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Who Likes to Read (FREE) Trashy Romance Novels?

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Well, with the advent of eReaders, no one is going to see the cover of that trashy romance novel you’re reading anyway (as one Kindle user blog pointed out recently), so enjoy your guilty pleasure without anyone else being the wiser! 😉

Anyway, the publisher Ravenous Romance has made nine ten of their eBooks available for FREE download over on the All Romance bookstore. I have no idea how long this free promo will last, so if you like this genre, snap these freebies up! The free books are a mix of contemporary/historical/paranormal/mystery/fantasy romance-erotica. So those with delicate sensibilities, be sure to stay far far away!

The books on offer include:

1) Magic University: The Siren and the Sword by Cecilia Tan (Fantasy Romance)

Kyle Wadsworth arrives at Harvard eager to start his new life as a college student away from the cold and distant great-aunt who has raised him. But he walks into a building that only magical people can see, confusing both himself and the administrators of Veritas, the secret magical university hidden inside Harvard. There he first sees a beautiful girl who seems magical to him in every way.
Soon Jess Torralva is tutoring Kyle in the ways of magic, sex, and love. But trouble is afoot at Veritas. Rumors abound that a siren is haunting the library, and when Kyle’s best friend is attacked, Kyle is determined to use his newly learned skills in erotic magic to catch the culprit. But which is more important, his quest for justice or his search for true love?

This is the first of the four-book Magic University series, the Sword and the Siren.

More of the freebies after the jump!

2) Force My Hand by Em Brown (Historical Romance)

Independent and always in command, Darcy Sherwood holds her own among the cads and rakes who frequent the dubious gaming hall where she works. When she has the opportunity to exact revenge upon the man who wronged her sister, she intends to provide the arrogant Baron Broadmoor the biggest set-down of his life – by requiring him to be her suitor.

But when the Baron begins to play his role too well, can Darcy resist falling for the man she’s supposed to hate above all others?

Radcliff Barrington, Baron Broadmoor, has no intention of quietly submitting to Miss Sherwood – even if she does hold the deed that could ruin his family. He intends to turn the tables on Miss Sherwood. She must surrender the deed or surrender herself!

Passions flare to erotic heights as Darcy and Radcliff struggle to see who will submit to whom. And all bets are off as to who will win?

3) The Darkness and the Night: Blood and Coffee by Lisa Lane (Paranormal Romance)

Hoping to heal her relationship with her paranoid, delusional, and estranged father, Karen, a young woman fresh out of graduate school, agrees to meet her family at their old summer home one last time.

Karen suddenly finds herself alone in the large house, in the middle of nowhere, after her family calls to report a travel delay. That night, in an encounter both sexual and surreal, Karen falls victim to a vampire attack.

Karen recalls the circumstances behind her father’s psychotic break: in his delusions, he was the vampire hunter. Karen’s vampire returns and informs her that his family is using her to settle a score against her father, for killing one of their family members several years ago. The plan: present Karen, newly turned, to her recently ‘psychologically rehabilitated’ father, and see which one survives?

In this breathless debut novel, Lisa Lane takes you on a thrilling ride through vampire enclaves, moral dilemmas, and forbidden sexual encounters.

4) Making A Scene by Trudy Doyle (Contemporary Romance)

Pamela Flynn is the author of the popular Tanaka & Shields series, about a hot Philadelphia detective duo whose upcoming fourth book will no doubt send Pam into the bestseller stratosphere. Or so believe her editor and agent, since a prestigious production company wants to turn the series into a movie. But only on one condition: Pam has one week to deliver a scene in which the sexy Philly cops finally drop the double entendre and do the down and dirty. But ever since Pam tossed out her live-in boy-toy after she caught him in bed with her oldest friend, she’s been cursed with a perpetual blank page. And if writer’s block isn?t bad enough, she can’t even get a decent cup of coffee.

So when Pam ends up at the new bistro, Serious Joe, she doesn’t realize how much inspiration can be packed into a gratis cup of coffee from the cafe’s steaming-hot owner, Roark Carmelli. But even though it’ll take a few Mocha Javettes, several croissants, a stakeout, a wild train trip, a gun to the head and the beta version of the mile high club, with Roark’s help, Pam’s betting she can make the scene.

5) Ripping the Bodice by Inara Lavey (Contemporary Romance)

Got sex and romance on the brain? So does Cassandra Devon. She also has hard-boiled private eyes, dashing pirates, jet-setting super spies and other sexy rogues entertaining her in her surprisingly explicit subconscious. All these erotic daydreams make it hard to stay focused on Cassandra’s current dilemma: namely, rebuffing the advances of Connor, a wild Irish rascal who wants to play the starring role in her fantasies. Cassandra is only interested in getting together with Raphael, the tall, dark and handsome man of her dreams. May the best romance hero win!

Walter Mitty meets Erica Jong in this wickedly funny and sexy hot comedy-romance from the author of Succubusted.

6) Saving Sophie by Elle Amery (Contemporary Romance)

Sophie Huntsman’s crush on gorgeous Jake Muscat began when she was a frizzy-haired and flat-chested little twerp. She’s all woman now, and determined to fulfill her fantasy, even if it means following Jake’s rules. Jake’s always been a lone wolf, the type of guy who will never commit, but Sophie will take anything he’ll give her, even if it’s just one night of amazing sex.

Jake’s never opened up to a woman like this before, and Sophie’s discovered that Battery Operated Boyfriends can’t bring her to the heights Jake can. However, when Jake’s the only one who can save Sophie’s career, they agree to leave that night of sex behind. But lust ignites again, and this time it leaves Sophie reeling and Jake convinced his obsession will bring nothing but pain. When Jake walks away this time, Sophie needs to be saved from both a failing career and a breaking heart.

This time, can Jake save both Sophie and himself, and find the lasting passion they both desire?

7) Men in Shorts by Lori Perkins (Contemporary Romance/Anthology)

There is nothing like summer, when the weather changes and the men change into their summer shorts. And basketball shorts. And cut-offs. And board shorts!

Here are 11 erotic short stories featuring all those wicked fantasies we’ve ever had about the mailman, the cop, the athlete, and the gardener. And G.I. Joe!

With legs bared and muscles flexing, these men in shorts are sure to inspire, entertain, and titillate you!

8) Wicked Pleasures by Cecilia Tan (Contemporary Romance/BDSM/Anthology)

In The Wicked Pleasures Anthology, twelve short stories carefully selected by the renowned Cecilia Tan explore the many facets of kinky love. With contributors from the United States, England, Australia, and Canada, as varied as their stories, the themes cover the entire spectrum of BDSM activities, including spanking, bondage, and role playing. These pleasures are wicked but not evil, always focusing on mutual pleasure and consensuality.

A longtime dominant husband decides to switch roles with his submissive wife for her birthday. A woman who loves being spanked throws herself a unique bachelorette celebration. A finicky dom goes to a charity auction intending to buy a whip and ends up going home with something else entirely. A small-town girl who long ago left home for the big city’s vices comes home to find that although the town hasn’t changed, her ex- has. An overworked school principal can’t leave work behind until her best friend buys her an exclusive weekend treatment at a very special “spa.” These stories and many more await the adventurous reader in The WIcked Pleasures Anthology.

9) Wonderland by Adam Carpenter (Contemporary Gay Romance)

Welcome to Wonderland, a quiet, picturesque village located on the Pacific Coast, just south of San Francisco. Prodigal son Rich North and his partner, Marc Anderson, have just relocated to Wonderland after leaving behind their lives – and a secret scandal – back in New York City. They buy a house on exclusive Eldon Court, where five Victorian homes stand. Three other gay couples lives in the other houses, while Number Two Eldon Court remains mysteriously empty. There they meet Edgar and Jack, the longest-tenured residents of Eldon Court; Aaron and Juan, a couple with their own relationship issues; and Sawyer and Dane, a young, gorgeous couple with too much money and time of their hands.

Something is afoot on Eldon Court. A peeping Tom, a possible murder attempt, a case of arson. The clues lead back to Bayside Hotel and the mysterious new owner, Danvers Converse. He is a man with perverse appetites and unstoppable ambition. He will resort to blackmail – or worse – to gain possession of Eldon Court. But why, and at what cost? The only thing the neighbors have is their solidarity. But with a spy in their midst, Eldon Court is being threatened from all sides, and Rich and Marc realize that, as they newcomers to the block, they must stop what’s happening. Until newer neighbors move into Number Two – and all hell breaks loose on Eldon Court.

Passionate, sexy, steamy, Adam?s Carpenter’s Wonderland delves into the lives of men and the men they love, into a community put at risk by progress, and of the true meaning of friendship, loyalty, and love. A modern day drama, complete with victims, enemies, conspiracies, and loads of sex, Wonderland is a rare piece – conceived by one writer, written by three different authors – it is fiction at its most compelling.

And one more!

10) Sagittarius: Open Heart, Open Mind by Sephera Giron (Paranormal/Horror Romance)

Meet the fascinating people of the mysterious town of Hermana…

Maggie can’t seem to let go of her past, emotionally or physically, yet she is a tarot reader who helps others do just that. A friendly and outgoing Sagittarius, she romps through a string of one-night stands, all the while wondering if she’ll ever find true love.

One of her clients, Steve, believes there’s a secret tied to his dead mother’s locket and comes to Maggie for a reading. Their fingers touch and sparks fly between the welder and the tarot reader—but can it last?

As Maggie helps Steve unravel his past, she learns that opposites can attract if she keeps an open mind and open heart. With the help of her friends and the mystical vibes of her hometown, can Maggie tame her restless Sagittarius libido and be happy with one man?

*Addendum: Looks like they’ve got even more freebies on offer, so just click HERE and scroll through to pick up any more books you like. I have no idea about the quality of writing, but there’s a reason everyone calls them ‘trashy romance/erotica novels’.

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  1. September 15, 2010 at 11:50 pm

    Oooohhhhh, thanks for this! ‘Wicked Pleasures’ sounds especially good! I’d taken a long hiatus from reading romantic fiction until recently when I read Ronald Lewis Weaver ‘s “Soul Mate”. It definitely got me interested again in the genre. I will be checking some of these out! >=)

    • September 16, 2010 at 12:01 am

      You’re welcome! If you’d take a look at other posts in the blog, you’ll find plenty more legally free books for download. If only for a temporary period of time 🙂

  2. Liz
    September 16, 2010 at 12:23 am

    I love the one (well, in theory — let’s say I love the title!)”Ripping the Bodice.” Came upon here by accident and really, who doesn’t like free stuff? But I don’t have an e-reader yet, sad to say. Maybe for Christmas… These look like fun reads, though. Quick recommendation for another romance novel, though not a free one! It’s written by the guy who’s the senior producer for the soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful,” so that gives you a hint! The book is “Soul Mate,” and concerns … soul mates, and the quandary of a teacher-student relationship. Thankfully, the student is 18! And the two of them become folk heroes when — in the midst of their relationship — they find a way to bring employment back to a dying Midwestern town.

    • September 16, 2010 at 12:29 am

      HI, you don’t really need an e-reader, you know? You can also read perfectly well on a PC or your laptop. There are free PDF, mobi, ePub readers. Even the Kindle, Amazon offers a free Kindle 4 PC software that you can install on your PC to read the free books.

  3. goitaly
    September 16, 2010 at 2:04 am

    Thanks for these. I will definitely be checking some of these out. 🙂

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