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Bargain Alert! MONOPOLY (Play the Popular Board Game on Kindle) $0.99, Plus New Kindle Games!

There are some new game apps for the Kindle plus a popular game (Monopoly) is 80% OFF for a limited time!

MONOPOLY (Play the Popular Board Game on Kindle)‘ by Electronic Arts Inc. is available on the Amazon Kindle site for just $0.99 (until April 10)! Just click here to download!

Game Description

April 7th is Global MONOPOLY Day. Join the fun and play MONOPOLY on Kindle for just $0.99 (Discounted for a limited time, offer ends April 10).

Enjoy the original MONOPOLY board game on your Kindle.

You can play against your Kindle or with a combination of up to 3 friends with Pass ‘N Play multiplayer. Choose between 3 different difficulty levels for your opponents – Easy, Medium, and Hard. You can even customize your house rules to change how Free Parking, Taxes, Get Out of Jail and other rules work within your game.

Featuring all the classic properties like Park Place and Boardwalk, you can buy, sell, and build houses and hotels all around the MONOPOLY board.


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Check out the other new games for your Kindle after the jump!

Spelling Star (A Learning Game for Kindle)‘ by puzzle.tv is available on the Amazon Kindle site for $2.99! Just click here to download!

Game Description

How good is your word knowledge? Find out by taking the Spelling Star challenge and progress through 100 increasingly difficult levels to see how good you really are.

Spelling Star offers more than just spelling exercises — featuring ten different game types including straight spelling, anagrams, misspellings, as well as noun, adjective, and verb tests. With thousands of words ranging in difficulty from ‘able’ to ‘zygodactylism’, Spelling Star is suitable for all ages and abilities. Four user profiles let you save your progress and compare high scores with friends and family who may also wish to play.

Spelling Star adapts quickly to the proficiency of the user. The level at which you start is initially based on your age, and adjusts up or down according to your performance in the Main Challenge portion of the game. In addition to the Main Challenge, you can practice at your current level by selecting one of the Quick Games. As you progress through levels, you will unlock new Quick Games to play.

Improve your spelling today with this entertaining game. Are you a Spelling Star?


Diamond Crosswords – 50 Easy Puzzles (A Word Puzzle for Kindle)‘ by Puzux is available on the Amazon Kindle site for $0.99! Just click here to download!

Game Description

Diamond Crosswords, 50 Easy Puzzles, is a unique twist on the classic crossword puzzle.

Diamond Crosswords combines the fun of classic crossword puzzles with a unique, diamond-shape design. Each puzzle is smaller than a traditional crossword and features everyday vocabulary words. You can navigate clues and change the solving direction – Across or Down – using quick keyboard shortcuts, and an indicator will always show you which clue you’re working on and in what direction. You can also zoom in or out to increase or decrease the puzzle grid size to fit your preference, as well as check for errors, reveal a letter, or get a puzzle completely solved if you’re stuck. Designed by professional puzzle writers and developers Myles Mellor, Bob Williams, and David L. Hoyt, Diamond Crosswords is sure to be enjoyed by crossword lovers.

Try Diamond Crosswords on Kindle today!


Peg Solitaire (A Classic Solitaire Game for Kindle)‘ by Compulab is available on the Amazon Kindle site for $0.99! Just click here to download!

Game Description

Jump pegs and clear the board in the classic game of Peg Solitaire.

The objective of the game is to fully clear the board by jumping pegs over each other, removing “jumped” pegs, until only one peg is left. To complete a perfect board you must land the last peg in a specific highlighted square. On most boards only horizontal and vertical moves are allowed; however, on triangular boards pegs may jump horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.

Peg Solitaire comes with 40 different boards. The difficulty level ranges from Easy to Expert, with more difficult boards being larger and filled with more pegs. The title also tracks how well you’ve done with each board, allowing you to return to those you haven’t cleared perfectly.

Puzzle fans will enjoy this classic board game on Kindle!


The Citadel of Chaos (A Fighting Fantasy Adventure)‘ by Worldweaver is available on the Amazon Kindle site for $3.99! Just click here to download! *This is from the developer who previously releaed the game The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (A Fighting Fantasy Adventure).

Game Description

The Citadel of Chaos brings the next installment of the popular game book series Fighting Fantasy by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone to Kindle.

A game book is an interactive story. As you read you will make decisions as to which way to go, what to say to other characters, and what to do with items you might find. As a result of your choices you may cleverly solve problems, or even be drawn into battle. Battles are fought by rolling dice and comparing your skill results with those of your foe.

Inside the Citadel of Chaos the dread sorcerer, Balthus Dire, plots the downfall of the good folk of the Vale of Willow. His battle plans are laid, his army equipped, and attack is imminent. As an aspiring wizard, you undertake a mission to strike at the heart of Balthus.

Winning your battles may grant you valuable prizes to help on your quest, but failure… well, the skeletons on the floor have to come from somewhere! A convenient in-game map tracks places you have visited, items, or monsters encountered.

You are the hero! You decide which route to take, which dangers to risk, and which creatures to fight. But be warned – it will also be you who has to live or die by the consequences of your actions.


Be sure to check out Amazon’s Popular Kindle Games & Active Content page for a review of all the games available!

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  1. Meg
    April 4, 2011 at 11:43 pm

    Wow, I didn’t know you could get Monopoly for the Kindle. That’s one of my favorite board games.

    • April 5, 2011 at 1:13 am

      Fair warning – it’s addicting 🙂

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