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FREE New Game App for the Kindle – CodeWord (Codewords and Cryptograms for Kindle)

March 31, 2011 2 comments

(Update: Looks like this was a mistake freebie and the listing has been pulled. Sorry for those who missed it!)

Here’s another new game app for the Kindle and it’s FREE (for now)! It’s from Oak Systems Leisure Software who also released these previously: Word Search, Word Search Volume 2 and Chess

CodeWord (Codewords and Cryptograms for Kindle)‘ by Oak Systems Leisure Software is available on the Amazon Kindle site for FREE (for now, it’s supposed to be $0.99)! Just click here to download!

Game Description

CodeWord for Kindle combines two, hugely popular, code busting puzzles in one title; codewords and cryptograms. 50 of each are included in volume 1.

Codeword puzzles look similar to crosswords but have a number in each square. Each number represents a letter. A clue word is given to start you off. Use your vocabulary and logic to reveal more letters by forming words and cracking the code.

The cryptogram puzzles are all themed on famous quotations. Use your skill to decipher them.

Letters are entered once in the code grid and are auto completed for you into the puzzle. Hints are available if you need them to help you solve the puzzles. You can reset each puzzle and try it again as many times as you like. If you get stuck on a more challenging puzzle then you can give up and see the correct solution. Play at your own pace or against an optional timer.

CodeWord is where word games meet logic. People of all ages who like puzzles and word games will enjoy playing this fun game on Kindle.


Be sure to check out Amazon’s Popular Kindle Games & Active Content page for a review of all the games available!

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Book Review – Crack-Up by Eric Christopherson

March 31, 2011 5 comments

Book Description:

Argus Ward is a former U.S. Secret Service agent who runs a protection agency catering to the rich and famous. His best-kept secret–which he shares with lawyers, doctors and even psychiatrists–is his status as a high-functioning paranoid schizophrenic. One day, with little warning, he turns psychotic for the first time in twenty years. He lands in a secure psychiatric facility, charged with the murder of his most famous client, high tech industry billionaire John Helms, the wealthiest man in America.

Argus has no memory of the killing. A blood test suggests to him that some unknown enemy had switched his anti-psychotic medication with identical-looking dummy pills to purposely drive him insane. A sign of lingering paranoia? His doctor thinks so. Even his wife.

Yet Argus escapes incarceration to prove his theory. With the law on his trail and a ticking time bomb in his head–due to a lack of medication–he discovers that his disease had been “weaponized” by a powerful group to secretly assassinate John Helms as part of a multiple assassination conspiracy of world-wide significance.

Or has Argus simply lost his mind again? What in the end is “real” and what is only imagination in his story? And what is justice for the criminally insane? Come lose your grip on reality. Read CRACK-UP.


I think that the next time someone I know says something disparaging about how badly-written self-published books are, I’d tell them to read Crack-Up by Eric Christopherson. It’s a lot to ask from a $0.99 book, but I’ll be holding this up as an example of a self-published book gone right. The author didn’t get it totally right (he needed a good editor, for example, to tighten things up some more), but in terms of techniqual quality (formatting, proof-reading) – it’s right up there with the vetted trade publications, even better at times. Crack-Up is a well-written mystery with a bonus – a very unique central character in the high-functioning paranoid schizophrenic Argus Ward.

I bought this from Amazon since I thought the plot was so unique. I’m a fan of the psychotic Dexter series of books (and the Dexter TV series), so I have no problem with reading about how a paranoid schizophrenic murderer goes about trying to prove that he was but a pawn in a complex assassination conspiracy. Just because you’re crazy doesn’t mean that someone isn’t after you 😉 Actually, I had a lot of fun reading and trying to figure out the mystery with the cracked-up Argus Ward.

Argus Ward isn’t the most likeable of characters – he’s very uptight and unemotional (he never quite convinced me of his love for his wife & family, for one), and as mentioned, he’s pretty much crazed out of his mind for majority of the book. I did like how the author Eric Christopherson was consistent with his character – that’s just his personality and it worked with how the plot was set up – but the minus is that I was never particularly emotionally attached to Argus.

Notice that I’m calling this a mystery – since I wouldn’t really call it a ‘thriller’ (even though it’s supposed to be a thriller). The flow of the plot was a little slow (it starts out even a bit boring), and I never really got the heart-pounding ‘danger’ or excited feeling while reading it. Maybe it had to do with not being emotionally attached to the central character, but there was definitely a lack of some X-factor that characterizes a really excellent thriller that can rev up your adrenaline as a reader. It’s strange since the plot is pretty good actually. The reader is pretty much in the dark – like Argus – and we get to ride shotgun on Argus’ crazy rollercoaster experience wondering what is real? what’s hallucination? On the plus side, the narrative voice is very dry and droll, with a dose of the dark comedy. I’m not sure if the author set out with that in mind – but it’s there – like when Argus ends up having testy conversations with Darth Vader or pouring out his heart to a sympathetic Albert Einstein statue. I thought those scenes would be marvellous to see in live action – sort of sad and funny at the same time.

So, in short – it’s not very exciting, but I thought it was a fascinating study of a character I’ve never seen in fiction – a paranoid schizophrenic trying to do the right thing while in the throes of a psychotic break. Basically, plus points for just being unique 🙂

Crack-Up by Eric Christopherson is available on Amazon as a Kindle edition ($0.99). It is also available as an eBook at B&N for $0.99. Kobobooks has it for $2.39.

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Amazon Appstore for Android FREE App of the Day – Fruit Ninja

March 31, 2011 Leave a comment

So, as I’ve posted before, Amazon will be offering a FREE paid app each day from their Amazon’s Appstore for Android. And for today, it’s “Fruit Ninja” by Halfbrick Studios Pty Ltd for FREE today only and save $0.99!

Product Description

Fruit Ninja – the messiest, most satisfying fruit game ever! Carve, Splatter, and Slash

Playing with your food might not seem like a crucial part of ninja training, but as the good folks at Halfbrick Studios will tell you–for ninjas, it’s more than just a game. All ninjas hate fruit! Join the ninja clan as you slash your way through three modes of juicy gameplay. You’ll soon see that Fruit Ninja is the messiest, most satisfying fruit game ever!

Enter the dojo of the wise ninja sensei to hone your deadly fruit-slaying skills. Learning to play is easy: just swipe your finger across the screen to carve gruesome, juice-splattered smears out of hordes of apples, watermelons, coconuts, and other ninja foes. Fruit Ninja is an addictive, fun, casual game that brings a splash of bright color to your Android mobile screen.

So head on to the Amazon Appstore now and start browsing! Here’s a helpful link where you can browse through all the FREE android apps right now (after you’ve downloaded Fruit Ninja of course!)

P.S. Take note of these download restrictions for now:

• AT&T is working on enabling purchases from the Amazon Appstore in the near future (Learn more)
• Amazon Appstore is only available to customers located in the United States

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New Game App for the Kindle – Reversi Deluxe

March 31, 2011 1 comment

Here’s another new game app for the Kindle! It’s from Mobigloo who also released these previously: Mahjong Solitaire, Easy Calculator and Next Puzzle Game

Reversi Deluxe (A Classic Game for Kindle)‘ by Mobigloo is available on the Amazon Kindle site for $1.99! Just click here to download!

Game Description

Reversi Deluxe is a classic strategy board game that’s easy to learn.

The rules of Reversi Deluxe are simple. Your goal is to have more pieces of your color on the board than your opponent does. Players lay pieces on the board so they trap one or more of the opposing player’s pieces. Opponent’s pieces that are trapped turn into your color. Players take turns until the board is full or there are no remaining moves.

Reversi Deluxe provides four different levels of difficulty (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert) which allows players to be challenged regardless of skill. You can challenge your friends with Pass ‘n’ Play support, or play against Kindle. You can also ask Reversi to show all of your valid moves on the board.

Challenge yourself with a game of Reversi Deluxe!


Be sure to check out Amazon’s Popular Kindle Games & Active Content page for a review of all the games available!

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