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Jason Castro’s New Single – ‘That’s What I’m Here For’

Jason Castro has a new single out and it’s ‘That’s What I’m Here For‘ with a B-side of ‘Over The Rainbow‘.

‘That’s What I’m Here For’ is like the first cousin of ‘You Can Always Come Home’ (Jason’s duet with Serena Ryder off his Love Uncompromised EP). If you liked ‘You Can Always Come Home’ (and I loved it), you’ll also be pretty happy with this one.

I’m surprised that Atlantic Records packaged ‘That’s What I’m Here For’ with ‘Over The Rainbow’ actually – I think it would’ve worked better if they had bundled it with ‘You Can Always Come Home’ instead. But maybe they were going after Jason’s AI fanbase who fondly remember his live rendition of ‘Over The Rainbow’? Speaking for myself, I already had the iTunes download of ‘Over The Rainbow’ way back from AI though – and my opinion is that this version doesn’t quite capture the charm of his live performance either.

At any rate, ‘That’s What I’m Here For’ has been released to HAC radio, and I’m hoping it gets a fair shake. The track remains true to AI ‘Jason’ – and should make the fans he attracted from AI very happy. It’s also very folksie-rock (maybe country-ish too?), so maybe it’ll also extend his base to the listeners who dig this genre.

“When you need a little less, or you want a little more, when you need someone to find you, when you’re hiding from it all, that’s what I’m here for…”

“And if you need someone just to be around, help put the pieces back, let you finally found…”

As you can see from the lyrics, it’s a very comforting type of song – whatever you do, wherever you go – there’s someone (a friend? a lover?) you can return to who’s waiting with open arms. I did wish that the production on the single was more stripped down and spare. I just thought that it didn’t really need all the extra bells and whistles the production threw in.

That’s What I’m Here For / Over The Rainbow is available for download on Amazon ($1.98) and iTunes ($2.58).

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