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Adam Lambert’s Concert at Fantasy Springs Resort

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So, Adam Lambert just performed for approx 3,500 fans at his sold out concert at the Fantasy Springs Resort (Fantasy Springs Special Events Center). Tweets report an epic night, and Adam was going for a tribal look with feathers and jewelry! And the lucky attendees had a first listen on unreleased tracks ‘Can’t Let You Go’ and ‘Voodoo’. I am so hoping someone recorded those!

His set list: For Your Entertainment, If I Had You, Strut, Sure Fire Winners, Soaked, (Acoustic) Whataya Want From Me, (Acoustic) Mad World, (Acoustic) Broken Open, (Acoustic) Whole Lotta Love, Music Again, Sleepwalker, Fever, Down the Rabbit Hole.

ETA : Tinafea from the Planet Fierce fan forum recorded the entire concert’s audio! Download her files and burn your own Live CD! P.S. Here are the same files in iPod ready M4a files! Also, better late than never! Check out the TALCvids front view vids of Adam!

Reports were that videos and cameras not allowed, but hey, no one can be as sneaky as American Idol fans. So, yes, there are videos. Just bookmark this post – I’ll be embedding the videos as they appear (previous odds & ends on the concert are HERE) 🙂 Thanks to the fans (suz526, TALCvids, boys3girls0inSD, Uuliani, anthrogeekPF, *bleedingjapanese, *saran131, *cos2mwiz, *MyHero1217, *Maple8188, *lekispop) for sharing as always!

(*won’t embed anymore since I’ve got all the songs, just check out the youtube channels, or just check out Terra J’s playlist where she’s picked out the best vids!)


* Partial recording of Can’t Let You Go

Video of Adam leaving Fantasy Springs

* This is the Official Studio of Voodoo!

For Your Entertainment (suz526) – MP3 DL Link

If I Had You (suz526)

Strut (suz526, boys3girls0inSD)

Sure Fire Winners (suz526)

Soaked (boys3girls0inSD)

Whataya Want From Me (TALCvids, suz526)

Mad World (TALCvids, boys3girls0inSD)

Broken Open (Acoustic) (TALCvids, suz526, boys3girls0inSD) – MP3 DL Link

Whole Lotta Love (Acoustic) (anthrogeekPF, TALCvids, suz526, boys3girls0inSD, Uuliani) – MP3 DL Link

Music Again (TALCvids, suz526)

Sleepwalker (TALCvids, suz526, boys3girls0inSD)

Fever (anthrogeekPF, TALCvids, suz526)

Down the Rabbit Hole (anthrogeekPF, TALCvids)



* More HQ photos HERE! and on Metromix Gallery! And on this photobucket! and Flickr Account!

taken by @StudsandStripes on Twitpic (via @StudsandStripes) on Twitpic
(via @StudsandStripes) on Twitpic (via @StudsandStripes) on Twitpic (via @StudsandStripes) on Twitpic
(via @StudsandStripes) on Twitpic (via @StudsandStripes) on Twitpic (via @StudsandStripes) on Twitpic
(via @StudsandStripes) on Twitpic (via @StudsandStripes) on Twitpic (via @StudsandStripes) on Twitpic
(via @StudsandStripes) on Twitpic I'll upload a few more on Twitpic Here's another on Twitpic


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  1. buffy522
    March 1, 2010 at 1:47 am

    I am really enjoying this website. Daily (at least) posts of new Adam doings and other fun stuff. Love this concert. Hoping that one day I will go to one before they get so big and will post for you. So glad it was sold out.

  2. ivy
    March 1, 2010 at 1:49 pm

    Thank you for posting this review and all the videos. I was at the concert and it was absolutely amazing…the crowd was sooo enthusiastic and he was even better than the CD if that could be possible. What a performer!!!! The hour went by sooo fast…we really, really, really wanted that encore one more performance!! AND…altho we were able to purchase Adam Sourvenir buttons….it would have made everyone there so happy to have been able to purchase a concert t-shirt, etc….hopefully next time that will be available. And our group of 8 will hopefully get to enjoy another concert soon….his star is rising and what a ride it is going to be! Adam…you are one fantastic person to watch…..

  3. March 3, 2010 at 1:06 am

    Ever since the world came to know Adam Lambert (could it have been barely a year ago? It’s hard to remember life before Adam), our ears have been yearning to hear the Voice, the one we became besotted with in his American Idol covers of classics, set free to carry songs bearing his original stamp. The CD has flown off shelves and reached Gold status, but if there was one consistent complaint, it was that the pop-synth production tended to homogenize his wondrous human instrument. With his first solo, full-length concert last night at Fantasy Springs, Adam has fulfilled our yearning, unfurling the unique, luscious timbres of his voice in a beautifully considered acoustic interlude. The performance was all we desired, and more – it was an epiphany.

    Read more at “Mystical Shaman of the Acoustic”

  4. ZoJo
    March 10, 2010 at 3:22 am

    Damn…. I do NOT care how over the top he gets, I still just love him and hope to see him live this summer !!!

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