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Free iTunes app Download – Bejeweled 2 + Blitz

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Whoa! Another really good freebie – Bejeweled 2 + Blitz By PopCap. I’ve been playing Bejeweled since I had my first palm pilot!

The world’s #1 puzzle game is one of the top paid apps of all time. Match multiple gems for dazzling, high-carat fun. And face-off with your friends on Facebook in the electrifying Bejeweled® Blitz! Join the millions of daily players on Facebook and compete with your friends in the weekly Bejeweled ® Blitz tournament.

Enjoy the free app!

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Album Review – Gemini EP by Jack and White

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  1. Gemini
  2. Double Trouble
  3. Inside Outside
  4. Telephone Games
  5. Smoke and Mirrors
  6. Feathers

So, who’s Jack and White? It’s a newly formed duo composed of American Idol finalist Brooke White (this is her 2nd album, after her debut  High Hopes and Heartbreak) and singer-songwriter Jack Matranga.  Apparently, the story is that Jack was called in to co-write a song with Brooke for her second album, but their sessions worked so well that the pair ended up writing an entire EP together.

Their new EP Gemini EP (June Baby Records) by Jack and White has a lovely and easy breezy 70s inspired California light rock vibe that I’m really liking right now! I downloaded the EP after getting the free download of the very catchy “Double Trouble” (the iTunes free single this week). Good choice of a song to give away – it’s light, upbeat and catchy with great harmonies and IMO it’s the most listener-friendly from the EP. This is an indie release (so I’m not sure if they can even send singles to radio), but if they were, I think “Double Trouble” would have the best chance on HAC.

My favorite track from the EP though is the angrier (and rockier) “Smoke and Mirrors”, but the quirky “Inside Outside” comes close too. I love how strong and confident Brooke sounds on these tracks – I’ve always loved the warm tone of her voice and I felt that these two tracks showcased that quality the best. Brooke’s voice is more front and center for all the songs, but her partner Jack provides good harmonizing vocals too, for example, I quite liked the track “Telephone Games” for the pair’s delicate quiet harmonies.

To sum it up, basically, I really enjoyed the entire Gemini EP (throwback vibe and all) – and there aren’t really any songs that felt like filler to me (well, there are only six tracks after all), so I have to say that I was pretty happy with my well-spent $4.95 🙂

Listen to “Gemini EP clips”

Gemini EP by Jack and White ‘ is available on iTunes ($4.95), but you’ll have to wait till August 30 to get it from the Amazon MP3 store. You can also check out Jack and White’s YouTube account for some videos that introduce clips from the album.

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Kobo Books Discount Codes!

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Okay, those of you out there who own the Kobo eReader Touch Edition or use the Kobo apps or shop in the Kobo Bookstore, today’s your lucky day! How about a bunch of discount codes? Yeah! (Note that the codes usually don’t work for Agency books, so you’ll have to be creative about choosing the books to apply the discounts to!)

Thanks to @G0AT of the mobileread forum for compiling these codes!

FirstRead (35% off – One time use)
giftread (25% off – One time use)
Welcome20 (20% off – One time use)
save20offer (20% off – One time use)
Kobodollaroff ($1 off – One time use)
aug25ca1, aug25us1, aug25au1, aug25row1, aug25ww1 ($1 off – One time use – Exp. Aug. 28)


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