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FREE Christmas Holiday Song Download ‘Oh Come, All Ye Faithful’ (Amazon’s 25 Days of FREE)

December 4, 2010 Leave a comment

So, it’s Day #4 for Amazon’s 25 Days of FREE promo on the Amazon MP3 store! We have 21 more free Christmas tracks to look forward to 🙂

The fourth free track under this promo is Oh Come, All Ye Faithful by alt rock band Abandon Kansas. Just click HERE to get the freebie!

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(Update) New Game App for the Kindle – Jumble, 10 Puzzles (50 Puzzles also out!)

December 4, 2010 1 comment

Hey, here’s a new game app for the Kindle!

Jumble, 10 Puzzles (A Word Scramble Game)‘ by Puzux is available on the Amazon Kindle site for just $0.99! Just click here to download!

** Update: I missed this, but there’s a Jumble, 50 Puzzles version out of this game too, but it costs $3.99 **

Game Description

Solve ten Jumble puzzles on Kindle with this new interactive version of the popular word scramble game.

Each Jumble puzzle features four jumbled words for you to unscramble, which gradually reveals letters that can be used to solve the bonus phrase. Unscramble the bonus phrase to complete the puzzle. Each puzzle contains a cartoon clue, that will help you crack it, but watch out for puns!

Jumble contains a Solve Puzzle feature if you get stuck and want to see the answer, a Reset Puzzle feature if you want to start over, and a Hints feature to help you out along the way.

Jumble: That Scrambled Word Game! is one of the longest continuously running word games in the world. Try out Jumble on Kindle today and find out why!

Please note: This version of Jumble contains 10 puzzles.


* If you wish to review what other game apps are available so far: Mahjong Solitaire, Hangman 4 Kids (A Kindle Word Game for Children), Hangman (A Word Game for Kindle), Next Puzzle Game (A Matching Game for Kindle), EA Sudoku, EA Texas Hold em, Panda Poet (A Word Game for Kindle), Triple Town (A Puzzle Strategy Game for Kindle), EA Solitaire (12 Card Games to Play on Kindle), and SCRABBLE (Play the Popular Word Game on Kindle). Plus of course the free games: Mine Sweeper (A Free Game for Kindle), Every Word (A Free Game for Kindle), and Shuffled Row (A Free Game for Kindle).

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Album Review – Adam Lambert’s Acoustic Live! EP

December 4, 2010 3 comments


  1. Whataya Want From Me (Live At Energy Berlin 103.4)
  2. Music Again (Live at Hit Radio FFH)
  3. Aftermath (Live at Glam Nation)
  4. Soaked (Live at Glam Nation)
  5. Mad World (Live at Glam Nation)

I was able to listen to full previews of Adam Lambert’s Acoustic Live! EP via this German Fan site. That’s because practically everyone in the world except for the US/UK can download the EP now. Why is that?

I guess no one will be surprised that I absolutely love the acoustic EP, and my only wish is that RCA gets it in their thick skulls to release the physical CDs (with Grammy Nominated! stamped on the covers!) to stores and Amazon so I can buy a couple as gifts. A digital gift just doesn’t have the same effect as something tangible you can wrap. (My second wish is that they included more songs in the EP.)

This is an EP that you can shove in the faces of those AI fans who complained that they couldn’t enjoy Adam’s flawless vocals on the CD due to the production or the electronic enhancements. Or to the non-fans who only remember Adam from the rock wails he did back on AI. This is Adam unplugged, no accoutrements, just the great, great voice straight to your ears.

And there are two tracks in particular that absolutely shine for me since I didn’t particularly like them on the CD. Aftermath has been the track that I always skip on the CD since I hated the production (and sorry, I hated the back-up singers too). Acoustic Aftermath is an absolute beauty and I guess I finally got the message of redemption and self-empowerment hearing it without any bells and whistles (or oversinging back-up singer pals).

Listen to Aftermath

The other track that I am absolutely in love with is Soaked. I thought it sounded cheesy and like an 80s movie theme song on the CD, but stripped of everything but the voice? The song is heartbreaking and defiant – reflecting Matt Bellamy’s talent as a song writer – and Adam’s operatic vocals? Absolutely sublime. I can’t help but wonder how much more Adam’s voice coach (the teary one on his E! True Hollywood Story) will sob while listening to this.

Lastly, I thought by now that I would be sick and tired of Whataya Want from Me? But whataya know – the vocals slay me each and every time still 🙂

Listen to Whataya Want from Me

Supposedly, you can pre-order the exclusive AdamOfficial Only Acoustic Live! (CD Album) for $4.99 OR the Acoustic Live! EP exclusive poster bundle for $12.99 on Adam’s Sony Music Store. But note that both are currently listed as sold out, however, the RCA mod on AdamOfficial has promised that they are rushing the printing of the second edition right now.

Digital-only downloads of Adam Lambert’s ‘Acoustic Live! EPwill be released December 6, is now available on Amazon as an MP3 Album. And I’ll put up the US iTunes link once available. and now also on US iTunes!

For those overseas, here are the iTunes links: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, New Zealand and France. And Amazon links: Germany, UK, France.

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