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Adam Lambert’s GlamNation Tour Stop#70 – Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (Hollywood, FL)

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** Check out the: ‘A Special Message From Adam Lambert‘ blog on AdamOfficial. He wants tips on restaurants and shopping for the international leg of the GNT! **

It’s the #70th stop for the GlamNation tour, and it’s at the sold-out 5,500 capacity Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (Hollywood, FL)! Check out the Miami Herald Review (who seemed to like Allison better). Gloria Estefan & family was present to watch the concert (primarily there for Allison – maybe she & her husband might be interested in signing Allison?) This is the second to the last stop before Adam flies off to Singapore! People are already getting excited about the international leg of the GNT (here’s a TV ad in Manila!) *Here’s another review from The Palm Beach Post.

Adam’s set list : Voodoo, Down The Rabbit Hole, Ring Of Fire, Fever, Sleepwalker, Acoustic set : WWFM, Soaked and Aftermath, Sure Fire Winners, Strut, Music Again, Broken Open, If I Had You and Mad World (Encore) and Whole Lotta Love (Encore) and 20th Century Boy (Encore).

Thanks to the lovely fans who got video! (suz526, cos2mwiz, Libracats) Be sure to bookmark this post as I’ll update it with media periodically! Chat with Y100 Miami (YouTube!); And here’s a news report from WSVN (Again!) in Miami, Florida (heavy on the pap angle). Check out the LTTS Exclusive Interview: Adam Lambert (re Donors choose). More on the internation tour from Business World’s 2 minutes with Adam; The 93.3FM FLZ live chat is up on their site; YouTube of Access Hollywood poll of Adam vs pap.

Celebrity gossip has pics from the Y100 stop; you can also check out pics from the Y100 gallery. Check out concert pics on this photobucket gallery, Flickr photosteam, and this yFrog gallery. Wire Image, AP and Getty Images also have proshot pics. Slideshow from Broward Palm Beach New Times.

** Wondering what’s got the fans up in arms again? Well, the Daily 10 Dbag aka Catherwood aka Psycho Mike was just on the Kevin & Bean segment of KROQ -> listen to the rip and the djs actually say that oh, Adam would be popular in jail, and with such a pretty mouth?! so pretty? a prize in prison? get lots of gifts? hello?! {rage} *And the other Daily10 host(s) just don’t get it. *Here’s an update from GLAAD on their blog. I for one am not happy about E’s on-air non apology which is one of those I’m sorry if you got offended! Here’s the transcript.

** Check out the US release of the If I Had You Remixed EP ($3.99) now out on iTunes AND Amazon! If you want a CD with ALL the bonus tracks, order the 18-track For Your Entertainment (EU Edition)! And have you checked out all the Adam merchandise on his Official Store lately? AND be sure to register at Adam’s new fan club page! **


Voodoo/Down the Rabbit Hole/ Ring of Fire Medley






Sure Fire Winners


Music Again

If I Had You (with special participation by the bus drivers!)

20th Century Boy (Encore)


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Album Review – ‘The Family Jewels’ by Marina & the Diamonds

September 20, 2010 1 comment


  1. Are You Satisfied?
  2. Shampain
  3. I Am Not A Robot
  4. Girls
  5. Mowgli’s Road
  6. Obsessions
  7. Hollywood
  8. The Outsider
  9. Guilty
  10. Hermit The Frog
  11. Oh No!
  12. Seventeen
  13. Numb

First off, I have to say that ‘The Family Jewels‘ by Marina & the Diamonds is definitely not for everyone. And it’s really not a problem with the songs (which are just about as pop as songs can be), but the problem is Marina Diamandis’ (that’s Marina & the Diamonds) voice itself. My sister thinks her singing is very affected and has a very unpleasant nail-on-chalkboard quality to it. I don’t agree with that extreme; I mean, I kinda really love this album to be honest, although I do get that Marina’s voice can be kind of a challenge to listen to, especially on some of the songs on the album where Marina’s singing voice acts like it’s skirting some kind of edge where it seems like she’ll go out of tune any nano-second (listen to ‘Shampain‘ to see what I mean). She has this really hard tone to her voice that makes it sound like she’s constipated and like her vocal chords are all tense of something. It’s very weird. The voice is really kind of an acquired taste that you have to get sensitized to in order to enjoy the songs.

But the songs on the album are so much love – they’re wacky and interesting and fun and just pure pop magic with really catchy hooks a-plenty! The entire album is almost like this big giant wink, seriously. A comparable album that I can think of when it comes to how distinctively pop-theatrical and bombastic ‘The Family Jewels’ sounds is Mika’s ‘The Boy Who Knew Too Much‘.

I loved ‘I Am Not A Robot‘ from the first listen, when iTunes made it available for free download before. Personally, I thought it was the best pop song from the album, and Marina doesn’t sound as halfway annoying as she does on some other tracks.

There’s a very strong Girl-Power theme that runs through the album, from her asking ‘Are You Satisfied‘ (Are you satisfied/ with an average life?), to the very angry ‘Oh No!‘ which ranges from teen-age angsty (Don’t do love, don’t do friends / I’m only after success, don’t need a relationship) to pretty self-empowering lyrics (I know exactly what woman I want to be / Self fulfilling prophecy). ‘Girls‘ is another very angry pop song where Marina’s hard tone actually works. I actually love this one, except that I can hardly decipher what she’s singing, except that she’s talking back to someone or some people. I really enjoyed these three tracks the most, aside from ‘I Am Not A Robot‘.

Listen to “Oh No!”

Some of the songs are self-consciously silly/ironic like the very catchy ‘Shampain‘ (I feel celestial…) and ‘Hollywood‘ where she sings about foolish girls in Hollywood. These two songs in particular reminded me of my mom’s Abba albums, not sure why, something about the sound? And ‘Hermit the Frog‘ is this very dramatic, slightly deranged performance piece of a song that you either detest or love. It can swing any way really.

The only songs my sister can even tolerate are ‘Mowgli’s Road‘ which is kind of Gospel-the Marina way, but I think it’s totally ridiculous and hilarious at the same time, check the weird lyrics out! And ‘Numb‘ where a heavenly choir accompanies Marina and kind of masks her voice. There’s also very strong Enya elements to this one.

Marina does turn serious on some tracks. Her voice is actually pretty gorgeous on ‘Obsessions‘, and I kind of like the wordplay on ‘The Outsider‘ (Feeling like a loser / Feeling like a blonde). ‘Rootless‘ is very very serious as well, same as ‘Guilty‘ but in a bombastic way that I ultimately couldn’t really take seriously. Isn’t that ironic?

The Family Jewels‘ is available on Amazon as an MP3 Album ($9.99) or as an Audio CD ($12.99). You can also download the album on iTunes ($9.99).

You can also check out Marina and the Diamonds’ Official YouTube channel where they have a lot of the songs from this album up, but don’t judge the songs by the videos (they all look cheaply produced for some strange reason).

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Album Review – ‘Together’ by The New Pornographers

September 20, 2010 Leave a comment


  1. Moves
  2. Crash Years
  3. Your Hands (Together)
  4. Silver Jenny Dollar
  5. Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk
  6. My Shepherd
  7. If You Can’t See My Mirrors
  8. Up In The Dark
  9. Valkyrie In The Roller Disco
  10. A Bite Out Of My Bed
  11. Daughters Of Sorrow
  12. We End Up Together

I’ve actually had The New Pornographers’ fifth album ‘Together‘ for ages, but I’d never got around to posting a review of it. But I just saw that the MP3 Album over on Amazon is just $3.99 at the moment, so I thought I’d write something quick for it. If you’ve been hesitating to try out The New Pornographers, that price is a total steal. Get it! (I don’t know how long it’ll stay at that price point, maybe two hours from now, it’ll revert back to the normal price).

I loved their previous album ‘Challengers‘ even though some New Pornographers fans weren’t so enthused about it since they felt it was a step back from Twin Cinema or Electric Version. I don’t know, I’ve pretty much loved all their albums so far, so maybe I’m easy 😉

The thing about all the New Pornographers albums for me though is that I can never really pick out track favorites. And that remains true for me for ‘Together’. The album is so cohesive, that it’s like the entire album is really just one song. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. The songs aren’t exactly clones of each other, and they shouldn’t because they actually have three different lead singers (A.C. Newman, Neko Case and Destroyer’s Dan Bejar) and different people write the songs, but the tracks just seamlessly flow into each other that when I’m listening to the entire album, I can’t really tell when one song starts or ends. Well, except for My Shepherd on this album, but then that’s Neko Case’s fault for being so amazing that the song’s awesomeness is multiplied exponentially just because she’s singing it 😉

Listen to “My Shepherd”

Most of the time when you buy an album, there’s like 3-4 songs that are a cut above the rest, and then the rest just feel like fillers. Empty fillers. I never got that feeling on ‘Together’. What you get is a distinctive ‘shiny’ New Pornographers sound that can be manic & bouyant and yet really deep too. There’s clever lyrics, really interesting melodies & hooks and lovely lovely harmonies. And oh yeah, Neko Case’s amazing vocals that I’d love to bottle up and spray on me in the mornings. It’s very artsy, pop-rock with folk thrown in. Just listen to the samples from the album and see if you agree with me!

Together‘ is available on Amazon as an MP3 Album ($3.99!) or as an Audio CD ($13.48). You can also download the album on iTunes ($9.99).

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