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FREE eBooks from the Sony Reader Store!

September 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Hey, the Sony Reader store has graced us with two freebies! One is a new one in freebies – a manga comic! and the other one is an ‘inspirational’ book… Take note that the eBooks will be in ADE ePub format, so any ADE ePub reader can access it in case you don’t have the Sony Reader or the Sony PC app.

Daniel and Daughter‘ by Mayu Takayama (and Lucy Gordon) is available for download on the Sony Reader site. Just click here to download! It’s the comic book/manga adaptation of Lucy Gordon’s novel. (Update: As of right now Sept 29 1AM EDT, it’s no longer free, sorry if you missed it!)

Book Description:

When she was 16, photographer Lee went to Gretna Green, the Elopement Capital of Scotland, where she could get married without her parents’ consent. However, she soon divorces, taking her daughter with her. She has had enough of men, but 13 years later, she meets Daniel, who tries everything in his power to seduce her.

Meanwhile, Lee’s brother is in a passionate relationship with Daniel’s daughter. The two lovers decide to elope to Gretna Green just as Lee did all those years ago. Lee chases after them with a bitter feeling in her heart…


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Check out the other freebie on the next page!

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