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Another Useful App for the Kindle – Calendar (Appointments, Birthdays, Holidays and Sticky Notes)

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Here’s another app for the Kindle! It’s another Calendar app, so if you’ve already bought Jujuba Software’s Calendar Pro (A Schedule Tool for Kindle), just move right along!

Calendar – Appointments, Birthdays, Holidays and Sticky Notes (A Schedule Tool for Kindle)‘ by Compulab (the maker of Peg Solitaire and True Backgammon) is available on the Amazon Kindle site for just $0.99. Just click here to download!

Game Description

Calendar is a tool that offers daily planner functions for Kindle users.

You can add and remove notes for appointments, put a sticky note with a short list on a page, and set reminders for the birthdays and holidays that matter to you.

In the Month view, you can quickly see what day is a holiday or a birthday or see if you made a note for that day. In Day view, you can enter appointments and attach short notes for those appointments. You can attach a note to a day, which can be handy if you have a list of things to remember. Calendar also allows you to copy appointments and paste them back in at another time or day.

Use Calendar to manage your schedule on your Kindle today.


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