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Who Wants to Blog About Adam Lambert 24/7 AND Get Paid for It?

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Acoustic Live! EP

Wow – this seems like a really cushy job for an Adam Lambert fan 😉 Imagine doing something that you’re probably already doing (talking about Adam in your own blog or in the fan forums) AND get paid for it!

Basically, the entertainment site is launching “a new blog devoted exclusively to ‘Adam Lambert’” and all (US resident) fans are invited to apply for the position of “official ‘Adam Lambert’ blogger – a blogger position starting January 5.”

SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION NOW to HOLLYWOODBLOGGER@YAHOO.COM. DEADLINE for applications is midnight PST on Monday, January 3, 2011. Post your information in the body of the email (NO ATTACHMENTS PLEASE).

If you’re interested in the job, head on to HollywoodNews.Com for more information and to see if you’re eligible!

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FREE Christmas Holiday Song Download ‘Punk Rawk Christmas’ (Amazon’s 25 Days of FREE)

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So, it’s Day #13 for Amazon’s 25 Days of FREE promo on the Amazon MP3 store! We have 12 more free Christmas tracks to look forward to 🙂

The 13th free track under this promo is Punk Rawk Christmas by MXPX from the album Punk Rawk Christmas. Just click HERE to get the freebie!

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More FREE eBooks for Download Today! (December 13)

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Okay, here’s where I’m collecting the bunch of freebie eBooks that are NOT from Amazon. If you only want Kindle freebies, be sure to check out my earlier post. Or just be sure to check out all my posts about ebook freebies, so you don’t miss any!

Carved in Bone with Bonus Material‘ by Jefferson Bass is available for FREE pre-order on the BooksOnBoard site (The Kindle version is priced at $7.99). Just click here to pre-order.

Book Description

For a limited time, discover how The Body Farm series started with Carved in Bone, for free, including an excerpt from the new novel by Jefferson Bass, The Bone Yard, available this February.

On the campus of the University of Tennessee lies a patch of ground unlike any in the world. The “Body Farm” is a place where human corpses are left to the elements, and every manner of decay is fully explored — for the sake of science and the cause of justice. The scientist who created the Body Farm has broken cold cases and revolutionized forensics, and now, in this heart-stopping novel, he spins an astonishing tale inspired by his own experiences.

A woman’s corpse lies hidden in a cave in the mountains of East Tennessee. Undiscovered for thirty years, her body has been transformed by the cave’s chemistry into a near-perfect mummy — one that discloses an explosive secret to renowned anthropologist Bill Brockton. Dr. Brockton has spent his career surrounded by death and decay at the Body Farm, but even he is baffled by this case unfolding in a unique environment where nothing is quite what it seems.

The surreal setting is Cooke County, a remote mountain community that’s clannish, insular, and distrustful of outsiders. The heartbreaking discovery of the young woman’s corpse reopens old wounds and rekindles feuds dating back decades. The county’s powerful and uncooperative sheriff and his inept deputy threaten to derail Brockton’s investigation altogether. So do Brockton’s other nemeses: his lingering guilt over the death of his wife, and the fury of a medical examiner whom Brockton dares to oppose in court.

Carved in Bone is a richly atmospheric, superbly suspenseful, and magnificently rendered trip into the world of forensic science, the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, and the dark passageways of the human psyche. Full of vivid characters and startling twists and turns, this thrilling novel heralds the debut of a major new voice in crime fiction — and an unforgettable work from the hand of a scientific legend.


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