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Adam Lambert’s GlamNation Tour Stop #23 – Kentucky Center for Performing Arts (Louisville, KY)

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Adam Lambert’s sold out tour is zipping along! It’s the 23rd stop already for the Glam Nation tour – at the Kentucky Center for Performing Arts (Louisville, KY)!

Opening acts were Allison Iraheta and Orianthi as usual.

Adam’s set list : Voodoo, Down The Rabbit Hole, Ring Of Fire, Fever, Sleepwalker, Acoustic set : WWFM, Soaked and Aftermath, Sure Fire Winners, Strut, Music Again, Broken Open, If I Had You and Whole Lotta Love (Encore) and Mad World (Encore). Adam and Tommy are back to their shenanigans, with Adam planting a very sexy one right on Tommy’s lips 😉 Fan service at it’s best! And check out the bj / mike licking on WLL! lol

Thanks to the lovely fans who got video! (indybeck71, spikeslady, 1877riley) Be sure to bookmark this post as I’ll update it with media periodically!

Check out VH1 Posted for exclusive videos, photos and blogs straight from the bossman himself! They have stopped following him around, but the videos will remain onsite on VH1! Here’s some photos from tonight on this twitpic account and photobucket account (great close-ups of Adam/Tommy)!

** Update: Pre-order this IIHY Remix CD from Amazon! It will have the IIHY radio mix (which I love!), another remix and an instrumental track **


Voodoo/Down the Rabbit Hole/ Ring of Fire Medley






Sure Fire Winners


Music Again

If I Had You

Mad World (Encore)

Whole Lotta Love (Encore)


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Book Review – ‘Seven Spells to Sunday’ by Andre Norton & Phyllis Miller

July 11, 2010 4 comments


Book Description:

Two children receive messages in an old mailbox in a vacant lot and are plunged into the strangest week of their lives.

Seven Spells to Sunday‘ by Andre Norton & Phyllis Miller is a magical story about Monnie Fitts and Bim Ross – two foster children who find an old mailbox at a vacant lot near their home, and end up having not only the greatest adventure of their lives, but also discover their own true selves and unexpectedly find true friends in each other.

Monnie Fitts is a nine-year-old self-described juvenile delinquent who masks her helplessness & loneliness with an angry scowl on her face and ever-ready fists. Bim Ross is a “scared mouse” who has learned to deal with bullying & the unpleasant things in life by running away, hiding or lying. Both children live with their foster family, the Johnsons, but the arrangement is temporary and both children worry that they can be moved to different foster families any time.

The children’s lives are changed after they impulsively write their names on the mysterious purplish mailbox with painted-on silvery stars. Every morning after that, the children find special gifts in the mailbox addressed to either of them from someone or someplace called “Seven Spells”. I won’t spoil what the gifts are (since discovering what they are & figuring out their powers is half the fun), but I will say that initially, the gifts appear benign and bring good luck to the children. Monnie and Bim aren’t sure at first if the gifts are really magical, but it is undeniable that the gifts bring about unexpectedly positive events. At first. Then the gifts from “Seven Spells” change in effect, and become terrifying and even dangerous to them, and Monnie & Bim must learn to face their greatest fears in order to earn the final and seventh gift – the greatest wish in their lives.

This fantasy children/ young adult book was published way back in 1980 and is out of print. I only have the book since I found an almost-new copy at a garage sale. That’s unfortunate since the story is pretty timeless (except for some references – example – my niece wondered what a ‘transistor radio’ was) and should IMO still be enjoyed by children of all ages today. My young niece and nephew liked the story, especially how the magical gifts at first made Monnie’s and Bim’s lives less miserable.

Every child loves a story about magic, and who wouldn’t identify with Monnie’s helpless rage about the unfairness of life or Bim’s fear of everything? Even I, an adult, could see parts of myself in Monnie and/or Bim. I really recommend searching out this book as something to read with the kids in your life this summer. In addition to the engaging story, there’s a lot of hot topics that you can cover with your kids (bullying for example).

It’s a shame that ‘Seven Spells to Sunday’ is out of print AND there’s no Kindle edition. You can order used copies on Amazon as Hardcover or Paperback. Book Depository also sells copies (if you live internationally, check them out since they deliver world wide with no shipping fees). Better yet, just check if your local library still carries a copy. The writing really is topnotch and makes me wonder if Andre Norton & Phyllis Miller teamed up again as a writing team.

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