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FREE eBooks Bonanza (20 in all) from Kobo Books!

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No idea if this is just a glitch in the system, but there’s a whole bunch of free eBooks that were just made FREE for dowload on the Kobo Bookstore! There’s thrillers, horror, and a whole bunch of romance books! Hurry and grab what you like before this does turn out to be a glitch!

Note that the eBooks you download from Kobo Books may be read with their own Kobo Reader, but since the books are in ADE ePub format they can also be read with eReaders that support this (check out the list). You can also read them on your PC or your mobile devices.

The books on offer include:


1) The Cellar by Richard Laymon (Horror)

Tourists flock to Beast House, but few ever return. Behind the cellar door lurks a creature of pure evil.


More of the freebies after the jump!

2) What Burns Within by Sandra Ruttan (Thriller)

Child abductions, arson, and rapes.

Three series of very different crimes are terrorizing the city. But the evidence suggests that they might all somehow be related.

3) Hunt At The Well Of Eternity by Gabriel Hunt (Thriller)

A blood-stained Confederate flag and the beautiful woman carrying it put Gabriel Hunt on the trail of a secret hidden deep in the Central American jungle a secret that might just be the legendary Fountain of Youth…


4) Seven Brides: Rose by Leigh Greenwood (Romance)

The first in the Seven Brides series about the Randolph brothers and the women who tame their hearts.

5) Squeeze Play by Kate Angell (Contemporary Romance)

The first in a steamy new series of romances featuring a hunky baseball team and the sirens who challenge the players in the game of love.

6) Pandora’s Box by Natale Stenzel (Romance/Paranormal)

When a young woman on the brink of bankruptcy inherits a small cornerstone, the contents are sure to solve all of her problems at least the ones the cunning hunk inside the stone doesn’t create himself.


7) The Star King by Susan Grant (Romance/Sci Fi)

A beautiful fighter pilot is shot down over Saudi Arabia, and ends up in the arms of the king of a distant galaxy.

8) Celtic Fire by Joy Nash (Romance/ Historical)

When a Roman commander travels through Britannia to investigate a haunting vision, an ambush by hostile Celts leaves him with an unexpected prize–a beautifully enchanting witch.

9) Savage Autumn by Constance O’Banyon (Romance/Historical)

Joanna escapes the lustful clutches of her lecherous uncle only to be taken captive by a powerful Blackfoot warrior. But Joanna will soon learn that beneath Windhawk’s proud exterior beats a heart that belongs only to her.


10) Noble Intentions by Katie MacAlister (Romance/Historical)

Unconventional to the tips of her half-American toes, Gillian sparks scandal among the townspeople and a burning desire in Noble’s heart.

11) Sweet Release by Pamela Clare (Romance/ Historical)

When a woman buys a dying convict to save his life, she little suspects he is truly an English aristocrat who will soon steal her heart.

12) Immortals: The Calling by Jennifer Ashley (Romance/ Paranormal)

While investigating her sister’s murder, Amber Silverthorne accidentally summons an Immortal warrior whose wicked charm and sinful touch could prove just as dangerous as the demon they’re chasing.


13) Divine Fire by Melanie Jackson (Romance/Paranormal)

When a biographer proves to know more about his life than the now-immortal Lord Byron expects, he draws her into a dangerous game and his passionate arms.

14) A Taste Of Magic by Tracy Madison (Romance/ Paranormal)

A young, divorced bakery owner discovers she’s inherited her gypsy ancestress’s fabulous magical powers, but learns that when seeking true love with her hunky new neighbor, a person has to be careful what she cooks up.

15) Crimson & Steam (Crimson Series) by Liz Maverick (Romance/ Paranormal)

A new plot is developing in Crimson City one meant to destroy all vampires and werewolves and only it can bring together those ill-fated lovers from different species, Jill and Marius.


16) Stolen Fury by Elisabeth Naughton (Romance/Thriller)

The heroine is an archaeologist looking for three ancient Greek artifacts called the Furies, and the hero is a thief who tried to seduce her to get the Furies for himself.

17) Trouble In Mudbug by Jana DeLeon (Romance/ Humor)

With the wise-cracking ghost of her mother-in-law hounding her, a sexy half-Creole investigator ready to seduce her, and a killer on the loose, Maryse Robicheaux is feeling the heat on the Louisiana bayou.

18) Spying In High Heels by Gemma Halliday (Romance/ Mystery / ChickLit)

An L.A. fashionista finds herself in over her head when murder, embezzlement, and a hot detective collide in her life.

Freebies # 19 and 20 were previously made FREE for download on Amazon. Would be good for those who wanted ePub copies: The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox AND Divorced, Desperate, and Dating by Christie Craig.

Enjoy all the freebies from Kobo!

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