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Adam Lambert Performs ‘Strut’ on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

January 26, 2010 9 comments

ETA : Replaced the video with an HD version!

How cool is it that Ellen had Adam back on her show for her birthday? You can watch other videos from Ellen’s Birthday episode on her website.

I wonder why Adam picked ‘Strut’ though – IMO it doesn’t sound so good live, especially the beginning which sounds so weird – it kinda picks up later when Adam starts to wail (where he sounds fantastic), but I don’t know – I kinda hate ‘Strut’ live. It needs back-up singers and dancers I think. Otherwise, it feels flat and Adam sounds so ‘alone’ just singing it to his backing track. He looked like he was having a lot of fun dancing though… And Tommy did good in the guitar parts 🙂

Was Adam serious about the Ellen underwear thing??? ETA : Okay, it’s real, but Adam was joking about the sweaty thing (coz ewww)… the framed photo and a signed (new & never worn) Ellen underwear is up for bids on Ebay and whataya know – the bids are 1.5K $3,150.00 $7,605.00 $8,500.00 (!!!) right now? Crazy huh?

* Moving the video that’s on Ellen’s website, with the underwear mention to after the jump! *

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Top Sites Tuesday – Two Thoughts on Tuesday

January 26, 2010 12 comments

Hmmm… It’s Top Sites Tuesday time again! So, what’s on my mind this tuesday… hmmm… amazing how the mind empties pretty fast when you’re forcing it to be creative!

Thought #1: Where do books go to die? Now that’s a whimsical thought! Books that I’ve read and loved live on forever in me – I’ve even been known to re-read them every once in a while. But what about the books that I couldn’t bring myself to finish? I was just going through my library, and I realized that I basically have a graveyard of sorts. These are books that I bought for one reason or another – the author was familiar to me, the blurb on the back of the book sounded interesting, the cover looked good, it was recommended to me – but after reading a couple of chapters, it becomes clear to me that the book is so bad that it’s better to cut my losses and not waste any more time.

For example, Piers Anthony’s ‘Jumper Cable‘ ended up in my library simply because I remember reading his Xanth series once upon a time and actually enjoying them. Well, a couple of chapters in and I knew that the whole book was a load of trash and seemed to be written by a sexually-frustrated 14-year-old-boy for other sexually-frustrated 14-year-olds (with apologies to 14-year-olds everywhere). What do you do with a book like that? I can’t read it, I can’t give it away (my friends might question our friendship moving forward), I can’t sell it (I have too much respect for other book lovers)… so it just lies around gathering dust. And I’ve got a couple of these paper-weights lying around… Maybe it’s time for me to get rid of the book graveyard and have a big old bonfire???

Thought #2: In a world of digital music, what does everyone do with the piles of CDs we have collected all our lives?

And I’m not talking about that Beatles or Queen collectors edition that you would only part with on threat of death – but just that odd CD or two that you bought because they were the trend or you just liked maybe two songs off the whole album or it was given as a gift so there’s some sentimental value to it – some may even be beloved albums when you were like thirteen, but haven’t listened to a note since high school. And somehow, these just multiplied and before you know it… it’s a big old graveyard of CDs that are basically space-occupying lesions. And no one else will want them too. It’s easy enough to just put everything in storage… and just forget about them. So, yeah, basically, I just pray that my parents won’t be needing the space in the near future… Or maybe I should just throw them all away in the trash???

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Adam Lambert’s Media Blitz in Toronto!

January 26, 2010 Leave a comment

** Adam Lambert’s Whataya Want From Me music video is now available on iTunes! **

Adam Lambert is really packing a lot in his two-day visit to Toronto! Nothing big or splashy and I really wish he had a club show scheduled (like with Ke$ha)… but the Canadian fans were enthusiastic and the Canadian djs are totally made of win! Why can’t American djs be as cool???

Anyway, all the Canadian related media are all collected here (they were all previously at the Stalkerazzi post but became too unwieldy for there!) to be perused at your leisure. So be sure to bookmark this post for updates!


The Shaun Proulx Show: Adam Lambert Interview

Adam with XTRA

Art and Life: Adam Lambert

The Hook Interview via inMusic

Fan-taken vid, Adam outside Much Music

Adam on QTV

Adam on the Aftershow

Adam Lambert on MTV

MTV Live – Paul the Intern and Adam Lambert

Adam with MTV’s Jesse Cruickshank

Adam on the Daily Fix Part 1

Adam on the Daily Fix Part 2

Adam on Dose.CA

Adam Lambert on Slice.CA Q& A (Part 3)

Adam Lambert on the Daily Fix (Promo – will air on Monday)

Here’s Part 2 of Adam’s interview with Slice.CA

* Inmusic Canada has a page just for Adam, and supposedly there’s Behind-the-scenes video from WWFM there, but player doesn’t work for me. So, thank goodness for YouTube! DL links! (Link 1 or Link 2)

Adam Lambert with Slice.CA’s Urban Fashionista – Part 1

Adam Lambert on MTV News (Canada)

* All Adam’s videos from Much Music (MOD) is now up on their website! *

Adam Lambert on eTalk

Adam Lambert on Kiss 92.5 (with Cash Conners)

Adam Lambert in studio with Virgin Radio’s Billie (Toronto Virgin Radio 99.9)

Adam on ET Canada

Adam on Much Music – wow, the kids are craaazy! I bet Adam needed some alcohol to recover from that! (via Glamfan2010)

Another set of Adam on Much Music – via CoconutGhosts

Adam Lambert on 680 News Radio
Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Adam Lambert on 680 News“, posted with vodpod

Some Fan-taken Videos



Adam on eTalk 20

Interview with Shaun Proulx

Interview with Jesse

Adam Lambert on 97.3 The Wave (this one is unedited – has commercials etc.)

Adam on Proud FM! MP3 DL link 1 or Link 2!

Adam on Virgin Radio 95.3 Vancouver – You can listen to the podcast here! Also, MP3 DL link.

Adam on Montreal’s VIRGIN 96 BREAKFAST SHOW – MP3 DL Link via LittleBee of IDF ETA : This is the posted podcast! ETA : They fixed it – Part 1 and Part 2 of the podcast!

Complete Podcast from CBC Q Radio – Adam is in the last third of the broadcast

Adam on Kiss 92.5! MP3 DL Link

Adam on CBC Q radio MP3 DL link

Adam on CHUM-FM (check out the photogallery!) MP3 download link. Another MP3 DL Link.



* More photos here!

Hanging out with @adamlambert on Twitpic Adam!!!! on Twitpic People going craaaazy for Adam! on Twitpic
Joining us in studio today, @adamlambert - and find out what ... on Twitpic Adam Lambert at Q, CBS Radio Canada 1-25-10 on Twitpic Adam Lambert up early co-hosting the ETALK 20 with Ben this m... on Twitpic
IMG00126-20100125-1738.jpg on Twitpic ADAM LAMBERT AGAIN. on Twitpic
RFUREUNAEHJNFWHSRG. on Twitpic @adamlambert looking gorgeous as usual (: on Twitpic Highlight of my day. Thank you @adamlambert for being such a ... on Twitpic
adam lambert et canada starstruck on Twitpic ADAM LAMBERT ET CANADA on Twitpic ADAM LAMBERT ET CANADA on Twitpic
Adam Lambert with Jessi & I !! He's SO SWEET on Twitpic Adam Lambert visits with Parlour Salon's Suzzi! www.parlours... on Twitpic Front page :) on Twitpic
Adam Lambert at Much Music Toronto, Jan. 24, 10 on Twitpic Adam Lambert with VJ from Much Music Toronto, Jan. 24, 10 on Twitpic Adam Lambert-Much Music Toronto, Jan. 24, 10 on Twitpic



Interview: Adam Lambert Just Another Fan by Leah Collins,

The morning of our interview, People Magazine ran a picture of Lambert chilling with Justin Timberlake at a luxe Screen Actors Guild Awards afterparty. That sort of thing, says Lambert, “that’s pretty surreal.”
“It was just such a treat to be able to talk to him for a couple of minutes,” says Lambert of how Timberlake and “his people” came over to introduce themselves at a SAG party that past weekend. “He’s a really smart guy and I respect what he does as a musician and a creator so much, it was really cool. And he knew who I was! It was like, ‘I can’t believe Justin Timberlake knows who I am,’” he says, talking out of the side of his mouth, conspiratorially.

IDOL CHIT CHAT Adam Lambert by Ben Kaplan, National Post

In Toronto to talk up For Your Entertainment, his debut gold record released in November, Lambert comes across as nonchalant, friendly and keen to keep his fame in perspective.
After all, he was an understudy in a production of Wicked before hearing the siren call of reality TV. From the outset, the singer was mindful of how he came across on television.
“I like playing dress-up, I like going out, I like taking pride in how I look,” he says, citing David Bowie, Boy George, Motley Crue and Michael Jackson as influences. “My look is androgynous and over-the-top, but makeup and nail polish are just part of the story. Musicians used to want to feel sexy — I honestly don’t know what changed.”

Adam Lambert is tall in real life By: Aliya-Jasmine (MTV Canada)

As for the MUSIC: his album is all over the place, and that’s his style. No box, no “genre”, no tone, he just wants to do whatever, from now on. And the song “Strut” isn’t about “coming out”…but “after math” is.

Preview of Adam’s chat with Proud.FM with photos!

One moment he was shooting a quick segment for one of those “make me look like a celebrity” reality shows, the next he was getting his nails done with another interviewer, then a cosmetics company showed up and did some big ass-kissy presentation about giving him free mascara blah blah blah.
All the while, to his great credit, he was extremely sweet and patient, in an endearing, genuine, not jaded kind of way. And once our time came to shoot an interview, he was completely engaged and open and lovely. My chat with him airs tomorrow on PROUD FM at 5:10 pm EST and you can watch it in the new batches of episodes we’re getting ready to air in a few weeks on OutTV.

Adam Lambert works at getting beyond ‘the kiss’ By Ben Rayner (The Star Toronto) – darn it, he’s still being punished???

“The TV networks have been punishing me for it. They wouldn’t let me do any live TV. They still haven’t,” says Lambert, 27 (until Friday), reclining beneath a painting of Marilyn Monroe in a trendy Ossington Ave. boite. “I’m not bothered by it anymore. It is what it is and I do think it’ll blow over. Time heals and people are fickle and all that. But it’s even made some other networks nervous about other projects, ones I shouldn’t talk about for `political’ reasons.

“It’s too bad. Especially because, I feel, the media has a responsibility to progress society. It would be really nice if the media tried to open their minds and desensitize certain parts of the U.S. to certain things. I see straight people kissing all the time, so why is two men kissing obscene?”

Lambert – in town this week for a Monday MuchMusic appearance and some interviews before he heads to the Grammy Awards Sunday night as a fashion correspondent for Entertainment Tonight – has earned innumerable cool points by refusing to apologize ever since. Still, there’s been some speculation that For Your Entertainment has stalled about 40,000 copies shy of gold status in the States because of lingering homophobia.

For his part, Lambert is just incensed that 1,500 angry letters to the FCC in a nation of 300 million can have such repercussions. Team Lambert, for instance, is still trying to figure out what scale of tour it should mount this year, if any.

Adam Lambert as wild as ever By JANE STEVENSON (Toronto Sun)

For Your Entertainment has sold 457,000 copies since its late-November release. That is below expectations, according to Entertainment Weekly, and Lambert admits the AMAs controversy might have hurt sales.
“It might have turned some people off. But, you know, I don’t regret it. I think it’s me. I’m being myself. And I think with as many people that might have been turned off, there are just as many people, I hope, that saw what I was doing and enjoyed it.”


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Read Online Full – ‘The Mysterious Benedict Society’ By Trenton Lee Stewart

January 26, 2010 4 comments

Product Description:


Dozens of children respond to this peculiar ad in the newspaper and are then put through a series of mind-bending tests, which readers take along with them. Only four children – Reynie, Kate, Sticky, and Constance – succeed. Their challenge: to go on a secret mission that only the most intelligent and inventive children could complete. To accomplish it they will have to go undercover at the Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened, where the only rule is that there are no rules. But what they’ll find in the hidden labyrinth of the school’s underground tunnels is more than your average school supplies.

First-time children’s novelist Trenton Lee Stewart takes readers on an adventure that puts friends, family, and foe to the test. Are you up to the challenge?

Click here or on the book cover above to be able to read the novel in its entirety online via the Hachette Book Group (hurry, since it’s not indicated when this offer expires).

It’s not really a free e-book in the sense that you can download and read later at your leisure, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers, right?

The site uses “Open Book” technology and looks like pages of pdf actually. Very easy to use and the pages are set at 100% with clear font, so it’s no biggie 🙂 And if you like it, support the author by buying a copy (Where to buy)!

* I was just checking up on this author, and looks like he’s written two more books in the series! The Mysterious Benedict Society has two sequels: The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey and The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner’s Dilemma.

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