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FREE App & Games for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad!

It’s been some time since I’ve posted these freebies, only because the recent ones have been total crap. But I thought some people might be interested in these three. Click away!

To celebrate the first anniversary of ‘Message in a Bottle’ in the App Store, it has been made FREE for download from May 20 to May 22 only!

The app Message in a Bottle is free for download from the App Shopper and the iTunes app store.

App Description:

From solitude to solitude, a message sealed inside a bottle that addressed to no one but for everyone is carried by the waves to a place far, far away. It contains secret, it stores magic. It conveys intimacy; it links the unknown; it builds relation previously unrecognized. After it crossed great distances and overcame many obstacles, it was washed ashore and picked up by a complete stranger. One would wonder if this is pure accident or just meant to be?

Take a piece of paper, write down your story: be it joy or sorrow, plain or euphoria. Seal it in a bottle, release it into the ocean and watch where fate takes it…


1. Start online chat: conduct real time chat sessions with friends who are online.
2. Target your bottle: set your bottles sail towards your chosen target by choosing country, city and gender.
3. Create Friends List: build friends list from your contact list
4. Create Black List: block unwanted contacts
5. Update Contact List: automatically add newly built connections to Contact List
6. Have more bottles: 20 to start with
7. Select your own favorite song as the background music while using the application.

Click on the next pages to get the other freebies!

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