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New Apps for the Kindle – Japanes Puzzles, Link Four, Slider Puzzles and More!

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Here’s more new apps for the Kindle!

Japanese Puzzles Volume 1 (A Puzzle Game for Kindle)‘ by is available on the Amazon Kindle site for $0.99! Just click here to download!

Game Description

Japanese Puzzles is a collection of 5 different kinds of logic puzzles.

This collection contains 100 logic puzzles: 20 each of Kakuro, Number Islands, Hitori, Picture Cross and Sudoku.

In Kakuro, you insert numbers into a grid of squares so that the sum of the numbers matches the clue for that section without repeating digits. Number Islands is played on a grid of uncolored squares. Each square must be painted black or white according to a set of rules and numeric clues given. Hitori starts with a grid of squares containing numbers. The goal is to black-out some squares so that the remaining cells do not contain duplicate numbers in a given row or column. Picture Cross has an empty grid that must be colored according to numeric clues given for each row and column. In Sudoku, your 9×9 grid of squares starts with a few numbers, and your goal is to fill in the remaining squares such that no numbers are repeated in the same row, column, or box of 3×3 squares.

Instructions and step by step tutorials are included, and hints are available to help you keep going if you get stuck.

If you love number puzzles and are looking for something new, you’ll love Japanese Puzzles on Kindle!


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