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Currently Listening To… ‘Get Together Tonight’ by Adam Kling & Howard Dlugasch

January 18, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

One of the ways I discover new music is via the mixes that my friends send me. I guess that means that we kind of share MP3s with each other – and yes, that is technically stealing – but we like to think of it as promo. I mean, I’ve discovered tons of new artists and bought albums based on our sharing. So, yeah, I guess that’s my confession of the day… moving on…

Anyhow… sometimes though, I like a song, and there’s not much info out there about the artist or the album! Like this one – my friend from HK sent it to me. Apparently, it was featured in one of the promos on Star TV and she and her friends went bonkers over this song ‘Get Together Tonight‘ by Adam Kling & Howard Dlugasch.

I didn’t quite get it myself, but I added it to my playlist, and after a couple of listens – damn, I kinda really really like it! I’m not exactly sure why, since the lyrics ain’t much (‘Give me one reason’ – pretty much repeated in different variations…), the song is kinda tuneless, and the singer isn’t so much singing as speaking in a sing-song way. But whatever, there’s a charm to it that kinda burrows under the skin, and… it’s kinda sexy, really. You’re kinda like doing the ‘come hither’ gesture to someone you really want to do the dirty with… LOL… I don’t know, give it a couple of listens yourself…

The thing is – there’s like virtually no info on this song or this guy or whatever album this comes from. It was just being shared around in her school, and she in turn shared it with me. So I guess this is kind of like a PSA – Are there any fans of Adam Kling out there who can tell me info about him and his album???

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