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Currently Listening To… Sausalito Foxtrot’s ‘Everyday’ (Valentine’s Day OST)

February 18, 2010 2 comments

So, I’m one of those lazy people who like to get original motion picture soundtracks. I’ve found that it’s a cheap and painless way to get playlists of really good songs – I mean, there had to be a reason the songs were picked for a movie’s soundtrack, right? And I’m usually pretty happy with the OSTs I get.

So, anyway, no I did NOT watch the movie ‘Valentine’s Day’ – didn’t see the point especially with the horrendous reviews it got. And I firmly believe that when there are more than 5 BIG NAME stars starring together in one movie at the same time, odds are it’s overkill & not going to be any good. Unless, George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon are starring in it 😉 But I did give the OST a listen, and came away very happy with the selection.

The Valentine’s Day OST has 18 tracks in total, with song contributions from Taylor Swift (two songs from the cannot-sing-live-to-save-herself Grammy champ), Amy Winehouse, Willie Nelson, the Bird and the Bee, Michael Franti, Maroon 5, Ben E. King, Jewel etc. In other words, the OST is as star-studded as the movie, but it works 🙂 It’s a really eclectic collection of songs and a good way to get songs from artists you would never listen to ordinarily – there are even dance hall tunes and reggae – all perfect for listening for the romantic-at-heart! Whoever picked the tracks chose well, as far as I’m concerned.

Obviously, since I am currently listening to Sausalito Foxtrot’s ‘Everyday‘, that’s my favorite track from the album. I am ashamed to admit that I’ve never heard of Sausalito Foxtrot before in my life, but with such a fab name, I am promising myself to check her music out. The Bird and the Bee is a personal favorite of mine too, and ‘I’m Into Something Good‘ is my next fave on this soundtrack. Michael Franti jams in a really fun song ‘Say Hey (I Love You)‘ and Jamiroquai & Jools Holland give us ‘I’m In the Mood for Love‘ that I’m just loving dancing to…

All in all, I’m pretty happy with the soundtrack – so if you’re into OSTs too like I am – give it a listen!

Valentine’s Day: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is available on Amazon as an MP3 Album ($7.99) or Audio CD ($11.99). It’s also available on iTunes for $9.99.

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Album Review – Brooke White’s Live Session EP (iTunes Exclusive)

February 18, 2010 1 comment

EP Tracks:

  1. Rhiannon (Piano Version) [Live]
  2. Hold Up My Heart (Piano Version) [Live]
  3. Radio Radio (Acoustic Version) [Live]
  4. High Hopes & Heartbreak (Piano Version)
  5. Take It Away (Piano Version) [Live]

Okay, just an aside before I go to the review… I don’t know about you, but current American Idol Top 24 contestant Didi Benami reminds me of a much more emotionally fragile Brooke White. I mean, Brooke White was pretty fragile on her season, but she wasn’t sobbing every other minute like Didi is. I’m kinda wondering how Didi is going to deal with all the Idol craziness what with her penchant for bursting into tears (of sadness, of happiness…) at a drop of a hat…

So anyway, did anyone catch American Idol using Brooke White’s ‘California Song‘ from her album ‘High Hopes & Heartbreak‘ in a montage in one of the Hollywood Rounds last week? I really wish that Idol would start putting labels on the side, so people would know what song is playing on the background… Okay, I am so RAMBLING… sorry… but I decided to check out what’s up with Brooke White and I found that she had released an iTunes Live Sessions EP! (Now, I’m wishing that Adam/Kris/Allison will also release one!)

Brooke White’s music has always struck me like she’d stumbled into a time machine back in the 70s and somehow got transported to the present time. Michael Slezak from EW has described Brooke’s music “like they’d have dominated AM radio back in the ’70s” and even though I wasn’t alive to listen to radio back then, I would imagine that he is right. This iTunes Live Sessions EP would have fit really well back then too. If you want a break from the current pop songs, give Brooke’s EP a listen – it’s completely retro-chic and acoustic – and I think that it has a place in current music too. Sometimes, you just need to lie back, relax and let someone’s voice coax you into a comfortable peaceful limbo…

Definitely check out Brooke’s cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rhiannon‘ on this EP – I love her vocals on this song. I’m not surprised that this track is the most popular track for downloads from the EP. Because in terms of ‘quality’ of songwriting, Brooke’s not there yet with her original songs. She has the ‘old’ in her sound, but her original songs aren’t really that good, especially when compared to something from Fleetwood Mac (or even Kings of Leon from her cover of ‘Use Somebody‘ on her album). I did find the non-discofied version of ‘High Hopes & Heartbreak‘ much more palatable than the original song – the piano-only version on the EP imbued it with an almost ethereal magical quality missing from the version on her album.

My personal favorite is ‘Take It Away‘ – it is so stripped down & raw (just her voice and a guitar) and has that low quality echo-y thing going on – like she’s just jamming in a garage or bathroom or something and she just made a recording for kicks. I’m not sure why I find that so cool, but I do 🙂

Check out Brooke White’s Live Session EP on iTunes – it’s only $4.95! That’s like two coffees from Starbucks – and it’ll last a lot longer and still leave you with a comfortable warm and happy feeling in your insides! (that came out all wrong, but you get my gist, right?)

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