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Ellen DeGeneres and Simon Cowell on the Cover of Entertainment Weekly

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Hmmm… did Ellen and Simon use the same stylist?

So, who else is excited about the Season 9 of American Idol? I know that die-hard fans of Idol graduates say they won’t be tuning in since they’ve found their American Idol already. Well, I’m not one of those – I like tuning in each year and discovering new people!

I’m hoping that Ellen ends up being a good judge, and maybe, if this really is Simon’s last year, maybe he won’t be bored to death this season. I also like that the producers are saying that the spotlight will be focused more on the contestants this season 9.

Anyway, EW was able to get an exclusive with Simon and Ellen and it looks like there’ll be some good back-and-forth between this two, judging from the interview. Be sure to get the EW issue out on newstands!

More Simon and Ellen on EW after the jump for those who can’t get the issue! Courtesy of mayonegg of ontd_Ai!

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Kris Allen @ BB Kings Blues Club (Return Engagement) AND Katy Allen’s Acting Debut

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Kris Allen’s first time at the BB Kings Blues Club (Las Vegas) must’ve made a good impression, since he was back there for a second gig – this time doing it acoustic with just his friend Cale on guitar with him.

His set list was : Heartless/Gangsta’s Paradise mashup, Before We come Undone, Man in the Mirror, Is it Over, Chasing Pavements (Adele Cover), Falling Slowly/With or Without You mashup, Alright With Me, Live Like We’re Dying and as an encore – Yesterday (Yes!).

As always, thanks to the fans (Uuliani, DiggyDawg007, justmellowdee, sophistigirl, shining4moon) who are willing to stalk every Kris performance for the rest of us, and share the videos generously! So, just bookmark this post as I’ll be updating as videos come up. All performances are up! Enjoy – and for photos of Kris, just click here!


* There are twitvids available of the Heartless/GP mashup and Man in the Mirror

Heartless/ Gangsta’s Paradise

Before We come Undone

Man In The Mirror

Is It Over

Chasing Pavements

Falling Slowly/With or Without You

Alright With Me

Live Like We’re Dying


He invited two kids on stage and was pretty much precious about it


Okay, I’m adding this too – it’s relevant since it’s about Kris’ wife Katy Allen. She’s been pretty open about her desire to embark on an acting career, and with the two of them based in LA now, I hope she ends up doing well. Maybe she’ll end up on a tv show or something.

Anyway, this can be considered her acting debut I guess? Katy Allen stars in the sci-fi/fantasy web series The Bloodstone Diaries. The embedded video is the first episode – ‘The Bloodstone Diaries: Sleeper’. It’s basically home-grown and filmed back in Little Rock. For more info on the series, just check out the Facebook page:

The Bloodstone Diaries is the story of Bettie Lawrence (Katy Allen), an average, all-American girl who stumbles upon a mysterious jewel with amazing powers.

P.S. I haven’t watched it yet, so really can’t say if it’s any good. But since it’s a web series, I guess my expectations are pretty low.

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Kris Allen @ Live in the Mix Underground Lounge and Allison Iraheta @ MTV Buzzworthy

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Okay, Kris and Allison’s schedules have been very busy still. As for Adam, he was doing a photoshoot and his AOL sessions tonight. Speaking of, does anyone know why Kris and Allison’s AOL sessions aren’t up on site yet???

So, anyway – Jive continues to do right by Kris with his radio promos (but what about Allison???). Kris Allen was interviewed and had a live performance at the Mix 94.1 – Live in the Mix Underground Lounge studio. He played Before We Come Undone and Live Like We’re Dying.

Mix 94.1 already uploaded video of Live Like We’re Dying. Hopefully, they’ll also have Before We Come Undone up! A fan (daemonicangel) managed to capture an MP3 of BWCU in the meantime – Direct DL Link.


Interview – Drea of Mix 94.1 (KMXB-FM) – Las Vegas

Live Like We’re Dying (MP3 DL Link)

Before We Come Undone (DL Linkright click & save)


Meanwhile, Allison was on MTV Buzzworthy, answering fan questions.

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FREE Work-Out Music Download

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This is pretty cool – Subway and The Biggest Loser have combined to give us a FREE workout mix via WorkOutMusic.Com. It runs for 60 Minutes and has some pretty popular Top 40 music included!

So head on to the give-away site to request your download! (Here’s a direct DL link for the lazy ones)

FREE Tracks:

  1. Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis
  2. American Boy – Estelle
  3. Umbrella – Rihanna
  4. Stronger – Kanye West
  5. 4 Minutes – Madonna
  6. Love Story – Taylor Swift
  7. No Surprise – Daughtry
  8. Sugar – Flo Rida
  9. Paparazzi – Lady GaGa
  10. When I Grow Up – The Pussycat Dolls
  11. Second Chance – Shinedown
  12. Damaged – Danity Kane

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FREE E-Book(s) Download – Art Instruction Books By Master Illustrator Andrew Loomis

January 9, 2010 1 comment

So, ever fancied dabbling in art? Well, how about learning from the master via out-of-print art instruction books by master illustrator Andrew Loomis? Who is Andrew Loomis? Well, he just happened to do illustrations for Satuday Evening Post and other major magazines and influenced generations of artists.

Note that all these art books are out of print – so head on to the Andrew Loomis art books page to download!

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