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New Kindle Game App – Futoshiki (A Logic Puzzle for Kindle)

June 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Here’s a new game app for the Kindle!

Futoshiki (A Logic Puzzle for Kindle)‘ by Braintonik Games (the maker of Strimko) is available on the Amazon Kindle site for just $0.99. Just click here to download!

Game Description

Futoshiki is a Japanese number logic puzzle.

The rules of Futoshiki are deceptively simple but the game is challenging and addictive. Each row and column must be filled with unique numbers. However, Futoshiki has a twist. It adds greater-than or less-than signs between some cells. You must honor these signs in order to solve and complete the puzzles.

This collection of 120 puzzles is grouped into four different sets ranging from easy to expert. The grids are 5×5 in easy, medium, and hard modes. Expert mode holds thirty 7×7 puzzles. The game features annotations to help you keep track of possible solutions, and a hint function to help you keep playing if you get stuck.


Be sure to check out Amazon’s Popular Kindle Games & Active Content page for a review of all the games available! And if you want to see the apps as a bestseller list, check out the Bestsellers in Kindle Games & Active Content!

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