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Adam Lambert’s GlamNation Tour – Henry Fonda Music Box (Los Angeles, CA)

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FYE (Tour Edition)

Hey, it’s the last two shows of the Glam Nation Tour, then Adam Lambert takes a break before working on his second album! It’s a full circle moment for Adam who first performed six years ago as one of the acts in the Zodiac Show at Henry Fonda Music Box (Los Angeles, CA)! Well, tonight Adam was back as a Grammy nominated artist who’s winding up his first headlining world tour! *Here’s Hollywood Reporter’s Shirley Halperin’s review of the Music Box concert!

Adam’s set list : FYE, Voodoo, Down The Rabbit Hole, For Your Entertainment, Ring Of Fire, Fever, Sleepwalker, Acoustic set : WWFM, Soaked, Broken Open and Aftermath (with his friend Alisan Porter singing with him), Sure Fire Winners, Strut, Music Again, If I Had You and Mad World (Encore) and Whole Lotta Love (Encore) and *A Change Is Gonna Come (Encore) and 20th Century Boy (Encore) and Purple Haze (Encore).

*Total full circle moment for Adam to perform A Change Is Gonna Come (as I explained in a previous post)! Fans reported that his whole family was present, as were close friends, including his friend Alisan (Porter) who sang Aftermath with him, ex Brad (Bell) and fellow AI finalist Allison Iraheta 🙂 Here’s a transcript of Adam’s little speech before he sang Change Is Gonna Come.

And I don’t mean to sound cocky, cause I’m not. I’m just very proud and have my friends to thank for their support, but we just did a world tour and I’ve got a GRAMMY NOMINATION. And the only reason I bring that up is to say that ANYBODY THAT TELLS YOU NO, TELL THEM “FUCK YOU”!!!

Thanks to the lovely fans who got video & pics. (thezodiacshow has special HD vids!, suz526 has the full set!, thefilmqueen has HD vids!, anthrogeekPF) *Special thanks to suz526 who has made it possible for every Adam fan to have the concert experience 🙂 Be sure to bookmark this post as I’ll update it with media periodically!

Check out some fan taken photos on itsjuls’ twitpic account and Linda’s plixi account; for Bradam fans, here’s Brad with Adam’s dad Eber & Brad with Adam’s bro Neil 🙂 Some really good photos on starbright31’s Flickr! Adam’s drummer Isaac also uploaded a bunch of backstage photos of the glamily on his twitpic account! New! LA Weekly slideshow from Music Box Show

And here’s a mini round-up of some stuff that has come up for Adam: Adam on Sukkiri Japan (Adam only part, entire segment Pt1 and Pt2); Be sure to check out VH1’s Top 40 Music Video Countdown (Adam’s in there); New Citizen Vein footage; This German fansite (AdamNews) is really good at posting magazine article scans (just wish they’d add translations since Adam has a wide fanbase!) – Adam in Bravo and Adam in Hey!;

Acoustic Live! EP

Yup! You can now download Adam Lambert’s Acoustic Live! EP on US iTunes and Amazon ($4.99)! OR order the exclusive AdamOfficial Only Acoustic Live! (CD Album) for $4.99 OR the Acoustic Live! EP exclusive poster bundle for $12.99 on Adam’s Sony Music Store! You can also listen to preview tracks on the Adamnews.De fansite! Or just check out Adam’s YT channel!

** Check out the For Your Entertainment (Tour Edition – Import) ($22.98) which seems to be the same as the out-of-stock FYE Glam Box Set! Or how about the If I Had You Remixed EP ($3.99) now out on iTunes AND Amazon! Also the FYE/WWFM Remixes EP (Amazon/iTunes)! If you want a CD with ALL the bonus tracks, order the 18-track For Your Entertainment (EU Edition)! And have you checked out all the Adam merchandise on his Official Store lately? AND be sure to register at Adam’s new fan club page! **


FYE/Voodoo/Down the Rabbit Hole/ Ring of Fire Medley





Aftermath (with Alisan Porter)

Sure Fire Winners


Music Again

If I Had You

A Change Is Gonna Come (Encore) HD!

A Change Is Gonna Come + 20th Century Boy (Encore)

20th Century Boy (Encore)


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FREE iTunes Download – 15 Track ‘Broadway Music Sampler’

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Oh wow, what a really cool freebie from SHN: Broadway in San Francisco! 15 FREE songs from their Broadway Music Sampler!

This is the song list:

  1. The Addams Family – “Morticia”
  2. Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson – “Populism Yea, Yea!”
  3. Burn the Floor – “España Cañi”
  4. Everyday Rapture – “Rainbow Sleeves”
  5. Fela! – “Water Get No Enemy”
  6. Finian’s Rainbow – “How Are Things in Glocca Morra?”
  7. La Cage aux Folles – “With You On My Arm”
  8. Leap of Faith: A New Musical – “Step Into the Light/Leap of Faith”
  9. A Little Night Music – “Send in the Clowns”
  10. Mamma Mia! – “Dancing Queen”
  11. Memphis – “Memphis Lives in Me”
  12. Million Dollar Quartet – “Blue Suede Shoes”
  13. Promises, Promises – “Promises, Promises”
  14. Rock of Ages – “I Wanna Rock”
  15. Shrek The Musical – “Who’d I’d Be”

Just head on to the SHN: Broadway in San Francisco page and use this special secret Code: BROADWAYINSF to unlock the page, and you’ll get the iTunes download code. Note that this free offer expires October 31, 2011 and they may be limiting the number of downloads.

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Full Circle Moment! Adam Lambert Performs ‘A Change is Gonna Come’ (GNT – Music Box)

December 16, 2010 2 comments

Oh wow, the spoilers were right! I’m going to be posting about Adam Lambert’s second to the last Glam Nation Tour show at the Henry Fonda Music Box (Los Angeles CA) of course, but I just thought this encore deserves a special spotlight! 🙂

It’s a full circle moment – Adam sang ‘A Change is Gonna Come‘ way back when he was still pretty much anonymous for the Zodiac Show (YouTube); then he sang it again, but this time for millions of viewers for the AI finale show (YouTube); and now, he sings it again, but as a successful Grammy nominated pop star, amidst his adoring fans, friends and family 🙂

Thanks to superfan suz526 for sharing!

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FREE Christmas Holiday Song Download ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’ (Amazon’s 25 Days of FREE)

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So, it’s Day #15 for Amazon’s 25 Days of FREE promo on the Amazon MP3 store! We have 10 more free Christmas tracks to look forward to 🙂

The 15th free track under this promo is In the Bleak Midwinter by Dan Fogleberg from the album The First Christmas Morning. Just click HERE to get the freebie!

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Book Review – Saints of Augustine by P. E. Ryan

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Book Description:

Sam and Charlie used to be best friends. But then Sam cut Charlie out of his life—no explanation, no discussion, nothing.

Fast-forward one year, and both Sam’s and Charlie’s lives are spiraling out of control. Sam has a secret he’s finding harder and harder to hide, and Charlie is dealing with an increasingly absent dad and a dealer whose threats are anything but empty. Now, during the sticky Florida summer before their senior year, the ex-best friends are thrown together once again when they have no one else to turn to.

A year had passed like smoke in a breeze. Suddenly, later was now.


Okay, I can say without reservation that Saints of Augustine by P. E. Ryan is one of the best young adult books I’ve read this year. For me, Mr Ryan’s honest and real portrayal of the ex-bestfriends Sam and Charlie ranks up there with many of my most loved characters from, say, Beverly Cleary. We really get inside both boys’ heads since the book switches POV each chapter between the high-school jock Charlie and school paper editor Sam.

The story is set in the summer before senior year, and both Charlie and Sam aren’t exactly having the time of their lives away from each other. Charlie is reeling from the abandonment by his bestfriend Sam, the loss of his mother, and the subsequent retreat of his father into withdrawal and alcohol. To make things worse, he’s also hiding a pot habit from his girlfriend, and is being threatened by his pot dealer.

Meanwhile, Sam’s dealing with some major problems of his own too – his parent’s acrimonious separation, his mom’s new homophobic boyfriend, the suspicion that his dad may be gay … and angsting over whether he himself is gay or not. The appearance of out and proud Justin in Sam’s life precipitates a chain of events that ultimately reaches a crisis that brings both Sam and Charlie together again.

I really have to stress how ‘real’ all the characters are in Saints of Augustine – it’s not just Sam and Charlie, it’s also their family members and friends. There’s really outstanding characterization by P.E. Ryan plus a believable & effective use of dialogue. You are going to end up caring deeply for the characters, and hoping that they get to work through all their issues.

This book could so easily have been preachy and weighty – it teaches so many lessons on true friendship, owning up to oneself & others, honesty, trust – but the author manages escape that with the use of humor and smart writing. P. E. Ryan is a really gifted writer, and I was surprised to learn that Saints of Augustine is his first book geared to the teen market.

Lastly, I really loved how P. E. Ryan was able to show us a genuine friendship between a straight boy and a gay boy, and how the best friends can reconnect despite distance or time. I really highly recommend this book – and for those worried about the gay theme, the book is written for teens and IMO nothing portrayed in the book should worry parents.

Saints of Augustine by P. E. Ryan is available on Amazon as a Library Binding ($3.45), or Paperback ($2.97). There is no Kindle edition for some strange reason.

But eBook versions are available on B&N Nook and Sony eBookstore. Wonder why no Kindle version (the publisher should correct this oversight, right)?

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(Updated) MORE Free eBooks for Download – December 15 (Part 2)

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Well, I just posted a bunch of freebies earlier, but there’s MORE! Here’s a couple of stragglers and eBooks that were free elsewhere, but have become free in other bookstores now 🙂 Update: Added a few more books that have turned up free on Sony eBookstore.

P.S. These Kindle freebies briefly went back to full price but are again free (just in case anyone missed them)! Conspiracy in Kiev by Noel Hynd; Unwrapping Christmas by Lori Copeland; Natalie Wants a Puppy, That’s What by Dandi Daley Mackall and Jed and Roy McCoy, A Christmas Story by Andrew McDonough

Deadly Sanctuary (A Kendall O’Dell Mystery)‘ by Sylvia Nobel is available for FREE download on the Barnes & Noble (Nook) site (the Kindle version is priced at $7.96). Just click here to download this book.

Book Description

Deadly Sanctuary is the first title in Sylvia Nobel’s popular mystery series, featuring spirited, flame-haired reporter Kendall O’Dell. The author’s trademark style is to produce exciting, well-written, edge-of-your-seat, adventures with “knock your socks off” surprise endings. Her judicious use of language and lack of graphic sex and violence make her novels suitable from teens to seniors.

Author Biography: Sylvia Nobel is the award-winning author of the Kendall O’Dell mystery series and two romance novels, all set in Arizona.


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Check out more free ebooks after the jump!
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