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So, Who Did You Vote For @ the American Idol Top 20 (Men’s Edition)?

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Well, as the saying goes, the show must go on. And the men/boys of American Idol Season 9 just found out at 10:20 this morning that they were up instead of the girls. So, how’d they hold up? Well, nowhere to go but up right?

As before, it’s hard to muster up even a Top 3 from this group – as a group, they are still terrified and uncomfortable and confused about what they are doing on AI. And man, they really like to choose boring songs, do they? Still, many did show improvement – so baby steps?

Hell hath freezed over, because guess what, I liked Alex Lambert singing ‘Everybody Knows’ by John Legend the best! Yes, he still looks uncomfortable as hell – but being able to sit down and strum on his guitar helped with the nerves a little, and I could actually concentrate on his voice for once without worrying that he’d burst into tears the next second. Alex does have a very distinctive vocal tone that’s very pleasing to my ears. And here’s the thing, I actually checked out his iTunes download from last week and without his petrified mug in front of me, he actually sounded better than I recalled. Now, I’m hoping he survives to the top 12 since I’m looking forward to at least one iTunes studio recording out of him. (Plus, I give him plus points for not only being brave enough to reveal that he invented his own language but he also gave us a little demo – like how geeky is that?)

Michael Lynche singing ‘This is a Man’s World’ by James Brown also showed considerable improvement. He’s definitely competent – but like with Casey last week – I think that the judges overpraised him. But plus points for his being a footballer AND a theater geek – hey, we got ourselves a real-life Finn!

I actually thought that Casey James was better tonight than last week, singing ‘I Don’t Want To Be’ by Gavin DeGraw- and he was one of the few who chose an energetic number that didn’t make me want to go to sleep. He’s very comfortable with the guitar and I guess he couldn’t resist showing off a few riffs, but much like with Crystal last week, dude, you only have around 90 seconds to sing for us, don’t screw yourself by making half of it instrumental. And he has to get rid of that frozen, goofy smile. Last week, I thought it was just because of Kara, but he had the same exact expression again.

Listen to Everybody Knows, This is a Man’s World and I Don’t Want To Be:

As for the other guys? Boring and I can’t even remember them. As for the others I remember… Todrick Hall tried to make the Tina Turner song his own – and yes, he didn’t quite murder the original song this time around – but man, he only showed all his vocal limitations with that slowed down arrangement. And whatayaknow, Jermaine Sellers still hasn’t met a song he can’t oversing badly – please tell me he’s off my tv by next week? I sure hope that God won’t be intervening for him.

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  1. Gee
    March 3, 2010 at 1:34 pm

    I feel the judges are full of crap. If one singer makes changes to the song to make it their own, the judges say just sing the song. If another contestant sings the song as recorded they say it was predictable, no surprises. I feel they know who they want to be in the final 5 and their already attempting to sway the voting.

    • March 3, 2010 at 8:11 pm

      Yeah, the judges are confusing the hell out of the contestants this year. That being said, like with Todrick – I’d appreciate his rearrangements if they worked, but they don’t. He only ends up with inferior versions – maybe that’s why they just told him to sing it straight. And with Jermaine, he just tends to unnecessarily oversing stuff – I wish he’d just sing it straight too since it doesn’t work either.

      And versus Andrew – he makes good rearrangements, that’s why it’s disappointing when he just sings it outright.

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