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February 1 Update on Adam Lambert’s Birthday Goal for Charity Water!

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Take a look at how much Adam Lambert’s fans have raised so far for Charity Water! $263K raised (and counting!) – we may actually end up with $290K – Amaaazing!

And in case you’re wondering why the fans are ooing aaahing, it’s because the Lee Cherry family (Adam’s photographer friend) released a whole bunch of (public) pics on his Facebook Gallery showing his new baby with all the visitors, including one Adam Lambert (start here and then keep on clicking next).

Lee Cherry's Photos

P.S. And here’s the latest Adam-Sauli article from (and translation by a fan) AND new pics of Adam-Sauli via Lies and Celebrity Gossip!

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FREE Amazon MP3 Download of the Day – Trouble In Mind (Mono Mix) by Aretha Franklin

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The track ‘Trouble In Mind (Mono Mix)‘ by the legendary Aretha Franklin from the album The Great American Songbook is available for FREE download as Amazon’s FREE MP3 of the day!

Click here to download the FREE song!

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New Game App for the Kindle – Flip It!

February 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Here’s a new game app for the Kindle that might appeal to all ages who love puzzles.

Flip It! (A Game for Kindle)‘ by 7 Dragons is available on the Amazon Kindle site for $0.99! Just click here to download!

Game Description

Flip It! is a game that starts out simple and gets more challenging as you play. Exercise your mind and enjoy solving various patterns and puzzles.

In Flip It! you are shown a grid of tiles that are either black or white. Clicking on a black tile will ‘flip’ the tile to white; clicking on a white square will ‘flip’ the title to black. Change all of the tiles white and you’ve passed that level. It may seem simple, but there’s a twist: when clicking on a tile to ‘flip’ its color, all tiles touching the selected tile’s four sides will also flip their colors. Add to that a growing number of squares and patterns per level, and you’ve got yourself a sophisticated brainteaser.

Try beating your old times, or completing a puzzle with fewer moves. Can you complete all levels with the fewest number of flips?


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FREE eBooks from Non-Amazon Bookstores! (Jan 31)

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Here’s some more freebies for those with the OTHER kind of eReaders (Not Kindle!) 🙂

Vanished: Boarding School Mysteries‘ by Kristi Holl is available for FREE download on the B&N Nook site (The Kindle edition is priced at $3.99). Just click here to download this book. *This is also free at the Sony eBookstore!

Product Description:

Lonely and a long way from her Iowa home, twelve-year-old Jeri McKane reacts to boarding school the way most middle schoolers would. Even with close friends, she wonders whether her scholarship to prestigious Landmark School was worth it. She’s tempted to give up when her Mom can’t make parents’ weekend, and the school bus carrying her roommate, Rosa, disappears. But this reporter for the sixth-grade newspaper has an eye like Nancy Drew and more faith and courage than she realizes. Jeri solves the mystery—and makes landmark decisions to trust God and his Word through circumstances and feelings that don’t make sense.


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