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Spoiler! Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation Live CD/DVD – Until Next Time (Behind the Scenes)

If video does not play, please watch on YouTube!

(Update) Listen to the entire Glam Nation Live (Audio only) streaming on AdamOfficial!

This is so cool! Have a sneak peek at the closing credits of Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation Live CD/DVDUntil Next Time (Behind the Scenes)!

If you haven’t pre-ordered the live CD/DVD yet, be sure to pre-order it from iTunes, Amazon or B&N! Remember, you can catch a preview on Adam’s Vevo channel 🙂

EW.com has already reviewed the Glam Nation Live (2011) CD/DVD: Grade A- 🙂 And @RCAPromo just tweeted that “ROLLING STONE GIVES ADAM LAMBERT’S GLAM NATION LIVE 3 STARS!” (Update: Here’s the RS review as transcribed by a fan)

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  1. Summer
    March 22, 2011 at 4:43 am

    WOW! From the start of the DVD the Exhilaration begins, my heart started pounding like I was at the concert AGAIN!! This is so well done and His Vocals are Extraordinary/ Phenomenal like the live show!! It is still only a “TASTE” of what you hear and see live…Adams Vocals LIVE are so Powerful and Pure, they just Saturate your soul, Wrap around you and put under his VooDoo Spell all night. He OWNS YOU for that hour, capitvates and seduces you like no one can. Adam wants to take us on a journey at his “SHOW”. That’s the Point!! That’s what we, the Real~Deal~True Fans WANT!! Put on a Show Adam and take me along~~ All night long…He Makes Love to us during his concerts. He hands us his heart and soul all night..giving us everything he has to give! If Adam put out another tour right now..same Glam Nation~ he would SELL OUT WORLD-WIDE AGAIN THIS SUMMER~NO PROBLEM!
    We LOVE you Adam for just the way you are..Don’ t ever change and “TAME” things down…This is why we LOVE YOU! Your Real True Fans are here to stay and new ones with a love for Extraordinary Talent will hop on board along the way.
    I’m just so grateful to you for giving me this beautiful Gift of the Glam Nation DVD to chrerish and Re-Live my 4 concerts and the best Summer of my life with you and all my new Glamily I have met nationwide!!
    What a RUSH last Summer was…PLEASE ADAM…Take me on another Wild Ride with you…I’m first in line, AND FRONT ROW!! XOXOXOXO

    • March 22, 2011 at 7:29 pm

      Wow – so much excitement! My Amazon bought DVD still hasn’t arrived, unfortunately, so I’m so tempted to just grab a copy from iTunes!

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