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Preview the GLEE Tracks from S2E6 ‘Never Been Kissed’ Episode (Updated with iTunes & Amazon Links!)

November 6, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Updated: Hey, you can now download your fave tracks on iTunes or Amazon. I’ve added links below!

Hey, we can now listen to full previews of the tracks for the next GLEE episode ‘Never Been Kissed‘! Just head on to ZR101Productions‘s YouTube channel where all the songs are streaming! I’ll put up the iTunes/Amazon links once they’re available 🙂

The Tracks:

  1. Teenage Dream (Darren Criss, Dalton Academy) – YouTube, iTunes, Amazon
  2. Stop In The Name Of Love & Free Your Mind” Mashup (Gleecast Males) – YouTube, iTunes, Amazon
  3. One Love (People Get Ready) (Kevin McHale, Mark Salling) – YouTube, iTunes, Amazon
  4. Start Me Up & “Livin’ On A Prayer Mashup (Gleecast Females) – YouTube, iTunes, Amazon

I’m really excited about this episode since we get to meet Kurt Hummel’s “potential” boyfriend Blaine played by Darren Criss (I think it’s obvious now anyway, given how they have a romantic duet in the Christmas album). *PerezHilton has video up of a full length preview of the ‘Teenage Dream’ number; Blaine gets center stage spotlight on “Teenage Dream” where he welcomes Kurt to his new school & sings with his mates from Dalton Academy; it’s a bit weird since I couldn’t help but think the Dalton Academy students are like from some alternate universe or something, but I think that Darren Criss made the number work from sheer enthusiasm (plus he’s really cute) AND Chris Colfer was absolutely adorable as he looked on in wonder and like he’d landed on his favorite alternate universe too!

And, I’m embedding my two faves for this episode, listen in! 🙂

Listen to “Teenage Dream”
Listen to “One Love (People Get Ready)”

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