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FREE Children’s eBooks for the Nook Color (Plus Bargain Children books for the Kindle!)

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So, I hope that y’all have been keeping up with all the freebie books. Just be sure to check out all my posts about it, so you don’t miss too much. Remember, even if you don’t have your eReaders yet, you can start racking up your collection of freebies now and read them on your desktop or mobile devices 🙂

So, for those who splashed out and bought the Nook Color for your kiddies, here’s two freebies that are exclusively for the Nook Color. And for those who can’t benefit from the freebies since you have a Kindle, I have the next best thing – savings! I’ve also included a bunch of eBook bargains for the kids with Kindles in this post. Hope that makes everybody happy!

The Elephant’s Child: How the Elephant Got His Trunk [NOOK kids read to me]‘ by Rudyard Kipling, Karen Baiker, Davin Cheng (Illustrator) is available for FREE download on the Barnes & Noble site. Just click here to download.

Book Description

A retelling of Rudyard Kipling’s classic tale The Elephant’s Child, adapted by Karen Baiker and illustrated by Davin Cheng.

The curious little Elephant asks many questions and embarks on a journey which changes the face of elephants forever!


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Check out the other free ebook plus the Kindle bargains after the jump!

Richard Scarry’s Colors [NOOK kids read to me]‘ by Richard Scarry (author and illustrator) is available for FREE download on the Barnes & Noble site. Just click here to download.

Book Description

With art by Richard Scarry, you know this is going to be more than your average color concept book: it educates and entertains too!

Bright and fun to look at, it offers plenty of amusement and action on every page. And as they’re enjoying the lively pictures, toddlers will learn some simple color basics in the most delightful way.


Check out the Kindle bargains for children next!

Calendar Mysteries #4: April Adventure by Ron Roy (author), John Steven Gurney (illustrator) for $0.95.

Product Description:

Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose have hidden Easter eggs for the younger kids to find. Bradley, Brian, Nate, and Lucy have no trouble finding the plastic eggs. But some of the golden eggs disappear! Can the four kids track down the thief?

About the Author
Ron Roy lives in Connecticut with his white puppy, Pal. He is also the author of Random House’s A to Z Mysteries and Capital Mysteries series. John Steven Gurney has illustrated many books for children, including the entire A to Z Mysteries series and Scholastic’s popular Bailey School Kids series.


Junie B., First Grader: Jingle Bells, Batman Smells! (P.S. So Does May.) by Barbara Park for $0.95.

Product Description:

It’s holiday time, and Room One is doing lots of fun things to celebrate. Like making elf costumes! And singing joyful songs!

Only, how can Junie B. enjoy the festivities when Tattletale May keeps ruining her holiday glee? And here is the worst part of all! When everyone picks names for Secret Santa, Junie B. gets stuck with Tattletale you-know-who! It’s enough to fizzle your holiday spirit! Hmm . . . or is it?

Maybe, just maybe, a Secret Santa gift is the perfect opportunity to give May exactly what she deserves.


Junie B., First Grader: Cheater Pants by Barbara Park for $0.95.

Product Description:

Junie B. Jones has all the answers when it comes to cheating. It’s just plain wrong!

But what about copying someone else’s homework? That’s not cheating, right? ‘Cause homework isn’t even a test! And speaking of tests . . . what if a friend shares an answer that you didn’t even ask for? Sharing definitely isn’t cheating . . . is it?

Uh-oh. Maybe this cheating business is more complicated than Junie B. thought. Could she be a cheater pants and not even know it?


Five Little Peppers And How They Grew by Margaret Sidney for $0.95.

Product Description:

The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew tells the story of how the Peppers live, learn, and play in the little brown house located in dear old Badgertown.

They are poor, and Mamsie, Ben, and Polly must work constantly to keep the wolf from the door but they do it with gaiety and spirit that would not be expected.


Big Egg by Molly Coxe for $0.88.

Product Description:

One morning Hen wakes up and finds a gigantic egg in her nest.

Whose ege can it be? Here’s a hint, Hen–it doesn’t belong to that wily Fox!


Enjoy the savings!

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