and 5:00 TFM MV) – I hope he makes it BIG in Japan!

FYE at Mardi Gras! woohoo!!! Adam closes Mardi Gras with a bang! For Your Entertainment!

Here’s a comprehensive recap from Mardi Gras! via – aww… guess the pimp spot wasn’t so good afterall. I wanted Adam to sing in front of 18K peeps, not 10% of that…

Following the show we returned to the Horden then back to the RHI for the last couple of hours before seeing Adam Lambert perform at the 8am show. Fierce doesn’t begin to describe him. He was great and although the energy of the party had died, along with the vast majority of the crowd (I’d say that less than 10% had stuck around until 8am) he didn’t let that stop him from making his performance any less spectacular than the earlier ones. He looked and sounded incredible, and as with everyone else was genuinely happy to be performing.

Kris was out doing his thing too – he was one of the performers at the American Airlines Celebrity Ski event to benefit cystic fibrosis research (Vail Cascade Resort)

The evening then kicked into high gear with the introduction of the evening’s musical entertainment — American Idol winner Kris Allen, accompanied by five other stellar musicians. Allen encouraged the crowd to sing along and enticed chuckles with his stories of snowboarding in Vail and earning “battle wounds” of bruises in the process.
The energetic conclusion of the concert brought the audience of more than 500 to its feet at the end, bringing the four guitarists and one drummer back on the stage for a raucous rendition of the Beatles’ iconic song “Come Together”.

Mardi Gras tweets!

adamlambert Up early! Time to glam it up for Mardi Gras!
LeoMoctezuma OMG! Its on & poppin at my 1st Mardi Gras in Sydney. I’m kinda off the meter feeling great… George Micheal is about to go on! Its ON! Aww shit twits! Feeling amazing waiting for Kelly Rowland & David Gueta to go on! You hear it first! Lol wish u were here to party w/ me! WTF! Why am I still here & Up!? Lol. OH! Its 7:45am & @adamlambert is about to hit the stage & le OZ have it. What we do for friends… B)
Monterrific At the Mardi Gras party with @Longineu and @mrbarb getting ready to see @adamlambert go on. People have been here partying all night and the sun is coming up.,,, Outside the party. It’s morning, The Glambulance G’day mate! It’s a beautiful Sunday morning down under.
@ledena Adam is on stage at Mardi Gras rn! Just him + dancers!
gn0sis Yay that was awesome. Adams Klingon outfit looked good. Okay more detail. He came out with a mixture of hot male dancers and alien drag queens to sing For Your Entertainment. Was fantastic.
SamualD @adamlambert. Great closing number for mardi GRAS
TinaLuvsLambt Adam was awesome, blue glitter hair, bare chest, super spikey FYE Jacket & huge codpiece, sang FYE + dancers pics & film asap, no battery.. Oh & blue shiny TIGHTS & silver boots…. FWE sounded amazing.. Your welcome everyone, the crowd loved him, MG started at 10pm they waited till 7.45am to see him, everyone kept asking for him.
fionamom Audience reaction excellent, right crowd. U cld feel the anticipation, people asked us what time he was on, boos when DJ went on
AW79 Heading off to the Party now! Am so so so excited! Happy Mardi Gras! Still going… Adam Lambert. WOW! Thank you everyone for the @’s! Adam Lambert’s performance (& look) was amazing! The perfect end to the perfect #SydneyMardiGras Party!
fruitflyCaz @adamlambert you totally rocked it at Mardi Gras this morning! I waited 8 hrs to see you – totally worth it. Thanks for bringing your glam! @adamlambert had the most glamtastic outfit for his performance today! So sparkly and spikey and glittery – just like he promised! Oh did I mention the TIGHTS @adamlambert was wearing?! Holy mother of all that is holy! Dude, were u wearing undies?! Cuz I swear you didn’t. And of course…to top it all off…. the glambulge was well protected He wore a fucking cod piece!!!! A sparkly fucking giant cod piece! @adamlambert ‘s performance at MG today was bigger and grander than anything he’s done since the AMAs (no kissing tho! boo!) Oh one thing to mention. The room was packed full of guys! PACKED! Adam was totes popular with the gay boys which is great to see. Adam wore a cod piece & a corset & those bondage leather straps!! FYE – started off with me thinking oh dear, not the AMA vocals again! Ended up being the most superior version I have ever heard! The vocal acrobatics he did in parts just blew my mind! There were more notes than he did in Idol!!!

Glad to see Sony’s support for Adam – FYE tv commercials in Singapore and Japan!

This is OT, but just thought it was interesting: Rep. Jim Frishe asks for (‘American Idol’) votes for Didi Benami (via St. Petersburg Times) – wonder how much votes he brought in for her…

Rep. Jim Frishe spent Wednesday night voting … for an American Idol contestant. The St. Petersburg Republican also sent an e-mail to his supporters, asking them to vote for Benami:
To everyone who is still awake:
My cousin’s daughter, Didi Benami, has just performed on American Idol and needs your vote to continue to the next level. Please take a minute right now to call 1-866-439-5705. This is her number and it does not cost you a dime, but could make all the difference in the world in her life. I may be biased, but I think she is terrific. She comes from a good family and could really use your vote. Once again, the number is 1-866-436-5705 or text “vote” to 5705. Jim Frishe

For Adam’s HK fans… bad news, he won’t be making a stop there afterall.. via Nat Murray’s blog

For the Hong Kongers, hate to drop the bad news, but Adam has no plans to come here as yet… Hong Kong was scheduled for this trip, however his management changed it to Singapore, which I can understand – American Idol is much bigger there.

Adam finally got some free time to relax with his friends… guess those rumors about Drake being there started on PF by the mods there were untrue!

@adamlambert Me @beccaonline drinks n grub @ Bondi Italian on... on Twitpic
adamlambert At Bondi Beach w @LeoMoctezuma @pujasays @beccaonline woohoo.
LeoMoctezuma At Bondi Beach having drinks w my peeps @a href=””>adamlambert @beccaonline & friends. So good to meet up with LA friends all the way Down Under! B) – @adamlambert Me @beccaonline drinks n grub @ Bondi Italian on the Beach. Good times w/ good friends in Sydney OZ

Yet another recap! (via auzziekazagirl) The first lady in line was in a wheelchair and Adam gorgeous and kind came out from behind the counter and gave her a big hug and signed her CD.
Wayne who won the comp got to ask him a couple of questions. He asked what prompted him to write Voodoo and Adam said ‘a past boyfriend actually’ and everyone laughed.

Another recap from the signing… (via Cazsuane)

Adam was so polite and gracious to everyone. Really friendly. Always smiling, even when it was strained.
Curiously, he was always the first one to offer to shake hands with a guy – and we had a LOT of guys show up! Girls had to offer hands first. But that’s fairly common. He also kept asking the guys if they were coming to Mardi Gras.
Adam is only performing one song, FYE, at 7:45am!!! If I’d known that I probably wouldn’t have paid. It’s also an awkward time.
I stayed at the signing til he left – not many people then. He was rushing right off to rehearsal. He stayed at extra half an hour to make sure everyone got something signed. I also saw Lane and I can’t say I was terribly impressed with her. She doesn’t give off a nice vibe. But she did say Adam will be on the show The 7pm project on….Tuesday night I think it was.
I can also add that what someone shouted out was “you’re in now!” and Adam agreed Voodoo had a vampiric quality to it, and wanted it on True Blood. His impression of Australia was that it beautiful, was pleased the rain had cleared up … it was a nice day, Aussies were really friendly and accepting.

Here’s a fan recap from Adam’s in-store Hum signing… (via Marlaploise)

There was a competition and the winner got to introduce him on stage & ask him questions . A guy with bright red hair won.
1st question do you have a boyfriend ? No then jokingly said “I have lots” I think someone in the crowd yelled out “here he is”
2nd question what was the inspiration for voodoo?? he laughed and said “a past boyfriend” so I guess thats confirmation that it was about Drake. also said he wanted to write a song that was sexy ,mysterious, mystical.
And third question was about what he thinks of Australia.

Somehow, these tweets make me happy – I was half afraid that not many people would be going to Adam’s signing!

grace_x There is an epic queue outside Hum for an “Adam Lambert” signing. Are u serious Sydney?
phillipdavid The line to meet Adam Lambert was entirely too long. Sorry, Tamara 😦
RyanVox In city waiting to see @adamlambert! I feel like a kid again! Giggle giggle! OMG! Just met @adamlambert! He is amazingly GORGEOUS and so nice! I think i pee’d my pants a little! Can’t wait for Mardi Gras Party tonight. YES! I did get a pic! And he touched me! *swoons* it’s on the camera so will have to upload later! Meeting adamlambert! OMG!!!!!! – Shaking hand with adamlambert! OMG never washing my hand again!!! – @adamlambert signing my CD! Sure was… it was all the ay round the block even after I left! RT: @RyanVox Was there a good crowd? – I dunno what my boyfriend @waynefrendo said to @adamlambert to make him pull this face!? talking bout by 7:45am when Adam’s on ppl will need a lot of RedBull and/or need pacifiers 2 stop grinding teeth!
watermarker Adam Lambert no diva, arrived on the dot of 12 noon for album signing, big smile for waiting crowd, Sydney turned on beautiful, sultry day.

Yay, Voodoo has leaked!

Sweet Adam thanks the fans – he recorded it back when he did the NY Rock my town concert.
We can look forward to a SkyNews interview with Adam. It’s a show in HK – so hopefully some HK fan uploads it to YT!

natmurray Interview with @adamlambert done! He was DIVINE… so lovely and really gorgeous. Now zooming to the airport for a flight to Hong Kong! Thanks for the fantastic interview for Sky News @adamlambert! Hope to see you in Hong Kong at some point.

Aaand filed under gossip to the nth degree & totally unsubstantiated… supposedly Lambliff really is real? IMO reads more like fan fiction to me… but I’m sure the shippers are ecstatic

knfan77 @ Mar 4th 2010, 10:58 PM My bff is friends with tommys sister and she has said what is the reason Tommy did not go with adam and it is personal…Q3 is telling the truth
@ Mar 4th 2010, 11:41 PM Without giving away info right now due to privacy concerns so I will not give away too much but I promise u it’s nothing to do with Adam and nothing to do with legal stuff and def nothing to do with drugs or budgets…it has to do with family issues and I will leave it at that on a more positive note tommys sister said there’s def a reason why they r sharing almost matching earrings…and they have never been better and while tommys not come out yet to family he’s def in love with someone but it’s nt the name we won’t mention lol also tommys phobia….bees
@ Mar 5th 2010, 12:21 AM His sister knows his parents do not…his sister said he’s having a real hard time accepting having feelings for Adam..his sister also said that he doesn’t find the gender attractive but rather it’s the soul and nobody has ever made Tommy happier then Adam so this is why he considers himself straight…he’s not attractive to the male sex itself but Adam came along and he’s gone farther then he ever thought possible and that’s wh the hard time dealing with the sexual identity…she also said they have already told each other they love each other..first night was gridlock in the after party she wasn’t sure if it was before or after kiss and also Tommy while not officially living with Adam he spends more nights there then not and he was and is currently the house sitter and he’s having an extremely difficult time being away from Adam since this is the first time they have been apart this long but Adam calls him and texts him constantly and she did verify it was Adam that texted him n the live chat last week that he got so happy about and Adam was dropping off Tommy that day when being bothered by paps and she says Adam just adores Tommy but their biggest downfall right now is jealusy issues…..sorry thars all my bff could get out of her tonight they only talked for 2 1/2 hours lol if u guys want I can continue to get info or if u don’t want to know more then let me know!!!

OOh – someone got their hands on the Flaunt Magazine that has that Adam sunglasses photoshoot! he looks so good!

Owly Images Owly Images Owly Images Owly Images

This is relevant to Adam – ‘Unplugged’ to Return to MTV, Courtesy Starburst

Ad Age: “Unplugged” has seen many iterations in the past. Why was now the right time to bring it back again?
Mr. Toffler: I think a lot of great musicians have the chops to do “Unplugged,” so we wanted to bring it back across all genres. That’s why you’ll see Reba McEntire for CMT, people like Adam Lambert and The Script for VH1 and Phoenix for MTV.

Looks like Adam brought friends with him to Australia – supposedly, his ex- Drake is there to!

pujasays In Australia with @AdamLambert. Day 2. Day 1 was amaaazing!

Wow, when it rains, it pours. First we get all the Stripped videos, now we’l be getting the Unplugged too!

michcoll EXCLUSIVE: “VH1s Unplugged” Debuts on March 10 with @adamlambert (now with pics!)

z100 has all of @AdamLambert’s Stripped sessions up! Just scroll down to the vids.
Wow, still new video coming in from Canada! Art and Life: Adam Lambert

I’m moving all new posts on Adam in Australia HERE!
I just watched @AdamLambert perform on SYTYCDA! Great voice as always. Not acoustic – had the band with him minus Tommy. Another bass player filled in. Dancers performed behind him, so the camera wasn’t on him all the time. Crowd was great. He got to pimp his cd. AND he confirmed he’s performing at Mardi Gras on Sat! Promised to be sparkly. I hope we get vids!

Herald Sun article on Adam… American Idol’s Adam Lambert explains how he wants to be a positive role model

It isn’t all negative. Lambert is receiving genuine support for his sexuality.
“I got a letter from a very conservative Mormon who was devastated when I came out as gay. But because she enjoyed me as an artist she decided to educate herself and desensitise herself and accept homosexuality. I’m fortunate to be in this position,” he says.

Some photos from SYTYCD rehearsals…

sytycda @adamlambert rehearsals continue on the #SYTYCDA set!! Tonight’s guest performance will be the best yet!! ADAM LAMBERT ON SET FOR CAMERA REHEARSAL!! Adam side of stage preparing for a live cross! Then off for makeup touch-ups + an interview for, Adam Lambert interview with our host backstage just before the performance of Whataya Want From Me!!

Same-same is confirming that Adam is perfoming for the Aussie Mardi gras. Hope he converts a ton of people! – Adam Lambert Confirmed For Mardi Gras

Adam’s appearance at Mardi Gras this weekend has also been confirmed by multiple sources, however Mardi Gras are yet to comment.

Adam is in Sydney!

adamlambert Just arrived in Sydney, Austrailia!! Such a beautiful morning here!

Oh, dancers are going to do a contemporary dance interpretation to Adam singing WWFM on the Aussie SYTYCD

sytycda Just came across this ADAM LAMBERT call sheet on the office photocopier.. Not long until he’s on the #SYTYCDA set!! @adamlambert is performing with 6 x brilliant dancers, choreographed by the wonderful Ame’ Delves! 2NITE,8pm on TEN!
adamlambert that beat is perfect for choreography! The lyrics are so emotional- great for contemporary dance. Just you wait!

Video from popstarmagazine – Adam at NY Fashion Week

Short clip of Kris singing Can’t Stay Away at his private Walmart gig yesterday: Watch HERE
Adam’s interview with Digital Spy UK

How would you describe yourself to Lambert virgins?
“I’m a contemporary popstar who draws a lot from the past. I have a lot of ’70s and ’80s influences and I’m inspired by some of the philosophies of the late ’60s as well. That hippy mentality and psychedelic open-mindedness is something that appeals to me. People like Bowie and Freddie Mercury are my major influences as a vocalist and as a frontman, in addition to people like Prince and Michael Jackson of course.”

Kris and Allison get their Idol sales bumps! Not as big as I thought though, but they definitely had their best sales in a while… and most of their sales were via iTunes digital! Idolchatter – ETA: Almost platinum for LLWD! Gold for WWFM!

Adam Lambert, For Your Entertainment (11,000, -10 percent, 542,000/2,000 digital, +59 percent, 71,000 digital total)
Kris Allen, Kris Allen (7,000, +66 percent, 272,000/4,000 digital, +241 percent, 52,000 digital total)
Allison Iraheta, Just Like You (3,000, +192 percent, 90,000/2,000 digital, +603 percent, 16,000)
Kris Allen, Live Like We’re Dying (64,000, 0 change, 999,000)
Adam Lambert, Whataya Want From Me (58,000, -5 percent, 543,000)
Kris Allen, Let It Be (Live) (46,000, debut, 46,000)

Adam on Leno photos! AP Images
Here’s a backstage interview at Leno tonight – Adam comes in at 1:52, and Jay loves SW!
Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “March 2 -In the hall after Leno Show“, posted with vodpod

So, who else is looking forward to Sleepwalker on Leno?

alinsst omg. Sleepwalker rocked so hard. Rhinestones on eye lids. Gorgeous makeup, Elvis hair, black outfit.
schufly Adam killed it on leno!! Sleepwalker!! Adam looked out of this world rock star sexy in black pants, jacket, boots with scrolly silver rim
lindsav Out of Leno. Adam killed SW. Romulan ‘Star TreK clothes and Pointy Bob’s Big Boy Hair.

Final HDD sales predictions are in – Adam hangs in there at #48! And hmmm… thought Kris would sell enough to be top 50, but I guess the Idol bump isn’t as big as I thought it would be?


Adam on Kerri Anne Show (Australia)

Adam on In Fashion

Kris has a 104.3 radio gig! March 12, LA

104.3MYfm presents Kris Allen, with special guest Ry Cuming, at The Grammy Museum at L.A. Live on Friday, March 12, courtesy of Jive Records. Tickets are NOT for sale; your only way in is to win!

Remember that ‘Kids Rock across America’ thing that Kris did with Dr. Phil? There’s video, but Kris is never mentioned. You can only see him on the vid.
Adam’s friend doing his bit to promote him!

LeoMoctezuma – OK OZ’s! If you don’t know about @AdamLambert the artist, you would want to! He will be doing a meet & greet on Sat the 6th @ 12miday at HUM on Oxford street. Buy the album. His 2nd single “Whataya Want From Me” was written by @Pink & @butchwalker
OK OZ's! If you don't know about @AdamLambert the artist, you... on Twitpic

I like this interview Adam did with – Adam Lambert – Glam Idol!

Where to from here for Adam Lambert?
Well if I have my way, I want to continue to make more albums and more music. I really enjoy the art of making music videos and giving a visual expression to a song. I also look forward to touring with the possibly of putting on a real spectacle – I want dancers and costumes. I want to put on a real theatrical show. There has also been some talk and discussion in the movie and TV world. I would love to check that out.

Kris mentioned this on his Reality Rocks interviw – he’ll be playing the Pet-a-Palooza on April 10, and he also has mentioned playing in Vale, Colorado (Katy is coming this time!)
Here’s a cool CNN article on Adam’s DonorsChoose visit: Adam Lambert: The kids understand and here’s Video

Lambert made the surprise visit to Belvedere Middle School in East Los Angeles to drop off school supplies. His fans had raised more than $290,000 for, a nonprofit Web site where teachers can sign up for materials not provided by their school district. In this case, Sarah Fuller, the school’s music director, had requested 1,000 keyboard batteries and 1,000 guitar strings.

Adam on Elle Japan (scan)

More info on how to win tickets to Adam’s Singapore show… ADAM LAMBERT’S FIRST TRIP TO SOUTH EAST ASIA!

Date: 12th March 2010, Friday, Time: 8.30pm (Doors open at 7.45pm), Venue: Hollywood Pantages TheaterTM, Universal Studios Singapore®
Adam Lambert will be the FIRST artiste to perform at Universal Studios Singapore. Adam has achieved Gold status and topped the album charts in Singapore for his debut album For Your Entertainment, released in November 2009.
Sony Music Entertainment Singapore will be releasing a Deluxe Edition of his debut album, featuring 5 bonus tracks and additional DVD content, on 5th March 2010. 500 winners will be chosen to catch Adam Lambert live! Simply purchase the Deluxe Edition of For Your Entertainment, log on to
Adam’s Official Site on 10th March, 8PM and check to see if your ticket serial number is the one of the winning numbers announced!

Some photos of Adam at Club Tiger Heat (Ke$ha’s CD release party)
Here’s a scan of the News of the World article – not nearly as many ‘gates’ as the online version 😉

I’m moving all the new posts about Adam’s Fantasy Resort Concert to HERE!
Video of Adam’s acoustic set!
Photos from Adam’s Fantasy Resort concert

IMG00405.jpg on Twitpic IMG00410.jpg on Twitpic IMG00412.jpg on Twitpic
IMG00413.jpg on Twitpic Adam @ Fantasy Springs Resort. Savor this until I can downlo... on Twitpic

Short twitvids of: ‘If I had You‘, ‘Sure Fire Winners‘, ‘Soaked‘, ‘Whataya Want From Me (Acoustic)‘, ‘Broken Open (Acoustic)‘, ‘Whole Lotta Love (Acoustic)‘ at the Fantasy Resort concert. Here’s a short YouTube of IIHY.
Adam meets his 89-yr-old fan!

Adam Lambert in lobby of Fantasy Springs – very short vid of him crossing the lobby with guards
Kris still doing charity work! Here he is at “Little Kids Rock Across America” – more photos on wireimage and getty images – you can really see that he likes these things since he cleans up for them (unlike when he went to that pre-grammy party – lol)

News of the World’s coverage of Adam – wow, really focused on the drugs, so is this going to be a new ‘gate’?! – Sex, drugs and Simon Cowell

“I went wild and I was experimenting with certain substances,” he disclosed. “It didn’t get to the stage where it ruined my life or where it was anything too serious but it was definitely something I tried. “At 26 I started running with hippies, going to underground events, I was really drawn to that crowd, everyone embraced each others differences.”
And in a swipe at his critics, Adam blasted: “There are so many parents who are too conservative in America. “There are certain drugs out there that are really fun and recreational and can mean a good time. “I’m not an advocate for drugs but it is all rock and roll and we are all adults.”

Adam & Kris on Top Billing [South Africa TV show]

Megan (AI S8) just posted new-old tour photos!

sorry guys no adam and kris together... didnt happen in megan... on Twitpic @KrisAllen I miss you! Thanks for the movie love :) on Twitpic And last for today one more of the ladies..... more of the fe... on Twitpic

I thought Kris hated acting? It’s for this new show Gigantic on Nickelodeon!

lyndseyparker On the set of a secret TV show with a certain Idol winner whose name rhymes with “Miss Fallon.” Got some b-roll of Kris Allen acting. He did a great job! RT @jam2885: @lyndseyparker Jersey Shore or Teen Mom? Fess up (<–no it’s a new show called Gigantic). Unfortunately I’m not allowed to post this footage until show airs in April. But I did short intw w/Kris about Haiti that I’ll post tonight.

More gorgeous Adam photos! Ninni from Ontd_Ai has more untagged photos!

Access Hollywood uploaded the whole interview they have with Adam… awww… people vote for WWFM on VH1! Adam was so sweetly proud about doing well on it!
Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Access Hollywood : Adam Lambert on Si…“, posted with vodpod

Wow, lucky Singapore peeps get a FREE concert! from AdamOfficial

For YOUR Entertainment only, this American Idol runner up will be making his way down here for a ONE NIGHT ONLY Showcase on the 12th of March @ Universal Studios Singapore, Sentosa!!
Tickets will NOT be on sale though but keep checking back here and at our Sony Facebook Page for updates as we release details on how YOU can get your hands on these exclusive passes!

More info on Adam’s Australian promo trip! – Adam Lambert’s Australian visit becomes official (Nova FM)

Lambert will visit Sydney and Melbourne and highlights of his visit include live performances on So You Think You Can Dance and Sunrise. Lambert will also be signing copies of his album ‘For Your Entertainment’ at HUM on Oxford, Sydney, on Saturday, March 6th from 12pm.

Looks like unlike when he went to just Toronto in Canada, Adam won’t just be going to Sydney. Lucky Australia – he’s also jetting off to Melbourne!

New pap video of Adam… Glad he’s learned to just ignore them.

I like feisty, unapologetic Adam!

adamlambert I’d like to remind everyone that we ALL are entitled to our own opinion. (That’s the kind of entitlement that IS sexy)Being PC is so boring. PC means Politically Correct… Where u been?! 🙂 Lol I read a bunch of tweets asking bout my pref between PCs and MACs!! Lol. Oh and…I’m referring to everything I’ve ever said that is “controversial”. Just being honest which I prize over being full of s**t. I WAS horribly mis-quoted though… 🙂 On a lighter note: I’m gonna be on Leno next week. Can you guys guess what song I’m performing?

So, head on to AdamOfficial.Com to see new official photos!

If you are a fan of Adam’s band, you might want to watch this. Tommy and Monte were fooling around on uStream and the whole thing is up on YouTube (6 parts). In another chat, it was mentioned that Monte and Longineu are going with Adam to Australia! Yes, he won’t be performing to backing tracks!
More details from Adam’s Australian trip! He’s performing on TV! Does the Australian SYTYCD have good ratings? Is Adam Lambert Mardi Gras bound? (via Nova FM)

Lambert will arrive in Australia on March 4. While here he will perform on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, and will give fans an opportunity to get up close and personal with him at an instore signing at Hum on Oxford st on Saturday 6 March.

Looks like we have the set list for Adam’s concert at the Fantasy Resort Casino – lucky peeps get acoustic Loaded Smile and Master Plan!

justcallmehorse Here’s a list

Some info on Adam’s Australian promo trip! Adam Lambert For Mardi Gras? (via SameSame)

American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert is jetting into Sydney for a promotion tour next weekend, which coincidentally just happens to be the same weekend as an internationally-recognised gay dance party called Mardi Gras…
His full itinerary when he lands in Australia on March 5 will be announced today, and includes an in-store appearance at Hum Records on Oxford Street on Saturday March 6 and, if the gods are kind enough, perhaps see him as the surprise performer at a large event that happens at the Entertainment Quarter on Saturday March 6.

Adam’s segment on Access Hollywood!

Scans from that ‘controversial’ GT Magazine article – damn, Adam virtually says that Fever will not be released as a single in the US:

Adam does promo for MYX Philippines

Adam sales figures are out! Next week should see increases for Kris & Allison since they are both performing at Idol this Thursday. And Adam’s WWFM is almost gold, and Kris’ LLWD is also about to go platinum any week now!

Adam Lambert, For Your Entertainment (12,000, -14 percent, 531,000)
Adam Lambert, Whataya Want From Me (61,000, +18 percent, 486,000)
Kris Allen, Kris Allen (4,000, -31 percent, 265,000)
Kris Allen, Live Like We’re Dying (64,000, -2 percent, 935,000)

Reminder that Kris and Adam will be featured on SABC-TV’s Top Billing [South Africa], broadcast date 2/25/10 – you can watch a short promo HERE.
Katy Allen has friends who should know better than to post their ignorance publicly on the internet… via gossipcandy

What are your thoughts on Adam Lambert? Adam is great at what he does. I personally think he takes things a little too far, but I also think the same thing about Lady GaGa and she is uber successful so what do I know?
I saw your answer that you believe marriage should be between a woman and a man. But my question was more geared toward what you would do if you were voting on it for your state, yes or no? I would vote no for my state

Kris has a new radio show gig! 98.7 AMP Live March 21… Jive still doing its excellent job ensuring Kris continues to get spins.
Lucky Canada gets another show from Adam!

Red Robinson Show Theatre, Coquitlam, BC, Thu, Apr 8, 2010 08:00 PM

Wow – an article that’s all about the money contestants earn on American Idol! I’m happy that they are doing so well! – ‘Idol’ Winners: Not Just Fame but Big Bucks (NY Times)

Mr. Allen, last year’s winner, earned an advance of $350,000 for his first album, exclusive of recording costs, half of it paid soon after the competition ended and half when he finished recording… An Idol winner’s riches extend beyond the recording contract. Last year the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida opened “The American Idol Experience,” an interactive attraction. To promote it, Disney paid Mr. Allen $100,000 to turn to a camera and shout, “I’m going to Disney World” after winning the competition and to visit the park, according to the contracts. He stood to earn another $100,000 for spending a day filming scripted dialogue segments for use in the attraction and for taping a vocal performance for the Walt Disney World Christmas Parade television show. But wait — there’s more. Also according to the contracts, as the winner Mr. Allen has received a $100,000 advance on royalties from a three-year merchandising contract, which gives 19 Entertainment the right to use his image to promote goods and services…
The winner is not the only contestant who earns after the show. Last year the runner-up — Adam Lambert, whose first-week album sales were more than double those of Mr. Allen — earned $300,000 in advance royalties for his album, a $75,000 merchandising contract and $50,000 in fees from Disney World for the Idol Experience attraction.
Contestants do not have to make it to the Top 5 to begin making money. Once they reach the Top 12, “American Idol” singers each week record a version of their song for sale on iTunes. Once they begin recording, they receive a one-time payment of $1,000 and a $1,000 advance on royalties for each recording.

Access Hollywood’s promo on Adam!

Adam managed to sneak on as #50 on the HDD sales chart!


I hope that RCA will be successful in fixing the radio situation. WWFM is a good song – would be such a pity if it got derailed by Cumulus refusing to add it! from the Mod at AdamOfficial:

You’re correct – “WWFM” has yet to be added by any Cumulus stations, which tend to move on songs all at once, programming wise. I put in a call to my radio promo peeps, and they confirmed it, also saying that rectifying this situation is a top priority for them, obviously. In fact, the head of the promo dept. is on a personal crusade about it, and this guy’s a legend, who was breaking Barry Manilow records in the early 70s, so if he can’t do it, no one can. Patience and faith, alright? We’re on the case.
And I didn’t check personally, but it’s very likely that the “WWFM” radio edit dropped the word “damn”…welcome to America, kids! Most ANY single being worked at radio on a mainstream level will be edited for language so as to minimize resistance from more conservative quarters. Even an innocuous word like “damn” can rub the Bible Belt and other regions the wrong way.

Kris Allen plays dj for 104.3 MyFM for the entire week!

His Monday playlist: Clocks- Coldplay, Say Hey- Michael Franti & Spearhead, Arms Wide Open – Creed, According to You – Orianthi, True Faith – New Order, Bad Romance – Lady Gaga, American Woman – Lenny Kravitz, Ever the Same- Rob Thomas, I Do Not Hook Up – Kelly Clarkson, Uprising- Muse, My Immortal- Evanescence, LLWD- Kris Allen

Here’s the VERY LATE single cover for Whataya Want from Me

How about some Adam gossip via the PF fan board? via cindym. More!

So, just spoke with a cousin of mine. She just came back from a three week trip to LA. She was visiting a cousin of hers that is a singer and actress. She says, “Oh, I met your favorite singer. He’s dating a friend of mine. I’m a fan now. I’ve never met someone so nice and sweet and beautiful.”. During the season she was a Gokey fan (ugh). I grilled her on the deets regarding the “dating”, but her lips are sealed. All she would say is that the guy is in a band and isn’t publicly out. What a tease.
okay, just got off the phone with my cousin, still wouldn’t give specifics but said it’s not someone in Adam’s band, the guy is in an indie LA band. She also said it’s very, very casual, just a few dates. Not serious at all, Adam is just too busy according to her cousin’s friend. The guy is a friend of a friend of her cousin and my cousin got to meet him at an LA club.

So who else is excited to listen to Kris Allen sing ‘Let It Be’ and Allison Iraheta sing ‘Scars’ when they perform on the Thursday AI results show? ME!!!
New Adam interview! VH1 PopCouture! It’s in two parts…
Adam’s interview with MIX 107.7 Morning Show

More Mike Ruiz photo!

LOL – An Adam UK interview – totally agree with him about Susan Boyle’s CD… – Adam Lambert:”UK is ahead of America in terms of tolerance” (GT) -> You can read the whole article on Gay Times March 10 – Issue 378!

He later went on to discuss Susan Boyle, who kept him off the top spot in the charts. He said: “I’m happy for her success, but that album is terrible. Wild Horses is the one that just made me laugh the hardest. I just died when I heard it, I was crying with laughter. It was the most horrendous, sacrilegious treatment of that song!”

Scan of an Adam article in a New Zealand paper:

Adam shot this PSA which was shown on ABC’s extreme Home Make-over

cb3414 here is the video of Adam Lambert on extrememakeover

Adam with Ke$ha!

LAMBERTLUST Adam Lambert and Ke$ha: Drunk off their asses!

Oooh, Adam BTS shots from his Beautiful People photoshoot! (via moveshakeelevate)

The photographer Mike Ruiz spills the beans on Adam’s photoshoot…

Mike Ruiz Hey Guys, I shot Adam for YRB Magazine and the issue comes out March 15th which is when the rest of the pix will be released. Keep an eye out!

Adam in the Daily Star UK!

Adam’s on Rolling Stone Brazil Edition!

Wow, Adam’s interview with Hello Magazine Canada!
Share photos on twitter with Twitpic
Here’s another LA Times interview with Adam – More with Adam Lambert: Johnny Weir and NYC Fashion Week (Idol Tracker)

How was the reunion in N.Y. with you Kris and Alison?
It was great. I love them so much. The three of us, we’re like brothers and sisters. We got through our first group together so we kind of have this special bond, we did our first press junket together, and now we’re the three that got signed to 19 [Entertainment]. There was something from the start that kind of kept us together.
How much did you guys get to rehearse Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy?”
We did it during soundcheck just one time through. All three of us knew the song and Kris and Allison are such incredible musicians. What we have in common is that we don’t need to rehearse everything to death, we kind of like to free-form it and fly by the seat of our pants. We’re all really comfortable with that.

That Adam-Ke$ha make-out is turning out to be a good gossip soundbyte – RCA must be happy with the free cross-promotion! Adam Lambert Kissed A Girl — And Ke$ha Liked It! (Just Jared)

Here are some exclusive details about the 28-year-old singer’s make-out sessions with yes, a girl. Adam made out with pop phenom Ke$ha during the Club 57 Saturday soiree on February 13 at a gay nightclub in New York City called Providence. Multiple times!!!
“He tasted like blueberries and champagne,” K$ admitted of her make-out sessions with Adam.
“She tasted like Goldschläger and maple syrup,” Adam told

This is so cool – FYE is officially certified gold in CANADA!

I absolutely love it when fandoms collide – Ricky Martin is so sweet thanking all the peeps on his vid.

ricky_martin @adamlambert dude you rock. thanks for supporting peace. #rmfhaiti
@krisallen hey buddy i know you’re going to haiti soon. thanks for being a part of this #rmfhait
@allisoniraheta baby thank you so much for being part of the video and tweeting it #rmfhaiti

This article is relevant in the sense that we are informed that Adam and Ke$ha did an interview with E! – Ke$ha: The Billboard Cover Story

As she waits to go on E! and share a love-fest interview with Adam Lambert, she suddenly turns to one of her handlers and loudly asks, “Can you see my ass?” Her designer dress is made of hundreds of thin, 3-inch-long metal chains that swing as if on a flapper’s gown, and may be see-through underneath.

Here’s a pap shot of Adam in Mexico! All wrapped up in a robe thought…

Love this gif!

Bradam!!! at the Bardot lounge – more photos HERE! and HERE!


Anybody interested in an Adam autographed Habitat for Humatnities hat? It’s up for bids! Proceeds go to a Haiti fund drive!
Adam weighs in the DQ on the AI Season 9 –Golightly-gate: the latest, plus Simon Cowell and Adam Lambert weigh in (LA Times)

Adam Lambert, for one, can relate. Last year, he had to contend with unreleased music that a former associate wanted to put on the market. “The way the entertainment industry works is the minute you get any notoriety, people want to capitalize on it,” Lambert said. “It can be really difficult because those things are sometimes out of your control and, like it or not, people can be sneaky or kind of heartless in trying to get something from you once you get to a certain point.” But Lambert is careful to point out that when it comes to situations like Golightly’s, the facts can be convoluted and the stakes only complicate matters.”This guy who got disqualified feels screwed, but it’s not 19’s fault; they’re just trying to be fair,” Lambert said. “Sometimes these things are just out of your control and business is business.”

First, the dancer, now constumes for Adam’s tour?

jambajim MTV News spoke to @adamlambert about a potential tour costume designer!
Adam Lambert is ready take his over-the-top performance all over the world to promote his album, For Your Entertainment. And as the image-conscious “Idol” runner-up plans a tour for later this year, one big question remains: Who will design his stage outfits?
At the G-Star Raw show during New York Fashion Week, Lambert did dish to MTV News that he already has a designer in mind. “Oh, wow, I think Gareth Pugh is really, really talented,” he said of the English designer whose goth-chic designs could be a perfect fit for the glam rocker. “It’s kind of futuristic and cutting edge.”

Anybody seen this making of FYE video? It’s 8 minutes long! From CHUMFM, just click where it says Exclusive: For YOur Entertainment video and Exclusive: Recording video
Adam and Kris will be on this online show TopBillingUS idols in the spotlight

The 2009 winner of television’s American Idol, Kris Allen, and the flamboyant runner-up, Adam Lambert, are scheduled to be featured in next week’s episode of Top Billing, to be seen on SABC3 at 7.30pm every Thursday.
The US idols, both of whom are now touring the United States and have debut albums out, will be interviewed in New York ahead of a sell-out concert.

Adam’s interview with Phathead for WMJC

Leila Lambert, Adam’s mom, is so cool – here’s her interview with 105.1 the buzz!

Hey, if you missed the DonorsChoose chat that Adam did, it’ll be up with video tomorrow on AdamOfficial. Meantime, you can listen to the audio on this YouTube channel (lambosessed). Here’s video from TALCvids!
There will be Access HOllywood interview…

DishofSalt For all my Adam fans -Access will have intv with Adam Lambert on Tue. Unfort not me doing intv. I was on set of Brothers and Sisters all day

Hmm… I thought the international tour was just radio promo? but he’s going to have dancers?

gstarbeat Ok… I was kinda waiting on more details before I told u guys, but I’m gonna be dancing in Japan 4 Adam Lambert on his tour! yay!

More Adam on the radio!

mix1077 and then…….Adam Lambert is scheduled to call in the MIX Morning Show on Monday Morning!! yay! Wow…busy couple of weeks

Podcast of Kris Allen’s interview with Valentine in the Morning!

943wmjc welcomes ADAM LAMBERT, live with Phathead tomorrow morning on 94.3 WMJC!

Aww… Adam and Monte spent the day with some DonorChoose beneficiary kids! Idoltracker was there, and will be posting an article about it!

DonorsChoose – Another pic of @adamlambert after handing out music composition notebooks to the kids. Thx to @AdamLambert fans, Adam just delivered music resources to an LA middle school!

Another pic of @adamlambert after handing out music compositi... on Twitpic Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Monterrific Just got through joining @AdamLambert at a middle school full of talented kids for Donors Choose. They have a great music program.
TobyWilkins Spent the afternoon shooting @AdamLambert for the excellent charity Adam’s a lovely guy, and I had a blast.
Carlos_Saucedo at an East LA middle school about to interview Adam Lambert after he performs #FB
IdolTracker At Belvedere middle school in East LA awaiting the arrival of @AdamLambert! Adam is performing with the kids who are all playing new instruments donated by donorschoose – his fans made it happen, you should be proud! the kids will perform WWFM with @AdamLambert. Fan donations at work! Kids performing an original tune as Adam looks on Here’s what the room looks like. Omg, WWFM on flutes! He’s doing an amazing job flying by the seat of his pants! Recorder row on “Satisfaction.” Lol! Q&A with the kids Adam brought copies of FYE for everyone! “Play it loud,” he told the kids. Adam handing out new notebooks. He rules. Class picture! Check out the awesome banner these kids made! Ok, we’re out. Hope you guys enjoyed the play-by-play. Pics, article and video coming later.

Douglas Sanders wrote a blog post about Adam’s photoshoot!
Some UK promo info from an IDF fan!

We were shown video clips that Adam made last week for us that will be used on regional radio including the kilt one and asked to collectively answer as a group his questions. It was good light hearted banter. We were asked to scream and cheer for him at the end and shout a message out but we got that wrong several times as we were all out of time and not going for it and at the end of one of the takes Lucas commented with ‘We Suck’ which produced lots of laughs.
We were told that FYE has been put back a week for release here and will now be 26th April for single and album the following week. Sony USA wanted WWFM but UK fought for FYE and won.
We will be provided with details of all shows he will appear on. He is expected in the UK on 20th March but flights arent booked yet.

from another UK poster (via PF)

…We asked about Adam’s upcoming promo trip and what TV shows he’s going to be on, but Sony are still in the process of organising the bookings so nothing has been confirmed yet. His first UK visit (end of March) is purely for radio, while his second visit (end of April) will just be TV. No live gigs at this stage. But Sony will let us know once any TV shows have been confirmed via the mailing list, and when possible, details on getting tickets as they are sometimes given a small number to give out to fans via the label. He’s still set to arrive on March 20th, and will be visiting Japan and Australia first.
We also asked about the regional radio tour – again nothing is set in stone yet but we’ll get updated via the mailing list. Radio One was mentioned, and he is set to go further south than London although we don’t know which station. Airplay should start in early-March, as stations generally get songs 8 weeks before the release. We asked whether FYE being played on Coronation St this week was planned – the label have a blanket agreement to play songs from their catalogue, so it looks as though one of the producers must have took a liking to FYE and decided to play it. As we already know, there’s going to be an interview in this Sunday’s News of the World, and he has more UK press lined up including a couple of gay publications.
The Sony girls were really enthusiastic about Adam and reiterated what we’ve gathered already from tweets by various industry people – Adam is super-sweet, a complete pro and wins absolutely everybody over after one meeting. Some of the UK journalists were pretty indifferent about talking to/meeting Adam (I’m guessing because of the Idol tag), but were converted and totally enthusiastic about him afterwards. Even when he’s super-busy and running on virtually no sleep, he’s still the nicest guy ever and completely professional. He told Sony how totally excited he is about doing the international promo, and how he really wants to put the effort in and make it work. And Sony UK seem to be 100% behind him and want to promote him properly; e.g. the regional radio tour – it’s pretty rare for artists to make the effort to do that today.
The UK album has been pushed back to May 3rd – it will have the 18 tracks listed on, and the iTunes deluxe version will also have 6 videos including behind the scenes on the sets of FYE and WWFM. As somebody has already posted earlier today, IIHY is set to be the next single.

Another fan recap on Adam’s UK promo – via a UK fan forum

He’s got more newspaper interviews coming up… He’s only doing radio appearances on March trip. He’s going further south than London but they couldn’t remember where. April trip will be TV appearances, none are definitely planned yet.
They know that once people meet him, they all fall in love with him. That’s been publicist’s experience so far. Jonathan Ross is still a bit reluctant simply because Adam hasn’t had any hits here yet. (He didn’t interview Lady Gaga till her 2nd hit)
If I Had You will be 3rd single in US (he will be making video for it). UK singles will follow US order. Sony in US wasn’t happy with FYE being single here but Sony UK pushed for it. Typically, Sony sends music to radio about 8 weeks before its release date. FYE will go to radio stations at the beginning of March.
Corrie – Sony has blanket agreement with such TV programmes that they can use snippets of their music in background. So decision to play FYE didn’t come from Sony/ RCA but whoever was responsible on Coronation Street for choosing the background music. Adam doesn’t get royalties for this. It would only be if the music is used for an advert or promotional video etc.
FYE single to be released 26th April, album 3rd May. Album will have a different cover to the US< it’ll have the ‘single’ cover (with hand in front of face). The album will have 18 tracks (extra tracks: Voodoo, Masterplan, Down the Rabbit Hole, Can’t Let You Go. HOWEVER, bear in mind that things change, it may be that they think 18 tracks is too much and a couple of other tracks may disappear. These things are never final until quite late down the line. The iTunes version will also have 6 videos! (music vids plus behind the scenes vids)
He is expected in the UK on 20th March but flights aren’t booked yet. The video once edited will be sent to fans/fansites and put on AO. He’ll be visiting Radio One. He has more UK press lined up including a couple of gay publications, He really wants to put in the extra effort to make it here and go the extra mile (e.g. the radio tour, that is pretty rare for artists to do nowadays).

Adam with Israeli interviewer!
Pic of Adam in an Israely interview :) on Twitpic
We finally have soundscan numbers for Allison care of Idol Chatter

Allison Iraheta, Just Like You (1,000 weeklly/85,000 total)
Allison Iraheta, Friday I’ll Be Over U (3,000 weekly/49,000 total)

Okay, this is so cool – I’m so loving the support that AI has been giving Kris (all those Ford commercials for one)… drumroll… they used Kris’ song ‘Lifetime’ as the music for the AI Season 9 Introducing the Top 24 video on the AI website!
ETA : Here’s a Podcast of Adam on Star 94!

So, Adam was just on Star 94 Atlanta – very very short interview and Adam sounded like he had a cold. The djs asked about the cellphone thing and Adam explained that the girl (who was on the 3rd row) was yelling into her phone and kept on talking. The girl dj asked about his make-up (interesting that Adam now answers MAC straight-up – do I smell a sponsorship in the works?) and chipped nail polish (‘It’s rock & rol!’). The dj congratulates him on FYE going gold, and that was it. They didn’t even play WWFM after 😦
Be sure to tune in to WBLI Long Island on 7:50 AM – Adam is on! – ETA: Ugh, I couldn’t listen – the dj Randy was a total ass and I have no idea how Adam stood it. But I just read on a fan forum that the only info worth knowing was that Adam made out with Ke$ha – hope he used mouthwash afterwards! 😉 – Here’s the interview in 2 parts!

Here’s a radio interview that Kris did with Alice 97.3! He talks about his trip to Haiti.

DAmn, Mike Ruiz is killing me! He’s dealing it all out in small doses!

mikeruiz1 More Adam from our photoshoot!!!

Here’s a little teaser from Adam’s Nightline interview!

stevenrbaker A little tease from our @nightline interview with @adamlambert: Sam Ronson was the dj at his 28th birthday party at LA’s Mondrian Hotel…. Samantha Ronson did a mash up of Busta Rhymes and the Jackson Five at @adamlambert s b-day party, he says it was his favorite.

LOL – ADam has a serious (& extremely flirty) question for Scottish peeps, y’all…

Woohoo! Kris will be back on AI real early! He’ll be on the Feb 25 results show to perform and talk about Haiti! From the Press Release

The United Nations Foundation announced today it is partnering with AMERICAN IDOL for an episode on February 25 dedicated to Haiti. During the IDOL results show on FOX on Thursday, February 25 (8:00-9:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed), IDOL winner Kris Allen will perform and will share footage of his trip to Haiti with the UN Foundation to raise awareness and funds that will benefit the United Nations as it works with Haitians to help rebuild the country.
(Kathy) Calvin (CEO of the United Nations Foundation) and Kris Allen, an American singer-songwriter from Jacksonville, Arkansas, and the winner of the eighth season of AMERICAN IDOL, will travel to Haiti on February 19, 2010. During the trip, they will meet with Haitians and UN staff to learn how people are recovering from the earthquake and find out what they will need in the months to come.
“I’m looking forward to traveling to Haiti to see the UN’s work firsthand,” said Allen. “The people of Haiti are rebuilding their country, and the UN is there to help them every step of the way. I look forward to sharing the images and stories from my trip with IDOL viewers across the country.”

Yes, Adam back on TV, Jay likes him! From AdamOfficial, he’ll be on the Tonight Show again! He’s performing Music Again! (Ordinarily, I’d be happy, but I kinda wanted him to do Fever!)

03.02.10 NBC (Television), The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Adam on radio! Adam is scheduled for an interview with Star 94 Atlanta tomorrow (6:30am) -> LINK to listen. He’ll also be on 106.1 BLI!

1061BLI Tomorrow, BLI In The Morning talks to Adam Lambert about American Idol, his love life, and much more! Listen in…

Okay, the soundscan sales #s takes the sting out of Adam no longer being in the top 50 – from Idol Chatter

Adam Lambert, Whataya Want From Me (52,000, +6 percent, 425,000)
Kris Allen, Live Like We’re Dying (66,000, +15 percent, 871,000)
Adam Lambert, For Your Entertainment (14,000, +4 percent, 519,000/2,000 digital, -15 percent, 67,000 digital total)
Kris Allen, Kris Allen (6,000, +11 percent, 261,000/2,000 digital, -15 percent, 46,000 digital total)

More flat-topped Adam c/o Mike Ruiz!

Hey, the DonorsChoose chat with Adam has been scheduled for Thursday 8PM ET!
Adam in Japan! Here’s the Japanese website that I can’t read!

mmyy9 Sony Japan is holding “Narikiri Adam (Photo) Contest” and the finalists will be able to meet Adam in person on March 15 in Tokyo.

Okay, I’m a fan of Mena Suvari so I’m flailing a bit about my fandoms colliding!

mena13suvari Great seeing @adamlambert & friends @Gstar

Here’s an interview form Q102!

Q102Philly Where r our #Adam Lambert fans? Exclusive interview w/ #Adam is up right now at! Click Nik the Web Chick!

Here’s one quick interview:

eonline Adam Lambert (Sorta) Talks Ellen DeGeneres, Anna Kendrick and Phones
What must you always have with you? “I don’t leave home without my music—my iPod—because, while I’m getting ready, if I don’t have the music, I get real stressed-the-heck out,” he said. More specifically, “Ke$ha’s CD is really fantastic for getting ready. Always Goldfrapp. Always, always, always. Mike Snow is a great album to get ready to.”

I hope we get to view all these interviews…

laurenreeves Interviewed Adam Lambert for @chictv at The Blondes show for #NYFW ! I can die happy now!! He rocks!!

More Adam at Fashion Week!

popstarmagazine now at The Blonds fashion show – @adamlambert says he has “17 different colors” of eyeshadow on

dkny Angela Lindvall, Dan abrams, Russel Simmons, Noah Mills, Julia Stiles, Mira Sorvino, Maggie rizer, Adam lambert all at Mr. Chow
ConstantineM Cinema Society event at Mr Chows for “Happy Tears” with Demi and Parker… Me and @adamlambert too! Pix soon! Rock. @rockofages yeahhh!!!
MrJayManuel Loved meeting @adamlambert tonight -Adam I know your photo shoot with @mikeruiz will be FAB! & tell the world what you thought of the Blonds
blakkrrox @adamlambert viewing at NYFW runway
Phantom_Mirage Adam Lambert will be intvwd by Anne Craig of FOX 5 IDOL NEWS tonite @ the BLONDS fashion show
Cali_in_NYC Just met Adam Lambert. #nyfw

Adam is at some fashion show G-star! Front row!!

papermagazine Adam Lambert just walked in to G-Star
mystyle – Gstar front row: Liv Tyler, Shannon Dougherty, Kelly O, Estelle, Adam Lambert #nyfw
JaredEng @adamlambert sitting next to mena suvari & fiance simone. He’ll b wearing custom blonds glove with CLAWS at blonds show later. @adamlambert at g-star wearing a-morir with @kerinrose & @bradwalsh. He’s leaving tomm “I’m getting out of this snow”

reyalfashion Spotted at @GstarRaw: Agness Deyn, Estelle, Brad Walsh, Adam Lambert and many many more celebs

Wow, we finally get a pro shot of the Kradison encore number ‘Crazy’ from Ryan Seacrest!

Oooh, I have been waiting for someone to rip it!

hooplamagnet MP3 Rip of @adamlambert‘s acoustic WWFM as played on Z100: (Many thanks to @aramina)

Oh, that Nightline interview was for ‘Playlist’ – I’ll be looking forward to that! Welcome to the Playlist, Adam Lambert

Producer Steven Baker sat down with “American Idol”-runner-up-turned-superstar Adam Lambert yesterday — as you can see in the picture above. The interview, which took place at The Upstairs at the Kimberly Hotel here in New York City, is for our “Playlist” series.
As fans of the show know, the series concept involves a discussion with a headlining artist about his or her musical influences. Lambert, of course, will reveal his when the interview airs, expected (for now) in early March.

Damn, we won’t get the I Heart Radio complete set till March!?

finney4 The full @AdamLambert performance is scheduled to be up on on March 9th so check back!

Another interview maybe?

wesmalik the Billboard Hot 100 tonight on Charted Territory, don’t miss our exclusives by Ryan Star and Adam Lambert

More about Adam’s photoshoot – It’s for Papermag Beautiful people issue!

moveshakelevate Killer shoot today Adam lambert=amazing guy David agbodji=hottest male model ever and now finishing the fab kalup linzy great day with paper. Paper Mags Beautiful people Shoot complete success today thank u Adam lambert david karp David agbotji John Patrick kalup linzy all beauty!!

Just some gossip on Adam hanging with Ke$ha – and yeah, that Ke$ha is terrible live – but hey, Taylor Swift is too! (via E!)

The real stud you’re all wondering about, Mr. Lambert, held court with fellow power gay Dustin Lance Black in the VIP section upstairs. Our source says A.L. looked his usual fabulous eyelinered self, but “didn’t mix with anyone in the regular crowd.”

Check out z100 On Demand to view video interviews with Adam, Kris and Allison!
Watch the 9-part MTV extended play interview with Kradison! Someone rip it please!!! – Impt Info from interview – Adam is going to Australia, Japan, UK and Germany! P.S. If MTV hates you, some parts are up on YouTube!

kradison kradison

More Photos from the Nightline interview:

stevenbaker @adamlambert with @nightline crew after the interview upstairs at the Kimberly Hotel in NYC.

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic @adamlambert interview with @stevenrbaker for @nightline Upst... on Twitpic

Damn! Adam’s album is not in the top 50 of the HDD sales list! #50 sold 10,620 – I’m hoping that Adam sold somewhere in that vicinity….
ADam Canadian interview that’s all about the music… (Via MSN Canada)

“They were really open to what I had to say,” he says of record label RCA. “I was like, ‘OK I want to the mix classic rock cred that I got on Idol with glam pop electronic stuff. I want it all – glam from the ’70s, glam from now. I want it all to be an electronic pop dance rock thing. I didn’t want it to be one genre. I didn’t want to do the typical Idol sound. I didn’t want to do all retro sounding stuff either because I thought that would’ve been too derivative. I want to come up with something for 2010.
“Lyrically,” he continues, “the stuff that I wrote, it was important for me to have a meaning, a message, even if it was a song that sounded at first a bit frivolous and kind of silly. I wanted there to be a deeper undercurrent to it, even if it’s something as simple as ’empowerment.’ Anthems are really powerful to me and some of the songs too, I wanted them to be personal and come from my own experiences.”

Intriguing tweet, what set? I hope it’s not a troll… – ETA – It’s a photoshoot! And for a cover!

drhost On set with Adam Lambert and Ke$ha. Wow you guys are awesome, they’re doing a photoshoot for a cover of a mag. I can’t say which mag but here’s a pic
I can't say which mag but here's a pic on Twitpic

Me likey! More photos coming!

douglassonders A teaser from the Adam Lambert photoshoot. more celebrity shoots posting soon @8112studios
A teaser from the Adam Lambert photoshoot. more celebrity sho... on Twitpic

Oh, how cool that the person who won that glam-make-over in Canada that Adam presided over was a guy! Watch here onthe website! Nice promo for FYE too with the liberal use of the music video.
Posted Adam’s videos from the Stripped concert HERE!
Wow, another photoshoot?

moveshakelevate So exhausted from amazing weekend ready for Adam Lambert photo shoot tomorrow just need sleep…..finally!!!

Oooh, is this part of the UK promo? Adam’s FYE was played at a Brit Soap -Coronation Street!

I like seeing Adam on this z100 flyer with Taylor Swift and Rihanna!

Z100 flier

Adam will be on Nightline – but don’t expect to learn anything new…. Added photos!

stevenrbaker Interviewed @adamlambert for a @nightline piece. what happened when he met @Madonna? and what he thinks of @ladygaga!

Adm at the Stripped concert at PC Richard & Son theater! Setlist: FYE, WWFM, Mad World, Sleepwalker, Fever, Music Again, WWFM (redid for cameras)

@adamlambert did 2 extra songs and was amazing. PC Richard & ... on Twitpic

TreyOnAir @adamlambert just stopped in middle of song to tell a girl to stop talking on phone “This ain’t Dominos its a live show honey”. – @adamlambert did 2 extra songs and was amazing. PC Richard & Son theater is a great venue! @Z100NewYork.
Bunny_Energizer I meet Adam for the first time today!! At the very last minute I received tix for today’s show at PC Richard. I am about to get flaily on u. Adam came out in the cold for a minutes b4 the show. When he came to me, I said thanks so much for doing this. We REALLY appreciate it! Adam stopped what he was doing and looked me straight in the eyes & said thank YOU for coming out & that he appreciated it. I bought a HD Flip camera & recorded the whole set. This is the 1st time I used a camcorder so please forgive me if I didnt do a good job.:) I will be uploading the vids to a new youtube account & will tweet the links. I will try to do some today. All should be up tomorrow.
iownyourheart Oh yeah and this really cute guy in his full marines uniform wanted to legit marry adam lmfao it was hysterical… He was like “I want to say some R-rated things about adam but I can’t do it in this uniform” lmfaoooo so respectful. Oh by the way there were a LOT of male fans tonight… It was great to see that & I’m sure Adam really appeciated it =)
whimsicalspirit Have video of everything. Will post later
playingwithu Hello to all my new followers! Adam Lambert was magnificent tonight. He has a wicked sense of humor too. Videoed his whole set! He had emo hair and soft pink lips and cheeks. His eye makeup was brown, black, gray, peach. Not as sparkly as Friday, but just as pretty! He was wearing black jeans w silver paint smears on them, black belt w huge studded buckle, dark gray shirt w long sleeves & fingerholes… Gray leather long jacket w sleeves past his hands. I’ve seen it before but can’t remember where. 3 silver chains, 1 w green crescent pendant. He used rhinestone ear mics again – I love those. They didn’t bother him this time. Sat on a chair for 2 acoustic songs. WWFM & Mad World. Adam was very focused in this performance. They were filming and it will be up on iheartradio website I think. He sang so perfectly it was unreal. Since it was such a small space, the acoustics were great. Acoustic/Stripped Adam = EPIC WIN. He was plugged in for Fever and Music Again and For Your Entertainment. He was emoting alot but less OTT in his dancing. More controlled. He sang WWFM 3 times. The 1st time he stopped in the middle because he was annoyed that a girl in the front was talking loudly on her phone! He has the band reset and kept saying stuff like Really, girl? On the phone at a concert? And he joked she was calling Dominos to deliver! It was really rude of her and it actually seemed to offend him quite a bit. I think it was disturbing his ability to hear himself singing. cute! His dancing was really great too. Not much hip thrusting this time. During breaks between songs, the crowd would yell things out. So many people kept asking for him to strip – he said You first!

Adam was just on z100! Download MP3 here.

Busy guy, he just wrapped another photoshoot…

8112studios just wrapped an awesome photoshoot w/ Adam Lambert in NYC @douglassonders. Photos to come soon! #americanidol #adamlambert #photoshoot
douglassonders ha. Yes. Had a great portrait session and will snap some concert pics. Will post links to all the pics tomorrow. Standby

Adam making the most of his NY trip… We also have an interview to look forward to tom!

Q102philly The interview (pics and video) with #Adam Lambert will be up on tom!

Photos of Adam signing autographs outside the STripped venus…

So who else is excited to see the videos from Adam’s stripped concert tonight? The vids will be posted HERE! So, save that link!
Oh, wow – flat-topped hair-do’ed Adam is almost unrecognizable!

mikeruiz1 Me and Adam from out shoot yesterday. He is the coolest guy I’ve worked with in a long time, hysterical sense of humor!

AI Season 9 promo in Fox Japan – features Adam and Kris!

Translation of the Jap article via twitter! via PF

reading the Japanese interview now!!! this is going to take a while. I am excite LD. hahahah he wants to go shopping in japan. aww he says that it’s a pity that even tho he went on the cruise ship he hardly got to see the cities cos he had to return to ship by 6PM. he says that he relatd most to living in Berlin. on the question of what fashion style he likes now, he says, he likes avant garde metal — the fusion of glam and punk. he says he likes rimstones, studs, spikes lol. he likes clothes that standout and look like costumes, things that you can wear to night clubs. ok, theyre asking him about what kind of concept he has for his makeup. he says he’s chosen an androgynous theme. He likes the whole concept of 70s glam, 80s hair metal. all the influences from MJ, motleycrue etc. he likes the whole concept about men understanding the best elements of feminity and picking them up to enhance their own looks…. he says that, understanding one’s best traits, taking possession of them and imbueing confidence is a glorious thing. LOL he says he likes looking pretty, it makes him happy and that it’s an expression of his indivduality.
The qn goes.. for someone like you born with such undeniable singing talent…(c) … that perhaps normal mortals cannot comprehend… how have you been living your life so far? he says that he discovered that he could sing at about 10. When he was 14, he received attention for his good singing skills.. (c) however because of his gay identity crisis, his weight issues, he developed some strong complexes the only thing that really helped to confort him was that his was able to sing his ass off on stage. singing was where he really understood his true worth. when he reached his 20s, he discovered that there were many other things in life besides his interest(singing)… and with this understanding, he was able to mature as a person. he felt that all he had been doing in his life was singing… singing was his life. (:() However, even so (c) .. he understood how precious singing was to him and if he hadn’t sung for 2-3 days, what kick he’d get from singing after. it was only 2-3 years ago that he realized what a gift that he had in singing… …he had been taking lessons for years, and that while he had knew he was good at it..(c) it was only 2,3 years ago that he realized this gift wasn’t to be taken as something for granted.
Qn: so it was around this time (2-3 years ago) that music and life confronted each other (urgh translation fail) and it was (c) (c) around this time when you felt that you had hit a wall (in your career) he says that ever since his parents put him in a musical grp at age 10, he had been doing musicals all his teenage years. (c) and that was all he thought he wanted to do and that he loved to do. …so after that he based himself in california centered his life around musical theatre and went to all sorts of auditions. he realised he really hit his career wall when he was doing the national broadway tour. although he was on a national tour, and he was an understudy, he felt that he was being limited in being able to express his creativity. it left him unsatisfied. he says that while he was grateful that he was in a “cool” profession, that he was doing what he enjoyed..(c) … he wanted to have a career that was centered around him, where he could decide what to sing by himself. So he began writing his own music, performing in a band, collaborating with people
Qn: so what happened to the band that you were in in the end? He says, there was no real future in that band, and that it naturally faded out. He syas that monte and him were writing songs together, but they got busy in their own projects. but he says that it’s cool now that monte is playing now in his band! he’s says that they’ve been friends for years and Monte is one of the best guitar players. he says that if he gets tour this year, and has off time, maybe they’ll get to write some new songs together for real.
Qn: did you choose your own musicians for your solo debut? he says, yes, that is an important factor. he wants to work with people who are open minded and really ‘get’ him.
The first question goes something like, does it feel weird to have to be doing press internaitonally. he says that one of the the things he agreed with RCA in having for his debut album was that (c) he wanted to create an album that would be appreciated by a worldwide audience. it’s a dream to be able to perform and meet fans from around the world.
Qn: there have been many ‘graduates’ from american idol but none that have really toured around japan. (c) … it must be challenging to have to handle (promoting) yourself in in America as it is. he says that yes, it’s challenging expecially because of his “situation” and that perhaps he might be more readily accepted overseas (c) than a faction of some people in the US.
next qn: it might be more of a style issue than a lifestyle issue? he says that what he loves about japan fashion is how they take many things, and put them together to create their own personal style. This sense of (Jpanaese) fashion culture is something that many people of his age in America are not able to understand.

Adam’s Japan promo starting! I approve of the photo they chose for his print interview 😉

koyumi_adam – Yey!Adam Lambert’s 1st interview by Japanese Music Magazine(“INROCK” by AI Anazawa)
Yey!Adam Lambert's 1st interview by Japanese Music Magazine("... on Twitpic

Really cool pics of Adam as a child in theater! Click HERE!
Another photoshoot for Adam..

mikeruiz1 Excited to be shooting Adam Lambert today!
JaredEng @adamlambert is at a top secret photo shoot right now. He came out to support @keshasuxx last night & I have some funny news abt them soon!!

Guess who Adam spent his Valentine’s with – Ke$ha!

LauraStrayer That was a fun hang y’all!! happy valentines day! Xxxx @keshasuxx @adamlambert @djmackey @maxmarginal

Adam at a club in NY – thought he looked so much like his old Citizen Vein self here!

So, that live chat that Kris and Allison did with MIX 100.7 is up! Click HERE to view!
ADamOfficial has posted two new short videos of Adam in Toronto, will add another one tomorrow!
I like Katy Griffin’s idea!

kathygriffin Ok, yes I’m negotiating 2 get Lambert AND Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) together (unexpected, yes?) 4 an ep of D List “Kathy’s with the band”

Fan / Band reports from Adam’s VH1 Unplugged acoustic set taping…

justcallmehorse @Monterrific played acoustic gtr, @ acoustic bass, @Longineu played percussion & hand drums, @justcallmehorse played piano. C’mon fools, @ADAMLAMBERT sang (like u knw he can)!
TommyJoeRatliff Done with vh1 unplugged… A lot of fun..
Monterrific We just finished taping VH1 Unplugged. It was fun the FINALLY play some acoustic stuff with Adam. Sounded great. Not sure when it airs
Longineu Just finished Vh1 unplugged! Now time to party!
mistresscurvy OMG. I won tickets to the Vh1 concert. I can barely contain myself. This tweet is not an accurate representation of my state AT ALL. Oh my god. Amazing. Music Again. Mad World. WWFM. Broken Open!!!!!! Down the Rabit Hole. Forgot words to Music Again. Adorable. Emo hair, light eye makeup, pink lips, totally hungover. Tight shiny black jeans with silver accents, black t-shirt, black hoodie sweater, plain black leather boots. Teased us with taking them off. It was amazing. The band was sick. His voice was amazing, esp considering last night. He said it was the vocal equivalent of a bloody Mary. Silver Alexander McQueen leaf necklace, black leather fingerless gloves, tons of silver bracelets. Gave the mic a handjob during DTRH. He and Tommy sang Tik Tok to each other!!!!! ‘pedicure on my toes toes’ Had to start WWFM 6 times before they got a full take. One time they stopped Monte 3 bars in and Adam said they were ‘such a cock tease’. He then apologized for having no filter this weekend. We said it was okay. Zach, he was awesome. Tik Tok moment was throwaway banter after Adam said he wouldn’t take his boots off because he didn’t have a pedicure. Cue Tommy singing. Wasn’t full performance of song. Doubt it was filmed. Band warmed up playing Imperial March, Theme from super Mario bros., and Pantera. Also one of Monte’s songs. Also, when Adam introduced Tommy he called him glitterbaby. Just reporting the facts. He spilled his tea during one take of WWFM – steamed all over the place. He said well, I wanted a fog machine, but it wasn’t in the budget! Acoustic guitar and bass for Monte and Tommy, bongos and cymbols with mallets for LG, baby grand for Zach
takeaKNAPP Traditionally working on a Saturday sucks, but this is going to be cool. Working at a private @adamlambert concert filming for VH1
bradwalsh i’m at a super tiny @adamlambert acoustic show! haven’t seen him sing live yet, very excited. mom with me, also very excited
taragru Not letting us in til 4, kinda discouraged us from waiting outside by putting emphasis on how INTIMATE it is, 3 rows of seats. As in no matter where u sit, u will be sooo close. Doesnt seem that they were that choosy or discriminatory about who they chose for this, as in looks or age or anything. Just went in. 3 rows of seats, tiny bay grand, 2 acoustics, bongos. Michelle collins right near me! Shes a giant like me and so hilarious in person. Setlist music again, mad world, wywfm, broken open, dtrh. He is not real. Full report when i get back. U guys r gonna dieeee when u see …
thespindleshay We’re in…no sign of adam yet. Tiny studio. Oh yeah…front row center. Have to turn off now…no tweets no pics.. Ok twatters…spiky emo music again (again) mad world broken open dtrh… He did all of them twice cuz he’s a nice guy. Didn’t meet him we were out of there real fast. He was won.der.ful!
ReneeIdolPI I can’t believe it! It was so crazy! Adam put me on the guest when I met him this afternoon! Omg I’m front row center at vh1!! I’m sitting next to Brad Walsh! Omg! Phenomenal! 5 songs! Broken open. Down the rabbit hole. You guys! There were barely any people in there! I am dying! # Mad world. Music again. Wwfm. – Vh1 Hair down. Light makeup. Early show jeans.
Vh1 on Twitpic

Adam also doing a photoshoot on Monday…

8112studios Good to be back on the east coast. Looking forward to @douglassonders shooting Adam Lambert on monday #americanidol #adamlambert #photoshoot
douglassonders Photoshoot with American Idol Adam Lambert on Monday

If you fancy a chat with Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta, check out this promo from Mix 100.7 WMTXFM! It’s scheduled for Feb 13 @ 4 PM!
The post collecting all media from the Kradison concert in NY is up!!! Click HERE
Glad that Adam’s boss loved the concert! (dude is Senior Vice President, Adult Music, RCA Music Group)

adrian moreira Great performance from Adam lambert tonight @highline. Say what ya will, but the dude can sing his ass off and is the consummate entertainer

Kradison! Short vid of the encore – CRAZY!
Rumor is that Adam is walking the runway! FashionForRelief

dkny Sitting with @HilaryAlexander. She’s giving me the goods.. Adam Lambert, Kelly Osbourne r walking. Victoria Beckham &Duchess of York here. yes supposedly Adam Lampert will be walking in the show. Stay tuned..

Adam, Kris and Allison in New York for the Rock Your Town concert! A twitvid of Adam arriving… (Check this thread on AdamOfficial for more photos!)

Just saw @adamlambert on Twitpic Adam, Kris and Allison doing a joint interview with MTV befor... on Twitpic @adamlambert is on!!! :) he is hot! on Twitpic
Adam went on & a girl in front row passed out! Taking a quick... on Twitpic kradison kradam

AOL sessions (performances) are up on the AOL Canada site! And on the US AOL site!
Oooh, Kradam!

Jeannieous spending afternoon with Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, just wish they’d bring Simon along!

** Adam Lambert’s AOL Interview Sessions are UP!
Wow, the UK FYE album has 18 tracks! With added Voodoo and Can’t Let You Go Some pertinent tweets…

shoshannastone had a great night with @adamlambert tonight. Great food, great company. NirvanaDC fab night with @shoshannastone and @adamlambert worth getting snowed in NYC for

Some Paparazzi shots of Adam on vaca with tommy…

New gig fro Adam from AdamOfficial… interesting, this one is in Canada

04.09.10 Richmond, BC, River Rock Casino Resort

Adam Lambert on Extra… what’s the news??? Z100 is in on it too, of course…

Adam Lambert Gets Stripped For Glambert, a New York City visit is never complete until he checks in with his favorite radio station, Z100! So we’ve planned a special Presidents Day concert at our P.C. Richard & Son Theatre – and the only way you can get in is to win tickets! Z100 is giving away 10 pairs of tickets to this exclusive, intimate Stripped performance on Monday, February 15th!

iheartradio is also sponsoring that special NY concert of adam…

Get Glammed up for Lambert in the City Adam Lambert is performing a private show in NYC for iheartradio on Monday, February 15, 2010 at 7pm at the PC Richard & Son Theater. Simply upload a photo of yourself glammed out (think: cool make-up, hair or outfit!) or by visiting our Facebook Fan Page

This show is by invite only, so enter now! Looks like Adam has a concert for Q102 since they are giving away tickets! ETA : More info here – it’s sponsored by a bunch of different radio stations.

Enter below to win a pair of passes to head to NYC with a friend to see ADAM LAMBERT live in concert this Monday, February 15th! Winners and guests will take a limo to NYC for the show and one grand prize winner will get a meet and greet with ADAM!

Single sales!

Adam Lambert, Whataya Want From Me (49,000, -17 percent, 373,000) Kris Allen, Live Like We’re Dying (57,000, -10 percent, 806,000)

Wow – that acoustic rehearsal that Adam was talking about? It’s for a concert he’ll film for VH1! via littleglitterlittleglam Adam’s Valentine’s Day advise to Ryan Seacrest! Soundscan numbers from IdolChatter… Adam is officially GOLD people!

Adam Lambert, For Your Entertainment (13,000, -13 percent, 505,000) Kris Allen, Kris Allen (5,000, +11 percent, 255,000)

Interview with Kris in Singapore Kris and his band enjoying Singapore’s Night Safari! These videos were uploaded to Kris’ personal YT account (kisallen4real), so check it out in case more are posted.

Wow, looks like Adam had a great time in Cabo with his friends! Lifestyles of the rich and famous! And seriously, Tommy is really straight?

Kris arriving at Singapore! Kris’ two radio interviews in Singapore! DL Link 1 and DL Link 2.

JeanDanker #Kris Allen is very laidback and had durian breath! Haha! Catch the encore broadcast of the chat we had – today (wed) @ 7:35am on Class 95!

New Kris Allen interview… So effin’ happy that Adam’s FYE numbers are holding up! Final HDD predicted sales! I hope it hangs in there at Top 50 for a while, if only so we can get the predicted sales!

38 46 ADAM LAMBERT 19/RCA/RMG 13,467

Adam in UK promo news!

LambertUK Breaking News: Adam Lambert will be visiting UK from 20-27 Mar. Will be undertaking a regional radio tour starting in Glasgow on 21 Mar.

More words of wisdom from the RCA mod at AdamOfficial…

Here’s another newsflash. 🙂 Radio stations are in the business of making money to survive, so they’ll play a hit if its a hit. Most of the stations that have yet to play Adam’s music at all or enough simply have not yet been convinced that it’s a hit. That’s why we spend mountains of money and resources in radio promotion – along with other labels: to help convince stations that a song is a hit, if their music directors or call-out research aren’t convinced/convincing enough. You can dig your trenches of denial all you want, but the bottom line is that “WWFM” is faring VERY well as it rises up the charts, but the research, download sales, listener response, and other elements involved in making a hit simply aren’t over-indexing on an ‘all-time’ level like, say, Ke$ha’s “Tik-Tok” or Jay Z’s “Empire State of Mind.” The first mentions alcohol and boasts a video that screens like a teen girl’s mother’s worst nightmare, but regardless of that it’s a HIT. The second is sung by a black man, and last I checked there was still rampant prejudice against black people, but it too is a hit. Yes, there are people out there who turned away from Adam because he’s gay, or because of what happened at the AMAs, but not enough to significantly stall his career – he’s not the first openly gay man in rock and roll, you know – just the first American Idol. “WWFM” will be a hit, if it proves itself on multiple levels – and that’s the reality.

When will the bsc fans learn?!!! They are beyond all reasoning…

adamlambert Hey guys!!! I looooove the support and Passion you all put into your radio requests, however Canada’s Z103 is being… …pestered by too many “pushy” emails. Let’s make sure we don’t bother them to the point where they don’t wanna play my music!! Thanks!

from the RCA mod on Adam Official

Re: Looks like we are in trouble again re: radio requests(Adam tweeted) new tsk, tsk. It’s really not that complicated: just request from your local stations when you can and put yourself in their shoes when trying to figure out where enthusiasm crosses the line into impertinence. I saw the radio station’s email about this and the fans had basically resorted to downright harassment, e.g. “You guys suck. Just play Adam’s music already.” Stupid and just plain rude.

More words of wisdom from that RCA mod on AdamOfficial

Re: What’s up with your marketing? A couple of quick comments: Closing a TV awards show with a ballad would have been anti-climactic – perhaps not to diehard fans who already drank the Kool-Aid, but certain;y to the millions of casual and non fans expecting Adam to rock their world. Adam has pretty much admitted that he took it a little over the top in the performance, even to the point of letting the athletic displays eclipse his vocal performance, but that was his choice and you have to love a risk taker. We’re a bunch of liberal mofos in this business and yet we were all pretty surprised too, since the rehearsal run-throughs were provocative but in now way explicit – depending on one’s definition – but we stood by our artist completely instead of dropping him the next day like the image-conscious Nazis some of you seem to believe us to be. Regarding the suggestion to take a ballad or rock leaning single to pop radio: nothing qualifies this guy’s amateur notions of music marketing more clearly. Pop/CHR radio in the US is a TEMPO-driven format, and you can usually count the ballads that make it into the top 5 in any given year on one or two fingers. Likewise, the ‘windows’ for rock-driven singles in the format are severely limited, so Adam would have been competing against more established regulars like Nickelback and Daughtry for spins before getting to the top of the chart. Before you ask, ROCK radio doesn’t matter – it shifts negligible sales and considerable portions of its male-dominated demos would likely have been the ones to reject Adam based on his sexual orientation – certainly the AMA controversy. Anyway, I could go on and on, and of course there’s no harm in discussing Adam’s career choices in these forums, but y’all have to believe me when I tell you that the maturity and self-awareness that Adam exhibits for someone so new to super-stardom also translates to his relationship with 19 and RCA, and the choices made collectively in support of his art.

Looks like Adam wil be on Extra soon!

MarioLopezExtra Interviewing Adam Lambert today… fellow San Diegian. He’s a very cool, nice guy. I’m gonna try to get him to sing!

* All the performance videos and media from Kris’ Malaysia trip will be posted HERE! Videos of Kris in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! A brief recap and photos here!

The first Idol winner to come to Malaysia, Kris, despite a very hectic travel schedule, wowed the expectant crowd with a showcase of more than 5 of his hit songs from his eponymous second album.

Extended Behind-the-Scenes from Adam’s FYE album photoshoot: Print interviw with Kris from The Star (Malaysia)

The soft spoken, guitar-playing Arkansas sweetie is in Kuala Lumpur for one day to meet fans, sign autographs and sing in a showcase at the Gardens Ballroom, The Gardens Hotel, today.

Guess this means that Adam just flew out of Mexico…

cabo_fireworks @adamlambert Just had the pleasure of sharing the same row on a flight and was sooo impressed with your down to earth polite attitude!!!

Some airport photos of Kris…

first pic of @KrisAllen in malaysia! tweet us questions for k... on Twitpic

Wow, more words of wisdom from that AO RCA mod

RE not being as up to date as fansites You guys have no idea how hard it is to manage an official website. We’re not here to deal in gossip, unconfirmed sightings, or being your guide to stalking Adam’s every trip to the bathroom. We have to wait on dozens of people for approvals before posting every clip and news item you see here, and often have to chase a few people on Adam’s staff who don’t really understand the power of the web, and that you guys will find out about everything if we don’t get you the info first. All I can promise you is that we’re trying our best to make AO better at all times. I run Adam’s digital marketing campaign and I only MOD when time allows, so the only people ‘higher up’ that could take an interest and do more for this site are Adam himself and his mgmt company. I didn’t vote for ANY of the Idol contestants – never have – not least because it might have been a conflict of interest, but I was pulling for Adam anyway, since I liked him best, and I knew was coming to RCA – not JIVE – about 1 month before the results. This isn’t about being a fan for me – I have to come up with and deliver digital marketing opportunities for the artist I’m given, so I’d much rather have a unique, charismatic talent like Adam’s to work with than a cookie cutter artist. I work about 20 RCA artists, from Aguilera to Foo Fighters, and I’m being 100% honest when I say that Adam is my favorite, and produces more content for his site than any of the rest. Taylor Swift really can’t sing, and I love how suddenly it’s the Idols who are getting respect for having to sing without auto-tune and other studio trickery. Sorry, couldn’t resist that one!!!) …I did love The Darkness back in the day, and I really like Adam’s record!

Here’s an old pap vid from Dec (that was the night Adam had dinner with the chick from the Veronicas and other pals)

Words of wisdom from the RCA mod who posts on AdamOfficial..

We do conduct market testing for prospective singles and combine the results with digital track sales indicators, online streaming figures, plus Adam/19/RCA’s combined opinions and experience in the business. Right now I can tell you there’s no clear cut candidate for the next single, because we have so many great tunes to choose from and “WWFM” is still a relative ‘baby’ as Top 40 radio campaigns go. It’s climbing steadily up the charts, and if we can drive it all the way to #1, it would still have about 2 months as the focus single before we start setting up its follow-up. Thanks for weighing in with you suggestions.

So, I hope Adam is enjoying Cabo. We know he’s there since his friend tweeted…

sutanamrull enjoying a glorious morning in Cabo!

Some info on Kris’ trip to Malaysia – via The Star

[Kris]…. is on a three-city Asian tour and will arrive in Kuala Lumpur from Manila late Sunday before heading off to Singapore on Tuesday. While in Kuala Lumpur, fans will be able to meet Allen at an autograph-signing session at the MidValley Megamall (Ground Floor, Centre Court) at 6pm. The showcase will be held at The Gardens Ballroom, The Gardens Hotel, at 8pm. Tthere will also be a special meet-and-greet session after the gig.

Hey, this is cool – guess who’s #1 (LLWD) and #2 (WWFM) on the VH1 Top 20? lol Kris has new gigs – they’re so random though… one is all the way in the Bahamas? via KrisAllenOfficial

03.18.10 — Park City, KS, Hartman Arena April 17 — Paradise Island, Bahamas , Atlantis Paradise Island Resorts 07.17.10 — Bessemer, AL, Alabama Adventure Theme park

Adam on Canada’s Maclean’s Magazine! Scan via ontd_ai For those who hate rounded off numbers, here are the soundscan numbers for album sales! Allison has fallen off the top 200 since two weeks ago.

35 LAMBERT*ADAM FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT 15,291 -22 19,618 492,229 115 ALLEN*KRIS KRIS ALLEN 4,943 -7 5,297 249,768

Here’s another update for Adam’s UK promo:

Ok, so the promotions girl from Adam HQ is going out to New York next week to cover some UK press that will run to coincide with Adam’s UK visit. At the same time she is going to get Adam to film to camera some footage where he is saying ‘Hi to all my UK fans / The Lambrits – I can’t wait to come over and see you etc and then when I film some of you doing the same back ‘Hi Adam, we love you, can’t wait to have you here’ etc we will edit it all together and put it online as a little promotional video to get people excited. And for those of you further north of the border, Adam will be doing a full regional radio tour in March, starting in Glasgow and working his way down the country via all the big cities. I will let you know exact times and places when it’s all confirmed!

Adam Lambert’s BTS of his AOL Sessions! ADAm’s friend Lee Cherry (who took his b-day pics) has posted a blog about the party – MTV (Russia) on Adam Lambert… it’s up on YouTube! Someone translate! – ETA : via angela of PF

translation: Adam has been singing on stage since he was ten, was in musicals and almost won AI. the guy thinks Adams singles have a huge potential in Russia and compares him to a couple of russian male pop stars. Then the describe AI show and say that Adam an early favorite but him being open about his sexuality made it impossible to win. During the Ama footage they say something like “It is not all about AI show”, and that Adams crazy vocals impressed Queen so much that they may even invite him to sing with them. they do not mention the Amagate at all! finally the end up saying that Adam may be the male Britney which is a guarantied success in their opinion

Adam on People magazine – scan… Here’s a scan of that awesome UK article on Adam. Big ass photo!

Adam in 'The Times' Newspaper UK today (@adamlambert) http:/... on Twitpic

Here’s a new Allison interview that’s all about the music that I missed: Lee Cherry’s photos from Adam’s B-day party! More photos here!

Adam’s friends posted photos from his b-day party…

Me giving @adamlambert his bday card n present at his bday. C... on Twitpic Adam & I at his B-Day Party. I love this dude. Goodtimes! on Twitpic

ADam on a magazine in Poland… cool! international promo… Some downtime for Adam:

adamlambert ciao!! Vacation!!!! OfficialAudrina @adamlambert have fun in mx!!!! hopefully it stoped raining, wish we were there at the same time!! OhFerras Have fun!!! Bummed I couldn’t come!!!! RT @adamlambert: ciao!! Vacation!!!! IamCarmit @adamlambert sad I couldn’t make it happen!! Have fun in the sun for me w/the house sitter lolol scarlett_cherry @adamlambert, get your vaca on!!! The Hubby & I so wanted to join!!! aww well…..Next time!!! love you…xoxo

Soundscan sales numbers are in! via IdolChatter – again, no numbers for Allison?!

Adam Lambert, For Your Entertainment (15,000, -22 percent, 492,000) Kris Allen, Kris Allen (5,000, -7 percent, 250,000) 23 22 ALLEN*KRIS LIVE LIKE WE’RE DYING 63329 -3 65325 748716 25 Adam Lambert “Whataya Want From Me” 58,433 (-2%; lw 59,421) Total: 323,978 (29)

* All future Kris in the Philippines media will be posted here! Kris sang acapella LLWD on his Press Conference… Adam’s interview with Dave & Jimmy Show (They test his gaydar) More info on Adam’s UK promo via a UK fansite

It looks like Adam will be coming into the UK in both March AND April!! Dates are still to be confirmed, but it will probably be the last week of each month. Now, I know you all want to be there to support Adam when he comes to visit the UK, so I promise I will give you exact date and time of where he will be and when so you can all go along and show the love. I’m glad to hear you’re all getting busy helping promote Adam here in the UK and we’re really grateful for that. Adam is so excited to come and visit his UK fans – so I have a plan. I want to put together a video of you guys talking to camera and saying why you love Adam so much and basically showing him the love! This will be put together here, and put on his website, youtube and other fansites to get everyone excited about his visit!

Kris was on the radio – Boys Night Out Magic 89.9! Here’s a DL Link for y’all… They played Before We Come Undone – so is that the next single? I approve!

So, Kris is in Manila! Yay! Things did not start off well though – he went on this variety show called ‘Eat Bulaga’ where he not only DID NOT perform (Accdg to the host, Kris was saving his voice – ???) but he was asked inane questions (about things that have yet to occur such as going to Haiti & a benefit concert) by a pretty Philippine host who did not do her research and to add insult to injury – also towered over him. Either Philippine girls are tall(er) than I thought or Kris is short(er) than I thought.

MarieLuna Me and Kris Allen!!!! I think I was going to faint!! So funny! I told him I’m a huge fan! And he said: me too! I’m a huge fan of urs! haha!Cutie! Another photo with him in his dressing room 🙂 I FEEL SO LUCKY! Haha 🙂 Not at all! He’s super nice. I knocked on his dressingrm to have a photo with him, ok sya kagad! Di katulad ng iba,oa ng security. @KrisAllen Hey Kris! I was the one who interviewed you in Bulaga earlier. Thanks for guesting in our show! See you in your concert! Gluck!:)

Me and Kris Allen!!!! I think I was going to faint!! Another photo with him in his dressing room :) I FEEL SO LUCKY! Haha :)

piaguanio wait up for Kris allen he’s coming up next! Kris Allen was very warm and friendly. thanked him for not leaving me hanging with my request to make him sing. thanks for all your tweets. if you weren’t able see Kris Allen and Boyce avenue in eat bulaga live today I’m sure it’s on YouTube check it out and send me the link 🙂 he didn’t sing cause his handlers said he was saving his voice.

So, there’s this thread on AdamOfficial where the glamberts were complaining about Adam not being in the We Are The World remake (hello? he doesn’t have to have his finger in every pie), and the RCA mod posted this (just scroll away down)… if the mod isn’t just pulling the fan’s legs, wonder why Adam would decline though. Seems to be an honor to be included.

Has it crossed your mind that maybe Adam declined the invite for any number of reasons? 🙂

Kris Allen interview on his Philippine tour… Kris’ iTunes Celebrity Playlist Podcast is up! Click here to get the goody from iTunes. Wow, really liking the HDD final prediction for Adam this week! Hope this isn’t over-estimating again!


Adam’s WWFM is one of About Top 40’s Top 10 Hot Pop Songs of the week! Good promo for peeps who follow that… It’s cool how Adam’s friends are also getting pretty successful… example Anna Kendrick (Up in the Air)…

RyanSeacrest Talked to @annakendrick47..shes been buds w/ @adamlambert since 18. She might take him to oscars..

Adam donating his jeans for charity Adam Lambert donates his jeans...You should too! http://www.t... on Twitpic Adam Lambert interview with 95.5 WPLJ… talks about touring. So, where is Adam? Somewhere having a great time!

What a trip MusicDealers we spy Adam Lambert rocking out to the Semi Precious Weapons set berkorules standing next to adam lambert in @theroxy VIP. he’s pretty IRL marksando New music seminar opening party a success. Adam lambert getting down with his bad self. Much skinnier than expected.

I don’t know how reliable this is, but this is supposed to be Kris Allen’s sked in the Phils… From Manila Concert Scene – hoep we get lots of vids from the Philippine fans!

Feb 1/2: Arrival of Kris Allen and Boyce Avenue in Manila Feb 3: Presscon/ fans day @ Eastwood City Open Park (5pm) [with Jabbawockeez, Kris Allen and Boyce Ave] Feb 4: Presscon/ Fans day @ SM City Cebu[with Jabbawockeez, Kris Allen and Boyce Ave] Feb 5: Concert Day @ SM City Cebu Concert Grounds Feb 6: Concert Day @ McKinley Hills Concert Grounds.

Cute birthday cake for Adam! (via Hollywood life)

awwwwww.......Adam Lambert and his birthcake. Nice cake!! on Twitpic

P.S. I’m placing all the new Adam on ET videos on this post! Head on there! Preview of Kris and Allison’s interview with AINow.Org Adam Lambert on 97.3 The Wave (this one is unedited – has commercials etc.)

AJ in the Morning Interviews… (Post-Grammy but the interviews are pre-Grammy – here’s photos and podcasts of interviews with Adam and Kris!)
Adam at 2m47s in this backstage interviw… ET Online has uploaded the first Adam as a fashion correspondent video up on their site! Check it out! He has only one word – beautiful – lol – basically, he ‘loved’ all the dresses. ETA : Here’s the next vid! He doesn’t get to talk much though… but he and Ke$ha really dig each other – it’s cute. Oh, Adam must be exhausted to death. He’s actually skipping the Grammy after-parties… I’m sure if he had anything left, he won’t be giving up the chance to network.

adamlambert Grammys were a blast, but after my bday Friday and Clive’s party… I’m gonna actually skip the parties and sleep for a change. Responsible! Is also like to thank everyone for my bday gifts!! Both at my party and to all the amazing fans who sent me treats!! This was the best bday!

Here’s the E! Commercial that uses FYE! Hey, we have video! Adam…

Brad Bessey keeping us updated on who Adam is interviewing..

BradBesseyET Glee’s Lea Michelle has musical note tats on her shoulders – @AdamLambert notes they’re blue like her dress. #LadyGaga’s look left @AdamLamert gaga on the red carpet – more Rose Bowl Float than dress and she could barely walk. But hey – go for it. Ringo on our ET Platform right now with Adam Lambert – priceless moment! @Pink and @AdamLambert talking fashion right now. @JamieFoxx with Adam and Kevin – he’s shoot flip video…oh Taylor Swift – she’s so cute! KevinFrazier Working with Adam Lambert today should be Priceless… Wanna send picks and my BB is acting up… Adam had a blast on the carpet Ri-Ri only stopped to say hello to him on the red carpet….

Adam rocking a sparkly tux on the Grammy red carpet! Lots of untagged photos here! HQ photos on Justjared.

And he is here!!! @adamlambert rocking an awesome tux... on Twitpic
Share photos on twitter with Twitpic Share photos on twitter with Twitpic
Share photos on twitter with Twitpic Share photos on twitter with Twitpic Share photos on twitter with Twitpic
Share photos on twitter with Twitpic
Adam & Katy Perry. :-) on Twitpic Aww...Adam's blowing a kiss.. on Twitpic Caption the picture... on Twitpic
Share photos on twitter with Twitpic I fuckin love you so much Gaga. on Twitpic

Who else wants to watch the intro to WWFM as the #1 video on VH1 Top 20? Raise hand? More Adam pre-Grammy interviews – this is with star1013fm!

Some tweets from ET’s Brad Bessey (co-exec producer) about Adam’s grammy RC gig…

BradBesseyET adam will be on ET on MONDAY night. We’ll post video @ on Sunday. I’ll be standing next to Adam. I’ll suggest he tweets…then EVERYONE will know. Currently I have a lot of time devoted to him. Top and bottom of the show. You won’t be disappointed. I don’t think so. I suggested they give him some ‘on camera seats’ but as of last night they hadn’t come thru. Odd right? Grammy.Com going live and restricting others from doing so. I tried. I just produce Entertainment Tonight – not the world. : ) @AdamLambert arrived at #Grammys – we’re ready to role!

Kris’ interview at Clive’s pre-grammy party… ouch, Kris at his most awkward… and the girl interviewing him is an idiot… so it cancels out – lol I don’t know why peeps were freakin out… Adam is always late… he just got to the Clive’s pre-grammy party… Adam Photos via wireimage (That is one shiny suit!)

arjanwrites Hello Adam Lambert. Clive Davis’ Pre-GRAMMY Gala Red Carpet has been closed. We are all moving into the ballroom to watch the show… Adam Lambert arrived after Red Carpet closed. Clive Davis is giving the American Idol kids a shout out. “very talented” – wished them “all the best”. ADAM LAMBERT and KRIS ALLEN are sitting together. taryder Glambert has arrived! It’s Idol central yep he’s here, hair gelled up and fierce as ever. Said hi to Randy Jackson right when he walked in

Some photos of Kris and Allison at Clive’s pre-grammy party… Allison’s are here (Untagged photos on Alliholics!). More photos on Life!

Allison Iraheta at Clive Davis pre-Grammy Party. Allison is g... on Twitpic LOL. @AllisonIraheta looking snazzy at Clive Davis' pre-Gramm... on Twitpic

Oh, Kris didn’t make it to Adam’s birthday party… weird… especially after he tweeted that he’d go…

JackieTohn @krisallen couldnt make it last night. he had a busy day of being rad. its tough being that awesome. love that kid. @krisallen dude! seriously. you. were. missed. last. night. done. xo @allisoniraheta and me in the bathroom at @adamlamberts perty party glamfest! @adamlambert this was one birthday party i needed my brass knuckes for! love you mister. @krisallen didnt roll thru the party bc i just think he had an insane busy day. everyone still loves each other 🙂

Oh, new interview c/o Brazil! One of the posters on AWOP is the author and she posted a translation of her article on the fan forum. She asked really good questions! Here’s an excerpt!

Do you think Fever will ever be a single? Yeah, I actually think it could be. We’re looking at it as a possibility. A very very strong possibility. Some people think that because you sing “There he goes”, that it could be a problem, that some people would refuse to play the song. Maybe in United States, but I have a feeling that in the rest of the world, no one will care. (laughs) But do you worry about that? Are you concerned that homophobia might be a problem, that people won’t play some of your songs because of that? Well, it’s a slow and steady progress. I think it’s definitely an issue, but I try to not worry too much about it, just try to be myself. If people like it, then they like it, if they don’t like it, then they don’t like it. (laughs) It’s more important to me to be truthful to who I am than for me to try to please everybody. You can’t please everybody. Some people even suggested, oh, he should change the lyrics of “Fever” to a “she”. Actually, it’s funny, Lady Gaga and I talked about that, when we were recording the song. She said, “What do you think?”. “Well, I like it.” And she said, “I like it too. Of course, there are gonna be people who are going to have issues with it.” And I said, “Yeah”, and she said, “Do you care?”, I said, “No. Let’s do it!”.

This was Randy Jackson’s interview with Kris Allen… For those who don’t like rounded numbers, Adam’s actual album sales last week… give it up for Oprah!

21 LAMBERT*ADAM FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT 19,618 60 12,275 476,938

Don’t know the other peeps in the photo – but Adam’s in it! This is from his party I think… Lindsay Lohan tweets – pretty cool that Sam Sparro was also at Adam’s party…

lindsaylohan @sam_sparro @SlashHudson great seeing you last night @adamlambert bday

Aww – family pic! Just lacks Adam’s dad! Share photos on twitter with Twitpic Watch Adam’s Grammy fashion predictions on ET! MOre Adam at the Grammy freebie place… We love Adam Lambert, who doesn't? He's a personal friend of... on Twitpic Photos of some of Adam’s guests – mostly La Lohan 😉 More not-Adam photos! If you can stand to watch almost 10 mins of pap video of people arriving for Adam’s party, here it is… I haven’t watched yet, but according to the description… freakin’ Simon Fuller was there! very cool! Stole this from ontd_Ai… I miss Kradam! they were really intensely close last May, weren’t they? Kradam Wow – guess what again? VH1 count down – #1 WWFM #4 LLWD – Adam and Kris at the top!

Sean Patrick @adamlambert IN ONE YEAR FROM AI TO #1 ON VH1 TOP20! YOU DID IT…….YOU MADE IT! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what? Slash went to Adam’s b-day party!

elythecreep And my idol just showed up…mother freaken @slashhudson And now samantha ronson is spinning ‘welcome to the jungle’ w slash in the house

Here’s Randy Jackson’s interview with Adam Lambert at the Grammy Radio Forum – he is so two-faced! So he only has praises when Adam is in front of him! Adam Lambert’s interview with 102.7 KIIS FM about the Grammy Awards! MP3 DL link! Photos and videos from that pre-grammy thing via 104.3 MyFM… FLV Download Link for Adam’s interview! Adam’s not the only one getting all the freebies, Kris is gettin’ some swag too! More photos here! – lol – Kris sort of looks like he’s going WTF on the inside! Where’s Katy??? She needs to join in on the photo ops – she wants to be an actress right?

Now that Adam’s formerly top secret location for his b-day party got twatted, I hope that the cray-cray fans don’t get it in their heads to crash it…

RobertKovacik #WeHo: Heavy security 2nite for #AdamLambert birthday bash at Mondrian Hotel on #SunsetStrip.

More Adam at the Grammy Radio Forum… (with some DTJ guy) Adam Lambert on ET Hmmm… Randy interviewed Adam for some Grammy radio forum… Adam Lambert... GET DOWN!! Guess this shows RCA that Adam can sell out mid-size venues? I still hope he starts his tour as an opening act for someone big so he gains new fans instead of just his usual ones … Tickets Selling Fast for Adam Lambert Concert

Lambert, who lost to Kris Allen on “American Idol” last May, will headline a Feb. 27 show at the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino’s Special Events Center. Over one thousand tickets had already been sold by 2 p.m. More than 30 people lined up Friday for a chance to buy tickets to the upcoming concert. “One person was in line as early as 6:15 a.m.,” said a Fantasy Springs Resort Hotel and Casino spokeswoman. “The phones have been non stop all day with calls from all over the world about the concert,” the spokeswoman added.

Perks of being a celebrity – Adam goes freebie shopping! Photos here!

ET on Adam’s birthday! Adam Lambert Spills Birthday Secrets!

“I’m throwing my own party for myself and my friends,” Adam divulges. “So I have about 170 people that I’ve met and I’m inviting them.” “I’m spending a pretty penny on this thing, so, buying drinks for everybody, open bar, some food … DJ,” Adam told Kevin, saying that with his busy schedule, he’s just really looking forward to catching up with friends he doesn’t get to see very often. The celebration may continue, Adam says: “I might take a little vacation here in a week or so — I might have some time off and I might go down to a resort or something.” BradBesseyET #HappyBdayAdam – So happy we’ll be celebrating Adam’s B’day weekend with him at The Grammys for ET. Promo runs tonight. Love that guy.

Kris on AsiaOne News (Singapore) … jeez the writer was realllly unneccessarily hung up on the Adam comparisons…

Talk turns to how Allen is compared constantly to the show’s decidedly more flashy runner-up, Adam Lambert (that wayward former theatre singer who’s also known as Glambert). He swats aside cheeky attempts to get him riled about the issue with the calm bearing of a Zen monk. “I’m not trying to be like Adam and he’s not trying to be like me,” he says.

Malaysia’s Fly.FM finally put up a podcast of Adam’s interview! Much clearer than the youtube. Listen! FLV DL Link (Right-save-click). Adam Lambert is listed as a guest on Feb 20th on the VH1 Top 20 Countdown – cool! Expect more Adam on ET!

BradBesseyET @AdamLambert‘s birthday is tomorrow. We just shot our #Grammy promo with him & surprised him with cupcakes. Not Live. He’ll be on Sunday night & ET Monday night. Best & Worst dresssed. He says he won’t be mean.

Well, VMan got scooped by about everybody on their own article, but they now have Adam’s video and article up on the VMan website! More info about Adam in the UK, from AdamOfficialthey definitely want the love and cray-cray that adam got from Canada!

Well, the itinerary is not yet confirmed, but he will spend the majority of his time in and around London, but he will also do a few days regional radio tour so will be visiting radio stations in the North of England as well. I will let you know more info when I do. Right, the first thing I need you to do is to get as many Lambrits, and Adam fans signed up with as possible. We will send out generic Adam mailers with his promo tour info on so that’s a way to get it out to as many people as possible. I need for you guys to be out and about wherever Adam is on his promo trip – there needs to be mass hysteria around him!

New-Old photo of Adam…

fevireyes Adam Lambert at The Golden Globes Gifting Suite

Adam gearing up for his UK publicity!

NirvanaDC so just spent the morning with Adam doing our first UK shoot. I have to say one of the nicest, most professional and down to earth people shoshannastone So @NirvanaDC has spent the morning in the company of Adam Lambert doing his first UK press shoot. First of 3 billion.

New idol gigs!

Adam Lambert at Fantasy Springs Indio, CA – Feb. 27th! via MyDesert.Com Kris and Allison in Wichita Kansas March 18! via Kansas.Com Last season’s “American Idol” winner, Kris Allen, will perform as part of Channel 96.3’s Spring Fling, scheduled for 7:30 p.m. March 18 at Hartman Arena. The lineup also will include “Idol” contestant Allison Iraheta as well as artists Iyaz and Kevin Rudolf. Kris will be in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Monday!

Kris did an iTunes Downloads radio gig… his iPhone playlist has Adam’s WWFM and his own Heartless. How sweet! It’s available as a podcast on iTunes! ETA : Still waiting for iTunes to upload…

# Hey Ya! – Outkast # How To Save A Life – The Fray # The Climb – Miley Cyrus # What Goes Around… – Justin Timberlake # No One – Alicia Keys # Hearless – Kanye West # Mr. Brightside – The Killers # California Love – 2Pac f/Dr. Dre & Roger Troutman # This Love – Maroon 5 # Where Is The Love – The Black Eyed Peas f/Justin Timberlake # Jump – Kris Kross # Sex On Fire – Kings of Leon # Heartbreak Warfare – John Mayer # Who Is It? – Michael Jackson # According To You – Orianthi # One Less Lonely Girl – Justin Beiber # Back 2 Good – Matchbox 20 # Whataya Want From Me – Adam Lambert # Heartless – Kris Allen # The Power Of Love – Huey Lewis & The News

Adam on Proud FM! MP3 DL link 1 or Link 2! Hmm.. looks like Adam has a gig this February!

FantasySprings Guess what #americanidol we have coming on Feb 27th? … @ADAMLAMBERT !!!!! Tickets go on sale tomorrow Update 2 site regarding @adamlambert will B up shortly. U all found out mins after we did. Tix online, ovr phn, or in person at box office. @MyDesert has some more info about our @adamlambert show. (Via Facebook). No site update yet… but we have some big news regarding @adamlambert coming up in a minute. Stay tuned. Were having a Facebook contest giving away 2 tix to see @adamlambert Feb. 27th Be our fan and enter.

Looks like Adam has the same issues with his AOL sessions that Kris/Allison had! The mod at AdamOfficial says… – wonder why the lawyers didn’t deal with this before Adam did the sessions???

still TENTATIVE…lawyers are still stuck on the paperwork.

Allison with Jojo of KIIS FM Kris Allen’s interview with Hot 99.5! Here’s the podcast from the radio site… ETA : the station edited out the douchebag homophobic dj’s question about Adam Lambert, but it’s saved for posterity on YouTube! And MP3 DL link in case YT goes down. From Idol Chatter: Love Oprah! And sucks that Allison’s numbers aren’t even mentioned…

Weekly sales of For Your Entertainment rose more than 7,000 units (60 percent), from 12,000 to close to 20,000, giving him a release-to-date total approaching 477,000. For Your Entertainment climbed from No. 35 to No. 21 on The Billboard 200 chart. Adam Lambert, For Your Entertainment (20,000, +60 percent, 477,000/3,000 digital, +83 percent, 61,000 digital total) Kris Allen, Kris Allen (5,000, -14 percent, 245,000/1,000 digital, -22 percent, 41,000 digital total)

Thought this post from Sony UK on AdamOfficial was pretty cool!

My name is Emily and I’m the product manager for Adam Lambert’s album here in the UK. I can tell you guys are obviously MASSIVE Adam fans and I want to give you exclusive meet & greet competitions and prizes for when he comes into the UK in April. I’m going to get him to add your twitter account LambritsUK today – he is also super excited about coming over here.

Single sales! LLWD is steady, WWFM had a huge Oprah bump!

18 23 ALLEN*KRIS LIVE LIKE WE’RE DYING 65325 -6 69155 685387 46 29 LAMBERT*ADAM WHATAYA WANT FROM ME 59421 59 37430 265545 Adam Lambert, For Your Entertainment (11,000, -9 percent, 230,000)

Allison on KIIS FM with Jojo! There was an interview; Allison also sang Scars, Don’t Waste the Pretty, FIBOU From American Idol – all the Adam Lambert wannabees… Cassidy shouldn’t be there… he isn’t a wannabee… E News on the VMan photoshoot… More from Canada!

eTalkCTV Our new interview with Adam Lambert airs tonight at 7pm ET on CTV but first here are his answers to your twitter questions!!! get ready. Adam is having a huge birthday bash in LA with probably 150 people there. “I’m going to celebrate big time!” Adam’s favourite comfort food – 2 things. Ice cream & garlic mashed potatoes (not together of course). Adam’s favourite Canadian artist – Celine Dion & Feist! In our interview with Adam airing tonight he talks about when he met Madonna and the advice she gave him – “Keep your eye on the prize…”

More photos from The Art of Elysium 2010 “HEAVEN” Gala!

Wow, so happy about Adam’s final HDD predicted sales!


HQ photos from Adam’s VMan Shoot!

Apparently, it was Adam’s idea to do the ET red carpet thingie. Wonder what his 19/RCA bosses thought at first…

BradBesseyET What’s even more brilliant is….It was his idea! I love that he does what he wants..makes his own rules..has fun. Great guy.

Commercials for Kris’ concerts in the Philippines and Singapore!

MTV just posted more photos from Adam’s Vman photoshoot…

Looks like Adam will have another full day tomorrow… take note that all the Canadian interviews are being collected on this postinMusic Big @AdamLambert interview tomorrow! Tweet back with questions! More of Adam on V Man Magazine via JustJared

“What I do has been done before,” Adam shared. “It’s glam. I’m inspired by the ’70s and ’80s. Bowie is a huge influence. So are hair bands.” “Why must a crazy look necessarily be gay?” Adam continued. “Our society is more fearful, I guess. And they don’t party enough. Everyone was partying in the ’80s.”

OK Mag posted about Adam’s Grammy RC gig

“I’ll be ok,” he jokes. “I love clothes, I love fashion. I pay attention to that stuff. I’m a big fan of most of the people that will be there.” Will he be able to honestly critique the red carpet fashions? “I’m overly honest, so that will probably show through. I won’t be mean though. I’m not mean.”

And the Toronto blitz continues – I’m posting all the new Toronto stuff (videos etc) to this post since I wager I’ve got enough to make a post just all about the Canadian promo! Go Canada!!! This photo looks like it was taken in a radio station studio… With Planet Maurie

planetmaurie Hanging out with @adamlambert thanks @Sony_Music! Hanging out with @adamlambert on Twitpic

Wow, Adam was on this photoshoot for Pop Stars issue of V Man – read all about it via Arjanwrites! MP4 DL Link for the video!

Get on the 680 news site to catch another Adam interview! Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Adam Lambert on 680 News“, posted with vodpod

Adam in another promo for Ellen’s Bday episode! Adam dropped by Much on Demand – hope we get YouTube!

Adam!!!! on Twitpic People going craaaazy for Adam! on Twitpic Adam (LAMB)ert is a really big sweetheart:

Broken_Pixie ADAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. so much screaming OMG lmao. they won’t stop screaming lol. he looks gorgeous. just a warning – the audience screams a lot for adam. he had to move his chair to hear the host. Adam looks ~embarrassed lol. Kesha shown just aksing adam if he’ll be her valentine hahahahahah. Adam says he cries at movies like a little girl…now talking madonna. u guys will see later- the audience screams for a realllllllllly long time- they had to tell them to quiet down lmao. Kesha also said something about straight guys not being as fun– adam said he loves her and plans to role around in glitter w her hahaha. he said he likes her hippie rock and roll spirit and host said adam has that too. Adam went outside to greet fans. said he would love to sing with Christina Aguilera. they’re playing wwfm and adm is talking to hosts. he is signing now lmao. MuchNews 100 Adam Lambert fans just collectively lost the ability to speak for the rest of the week. Breaking News: Adam Lambert cries like a little girl at the movies.

More Adam on Canadian radio:

DrewSavage @adamlambert will be @virgin953 tomorrow after 7am. Who will he find prettier: me or Nat?

Adam at ET Canada!

ETCAnada – Joining us in studio today, @adamlambert – and find out what he did to shock his parents! Joining us in studio today, @adamlambert - and find out what ... on Twitpic

Adam on Kiss 92.5! Here’s the MP3 DL Link – So, FYE is gold in the US & Canada?

What a really good interview Adam had with the CBC Q radio. Very good questions and Jian allowed Adam to just talk… hope the podcast and videos are put up soon! ETA : Here’s an MP3 Download link! this is an interview not to be missed – really good questions and very eloquent and thoughtful answers! Also, CBC already has a very positive article out about it!

Adam Lambert at Q, CBS Radio Canada 1-25-10 on Twitpic

Adam will also be on mix 96.9 (Arizona) tonight:

Mix969 Adam Lambert tonight. tonight at 6:15.

More Canadian promo… co-hosting eTalk this weekend

eTalkCTV – Adam Lambert up early co-hosting the ETALK 20 w/ Ben this morning. Will air ths wknd.

Adam Lambert up early co-hosting the ETALK 20 with Ben this m... on Twitpic

Adam’s Toronto media blitz starts today! He was just on CHUM-FM (check out the photogallery!) & will be on a bunch of other shows too. Here’s the MP3 download link via Little Bee of IDF. Another MP3 DL Link. Next up is CBC STUDIO Q. He’ll be on Virgin radio tomorrow.

@adamlambert this morning! on Twitpic

Cool – Kris gives a shout-out to his fans in the Philippines. He’s going there for a concert in Feb. Finally some Allison Iraheta! She co-hosts Radio Disney’s Top 30 Countdown Some new-old photos of Adam from last Dec. This must be when he want out to dinner with Lisa (from the Veronicas)

another new pic of #AdamLambert bb on Twitpic another new pic :Adam Lambert =)! on Twitpic New pic of our bb #AdamLambert he looks so cute! on Twitpic

Alert! Adam Lambert will perform and be interviewed on Q in Toronto tomorrow morning between 10-12:00 a.m.

JianGhomeshi At St. Louis airport w/ Adam Lambert album in my ears – anticipating his live gig/chat in Studio Q tmrw. Feeling naked without eyeliner. Ok, detes: @adamlambert will be on w/ me tmrw morn for feature chat ( – can live stream in USA) – Yes, will be shot for QTV.

More overseas promo for Adam! NRJ station in Finland has some focus spots on Adam this weekend, and they have Adam talking about the tracks from his album… And this is why Adam went to the SAG – to network of course! Via LA Times’ Shirley Halperin

We caught up with the Season 8 runner-up at the People Magazine-sponsored after party, where he was spotted early on chatting with Justin Timberlake. In fact, the two hit it off so well, JT offered to write a song for Adam! Naturally, we asked Adam about this little exchange, to which he responded: “I would loooove that,” and crossed his fingers with eyes to the sky. (We crossed our toes in solidarity, not that he noticed). Adam didn’t stay at the party for long since it took mere minutes for a line of fans to form, some of them famous (Chris Colfer from “Glee,” Maulik Pancholy from “Weeds” and “30 Rock”)…

And people has photographic evidence! JT & AL! Adam also met some Glee peeps

Admitting their meeting left him “a little starstruck,” Adam Lambert shares a toast with SAG presenter Justin Timberlake…

Kris Allen was just on B97 WEBZ (New Orleans) – wow, he’s going to Haiti next week, he was supposed to be on the Telethon but decided to go to Haiti himself… here’s an MP3 recording via ontd_ai. Or if you prefer to just listen, the audio is embedded here. Adam on the South China Morning Post (HK newspaper) – scans via DarkMavis of IDF. They’re a bit blurry, so DarkMavis also retyped the article here.

Kris enjoying himself in New Orleans. He’s singing the National Anthem at the Saints/Vikings Championship NFC game at the Superdome tomorrow!

KrisAllen Hangin on bourbon street. This place is nuts.

Adam on the SAG red carpet… More photos on Wire Image and Getty Images and Photobucket.

From LA Times: Adam Lambert’s makeup is much prettier. From Access Hollywood: Adam Lambert just arrived! He looks amazing! He said he and Oprah are like “this” now, crossing his fingers, and that she made him feel so comfortable. Added he’s starting to do international press now and he really wants to go to France because he’s never been there From MTV: 7:58 Adam Lambert! He’s fashionably late with bigger hair than we’ve seen on him before. He was at a photoshoot for Flaunt magazine. He’s “like a model for sunglasses now.” He hasn’t been watching “Idol” yet because he feels bad seeing contestants being made fun of during auditions. “It makes me feel bad!”

@adamlambert on the red carpet at the SAG awards. Photo from ... on Twitpic Adam on the red carpet on Twitpic Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Guess with that ET tie-up, we can expect more Adam coverage for every little thing. Adam did mention on the SAG red carpet that he did a shoot for sunglasses.

@BradBesseyET @AdamLambert just made a big announcement – l’m so exited I can’t tell you! I’ll tell you soon when I can break it on ET.

What’s Flaunt Magazine? Apparently, Adam will be on it!

FlauntMagazine Adam Lambert got fabulous for our next issue today and tonight he’s Flaunt-ing it (on E!) at the SAG awards!!

It’s from Idol Tracker so should be reliable, but would be a boring night if Adam’s just attending just to watch and not do anything. Maybe the after parties to network?

IdolTracker – Guess who’s expected at SAG Awards tonight? @AdamLambert! just attending. Sorry, should’ve specified.

Add another Canadian show for Adam on Monday… Adam is listed as coming up on the CBC Q website.

… I heard Jian Ghomeshi say on CBC Radio that Adam Lambert would be live in the Q studio on Monday. So I’m guessing that means the guylinered one will be here in Toronto. Cool. Q airs on CBC Radio 1 at 10 a.m. and repeats at 10 p.m.

Wow, Kris Allen’s LLWD is #1 on the VH1 Top 20 Countdown! Way to go!!! More info about Kris’ Singapore gig – via ontd_Ai Recording of Adam’s interview with 98.7FM Singapore radio station (Jan 19) – DL link (Real Player sound file – Adam comes in at 9min): Watch a preview of Ellen’s B-day episode! Here’s a recording of Adam on the Weekend Throwdown on radio tonight – MP3 DL Link – looks like Adam did the interview some time ago… the dj is very friendly though and they talk about the music. Pretty good interview.

WkndThrowdown This weekends guest on the show @adamlambert is calling in from the road! He’s got that hot song, Whataya Want From Me!

Adam was one of the artists who contributed to the RollingStone’s article on Grammy Showdown 2010 Okay, final night of Adam’s stint as a dj on 104.3 MyFM. Now, we just hope that that damned station starts playing him! If you missed it, here’s a recording of the whole hour show – DL Link and just Adam’s parts (DL Link). This was the playlist:

Don’t Stop the Music … Rihanna, You Found Me … The Fray, Music … Madonna, Let’s Get It Started … Black Eyed Peas, Halfway Gone … Lifehouse, Purple Rain … Prince, Never Gonna Be Alone … Nickelback, Blue Monday … New Order, Please Don’t Leave Me … P!nk, Here Without You … 3 Doors Down, Waking Up In Vegas … Katy Perry, Stick Wit Chu … Pussycat Dolls

More Adam on radio!

WkndThrowdown This weekends guest on the show @adamlambert is calling in from the road! He’s got that hot song, Whataya Want From Me!

Adam confirms his red carpet gig… so it’s for ET EW! I know that some fans are spinning this as a ‘step-down’ or something, but why? Adam isn’t a big star yet, obviously not big enough to be on the Grammy’s now, but he’ll get there. Meantime, he’ll have a ton of fun talking up fashion on the big night, plus he’ll get to play dress-up himself. Besides, it’s not like he’s doing red carpet for TV guide 😉 LOL – it’s for Entertainment Tonight! big fail Adam!

adamlambert More good news: I will be Entertainment Weekly’s Red Carpet Coorespondant for the GRAMMYS! “Who are you wearing?!” Correspondent. Spelling. My specialty. Shoot! Entertainment TONIGHT! not weekly. Hahah post-nap haze got me all stupid.

Here’s Adam’s interview with Andy & Adrian (Joy 94.9 FM in Australia)! (MP3 DL Link)

Glam pop rocker Adam Lambert chats to Andy & Adrian about everything from TV Shows Glee and True Blood, Who he’d rather pash in bar (Jesus or David Bowie?), the support of his mum and what it’s been like making the transition to mega super star.

More media meeting up with Adam when he’s in Canada next week…

slicedotca We’re meeting Adam Lambert so Tweet your questions to @slicedotca by Monday and we’ll ask him!

Adam on Life & Style… Adam debunking rumors via twitter PR…

adamlambert Love rainy days in bed w a movie! 🙂 Oh jeez. More rumor mill: Drake and I are not back together. We have allowed a great friendship to grow since our split. Plus haven’t you all heard? Kesha is my new love. We are very happy together. It’s sparkly.

In what universe is selling 457K bad, EW, tsk tsk tsk… and yet, WWFM is also on their Must List?

Kris is hosting ‘The iTunes Download Countdown’ this weekend:

Kris will be hosting an edition of ‘The iTunes Download Countdown’ this weekend. Find out what’s on Kris’ ipod and more!

So, I have no idea whose idea it was to make Adam get up at 7:30am just to shoot the breeze with Ryan on KIIS FM, since nothing new was talked about!!!! but hey, at least WWFM got one spin! and we got some cute pics out of it too… (MP3 DL Link)

So cute! @adamlambert in the green room! on Twitpic Ok here u go!!!! @adamlambert in the green room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... on Twitpic @adamlambert with me now in radio studio on Twitpic

Hmm… Adam really wants us to tune in to Ryan’s radio show, he tweeted again. Wonder what the announcement is about – most likely the Haiti thing right?

adamlambert In studio w/ @ryanseacrest today at 7:30 am (10:30 est) – Listen @1027KIISFM or online –

Promo for Kris’ Philippine concerts (scroll down):

Yes, it’s confirmed: Reigning American Idol Kris Allen is coming for concerts on Feb. 5, 7 p.m., at the SM North Parking in Cebu City, and on Feb. 6, 8 p.m., at the McKinley Hill Concert Area in Taguig City. Titled Musicfest 2010, the concerts are presented by Metrocard Club and Channel V Philippines, and produced by Fearless Productions…

Yes! Scans are available for the Singapore The Straits Times article on Adam! via Adamspore on IDF

So, it was Day 4 of Adam’s stint as a dj on 104.3 MyFM. If you missed it, here’s a recording of the whole hour show – DL Link and just Adam’s parts (DL Link). This was the playlist:

One Republic – All The Right Moves, Dead or Alive – You Spin Me Round (Like A Record), Kelly Clarkson – Since U Been Gone, Green River Ordinance – Come On, Beyonce – Crazy in Love, Ingrid Michaelson – Maybe, Guns and Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine, Owl City – Fireflies, Gnarls Barkley – Crazy, Green Day – 21 Guns, No Doubt – Don’t Speak, Rob Thomas – Someday

Adam’s taping his Ellen appearance now… woohoo – he sung Strut!!!

allisonmcnamara @theellenshow with @kendallclifford @natalieroderick, Adam Lambert in the house! DOUGASAURIS the song is… no bass player today. theres no bass in the song…. I forgot the name of it, it’s on the cd. tune in Monday to see the song, I can’t ruin it 4 you guys. STRUT it is Zac spilled it. Adam rocked it as usual the crowd went nuts because it was a surprise to them. justcallmehorse watching lakers from the greenroom. working on some birthday surprises. So, to explain – “strut” is all keyboard bass. So, since we didn’t have Monty ’round Tommy played gtr. & I rocked the bass synth. Felt sexy TommyJoeRatliff Just got home… Ellen was fun. Don’t worry @monterrific, I think I made ya proud haha.

Remember that Straits Times (Singapore) article on Adam? No scans yet, but Terra on PF posted some tidbits:

“The touring thing is still being worked out, we’re still planning and figuring when that would be but I think I’ll defiitely come over there in the next couple of months to promote the album.” “I can’t wait, I wanna go shopping.”

Scans from People Mag… via spreckles

And Adam will be visiting Ryan Seacrest in studio tomorrow 7:30AM – maybe promo for that free concert? or @1027KIISFM

adamlambert Gonna be on Ryan Seacrest tommorow morning at 7:30am (west coast)

Adam is going to be back on Ellen on Jan 26! Woohoo – she loves him! Now, I’m also hoping that Oprah will love him as much!

It’s a huge day today! It’s Ellen’s Birthday Bash and her favorite people are here to celebrate! It’s going to be a day full of surprises — for Ellen, for her audience, and for you! Starting the party will be one of her favorite “Idol” alums, the one and only ADAM LAMBERT. Ellen loves him, and he’ll give a special birthday performance for her. Longineu GETTING READY TO GO AND DO ELLEN TODAY. going to be another good one. we are going to rock a new song DOUGASAURIS Its raining so we can’t go out. Just have to eat all the sugar stuff in the green room. Tommy on guitar

Kris’ upcoming gigs from Krisallenofficial!

01.24.10 New Orleans, LA, Superdome; 6:40pm ET on FOX (National Anthem) 02.05.10 Cebu City, Philippines, Febfest – SM Mall of Debu (Concert) 02.06.10 Taguig City, Manila, Philippines, MusicFest – Fort Bonifacio (Concert) 02.10.10 Singapore, Zirca Nightclub (Concert) 02.12.10 New York, NY, Highline Ballroom (Free concert with Adam and Allison)

Adam also did a print interview with the Singapore The Straits Times’ Life. Hope someone scans it!

OTHER than the fact that he has to hide from the paparazzi every time he steps out to get groceries, life has not changed much for singer Adam Lambert. Sounding chirpy and speaking in a sing-song voice, the American Idol Season 8 runner-up tells Life! in a telephone interview from his home in Los Angeles: ‘You know, I think it helps that I have a large circle of friends. ‘Also, because I’ve lived in LA for the past eight years and because I’ve worked in the entertainment industry, it has kind of prepared me for a lot of what I am doing right now.’

Adam was interviewed at FOX FM 101.9 HOT 30 (Australia) – we all pretty much missed it, but ontd_Ai has DL links! Mediafire or Megaupload. OR you can listen below, Adam comes in before the halfway mark. So, it was Day 3 of Adam’s stint as a dj on 104.3 MyFM. If you missed it, madamimadam from IDF recorded the whole hour show – DL Link and just Adam’s parts (DL Link). This was the playlist:

Drive … Incubus, I Gotta Feeling … Black Eyed Peas, The Reason … Hoobastank, Smile … Uncle Kracker, Little Red Corvette … Prince, Already Gone … Kelly Clarkson, Cupid’s Chokehold … Gym Class Heroes / Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy, Sex on Fire … Kings of Leon, Just Like a Pill … P!nk, Hey Ya! … OutKast, Fifteen … Taylor Swift

Taiwanese dj tweeted…

skymoon1985 ICRT radio station (in Taiwan), DJ Terry talks with Adam Lambert! .

Hopefully, someone caps this… ETA : Oh, Adam wasn’t on (they just talk about his Oprah appearance), but he will be on next week. You can follow one of the hosts on twitter @jessimtv.

MTVAftershow TONIGHT ON THE AFTERSHOW! Heidi Montag, Adam Lambert. John Mayer, & Much MORE Check it out TONIGHT.

Adam’s PSA for Haiti that aired on ET… Cool – Adam has a photogallery feature just for him on LIFE – click here! Rumors that Adam and his ex Drake getting cozy again… like this rumor at any rate! 😉 Adam’s PSA for Haiti that he shot for ET… Here’s a tweet about Adam being on ET with a PSA…

BradBesseyET @cynthilu @watkins70 @adamlambert. OK Guys, Adam’s PSA airing tonight on Entertainment Tonight 4 sure. Yes, we’ll use Time for Miracles.

Well, LLWD remains the bright light for Kris… next quest is to get platinum!

27 18 ALLEN*KRIS LIVE LIKE WE’RE DYING 69155 7 64667 620062 46 Adam Lambert “Whataya Want From Me” 37,430 (14%; lw 32,801) Total: 206,124 (65) Adam Lambert, For Your Entertainment (12,000, -8 percent, 220,000)

Singapore dj tweeted, hopefully the Singapore fans can record…

987MisterYoung – i’m talking to him at 1040am… recorded interview 😉 you’ll probably hear the interview bites on all the shifts 🙂 Just spoke to @adamlambert … what a cool guy! Watch out for the interview bites on @987fm ! @adamlambert thanks so much for the interview! Keep doing whatcha doing man! Seeya in Singapore soon! tmrw morning i’ll play bits of it… it’ll be shared among all the shows lah 😉

Here’s the rounded sales figures from USA today – Allison’s numbers are missing though… Allison’s numbers are terrible… And Not a lot of AI related bump for Kris – a bit disappointed about that…

Adam Lambert, For Your Entertainment (12,000, +9 percent, 457,000) Kris Allen, Kris Allen (6,000, +13 percent, 240,000) Allison Iraheta, Just Like You (2,000, -6 percent, 79,000)

Oh, wow – Adam’s WWFM just hit #30 on Pop! cool..

34 30 ADAM LAMBERT Whataya Want From Me 1973 1772 201 14.221

Where was Adam Lambert? Well, his friends love to spill…

Gabby Applegate At Mr. Blacks with @pamelafrancesca, @xandertarigo, @adamlambert, and Maddie xander tarigo At Mr Blacks with adamlambert gabbybangbang pamelafrancesca vogue vogue vogue Raffles van Exel At a club in North Hollywood with Adam Lambert. Bringing the club down. Wow, not one to many!!!! A couple to many. Its time to call for a car, bet your Life. Me nor Adam will be driving. Adam Lambert and I just entered IHOP. IHOP in West Hollywood. Come on by, early breakfast is on me ;-)t Finally our food has arrived. Pancakes, wipcream and edd white scramble eggs wheat toast. And adam eats like a pig LOL 😉 OMG I have to be up at 8am. I will let Adam drop me off and the driver will drop him off. Hold on wait a min. Adam wants my phone. He’s telling me that I don’t give him enough attention. Tweet once in the car. xoxo

So, it was Day 2 of Adam’s stint as a dj on 104.3 MyFM. If you missed it, madamimadam from IDF recorded the whole hour show – DL Link. This was the playlist, and Adam tweeted not to send requests since it isn’t live! ETA: Here’s just the Adam parts! DL link

Tainted Love – Soft Cell, Say Hey I love You – Michael Franti, Unwritten – Natasha Bettingfield, Life After You – Daughtry, Sexy Back – Justin Timberlake, Lucky -Jason Mraz & Colbie Calliat, Rio – Duran Duran, LIVE LIKE WE’RE DYING – KRIS ALLEN, Rich Girl – Gwen Stefani, Hey, Soul Sister – Train, Vogue – Madonna, Dreaming with a Broken Heart – John Mayer adamlambert Hey guys. The dj gig was pre-recorded a couple weeks ago. I picked songs from a list that I liked. Not taking requests 🙂 enjoy!!!

The almighty mod on AdamOfficial posted about that erroneous 700K sold UK promo…

Re: MOD, Please confirm if it is true: RCA Confirms in this Vid that Adam Lambert Have 700K Sold Albums in US Hey just saw this. It’s wrong. They may have gotten their numbers confused, or listed the number of albums SHIPPED (i.e. – to record stores) for marketing impact, instead of the actual number SCANNED (as in Soundscan – the system that measures sales when your CD’s bar code is canned by the store clerk at checkout). US sales will actually reach about 460k total this week. Technically, it’s already gold but we haven’t whipped out that promo line yet (soon) because in the U.S., traditionally, RIAA certifications refer to albums SHIPPED instead of PURCHASED. It’s an old industry convention that the rise of digital downloads has muddled somewhat, since there are no shipments for digital units – just sales. Hence the old industry joke for a total brick by a mega-star: it shipped gold (so we could crow about it in the press) and was returned platinum (cos labels used to account only some of the sales to the artists, who were none the wiser, keep the extra cash, and dump the returns in the Music Club cut-out systems…I guarantee you that Michael Jackson’s Thriller’s old U.S. sales record of 23 Million copies was in fact more like 40 Million!) I know, most of you must find these stories about the old days of physical music formats so quaint and nonsensical.

Oh, wow – so happy at the final HDD prediction for Adam, thought for sure he was gonna sell less than 10K, glad I’m wrong!


Adam was apparently on Fresh 102.7 for an interview (Jim & Kim) … so here’s a recording! DL Link Another overseas promo for Adam, this time Much on Demand in Canada! (Jan 25)

MuchMusic Did I mention that Adam Lambert is here on Monday?! Cause he is.

Wow, Adam had an entire spread on the Heat Magazine in South Africa! Scans via Hooplamagnet

Wow, looks like Adam has a Singapore interview too!

987MisterYoung Will be talking to @adamlambert tomorrow! Anyone have any questions you’d like me to ask him?

Pap vid of Adam out shopping… click here to view. Okay, apparently, Adam did another interview, for an Australian breakfast show; it’ll be aired on Thursday 8AM (Australian time)… from purist of AWOP:

I heard back from the producer of the Thursday breakfast show and he says (after apologising and saying if they had known of my interest they would have left it to me! *cries*): “He was really nice….it was a little difficult as there was a time delay on the call, but all went well. We ‘should’ be playing it about 8.10 at this stage I think? We have to fit it in between two live interviews and try to keep it in the peak time area. We should be podcasting the interview on and usually on iTunes.” That time of 8 a.m. Thursday translates to 1pm Wednesday in LA and 4pm Wednesday in New York. There’s a webstream at if you want to tune in.

Cool photo that TommyJoe RT’d…

TommyJoeRatliff RT @Aynil15: @adamlambert @tommyjoeratliff @daniellestori so sweet! ♥ Adam, Tommy,Danielle â�¥ on Twitpic

For those who missed Adam’s stint as a DJ on 104.3 MyFM tonight, he’ll be back nightly for the entire week! Also, Madamimadam from IDF was able to record it for tonight. Click here for just the Adam talking parts, and here for the entire 1-hour show. Now on YouTube! *I’m kinda pissed that the radio station hasn’t spun WWFM though – like WTF! he just dj’ed for you guys! This was the playlist btw:

Lady Gaga – Paparazzi, Bryan Adams – Summer of ’69, No Doubt – Hey Baby, Five for Fighting – Chances, Black Eyed Peas – Don’t Phunk With My Heart, John Mayer – Heartbreak Warfare, Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time, Miley Cyrus – Party in the USA, Duran Duran – Hungry Like The Wolf, Christina Aguilera – Come On Over, The Fray – How to Save a Life, Michael Buble – Haven’t Met You Yet, Christina Aguilera – Fighter, Colbie Caillat – Realize & Robyn – Show Me Love

Cool… looks like Adam will be interviewed for a Taiwan radio show too!

skymoon1985 ICRT radio station (in Taiwan), will interview Adam Lambert on January 20 .

This is interesting – it’s the first time I’ve seen Tommy Joe Ratliff address the ‘kiss’ directly… Some local radio promo for Adam, via 104.3 MyFM … you can listen live here

Adam takes over the studio all week from 7-8pm, spinning his favorites!

Adam is part of RCA UK’s 2010 show reel, and guess what, it says 700K albums sold when his part comes up! Guess that’s world wide! Adam’s Interview with Myx Philippines (sound is baaaad)… the fan who uploaded it has a trascript up on twitter:

heppykid So, this is part1 of my transcript of @adamlambert’s phonecall interview for @MYXPhilippines. VJ Bianca: so, whe (cont)

Adam Lambert’s interview with Nova 100.3 FM (Australia) Adam’s Interview with FLY FM (Malaysian radio station) Interview for Australian press that Adam did…

While Lambert’s album has already been released internationally, the Australian release date is not until March 5, the day before Mardi Gras party, which has sparked rumours that he’ll be launching it with a live performance at Party. Lambert remains tight lipped when asked to confirm or deny the gossip. “At this stage there is nothing planned… but I’d love to perform at something like Sydney Mardi Gras! It looks like a lot of fun. My management is definitely in talks about coming to Australia but we don’t have any dates confirmed yet. Australia is definitely on the cards though, I’d love to come down under.”

Video of Adam on the red carpet at the Art of Elysim gala… Here’s a pap vid of Adam leaving the CCA after-party with his publicist Adam all in white (it’s his AI Feeling Good suit) at the Art of Elysim gala! Photos on wireimage, Getty, and Jadedoptimist twitpic acct.

ADAM on Twitpic Share photos on twitter with Twitpic Adam & Kirsten Dunst on Twitpic

Looks like Adam is attending some posh charity dinner – I hope he’s also performing… More info about the charity here and the gala here.

MDMOLINARI @adamlambert What are you wearing to the @TheArtofElysium charity dinner ? Christian Dior? Proenza Schouler? Gareth Pugh? Rodarte? (Target)? In the car with @adamlambert headed to the @TheArtofElysium Gala. SHe is a very pretty white heavenly lady!

Looks like we missed an interview that Adam did with B96 FM J and Julian (Chicago) – good thing they post podcasts! Adam partying it up after the CCA…

adamlambert Teddys!!! EAmurri Amurri-Lambert better WERK BambolaBambina Ummm not drunk RT @xandertarigo: At Teddys with @BambolaBambina and @ drunkkkk blakemcgrath Thw boys out and about @adamlambert and @xandertraigo Thw boys out and about @adamlambert and @xandertraigo

Another Oprah photo 🙂 More from that interview Adam did with a Malaysian radio station…

premosupremo Just got off the phone with Adam Lambert. Awesome guy. He can’t wait to come to Msia. More on the show l8r this evening. yeap..we’re airing the interview with Adam Lambert on Monday. He was an awesome guy. Listen in k. thanks .. well, he said he wants to come to Msia and Asia and he cant wait la, so im assuming he’ll be in Singapore as well

The quality isn’t very good, but here’s a clip from the Critics Choice Awards where Adam presented with Silverman. Hmm… interesting look Adam has going on…. this is from the Critics Choice Awards Red carpet. More photos on JustJared. And Getty Images has shots from when Adam was presenting with Silverman.

Oooh! Preview for Oprah! Love the GIFs from Adam’s Vevo commercial – very shippy! lol

And as usual, no one milks Twitter PR like Adam… He’s very very good…

adamlambert Thank you M. Slezak for the perceptive and positive review! 🙂 The Whataya Want from Me Music Video has premiered! Please check it out on Mtv, Vh1, Logo, an Nick and their online counterparts. The video will be on iTunes January 26th 🙂 Thanks for your support!! Thank you!!! :)RT @lyndseyparker: Watch the new Adam Lambert “Whataya Want From Me” video + read my thoughts – RT @jambajim: Whataya think of @adamlambert’s (GORGEOUS) “Whataya Want From Me” video? My analysis article + video: I’m so thrilled the video makes you all THINK! What a lovely payoff! 🙂

Oooh, for those who really don’t mind spoilers, here’s a transcript from Adam’s interview with Oprah c/o AfterElton! Remember that VEVO commercial Adam shot ages ago? Well, it feels like ages ago…. it’s finally out!

adamlambert check out the commercial I filmed for Vevo!!

Looks like Adam also did an interview for a Philippine station! lots of overseas interviews

yeshah – @pollyness @MYXPHdotcom vj @bianca_roque talked to @adamlambert on the phone! catch the myxclusive interview on MYX NEWS Saturday 3:30pm!

Yes, we have a date for the AOL sessions that Adam taped! From PopEater:

While you won’t be able to catch him on these shows just yet, come back to AOL Music on January 28 to watch Adam Lambert’s AOL Sessions.

Update from that Malaysian radio station…

FlyFM958 Jules & Prem are gonna be airing the Adam Lambert interview on Monday… So make sure you join J&P on monday’s Rush Hour k! 😛 -S.

Adam’s interview with Stara Online Magazine (it’s a Finnish magazine)! Listen to the interview below! Or download here. Don’t worry, it’s in English! Some tweets from Adam…

adamlambert Sony Brazil confirmed that they are releasing my debut album “For Your Entertainment” on Jan 25, 2010. Rio here we come!! Fiesta!!!!!!!! yes darlin. It will most likely be included on an upcoming remix ep for FYE and WWFM avail in a couple months. (This one is about whether Voodoo would be avail in the US) So it leaked. Oh well 🙂 big old watermark in middle of frame though. Will be on vh1, MTV etc tommorow and on my website on Monday. 🙂 Omg I spelled tomorrow wrong again… From now on it’s 2m. takes a while for iTunes to upload videos. A couple of weeks probably. its just a blur. haha… you guys read into eeeeeeeeverything. So cute. and the photo is just a random photo the art director pulled from a photo album on the rented location… the photo can be of whoever 🙂 The video was directed by Diane Martel. She is amazing.

From KrisAllenOfficial – Outtakes video… First look on Oprah! Sneak peak of @adamlambert and @Oprah. Watch Tues 1/19 to se... on Twitpic Accdg to this Malaysian radio station, they’re talking to Adam tom! So, RCA, you can arrange overseas radio call-ins but not so much US of A call-ins? Why isn’t Adam doing more US radio promo?!

FlyFM958 orite then! we’ve got some1 crazay news. We’re talking to ADAM LAMBERT tomm. Got questions? Shooottt -Rush Hour-

Adam has been tweeting up a storm again – must be bored…

adamlambert Back in LA!! Next up is Vh1s Critics Choice Awards on Friday! I’m presenting an award!! no visit to manila on the books yet. Dunno where the rumor is comin from. Would love to visit someday soon! Voodoo is a dark industrial disco tune written w the fabulous Sam Sparro. Will be on international release of FYE.

Wow – 19 is really promo’ing Kris (no Taylor-ing indeed!), his song ‘Before We Come Undone’ was just featured on a montage! If you’re up to it, Adam’s presenting at this awards show

Adam Lambert, Zac Efron, Zoe Saldana and other A-listers will be on hand as presenters at the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, which will be broadcast Friday (January 15) at 9 p.m. on VH1.

This week’s sales figures are brutal… I hope they have increases… at least Adam is still selling >10K

Adam Lambert, For Your Entertainment (11,000, -35 percent, 445,000/2,000 digital, -31 percent, 56,000 digital total) Kris Allen, Kris Allen (5,000, -37 percent, 233,000/1,000 digital, -33 percent, 38,000 digital total) Allison Iraheta, Just Like You (2,000, -43 percent, 77,000)

Single sales – Kris got his gold single!

Kris Allen, Live Like We’re Dying (65,000, -26 percent, 551,000 total) Adam Lambert, Whataya Want From Me (33,000, -15 percent, 169,000) Adam Lambert, For Your Entertainment (13,000, -33 percent, 208,000)

Oooh! Spoilers from Oprah via tweets – I only care that he sang WWFM followed by IIHY!!!

adamlambert In Oprah’s greenroom. Excited to meet her. Watch the show on Tuesday, Jan 19th. No plans right now… Dunno where that rumor came from. (I think this is the Manila rumor) @justcallmehorse Here’s my Oprah face, sans banana … In the shadows: That went really well. Hope u guys don’t miss Lisa too much. But don’t worry, she’ll be back. Thanks Adam. Monterrific We are ready to do Oprah. Zach ( @justcallmehorse ) is joining us on stage today so we are listening to Billy Goat in the dressing room. We had a great time in Chicago taping Oprah. It airs on Tuesday. Now on the plane headed back home. Next – NAMM, this weekend. SheriSalata young elvis T @Bunny_Energizer: @SheriSalata Please tell us about Adam Lambert’s performance. Can’t wait to catch it on TV! beautifulsoul29 He talked about the Universe getting him to the point where he is now and that he still has self esteem issues. Oprah showed a clip of Adam shopping at the supermarket. Adam squeed when he was talking about meeting Madonna. he said OMG in the cuuuttesssttt voice. he says that he thinks it’s cool when people come up to him and say something nice. he acts the exact same when the cameras were rolling and also in between breaks. he was smiling and saying hi to the audience in b/w taping. oh he also said that NEVER thought that he could win while on Idol. his hair was slicked back….very shiny. was wearing a thin over jacket…greenish dark blueish. a very sparkley ring. his jewerly was sparkling in the lights. it was beautiful. the beginning of the interview was about him being gay and coming out to RS. he said he didn’t want to be labeled while on idol. he doesn’t like when people call him “the gay singer” or the “gay runner up” he said why does him being gay have to go before him being a singer. he wants to accepted by who he is as a person MichelleHunter8 What do ya want from me and if i had you! Hands down. best thing ever. Long interview.. elvis hair! mom sat by me! Perfection. so exhausted on the train home. Susan had short interview.. And sang one song. Elle_Higgins We got to hear WWFM TWICE and also If I had U. INCREDIBLE. WWFM HAS A NEW ENDING TRILL RUN THING, OMG. IIHU WAS FUCKING AMAZEBALLS. I CAN’T EVEN. YOU GUYS. HOLY FUCK! Adam was so technical, he like controlled the process. Holy shit so much epic.Adam had his hair in a pomp but it was shorter & his outfit was a plus.Longineu had his new sticks, lisa was notthere. Monty had a shiny glitter guitar and a mohawk. Adam, guys, he did all these hysterical faces and hand movements to IIHU. Subo was there. She sang amazing, you could hear the heart eyes.Could barely understand her wif her accent & her little voice but she danced. She did one talky segment with subo The show was like ALL ADAM tho, some srsly awesome stuff. Will recap later, now I gotta drive!! They showed the clip of Kris wi nning and Adam got this adorable look on his face, like it was a moment he remembered fondly. Let’s talk about Adam’s outfit: he was wearing a Kris-esque fitted green jacket over a black tee w/ sparkly necklace & black skinny jeans. Btw a certain kiss was shown, uncensored. Adam topics – AMAs, Healthy weight loss (using portion controlled service called freshology,How celebrity can be isolating but it’s worth it. Visualizing your future and making it happen, Paula & Simon, how it feels to perform. He did 2 inty segments, then sang WWFM then O forgot she had more ?s, then he sang IIHU. There were two parts about him shopping – so cute – and a surprise for a mother-daughter duo that they taped last night. inscrutable7 Oprah taping done. Adam Lambert sang WWFM and IIHY. IIHY to air on not on 1-19-2010 show. Style on Oprah? Hair up smooth with lots of gel. Black jeans, black t, greyish canvas jacket, black boots. Adam Lambert and SuBo did not duet or appear on the stage together. No interaction whatsoever. Adam Lambert ‘s section was longer than SuBo’s. I think he’ll get 2/3 of the show and SuBo 1/3. Very nice long interview w/ Adam Lambert on Oprah. She did not make him cry–at all. Re the AMAs: “the lyrics to FYE are frisky and risqué and I got a little frisky and risqué.” Adam Lambert did not have much makeup on. Very clean cut handsome look. Rings and crystal type necklace. Because the show wasn’t live there were redos. We got to hear WWFM twice! Nothing special about the staging. Adam did not hesitate to do a redo when he didn’t like how it went down. He said he messed up WWFM ending first time. Monte Tommy and Longineu were there but Lisa was not on keyboards. Some guy I didn’t recognize played keyboard. Can I just say–IIHU sounded fantastic!! Everybody stood, clapped, and cheered when Adam lambert sang. Adam’s level of technical control was amazing. He knew EXACTLY how he wanted to present himself. Very much the HBIC! Adam talked about losing weight. He used to weigh 240 but now he is 175. He said he’s been using freshology. Adam said he had lots of insecurities when he was younger and he’s still insecure. The only validation he got in hs was when performing. Oprah loved Adam for sure but she didn’t excessively fawn over him like most interviewers do. Adam talked about both Paula and Simon and how they each brought something impt to the show. Adam was wearing a sparkly silver belt and he looked rock star skinny–in a very good way. I’d say his hair most closely resembled the hair in the pic on the album thank u page–the kissy photo. Adam said he visualized what he wntd from life and then took action. He compared visualization to prayer; “almost the same thing.” He talked about decision to take action and realize his dream but no mention of drugs, burning man, or dropping acid. Sanitized story line. I don’t think she asked him anything new. He retold the story of meeting Madonna and how he was starstruck. Talked about Monte. Oprah was very complimentary and positive about Adam. Their video back story on him was nicely done. It’ll be a great show! There was NO discussion of the album at all other than Oprah giving the name of it and telling people to go buy it. All the questions were about the personal stuff, achieving your goals, living for your true purpose, coming out on RS, etc. Some discussion of the AMA’s and the gay, but not too much. I would have been perfectly happy with less. He came across very well. She asked him whether he feels lonely; he talked about how he is sometimes. He said the first week of Dec was hard for him. Sad. Everyone got a copy of Adam’s album and SuBo’s album on the way out. Not sure I was clear about that. xoxEmjayxox There was no lambliff action because Adam was singing on a raised platform (it was the way he was raised). Adam says he’s lost 15-20 pounds since the end of the Idol tour and man does he look AMAZING!!!!! TommyJoeRatliff @monterrific and I getting ready for Orah Oprah was a lot of fun.. Got to meet a lot of cool people after! Thanks so much guys!!! 🙂

Kris tweets! Apparently, LLWD hit gold! Yay!

KrisAllen Thanks for all the success with LLWD everyone. I owe it to you guys. Hopefully the first of many.

Interesting tweet, an interview maybe in NZ?

Hannah JV – And Sony just called – Adam Lambert’s confirmed for Friday morning!

Adam was just interviewed on 101.9 FX Chicago – he called from Oprah’s green room – MP3 DL Link! I’ve also embedded the podcast – Adam comes in 3/4 of the way in… Here’s a blog that mentions Adam out and about in Chicago. That Philippine concert thingee is such a mystery to me… now, David Cook and Archuleta are also a part of it??? From CebuDaily

American Idols Kris Allen, David Cook, David Archuleta and Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls will be performing live at the SM City Cebu Grounds (beside the Radisson Blu Hotel) on February 5, 2010.

Adam’s enjoying his stay in Chicago…

Nick F – Adam Lambert is eating dinner at Ping Pong in Chicago. vanewpc – @Adamlambert hi! I’m sitting next 2 you @ pingpong =) At roscoes w/ @sutanamrull my love And @Adamlambert and jade from rupauls is @ the bar loves derek_bertelsen Adam Lambert is at sidetrack in Chicago right now. Prepping for the Oprah show tomorrow I guess?! MikeMajer – Thanks for meeting us outside @adamlambert! freezing was worth the wait!! =)

Tweet from Oprah’s supervising producer…

Amy Coleman – adam lambert has left the building…. until tomorrow. i loved his hoodie sweater!! great rehearsal ..he does not disappoint!

Here’s a twitvid of Kris’ Ford commercial! ‘Alright With Me’ is playing. Now with YT! Wow, looks like 19 has lined up a bunch of promo for Kris!

Gina Orr – Ok Kris Allen fans, Kris will be doing live interviews on the news after Idol tonite on the following stations WAWS, KFTA, WBFF, WOFL… WSVN, WXIN, KTBC, KDFW, WNYW, WTTG, WAGA, KDVR, WTVT, KVVU. There is also a taped Kris Allen interview going out to FOX affiliates, but I dont know where they will pop up. Its up to the local station. LA alert – Kris will be on Good Day LA tomorrow morning around 9:20 am.

I don’t know if this person is legit, but he’s claiming that Adam is joing Kris in that Philippine concert…

Tim Yap – just got word now that adam lambert-kris allen and jabawokeez are coming to manila feb 5 to perform at mckinley hills and feb 6 in cebu. YES YOU HEARD IT RIGHT:) ADAM LAMBERT is coming out to Manila too 🙂 im here with the producers&they re thinking of making Adam the finale

Kradam on the S9 premiere! Oprah’s ex-prod is tweeting about Adam’s rehearsal…

sheri salata – helllllooooo….Adam lambert’s in the house.!! Will report back with the scoop. watching the rehearsal…new song…is hot. adam’s eyeliner particularly fab.

Some photos of Adam at the airport via JustJared Here’s another sneak preview of Adam’s WWFM! In YouTube. Vodpod videos no longer available.

Cool – Kris is going to get some nice promo on the AI show… good to remind people that the AI winner has an album out.

Gina Orr – New Kris Allen Ford commercial tonight during the season premiere of American Idol!

I don’t understand why the BSC fans just won’t get what ‘Please vote on your local radio station’ means… from IDF

Okay guys… I emailed our program director to respectfully ask if he could provide some insight on why Adam is not picking up more spins (and why it seems he may have lost a couple)… and why I don’t hear him, etc. (Delaware station 93.7 WSTW) Here was his reply: First, thanks for taking the time to put your thoughts in writing! I can give you a brief overview of our music selection process. There is no one element that dictates what we play, don’t play, how much we play a song and, when we drop from out playlist. We look at requests from all dayparts. We factor in National charts, as well as playlists from similar stations in the region. We utilize online music surveys and callout research (company calls and asks listeners for opinions on mx). Mypod countdown fit in there too. Lastly, I have an internal team that extrapolates the information and we discuss every week. Wow, that was a mouth full! 🙂 Now, for Adam. We were one of the first stations in the country to start playing his record. We were (still are) ahead of the national picture. As of today, we are playing the record more…and, have a higher chart position verses the average of Top40 radio stations in the country. As for the Mypod countdown…this is a brand new feature that allows the listeners to pick the countdown. We have no input as to how the songs rank. After a week+ of Adam at #1, our webmaster looked into the voting. Adam wasn’t on the national charts, yet he was #1 here. What we found, some people were/are cheating the system. They found a way to vote more than once. In some cases, dozens of times. Plus, we were getting votes outside our listening area…ie: Florida, California, Ohio, etc. Obviously, it was a fan club “Call to Action” campaign. Sadly, because of the actions of a few, the feature might go away. We built the program for listeners…void of our input. Now, people are unfairly “stuffing” the box. Our system keeps track of IP addresses…so, we know it’s happening. Not sure what our next step will be. Stay tunes! Thanks so much for listening Michele…and, for being so passionate about the music!!! Have a great day! Mike

So who wants to watch a sneak-peek at Adam’s WWFM music video?

Michelle Collins – EXCLUSIVE CLIP: @adamlambert ‘s “Whataya Want From Me” Music Video!

Listen to Kris Allen’s interview with Jim & Kim on 102.7 Fresh in New York. And again I ask, RCA where are adam’s radio interviews??? does not compute. Here’s the final HDD update:


Very interesting info that the RCA mod on AO posted

RCA had called dibs on signing Adam about 1 month before the finale (we have right of first refusal), not because we thought he would win or lose, but because we felt he had the greatest potential for what we can do as a company. Winning AI has hardly dictated guaranteed success so far (see Daughtry), not unlike College Football, where the best players don’t necessarily make the best NFL pros. Losing may have helped Adam’s chances by marshaling his fans to support him via the strong community we have here, but if you think we fixed that, you’re giving us way too much damn credit.

Adam is one of the ‘Who Will Be Hot in 2010’ on the UK Star Magazine – hope the int’l promo starts up in earnest soon!

Glad to see that Adam is still ‘hanging out’ with Drake… More photos here.

Adam confims the premiere of his WWFM music video on VH1. I guess that’s why FYE was pulled… And clarifies his previous tweets…

adamlambert Whataya Want From Me music video set to premiere between 6am-10am on Friday morning on VH1. Lets get one thing clear: I loooove my fans!! My comments yesterday were for a select FEW who continue to cross the line. (u know who u are. I would not be on this journey w/o the dedication and support of so many of you! I am grateful and honored. Wow just about 300,000 followers. Cray cray!!! 🙂 thanks for the support poeple!!!

Here’s Kris’ interview with Andrew Cook (David Cook’s brother): Kris’ fans from the Philippines, he’s the headliner of the MusicFest concert with Boyce Avenue and Jabbawockeez in feb 6! – you can get tickets here. Longineu, Adam’s bandmate, just confirmed that Adam will be doing two songs on Oprah. Oh joy!

Longineu – we are getting ready to do Oprah soon going to be a fun show. yeah it is going to be a fun show for sure. yes i am using the light sticks on oprah. yes we are doing two songs

Paparazzi video of Adam with his friends going to their car … And yeah, Adam tweeted about getting his privacy invaded… well, he did tell everyone where he was going… the fans were definitely showing up and reporting his every move… he was diplomatic as usual though. Photos! More photos on celebrity gossip – they think that Adam actually performed – tsk tsk

Adam Lambert And Danielle Last night on HOTEL CAFE =) on Twitpic

Some info about that Kradison Valentine free concert, care of a Kris fan who talked to Cale (Kris’ bandmate)

Kathleen Chan – Also found out the performance order for kradison concert according to cale. according to cale, kradison concert order is allison, adam, kris. allison 30 minutes, 45 mins for adam and kris.

Here’s video of Ferras & Alisan singing Aftermath, with Adam throwing a boot at them in appreciation. So where was Adam? Attending a concert by his pals. Contrary to reports pre-show, Adam did not sing Aftermath with his friends after the Creepshow concert. He was just there to support his friends. Quasi celebs who were also there included La Lohan and a Kardashian. Me- I want video of Alisan singing Speechless.

lindsav blacksatin jacket, white pullover with writing, many rings, emo spiky hair and a beautiful smile annechantal: Adam’s not singing Aftermath. Just Alisan, Ferras and Ely. Alisan begged Adam to sing with them. He threw his sparkly boots on stage instead okayviv Me: you shoulda sang, adam! AL: nahhh! It’s their concert, not mine

Extra catches up with Adam! – maybe they got video too? But it’s just an article…

The slimmed down Adam Lambert is talking to “Extra” about stopping by “Oprah,” the rumors he’s making a cameo on “Glee” and his new diet!

One of the guys from Adam’s team just tweeted about the AOL session:

DOUG ANDERSON – It’s been a long day shooting 5 songs for AOL. WWFM, Fever, Strut, If I had you, Soaked. And an interview.

So Adam was #36 on the Billboard 200 – hope he hangs in there in January! Kris is hanging on at #91. Allison may just drop out of the Top 200 next week if Jive doesn’t do something…

29 36 LAMBERT*ADAM FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT 17,236 -72 61,683 433,834 91 ALLEN*KRIS KRIS ALLEN 8,565 -71 29,495 227,970 186 IRAHETA*ALLISON JUST LIKE YOU 4,298 -64 11,884 74,309

Updates from Adam’s photoshoot

Smallz and Raskind – On the way to the studio for the Adam Lambert shoot. Got a great playlist ready thanks to his fans. Thanks 4 the help guys. To the Adam Lambert fans that r now following. He loves u guys and was glad u guys were talkin w/ me last night. He was singing along to the Beyonce that u all suggested. The photos are awesome! Ill post them as soon as I can.

Kris is still doing radio concerts!

93.3 FLZ – Meet Ball 2/13 at the Venue Info from the Tampabay blog Kris Allen, last year’s American Idol winner, is coming to the Venue in Clearwater on Feb. 13 for the Meetball, a matchmaking event sponsored by 93.3-FLZ. Thing of it as a big singles party on the Saturday before Valentine’s Day. The event is free (although it’ll be 21 and up), and it won’t be a full-fledged concert — Allen is expected to play three or four acoustic songs. Mix 94.1 – Live in the Mix Underground Lounge

We won’t have to wait that long before the Oprah Show airs!

The Oprah Show – Yes, Adam Lambert will be on the show airing on January 19th!

Looks like Adam has a photoshoot tomorrow 🙂

Smallz and Raskind – Working with Adam Lambert tomorrow. Anyone have any questions for him? Maybe I’ll ask… On the way to the studio for the Adam Lambert shoot.Got a great playlist ready thanks to his fans. Thanks 4 the help guys.

Adam shopping photos – Adam Lambert shops at Congregation of the Forgotten Saints – wonder why he has that blonde assistant with him? I want her job! From the man himself – darnit, I wanted the Glee rumor to be true!

adamlambert Glee guest star rumor: it’s a rumor. Sorry guys. Oprah: def true!!! 🙂 also filming 5 songs tommorow for AOL Sessions. 🙂 If I had to pick a show to guest star on I’d loooooooove to be on True Blood. Or Weeds. Those shows are amazing. Prob need some major acting classes though first. The casts of both those shows are first rate. Oh yeah. I’d love to be on Gossip Girl too! Leighton is amazing. I should be blairs shopping buddy. Hahah

Personally, I’m offended that David Cook is equating Adam’s AMA performance with Kanye West’s humiliating Taylor Swift

Do you have any opinion on Adam Lambert’s American Music Awards performance or is that done? Cook: I was surprised, yeah sure, but at the same token, it’s done, it’s over. At this point to me, it’s like the Kanye [West] thing. It’s old and time to move on.

Here’s a rumor for you – Adam on Glee?

Lambert would reportedly play the role of a “big-brother” type mentor to Chris Colfer’s character ‘Kurt’, who recently came out to his father and fellow members of the Glee club.

Kris Allen is very busy in Las Vegas. He did some radio promo Star 94.1 FM San Diego and MyFM (where he confirmed he also has a gig at some consumer electronics convention!)

KrisAllen Just opened up for Hendrix. Tiffany Smith – Sound check for Kris Allen. Kris Allen live at the Sony booth. #Sony #CES Ray Hartjen – Kris Allen live on the #sonyces stage

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic Kris Allen live on the #sonyces stage on Twitpic

Some of what’s in store for Adam in January!

AdamOfficial.Com – TV Appearance, 15th Annual Critics Choice Awards, Fri, 2010-01-15 (he is supposedly presenting an award) TommyJoe Ratliff – At rehearsals for oprah and aol sessions. how are you guys doin?! 🙂

*Click here for a TON of Adam photos on his Fuse interview. USA Today Idol Chatter just released the sales figures – slow and steady – Adam & Kris! It’s January, bitch!

Adam Lambert, For Your Entertainment (17,000, -72 percent, 434,000/3,000 digital, -34 percent, 54,000 digital total) Kris Allen, Kris Allen (9,000, -71 percent, 228,000/2,000 digital, -3 percent, 36,000 digital total)

If you’re in LV, Kris Allen returns to B.B. King’s Blues Club for a solo acoustic set!

2009 American Idol Kris Allen will make a special guest appearance at B.B. King’s Blues Club this Friday, performing a solo acoustic set.

Wow, looks like Kris’ LLWD is going for gold anytime now! It sold an impressive almost 87K! Adam’s WWFM is posting pretty healthy numbers too!

33 27 ALLEN*KRIS LIVE LIKE WE’RE DYING 86824 -20 109200 486240 94 80 LAMBERT*ADAM WHATAYA WANT FROM ME 38422 -16 45843 135893

So, for the life of me, I can’t see a thing, but an Adam-Tommy Joe kiss is supposedly seen in this video (after Gridlock)

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