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Preview the GLEE Tracks from S2E2 ‘Britney/Brittany’ (Update: Now on iTunes & Amazon!)

September 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Update: Aaand, the tracks are now up on iTunes! (Sept 28) Grab your faves!

Yes, we can now listen to full previews of the tracks for the much-awaited GLEE episode ‘Britney/Brittany‘! Just head on to OfficialBritneyUK (YouTube) where the full length tracks are streaming! My personal faves are Lea Michele’s cover of ‘Baby One More Time‘ and Heather Morris & Naya Rivera with ‘Me Against The Music‘. Yes, Lea’s kinda the queen of Glee, but it’s nice to hear other voices take center stage every now and then. I thought that the Santana/Brittany track worked well AND can’t wait to see the dancing! (and when do Mercedes & Kurt get their solos again?!)

*I do wonder why the Paramore cover sticks out like a sore thumb, what would prompt Lea’s character Rachel to sing this? hmmm….

The Tracks:

  1. “Toxic” (Glee Cast) – YouTube (iTunes, Amazon)
  2. “Stronger” (Glee Cast, Kevin McHale) – YouTube (iTunes, Amazon)
  3. “Baby One More Time” (Lea Michele, Glee Cast) – YouTube (iTunes, Amazon)
  4. “Me Against The Music” (Heather Morris & Naya Rivera) – YouTube (iTunes, Amazon)
  5. “I’m a Slave 4 U” (Glee Cast, Heather Morris) – YouTube (iTunes, Amazon)
  6. “The Only Exception (Paramore Cover)” (Glee Cast, Lea Michele) – YouTube (iTunes, Amazon)

I’m embedding my two faves, listen in! 🙂 Can’t wait till the iTunes release!

Listen to “Baby One More Time”
Listen to “Me Against The Music”

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FREE eBook – Enchanting the Lady by Kathryne Kennedy

September 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Hey Nook owners (or those with Nook apps on their PC/mobile devices)! Did you know that B&N has Free Fridays! Too bad they’re a bit stingy in the giving department, it’s just one eBook!

Here’s their Free Friday’s eBook – ‘Enchanting the Lady’ by Kathryne Kennedy. It’s a historical paranormal romance starring a were-lion!

Enchanting the Lady (RELICS OF MERLIN #1)‘ by Kathryne Kennedy is available for FREE download on the Barnes & Noble site (the Kindle version would have cost you $5.39 is now FREE!). Just click here to download! *The author has another book from the series out “Enchanting the Beast“, check it out!

Book Description:

In a Victorian London where titles are based on the inheritance of magical powers, a were-lion’s obsessive quest for Merlin’s magical relics will threaten his love for a disinherited duchess—as well as their very lives.

In a world where magic ruled everything, Felicity Seymour couldn’t perform even the simplest spell. If she didn’t pass her testing, she’d lose her duchy–and any hope of marriage. But one man didn’t seem to mind her lack of dowry: a darkly delicious baronet who had managed to scare away the rest of London’s Society misses.

Sir Terence Blackwell knew the enchanting woman before him wasn’t entirely without magic. Not only could she completely disarm him with her gorgeous lavender eyes and frank candor, but his were-lion senses could smell a dark power on her–the same kind of relic-magic that had killed his brother. Was she using it herself, or was it being used against her?

One needed a husband, and the other needed answers. But only together could they find the strongest magic of all: true love.

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