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Adam Lambert’s Concert at Fantasy Springs Resort

February 28, 2010 5 comments


So, Adam Lambert just performed for approx 3,500 fans at his sold out concert at the Fantasy Springs Resort (Fantasy Springs Special Events Center). Tweets report an epic night, and Adam was going for a tribal look with feathers and jewelry! And the lucky attendees had a first listen on unreleased tracks ‘Can’t Let You Go’ and ‘Voodoo’. I am so hoping someone recorded those!

His set list: For Your Entertainment, If I Had You, Strut, Sure Fire Winners, Soaked, (Acoustic) Whataya Want From Me, (Acoustic) Mad World, (Acoustic) Broken Open, (Acoustic) Whole Lotta Love, Music Again, Sleepwalker, Fever, Down the Rabbit Hole.

ETA : Tinafea from the Planet Fierce fan forum recorded the entire concert’s audio! Download her files and burn your own Live CD! P.S. Here are the same files in iPod ready M4a files! Also, better late than never! Check out the TALCvids front view vids of Adam!

Reports were that videos and cameras not allowed, but hey, no one can be as sneaky as American Idol fans. So, yes, there are videos. Just bookmark this post – I’ll be embedding the videos as they appear (previous odds & ends on the concert are HERE) 🙂 Thanks to the fans (suz526, TALCvids, boys3girls0inSD, Uuliani, anthrogeekPF, *bleedingjapanese, *saran131, *cos2mwiz, *MyHero1217, *Maple8188, *lekispop) for sharing as always!

(*won’t embed anymore since I’ve got all the songs, just check out the youtube channels, or just check out Terra J’s playlist where she’s picked out the best vids!)


* Partial recording of Can’t Let You Go

Video of Adam leaving Fantasy Springs

* This is the Official Studio of Voodoo!

For Your Entertainment (suz526) – MP3 DL Link

If I Had You (suz526)

Strut (suz526, boys3girls0inSD)

Sure Fire Winners (suz526)

Soaked (boys3girls0inSD)

Whataya Want From Me (TALCvids, suz526)

Mad World (TALCvids, boys3girls0inSD)

Broken Open (Acoustic) (TALCvids, suz526, boys3girls0inSD) – MP3 DL Link

Whole Lotta Love (Acoustic) (anthrogeekPF, TALCvids, suz526, boys3girls0inSD, Uuliani) – MP3 DL Link

Music Again (TALCvids, suz526)

Sleepwalker (TALCvids, suz526, boys3girls0inSD)

Fever (anthrogeekPF, TALCvids, suz526)

Down the Rabbit Hole (anthrogeekPF, TALCvids)



* More HQ photos HERE! and on Metromix Gallery! And on this photobucket! and Flickr Account!

taken by @StudsandStripes on Twitpic (via @StudsandStripes) on Twitpic
(via @StudsandStripes) on Twitpic (via @StudsandStripes) on Twitpic (via @StudsandStripes) on Twitpic
(via @StudsandStripes) on Twitpic (via @StudsandStripes) on Twitpic (via @StudsandStripes) on Twitpic
(via @StudsandStripes) on Twitpic (via @StudsandStripes) on Twitpic (via @StudsandStripes) on Twitpic
(via @StudsandStripes) on Twitpic I'll upload a few more on Twitpic Here's another on Twitpic


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Kris Allen Interview with Reality Rocks

February 27, 2010 Leave a comment

(Video from Yahoo Reality Rocks)

Hmm… so this is Kris on set at Gigantic, a new TV show on Nickelodeon, where he has an acting cameo (Just wondering why his bandmate Cale was there, though…) Lyndsey Parker managed to get a short interview with Kris, and in addition to his involvement with Haiti relief efforts, he’ll also be flying into Rwanda this month. Kris makes a good American Idol ambassador 🙂 (p.s. If you haven’t yet, be sure to download Kris’ live rendition of ‘Let It Be’ on iTunes – 100% of profits go to Haiti relief efforts).

Wonder if IGB will also include Chile to the list after that 8.8 intensity earthquake. Scary, right? A Luxembourg-sized iceberg recently split off from the Antarctic continent too. Just praying for the best right now.

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Kradam Fan Video (I Like This One!)

February 27, 2010 Leave a comment

I haven’t watched any Kradam fan videos for some time now – saw this one and couldn’t stop myself from smiling 🙂 The music is ‘You Got Me‘ by Colbie Caillat. Maybe I should check her album ‘Breakthrough’ out? I kinda like the song – it’s a bit sappy, but I can imagine times in my life that would need a sappy song to get me through it.

Hope they do remain friends for a long, long time. The world would be a better place. I hate it when their fans war against each other – why can’t they each be successful in their own way and everyone be happy about it?

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Kris Allen & Allison Iraheta on the Radio!

February 27, 2010 2 comments

So, Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta both stopped by Ryan Seacrest’s show for brief interviews this morning.

I wish that Kris was just a tad more articulate when talking about Haiti. He’s sincere about his wish to help, but I wish he could be more expressive about Haiti’s needs. Still pimping Kris’ ‘Let It Be’ which hopefully will be available for download in the near future NOW on iTunes (OMG – brb downloading right now!). For the Kradam-ers, notice how Kris knew Ryan was referring to Adam when he mentioned his ‘boy’? lol … And there goes Ryan with his hang-ups with Katy as usual…

Allison’s interview was pretty cool, I was surprised! She wasn’t as spazzy as before. But why wasn’t Scars played in its entirety instead of that snippet?

Kris fan scoobyld on YouTube has been collecting a bunch of Kris’ radio vids and interviews too! I didn’t know that Kris was doing so much radio promo still…


Kris Allen interview with Ryan Seacrest

Allison Iraheta with Ryan Seacrest

Kris Allen Q92 Interview

Kris Allen with Ryan Seacrest (Video)

Allison Iraheta with Ryan Seacrest

Radio Disney Videos (Interview, Heartless, Live Like We’re Dying)

Kris Allen on Radio Disney Take-over Part 1 & 2

Kris Allen In Control At 104.3 MyFM


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Adam Lambert Answers the Same Old Questions (Access Hollywood)

February 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Here’s the full Access Hollywood interview that didn’t make it to on-air. Adam Lambert answers the same questions again and again… good thing he has that special quality of answering enthusiastically as if it were his first time 🙂

Points of Topic:

  • Simon and Ellen
  • New Q! Is Alex Lambert a relative? (A: No. But he knows Todrick Hall – no wonder he was rooting for Hall)
  • Bill O’Reilly
  • WWFM doing well (Awww… peeps continue voting to keep the video on VH1 as #1… Adam was so sweetly proud about that!)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Access Hollywood : Adam Lambert on Si…“, posted with vodpod

(Access Hollywood Extended Interview)

ETA : You can view the video (with Adam talking about the skater Weir) that aired after the jump!
Read more…

Kris Allen & Allison Iraheta @ AI Season 9 Top 24 Results Night

February 26, 2010 2 comments
[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=kris+allen&iid=7766142″ src=”9/9/7/a/The_52nd_Annual_bde6.jpg?adImageId=10737486&imageId=7766142″ width=”187″ height=”268″ /] [picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=allison+iraheta&iid=7362799″ src=”0/4/c/4/Z100s_Jingle_Ball_1800.jpg?adImageId=10737528&imageId=7362799″ width=”187″ height=”268″ /]

I have a feeling I’m supposed to think that we had ‘shocker’ eliminations tonight, but I can’t quite make myself care. That’s bad, right? I just feel that, okay, yes, there were other contestants who sang worse than Janell Wheeler, Ashley Rodriguez (okay, maybe not her), Joe Munoz (okay, he was okay, but he was so fodder, so I’m putting his elimination squarely on producer’s shoulders who never gave him 5 secs) and Tyler Grady, but it’s not like they performed really well either so that I’d be really sad that they’re leaving. And if things continue as they are, I don’t think I’ll be caring who stays or leaves in the weeks up ahead either. Wow, Simon must be really happy this is his last year!

So, the highlight of the results show was the return of Allison Iraheta and Idol champ Kris Allen. If you’re a regular on my blog, then you know that I absolutely love ‘Scars’ (check it out on iTunes). I think it’s the best ballad from Allison’s album, and the message of the song is something that anyone at any age can identify with. I thought that Allison sang it really well on the show (except at the end when she got distracted), and I’m hoping that this jumpstarts album sales for her. Whoever is picking her outfits out should be fired though, what on earth was she wearing? The last time I liked Allison’s look was when she did ‘Slow Ride’ with Adam.

Kris wasn’t on the show to pimp his album, but to talk about American Idol’s partnership with the UN Foundation for Haiti Relief. If you’d like to help out some more, just head on to AmericanIdol.Com or the UN Foundation to donate. And since pictures are always more effective than words, Kris sings ‘Let It Be’ set to a video backdrop of his trip to Haiti and interactions with the people there. The UN Foundation YouTube channel has a whole bunch of Kris’ vids from his trip if you’re interested in watching.

Just on a shallow note, since Kris wasn’t there to pimp out what a good singer he is – I just wanted to point out that’s how you rework and re-arrange a song to make it your own without killing the melody and song structure. I thought ‘Let It Be’ was lovely, and yes, not vocally perfect, but sung with such heartfelt emotion and connection with the song, which is what I’ve always loved about Kris.


AmericanIdol.Com Interview with Kris and Allison
[clearspring_widget title=”Kris Allen & Allison Iraheta” wid=”49e3b4acb258ffb9″ pid=”4b8a5cfbbabc9ffc” width=”335″ height=”351″ domain=””]Want more American Idol videos? Click here.

Allison Iraheta Sings Scars
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Kris Allen Sings Let It Be
Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Kris Allen Sings Let It Be (AI Season…“, posted with vodpod

Kris Allen Interview
Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Kris Allen Interview (AI Season 9 Top…“, posted with vodpod

(Videos by mjsbigblog)


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FREE MP3 Download – Seven (Live) by Dave Matthews Band

February 25, 2010 2 comments

Dave Matthews Band is going on their European 2010 tour, and as a gift for loyal fans, we can download their song ‘Seven’ (live) for FREE from their website.

Just click HERE to request the FREE track! You’ll have to give-up your e-mail address, but hey, that’s why you make a special e-mail account just for this, right?

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Another Useful FREE E-Book for the Aspiring Author

February 25, 2010 Leave a comment

I found another FREE e-book that could be useful to the aspiring author (to add to the books I posted about before).

For a limited time, you can download this ebook ‘The Storyteller’s Art: How Not to Bore Your Reader to Sleep, Tears, or Homicide’ by Francis Porretto. That title’s a mouthful, but I think it’d be interesting to check out the author’s suggestions, and it’s free anyway.

Ebook Description:

Do you want to tell memorable, vivid, life-altering stories? With plots that embed real knowledge about the natures and ways of men? Do you want to create characters that will haunt your readers’ dreams? Do you want to learn the discipline to unite all the above, without overdressing your plots or distoring your characters to make them serve a theme for which they’re ill-equipped? Start here!

If you’re interested, just check it out on Smashwords!

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